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Streeting accused of ‘slaughter until we’re up to our knees in blood’ rhetoric

Alleged comments made as Labour right escalates war on left

‘Red-handed’ – Streeting, according to reports

Labour right-winger Wes Streeting has been accused of using violent rhetoric of the right being ‘up to our knees in blood’, in an article about the right’s purge of the party’s left majority.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Streeting told a Shadow Cabinet meeting that:

Every day, we should drag a sacred cow of our party to the town market place and slaughter it until we are up to our knees in blood.

The Mail also linked the comment to Starmer’s plan to ‘punish’ Angela Rayner for calling Tories ‘homophobic, racist, misogynist scum’ during a recent speech.

At the same time, the right – including their allies in the so-called ‘liberal’ media – has shamelessly attempted to paint the left as the ones using violent rhetoric, in the wake of the murder of Tory MP Sir David Amess, even though police ruled out any link to social media comments.

Shamelessly, because it is the right that has incited, from Margaret Hodge’s nonsensical and calculated ‘f***ing antisemite and racist’ to Jeremy Corbyn to the Mail’s comparison of Corbyn to a vampire that must be slain.

In 2018, Streeting ‘shouted in the face’ of black colleague and then-Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, leaving her ‘shell-shocked’ in what onlookers described as ‘disgusting’ and ‘disgraceful’ behaviour. He subsequently denied doing so and threatened Skwawkbox with legal action, but did not follow through on his threat after Skwawkbox stood by its reporting.

Mr Streeting has been asked to confirm whether he used the words quoted by the Mail.

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  1. What’s this‘we’business?

    Like screeching’d drag any sacred cow out and slaughter it himself. The bad ted would most likely faint if someone as much as raised a finger to him….Or at the fvery least squeal ‘Not the face!!’

    The godawful papier mache-headed ponce laughably trying to play the hardcase.

    1. We’re there no men around to protect Diane? How can anybody stay in a party that accepts threatening and intimidating woman as acceptable. Won’t anyone take Enoch to one side and tell him that he is a cowardly, woman abuser. The old left would not have tolerated this. However, some nicotine stained TU leaders, would join him. I am beginning to feel the same way about The Labour Party as I do about openly fascist people. It’s a disgusting enterprise and it’s days are numbered. Some of it’s politicians make that sweating lardpool of prejudices, Ferrari(?) seem like polite vicars. Man up Labour, where is your self respect. Are you honest about what you believe. Screaming in a ladies face, any lady, is not tough. Honestly I want to meet this bastard and his mates. My god how low will the party sink.

      1. As it says in the article linked to above wobbly – which you obviously didn’t bother to read – ‘Witnesses described Streeting’s behaviour as so intimidating that he had to be physically steered away from the Labour front-bencher.’

  2. You can’t call Tories ‘homophobic, racist, misogynist scum’ because that would include all the LP right wingers as well.

  3. Streeting was born to lead the Labour party. Born in a council flat, he went to Westminster comprehensive, one of the best schools in the country, then to Cambridge and president of the union. Then president of the NUS, a job with Progress, head of education with Stonewall, consultant to PWC, Labour councillor Redbridge, then deputy leader, MP for Ilford North. He is the perfect example of a new Labour politician, socially liberal, authoritarian on security, conservative on the economy and NATO/Atlanticist on foreign policy.
    We have to get rid of him.

      1. I agree baz2001. Despite the good results on the GE in 2017, in 2019 Streeting’s majority was almost halved and in the GE 2015 he managed a majority of less than 600 votes.
        With a good Tory candidate Streeting is toast come the next General Election.
        I cannot happen to a “nicer” man

      2. Maria Vazquez, there will be quite a few Independent Left Wing candidates running in various Labour marginal seats at the next GE. Quite a few of these Blairites are going to lose their jobs. We shall dance when it happens….

    1. Lundiel….I thought the usual route was university,fundraiser for unknown Charity…two weeks membership of the Labour party and parachute to the House of Horrors….nice little earner if you can get 70.000pounds of lawbreaking by 115Mps on inner London conjestion and pollution charges by their Gaz guzzlers cars and guess who pays the bills on expenses?You..!

    2. Lundiel, Corbyn missed the chance. JC should have withdraw the Labour whip post GE 2017 before Conference in September 2017 from:
      Wes Streeting
      Neil Coyle
      Chukka Umnuna
      John Mann
      Ian Austin
      I believe withdrawing the Labour whip from five of them would have somehow placated the ardours of the rebellious PLP. Corbyn’s show of force would have kept Jess Phillips,and others like her online

      1. But they’re the good guys Maria, and JC and his ‘hard left’ allies are the bad guys. Sorry, but you are not being realistic. I mean are you suggesting that he should have withdrawn the whip from all of them at the same time? Oh yeah, that would have gone down a treat with the majority of the PLP, and probably most of the LP peers, let alone the MSM, and he would have been demonised to kingdom come, and it would have had EXACTLY the opposite effect to the one you suggest. And been ultra damaging, as such. The Blairites and the Establishment and the Israeli lobby groups et al would have gone into melt down!

      2. Allan Howard, what did not withdrawing the whip achieve?
        Jeremy Corbyn couldn’t control what the right of the Party was doing. However, the response that he gave (placate and carry on placating) was under his control.
        What finished us wasn’t the anti-semitic smears but the constructive ambiguity over Brexit, the anti-semitic smears were an add on that didn’t help of course. However, most traditional Labour voters in the red wall, voted Tory on Brexit and no on anti-semitism.
        I will argue that at the end Corbyn was done due to continued sabotage by the PLP and the Party’s machine. Very possible that standing up to them would have had the same end result. But, look at it this way, Wes Streeting, Neit Coyle and others wouldn’t be Labour MPs. It is possible that Labour would have gain a few seats instead of losing 59 and Starmer wouldn’t be the leader.
        Is Starmer going to win the next GE? No he isn’t but, his priority appears to be the total control of the Party’s machine. Something that Corbyn totally neglected because he was too busy placating his enemies within the Party to the point of throwing firm allies like Chris Williamson under the bus..
        I am very sorry Allan, I respect and like Corbyn but he was always a reluctant leader, he could have responded differently to the attacks but, I guess that it isn’t in his nature.

      3. No matter what Jeremy had done Maria he could not win. If he had just had say, the PLP to deal with he might have been OK but he was up against the combined efforts of the PLP, Southside, the Tories, the BBC and the rest of the MSM, the Establishment including the Jewish Establishment i.e. the Board of Deputies and the Chief Rabbi also the JLM, CAA LFI etc .along with a hostile NCC.
        Every day some one of them was on TV or in the papers or on Social media accusing him of something – being an antisemite, not patriotic, a terrorist supporter, a threat to national security, a spy, a Marxist a Stalinist a Trotskyite etc.
        The sheer hate and venom which was showered on him every day would have destroyed a lesser man. Jeremy came through it with his dignity and principles intact. That was a magnificent achievement in itself given the numerous forces ranged against him
        It is easy to say now a couple of years on and as an outsider looking in that Jeremy should have done this or that but in my opinion he did the best anybody could have done in the circumstances. I wonder how any of us would have coped with daily barrage of hate lies and smears he had to contend with – not anywhere near as well I suspect.
        We should also note that the smears and lies continue by posters on sites such as this. This gives me great comfort for it shows that they still fear Jeremy who support among the grassroots is unwavering.

    3. Streeting is a very nasty man to say the least. Why on earth was he ever a member let alone a MP in the Labour party. He might be working class but his racism and ignorance is disgraceful
      He should be suspended and removed from Labour party.

  4. These maddening Blairite creatures have truly alien thought processes, and with that comes the inability to grasp other evils.

  5. Just look at that photo….The living embodiment of a chinless wonder if ever there was one.

    Come back when yer balls drop, little weasly.

  6. Would take an awful lot of sacred cows to fill a town market place with blood to knee high.

  7. The Labour Right wing like to think of themselves as “patriots”-
    Now I would say a patriot is a person who wants to see their Country
    governed properly and criticise it where necessary ..

    Note – we are now at a time the Govt are making a complete mess
    of – well – everything ..and just about ALL the media are making comments
    about the complete lack of opposition ..

  8. Streeting is a pipsqueek and he knows it, and he has leadership ambitions. By using inflammatory language like this, he’s hoping to be taken seriously.

    1. Moosy, hoping is the operative word. Is he been successful? Somehow I don’t thing so. Stella Creasy or Ellie Reeves have by far better chances at been supported by the right of the Party.

  9. Politics of hate is all they have
    Cheer yourself up with daydreams of their being escorted off the premises, organise an egging once they are on the streets in the gutter where they belong
    Could not be easier, just need left wing PLP members to stand up
    Members and Unions will do the rest

    1. Doug…..And then you awakened,and new it was just a dream..The left wing of the PLP couldn’t be straight even lying down..They are waiting for you members and unions “To stand up” then they can lay down again.

  10. It’s typical of the right wing to complain at any opportunity how beastly the left are to them. When most know it’s the right like Streeting who are the most ghastly people in politics. Frustratingly these accusations against the left are lapped up by a willing MSM.

    The mail alleging Starmer is about to punish Angela for her comments about Tories. Normally I’d dismiss anything the Mail hacks print yet I’m inclined to believe this.

    Such is the weakness of Starmer he’ll do this, taking pride in telling everyone how serious he takes so called hatred towards MPs. He should ignore the Tories and their supporters. Pointing out how Johnson wouldn’t even discipline his own minister who deliberately stoked up hatred when she accused the legal profession of being leftie lawyers.

  11. Another Labour Lightweight.
    And as well as possibly upsetting to vegetarian and vegan voters probably culturally offensive too?

  12. Another Labour Lightweight.
    And as well as possibly upsetting vegetarian and vegan voters possibly culturally offensive too?

  13. Another Labour Lightweight.
    And as well as possibly upsetting for vegetarian and vegan voters possibly culturally offensive too?

  14. Things that go on in Shadow Cabinet or PLP meetings can be very interesting and disturbing.

    “This Land: The Struggle for the Left” is the latest book by Owen Jones.

    On page 58, he makes this shocking revelation about what took place during the 2015 leadership election:

    “In the midst of the contest, the Conservatives presented a welfare bill slashing £12 billion from social security, including tax credits which low-paid workers depended on. Labour’s acting leader, Harriet Harman, provoked horror among the grassroots when she instructed her MPs to abstain;”

    Now, here comes the punchline as revealed by Jones:

    “Some Labour politicians even stood up in the weekly meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party to urge their colleagues to support it.”

  15. Tony, does Owen Jones reveals the names of those that wanted to support the Tories? I for once would like to know who they were.

    1. I would imagine Rachel Reeves, who wanted Labour to be tougher than the Tories on benefits, was one of them…

  16. Streeting is perfectly at home in Labour, as it is under Starmer and was under Blair. He is, of course, a fervent supporter of Israel, though he has made emollient remarks about 2-States and so on. Israel is the touchstone. If Palestine is freed, that is effectively the last colony closed. Israel has to prevail in order for the doctrine which has ruled the world for the past 500 years to do so: conquest, founded on racism in pursuit of lucre. Britain, as an old colonial power can’t stand for the democratic rights of the Palestinians any more than it can admit that the partition of Ireland was crime against the Irish. Streeting, Ellman, Hodge, Mann these are defenders of the colonial order. They are enemies of universal equal rights. That’s why they are at home in Labour which has always reduced democratic equality to the notion that the working people can have a greater share of the proceeds of colonialism; a position just as racist as colonialism itself. That Streeting now descends to such violent language is merely indicative of the underlying viciousness of his beliefs.

  17. Off topic: Skwawkbox, you need to correct the error in your “Remembering Aberfan” article because 116 children died in the disaster, not 113!

  18. Lundiel thanks for reminding us of how the country is going backwards.IN 1751Corbyn morris referenced the stupidity of dumping untreated waste into the Thames and pointed to the deseases associated with it.Thomas Crapper invented the flushing toilet and soon the idea of not poluting the rivers and seas surrounding our citys developed.Nearly three hundred years later Thames water ,Southern water who have been fined for dumping untreated waste into the Thames and our seas and are not the worst offenders of our privatized utilities to take advantage of the miniscule fines imposed on them by a toothless watchdog..Even here were third world conditions apply and typhoids common we try to deal with all waste by treating waste through using break down the waste.Apologies if youre having brunch.!

  19. I’m surprised that none of you has picked up on this

    From LabourList
    If you missed it, LabourList revealed an important bit of internal Labour news. The Old Bexley and Sidcup by-election is the first test of whether the party’s candidate selection processes for short-notice contests have changed since conference in September. The seat has always been Tory, so this by-election is not a priority for Labour, but the method used for picking the candidate will set a precedent. We can reveal that Labour plans to use a shortlisting panel made up of three national executive committee (NEC) members, one regional executive committee (REC) member and one local party representative.
    Why is this worth noting? The only rule change passed at conference that was proposed by a local party, rather than the NEC, aimed to ensure that local members control selections for by-elections and snap general elections. The rulebook now states that shortlisting panels in these cases should comprise three locals, one REC member and one NEC. But the party says the amendment was “inexpertly drafted” and it will not be implemented: instead, a compromise has been agreed whereby locals have some representation but the NEC continues to dominate the stage of the process where candidates are narrowed down

    Below is the full text of the statement agreed by NEC officers on Thursday.
    The NEC recognises the frustration party members feel following two General Elections at which candidates were imposed on local parties. In particular, the situation in the run up to the 2019 General Election – where local parties were prevented from selecting candidates, in some cases despite the vacancies being apparent for many months and only to have an NEC imposed shortlist or candidate at the last minute – was unacceptable.
    The NEC, therefore, understands the spirit in which the “Selection of Parliamentary Candidates” constitutional amendment to Annual Conference was made and the reason it was subsequently approved by Annual Conference. However, due to the way that the constitutional amendment has been drafted, it leaves open the possibility that it may not be implementable at all.
    The NEC has received legal advice advising that we should implement supplementary guidance to clarify the process for selections going forward. The NEC has, therefore, issued guidance guaranteeing – wherever the statutory timetable for nomination of candidates allows it – CLPs and the Regional Executive Committee a say in the shortlisting process, with the final selection going to an all-member ballot (none of which is currently guaranteed by the constitutional amendment).
    The NEC wants to reiterate that the best way of ensuring maximum member involvement in selections is to begin the process as soon as possible. Proposals to select parliamentary candidates will therefore be brought to the full NEC in January 2022.

    1. SteveH
      The stench from the leadership is almost as bad as the real cheap and nasties
      How they get away with it is beyond me
      The sooner they are governed by the same laws that apply to everyone else on this planet the better
      What are the chances of gaoling a former DPP
      Now that’s a daydream to keep us warm in the winter months

    2. Talk about double speak. Everyone knows that the Labour left favours MPs with strong local ties and the Labour right parachutes MPs in. End of.

  20. In response to Jennifer Forces tweet
    Your missing the point, they see it as a derogatory term we should see it as a badge of honour
    Anything that creates clear Red Water is to be encouraged
    In case you haven’t noticed it’s between us and them, lets make sure there is no doubt in people’s minds what we stand for and how little they have to offer
    It’s back to campaigning on our manifesto 24/7 52 weeks a year
    N9 matter what the question the answer should be “in our manifesto we promise to ‘

    1. Sorry forgot to mention their nomenclature ‘rabid right wing hate preachers with nothing to offer the country

    2. Doug – “It’s back to campaigning on our manifesto 24/7 52 weeks a year”

      Something that Labour failed to do after the 17GE.

  21. I suspect that the talk of Streeting becoming LP leader, if/when Starmer is defenestrated, is a strategic calculation. Make every decent human being in the LP shudder with horror at the prospect and they will put their cross next to Cooper or Reeves (or anyone but Streeting) and think that they have been victorious.

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