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Labour falls 11 points in Falkirk by-election as SNP and Tories gain

Labour right killing party’s prospects in Scotland once again

The Falkirk Kelpies – and the Labour right’s latest scalping

Labour has fallen – hard – in the latest Scottish by-election, while the SNP and especially the Tories gained significantly. Labour’s vote share dropped by a huge 11.4 points, with the SNP gaining the seat from Labour with a 3.5 point improvement, while the Tories came second with a 6.8 point upturn.

Labour is a hard sell in Scotland ever since the party sided with the Tories in the independence referendum and right-wing arrogance drove away voters, but in 2017 Labour had a resurgence there, winning 13 seats compared to the one it held previously.

Anas Sarwar, Keir Starmer’s political clone, took over the leadership of the Scottish party after Starmer’s unconscionable interference to remove left-winger Richard Leonard at the behest of rich donors – who then seem not to have shown any gratitude, leaving the party on the verge of bankruptcy and rapidly digging deeper into that hole with squandered legal costs and craven surrenders.

The lack of appetite in Scotland for Tory-lite politics is again on show, but the result pours particular further shame on Starmer’s excuse for leadership. Boris Johnson’s con is being rumbled across the country as fuel and food crises pile on top of his murderous response to the coronavirus – yet Labour is losing ground in multiple by-elections and can’t even outperform the Tories in Scotland.

There will be no party left to rescue if he isn’t removed soon.

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  1. The SNP must pray every night for Starmer & Sarwar to stay in place long enough to deliver independence.

    I’m not Scottish, but I’d imagine for many Scots, casting a ‘Yes’ vote would be the easiest decision of their life.

  2. Another Starmer knife in the Party’s back.
    How many more before the knife finds his back ??

    1. @johnsco

      Maybe Jess can tell us? After all, she told Corbyn clearly enough

    2. How many more before the knife finds his back ??

      lordy lordy, never mind, he’ll have an ermine bandage and perks to follow

      1. @Charming64

        Thanks for the laugh, much needed and appreciated 👏👏

      2. Who do you think will replace him? Horrible question with an even fouler answer, probably.

  3. It is only when Labour MP’s realise that their own seats are at risk, will they move against the so called leader Starmer. A few more results like this years Chesham and Amersham election when the Labour party lost its deposit with just 1.6% of total votes cast, has a wonderful way of concentrating minds.

  4. Labour announces the results of its new Future Candidates Program.

    The Labour Party revealed the results of its ‘future candidates programme’ in emails to applicants on Thursday, issuing acceptances and rejections to thousands of hopefuls wanting to stand at a local and national level.

    Momentum had encouraged its members to apply. A source from the group told LabourList on Thursday that every Labour left applicant they were aware of had been rejected, including councillors, ex-staffers and Bernie Grant Leadership Programme graduates.
    “Purely factional selection programme,” the source said. It was pointed out that there was no national executive committee (NEC) oversight. LabourList understands that one current NEC member from the left applied and was rejected.

    In response to the criticism from the party’s left over the rejections from the training programme, a Labour source said: “This isn’t factional. We just aren’t insulting voters with piss poor candidates anymore.”

    Successful applicants to Labour’s training programme include former parliamentary candidates, such as Emma Whysall (Chipping Barnet), Natasa Pantelic (Chesham and Amersham) and Ashley Dalton (Rochford and Southend East).
    Other high-profile activists to get on include former NEC member Jasmin Beckett, London regional board vice-chair Shama Tatler, ex-organiser Abdi Duale, leading Jewish Labour Movement figure Ella Rose and the co-founders of Migrants for Labour.

      1. Ella Rose who used to be employed by the Israeli Embassy.

      2. Thanks lundiel. I’d have never saw that face (on account of not watching TV).

        The duplicitous tears…

        I’m really looking forward to the Labour party canvassing at my door!

        Which reminds me, I must ask them how many votes they expect to gain from Israel

        I also can’t help but note that she views a self defense skill as an offensive skill. Very bad form…

      3. Why do people bother with twittering? Their vanity always turns on them. Where was this woman taught how to harm and boast about beating women? Why tell the world about your delight in inflicting violence on people. My granny could turn her over in a flash and she’s dead.

      4. Thugs are venerated by some people. Have you seen that piece of crap drama Ridley Road?

      5. Wobbly. Without twitter we’d never have seen the uglyness inside. It exposes those who need exposing. I guess that’s why so many MPs employ people to run their Twitter accounts.

    1. Yeah, the tweet they sent out, last night, about their ‘Future Candidates Programme’ was a hoot.

      Like monkeys chattering amongst themselves. Now, all they have to do is get the wider world to vote for them. That’s the hard part.

      Perhaps, dropping 11.4 points, in Falkirk(South), is a foretaste of what’s to come.

      Falkirk!? That name rings a bell, for some reason.

    2. Steve H Why do Labour Sources have to be so crude and vulgar when describing unsuccessful Left candidates? There is absolutely no need for it and it makes it clear that the disgusting language – the effing and blinding, coarse name calling etc of perceived internal political enemies- which appeared in the leaked AS document is still a feature of life at Southside.
      Regarding the calibre of candidates, if the party had selected fairly in the past we would have been spared the likes of Angela Eagle and Luciana Berger both of whom were parachuted into to safe seats or Jess Phillips Neil Coyle and Wes Streeting talentless individuals who never miss an opportunity to show themselves and the party up.
      I doubt very much that the current crop of successful candidates were selected on merit- more likely it was their right wing views which swung it for them. However given the party’s performance in Falkirk and elsewhere and given that Starmers Labour has alienated so many people – Socialists, BAME members, Muslims, non Zionists particularly Jewish non Zionists , those of Irish and Kashmiri descent, LGBT members etc the chances of any of them being elected to parliament at the next election are virtually NIL.

    3. “We just aren’t insulting voters with piss poor candidates anymore.”

  5. Breaking News

    Tory MP – Sir David Amess stabbed at his constituency office

        Breaking News: Conservative MP Sir David Amess has died after stabbing at constituency surgery

        Sir David Amess, who represents Southend West in Essex, was attacked on Friday at Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea. it is understood a man walked into his constituency surgery and stabbed him multiple times.

        ‘Officers were on scene shortly after, arrested a man and recovered a knife. He is currently in custody.

  6. Hes Dead….RIP…….And all the other silent and dead victims of the Conservative and unionist party RIP…We are soon entering the end of the month were we used to reflect across the world of those nearest and dearest to us,but also those lost in senseless violence and wars.All souls day gives us all a time of reflection…sadly needed whether you believe in a God or not.

  7. So the Labour party didnt like the idea of a independent Scotland and along with the charge of the right brigade lost Scotland forever for the Labour party. IT would seem that the Labour party have a nasty habit of running against the “Will of the people” and never learn.Whats it going to take to stop interfering again along with the right brigade and the knight of the realm in the GFA which was a legacy to be proud of and one that is underplayed by the Labour party surprisingly.considering it couldn’t have happened without them.

  8. The EU has presented this year’s Sakharov prize, an honorary award for individuals or groups who have dedicated their lives to the defense of human rights and freedom of thought to Jeanine Anez (Bolivia’s short lived, bloody headed dictator) and Alexei Navalny (the Russian opposition leader and far right nationalist who commanded about 2% of the vote).
    Extremely depressing.

      1. Joseph – 🤣 Did the brainwashing come free with your resident’s permit or did you have to pay extra? 🤣

        Who is this Hall guy you keep obsessing about?

      2. According to Wikipedia yes. However I would describe it as a managed democratic oligarchy and as a measure, the UK as a managed parliamentary democracy.
        You silly little man 🥱.

      3. Not a relevant point in this discussion- Russia is not part of the UK and there is nothing anybody outside of Russia could do to either get rid of Putin or establish a democratic future for the place. The West lost any chance of playing a positive role in Russia when it insisted on forcing Gorbachev to play the role of the vanquished leader and denied him and the reformed, democratising USSR he was helping create any prestige or prosperity, and then did the same to Boris Yeltsin, even though Yeltsin was the one they had WANTED to come to power after the USSR ceased to be. Putin is in power in Russia now for the same reason Hitler was in power in Germany after 1933- because in the aftermath of a useless, morally ambiguous at best international conflict, the democratic forces in the nation which had “lost” in the conflict were blocked from creating a stable prosperous society, thus associating democracy with poverty and degradation in the eyes of much of the population of each country. Yeltsin was also stripped of his political dignity by being repeatedly depicted as nothing but a drunken buffoon in the Western media. Yeltsin then picked Putin as his successor- and it seems quite likely his motivation was revenge for all the humiliation.

        The countries formerly known as the Entente caused Hitler by refusing to allow The Weimar Republic to be prosperous and successful then,

        “The West” caused Putin by refusing to allow Gorbachev or Yeltsin to create a prosperous and successful Russia in the Nineties.

        And nothing at all would have been changed in Russia if Corbyn HAD done what the Labour Blight demanded of him in response to the Skripal incident- which would have been to immediately and loudly join in the pompous, sanctimonious denunciation of Russia for what turned out to be NOT having poisoned the Skripals with novichok- we know that because they didn’t die, and in fact went home from hospital two weeks after whatever happned with no further ill effects- and did so even though it never was established that Russia had anything at all to do with whatever the Skripals WERE given in that mysterious street confrontation.

      4. kenburch – “Not a relevant point in this discussion”

        Does that explain why you felt compelled to write an essay about it. 🤔

    1. Aye, Navalny, Russia’s ‘Tommy Robinson’ – despite what the UK’s MSM would have us believe.

      Jeanine Áñez, is currently being held in prison. She’s been implicated in a couple of massacres, early in her Presidency.

      I wonder what information the EU were working off?

      1. CIA linked NGOs, right wing think tanks government sponsored regime change ‘charitable foundations’ (Soros, Blair), security services and foreign offices.

      2. @george

        I can’t make up my mind if the EU wanted a piece of the action, or needed it.

        I’m inclined to believe the former more than the latter, after all, it was the same idiots that moved the gas market from contracts to spot pricing without seeing any possibility of price increases (for whatever reason).

        But, if it is the latter? Why? Money? Russia has an incredible amount of resources and the Ukraine sits right next to them.

    1. Thanks George. Lithium has brought out the worst in many.

      I remember Musk supporting the attempted coup in Venezuela for the same material. Explains a lot.


  9. Says Right Wing Labour of the three Ps:
    Piss Poor Leader!
    Piss Poor PLP!
    Piss Poor Policy!

  10. So says Right Wing Labour of the Three Ps:
    Piss Poor Leader!
    Piss Poor PLP!
    Piss Poor Policy!

  11. Yes the Right Wing Labour electoral slaughter continues.
    The Rich & Powerful saw Corbyn as a threat and felt AS would be the tool to break him supported by Right Wing Jewish Groups who had their own agenda.
    Then it was a tripartite attack.
    On Jewish Diversity (Silverstein).
    The media piling in (tax dodging owners).
    And Labour’s Right wing capitalist 5th columnists (can’t beat Corbyn & his supporters on IDEAS).
    Then the Panorama programme was the greatest con since the Zioniev Letter with most of the people appearing being JLM officers.
    The sad reality was that Jeremy is too nice and those Left around him were too soft whilst as we are up against Right Wing Labour who are ruthless barbarians.
    But there is hope, the hundreds of thousands out there who went to Jeremy’s rallies etc are still out there.
    There is then potential for a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party and there is hope!
    Solidarity to Socialists!

    1. Indeed. And, if it’s to be sectarian-Blairite, Labour, as proved by the post-conference polls, will never be electable again and therefore has no reason to exist.

    2. The reality is that you keep repeating the falsehood that Jeremy was ‘too soft’ Bazza, and ‘too nice’, as you did the other day! So perhaps you can remind me what happened when Jeremy and the LP condemned the Panorama program/hatchet job? Was he/they being ‘too soft’ THEN? Was Jeremy being ‘too soft’ or ‘too nice’ when he dismissed the claim that Chris Williamson was anti-semitic, and was then accused by the CAA of sending out a signal to party members that anti-semitism is acceptable, as reported in the MSM? Was he being too soft and too nice when he challenged the Big Lie that A/S in the LP under his leadership was endemic, as he did in a statement the day the EHRC published its fraudulent report? And then got suspended for doing so!

      You know damn well that whenever Jeremy dismissed or refuted the A/S claims he was condemned and vilified and demonised for doing so, and accused of being in denial and, as such, part of the problem. But like the other shills on here you will of course keep on repeating your falsehoods, because you know that Repetition is a subtle form of brainwashing, and your objective is to blame Jeremy himself for being the victim of the A/S black op smear campaign (because he was ‘too nice’ and ‘too soft’ and ‘didn’t fight back’ etc,etc), as opposed to all those who executed it and conspired in it!

      If you’re relatively new to this website, please be warned that the site is infested with im-posters claiming that they’re socialists whilst they post lies and falsehoods about Jeremy on a daily basis, concocted and designed to discredit him, as they do regarding socialist MPs in general.

  12. Labour was already on its way out in Scotland prior to their joining with the Tories in 2012 to campaign for the BT campaign. What put most people off, and I’m talking about lifelong Labour voters and members here, was Labour’s inability to cooperate. Since Holyrood’s inception they had been in a coalition with the LibDems yet when they could have cooperated with SNP to get many of their policies through by forming a coalition they refused to do so – leading to SNP’s first minority government.

    Scots who saw this then saw that Labour were voting down much that was, for many, Labour policy (or very close to it) The politicking and what’s called ‘The Baine Principle’ turned the voters off in their droves as Labour would refuse to cooperate on ANYTHING even if it AGREED with it!

    Labour has said that it will not cooperate with a party that wants independence – and yet SDLP MPs take the Labour Whip in Westminster – so it can’t be that. Members have told me that it’s because SNP voted against them in the No Confidence vote that brought down Jim Callaghan’s government in 1979 and that is is SNP’s fault, therefore, that there was a Tory government for years. But this doesn’t stand up either – it was the Liberals pulling out of the Lib-Lab pact that lead to the vote in the first place and Labour were happy to cooperate with them from Holyrood’s inception in 98.

    This is known to the voters in Scotland and the party isn’t trusted. Corbyn and McDonnel had spoke about how it was up to the people of Scotland to decide their future, as opposed to the Tories who would forever block a vote despite most of the polls in the past few years giving a majority for independence (even without a campaign) This brought back a little of the trust that had been lost although this was for the UK leadership – not the Scottish leadership. Now that Starmer has taken the reins and broken every promise and pledge made to voters and members, has flushed party democracy down the toilet and spat on those who vote Labour by saying, essentially, ‘who else are you gonna vote for’ Well in Scotland it will be the SNP for many, previously, dyed in the wool Labour voters.

    The battle in Labour is for ownership of the name only. The right wing left in the 80s to form the SDP. That didn’t work and they joined with the Liberals to become LibDems to save face. But only a few short years later they were back in Labour causing trouble and seeking to overturn the party’s socialist roots. Starmer has NO Labour values and is simply a Tory Wet. But, in England at least, who else can we vote for?

    1. Great points El Dee. Respectfully, for the rightwing alone, “is the battle in Labour for ownership of the name only”. A Corbyn-like left would, I belive, try to deepen and re-engineer the links with trade unions and community-based green innitiatives.

    2. Mainstream Labour would never work with the SNP because it would give MSM a huge stick to beat them with. Not to mention the Tories who’d be screaming about the destruction of the union and how history would come to the end and the queen, country etc.

      1. In the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, the Liberals repeatedly worked with the Irish Parliamentary Party- as did the Tories in one minority situation, IIRC- how would working with SNP be any riskier to Labour than that was to Gladstone, Asquity or Lloyd George?

      2. Asquith, not Asquity- And no one named “Asquity” was related to anyone named Helena Bonham-Cartey, who never played Bellatrice Lestrangey in any of the HARRY POTTY films.

  13. It was a “Falkirk Fiasco” that caused Ed Milliband to introduce OMOV for internal elections and the sectarianism and divisiveness, anti-member and anti-democratic deceit and betrayal of Sir Keir that will revisit newl*abour levels of electoral performance on the ever-reducing Labour Party.

    G*d damn him – or “yimaḥ sh’mo”, “May his name be blotted out,”

  14. This comes as no surprise to me and congratulations to the SNP on taking this seat from the labour party.

    Scotland will be a far better country when it becomes independent.

    1. It may well be time for a Celtic- Northern Federation- which would comprise Scotland, Wales, a reunited Ireland, & what had been the Red Wall areas of England, and eventually Breizh as well, with a possible link of some sort w/Cornwall.

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