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Left-winger Ibrahim elected NCC chair despite right’s manoeuvres

Suspension of newly-elected left-winger not enough to prevent win

Left-winger Emine Ibrahim has been elected chair of Labour’s National Constitutional Committee (NCC) today, despite the right’s efforts to gerrymandering-by-suspension.

Newly-elected NCC member Rheian Davies, also on the left, was suspended this month as the right dredged up years-old private and social media comments to misconstrue as an excuse.

Congratulations to Ms Ibrahim, who will hopefully avoid the same fate as the right tries to retake control. Her complaint about Islamophobic behaviour sadly did not prevent a notorious right-wing former councillor being re-admitted to party membership.

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  1. What the right wanted to prevent was for Rheian Davis to be elected Chair of the NCC. Emina is by far less threatening to the right.
    Still, many congratulations to Emina

  2. If my doctors hadn’t advised me otherwise, I would be tipping back a glass or two in celebration this evening.

  3. Interesting comment from Maria. In what way is Emina less threatening? What this reveals is that the left is far from dead in Labour. My guess is it can’t revive far enough to elect another leader who will promote Corbyn’s kind of agenda. It would require a thorough revolution WITHIN Labour for it to be possible to have a leadership fully committed to universal equal rights, economic democracy and negotiation as an alternative to war. Yet if the left can give Starmer something to think about and make his fascism less secure, that is a boon for everyone. Watch the right move against her though.

    1. I suppose in the unlikely event that Starmer’s successor was less vehemently anti-left, or promoted anything more conducive to socialist values and The Corbyn Project, hundreds of thousands former members would stop i) distrusting the Labour party, and, ii) some of them would certainly rejoin – but, yes, it’s going to be illuminating to see how low the Labour right can sink in their opposition to Emina Ibrahim, and depresssingly familiar to see how the billionaires’ MSM misreport and misconstrues the enire thing.

    2. Whatever else he is (and there is much to be said about that), Starmer is not a fascist in any meaningful sense of the term.

      1. All psychopaths are fascists Paul, or to be more precise, they have a fascist mindset. And how you can say such a thing after all Starmer and Co have done during the past fifteen months or so – ie all the purging and suspending and suppression of free speech etc – is unbelievable, Of course he is, and I can just see him in a Nazi uniform!.

      2. Starmer, certainly, isn’t a Socialist, in any meaningful sense of the term, Paul.

        I doubt he has a ‘solidarity’ bone in his body.

      3. Oh, but he IS George….. it says so in his wikipedia entry – ie ideologically he ‘identifies as a socialist’, so he must be.

        It’s just that they forgot to put ‘national’ in the description!.

      4. And here’s another one!:

        ‘Andrew Neil drops by at shul – and warns over the threat of the Corbynista left’

        Journalist Andrew Neil has hit out at “hard left Corbynista” politics as posing the “biggest threat” to British Jews.

        Speaking to a sold-out crowd at Bushey United Synagogue, the former Sunday Times editor said when he was younger antisemitism largely came from “the knuckle dragging hard right… the scum of our society.”

        Now the hard left, fuelled by identity politics and a “visceral hatred” of Israel, are a greater danger, argued Mr Neil.

        He said that while the departure of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had dissipated this threat, it was still there, with anti-Jewish hate incidents rising year on year.

        NB Notice how these people who come out with such malevolent B/S never-EVER elaborate as to what this ‘threat’ and ‘danger’ would actually amount to, and for the obvious reason that it’s just complete and utter bollox. Yep, they ALWAYS allude to something – as they did with Jeremy – but never spell out what the threat is, were it to materialise.

        But that’s fascists for you!

      5. Paul Smith, what is your definition of fascism? Mine having been born and living with fascism until my late teens is: a political ideology that resort to the subversion of democratic structures to keep itself in power.
        Just last month Conference passed a motion giving CLPs the right to select the candidates for PPC even in the case of a by-election.
        What we know is that in the by-election for Old Bexley and Sidcup, despite the new rule, the panel of selection was in its majority comprised by members of the NEC. Hence, subverting the democratic rules of the Labour Party.
        Paul looking forward to your definition of fascism.

    3. Frank, Rheian Davis by profession is a litigation solicitor when Emina isn’t. As a Chair of the NCC Rheian would have been able to make a case against the use of sly tactics and stand her ground better than Eminine can.
      Hence, my belief that the right finds Emine less threatening.

  4. The RW have nothing to lose, they are guaranteed to be looked after by their funders
    Which part of Scorched Earth policy are we not getting
    Which begs the question of those who are standing back and doing nothing about it

  5. Sadly I bet they will never allow her top take the seat. They will string her along safly suspended until she can’t apply to be a local councler as well. These scum are ruthless and sadly she is socalist and unders Starmers cult of new Labour 2.0 that is now a crime.

  6. “Starmer is isolating for the fifth time.”

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer fellah !

    1. “Starmer is isolating for the fifth time.”

      Still not enough (even though covid has a 99.6 – 99.8% survival rate) – and, isn’t it funny that everytime he self-isolates he is saved from looking like a completely ineffective leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition and a better Son of Thatcher than Woollyhead Johnson?

      I Abhor him.

  7. I think Johnson was the best con man…. on covid,he even managed a hospital bed.Has per usual were Bozzo leads the knight follows.Get ready for the “Knight in hospital” saga.Thirty seven billion on test and trace,money the NHS needed and was just another “Chums” benefit system.

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