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Private firm that screwed up 43k C19 tests only existed 4 months before Tory contract award

Immensa Health also accused of using health data for ‘targeted marketing’ and another firm under same ownership under investigation over law breach in PCR testing.

The private firm that gave at least 43,000 people infected with coronavirus a negative result had existed for only four months before being awarded a huge contract by the Tories.

Worse, the owner of the firm also runs another firm involved in PCR testing for the virus – and that firm, Dante, is under investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) over breaches of the law by allegedly:

  • Not delivering PCR tests and/or results on time or at all.
  • Failing to respond to complaints or provide proper customer service.
  • Refusing or delaying refunds when requested.
  • Using T&Cs which may unfairly limit consumers’ rights.

So, it appears that the private lab which wrongly gave out 43,000 PCR negative results was Immensa, a company with no experience of PCR tested awarded a £119 million contract after only being in existence for 4 months. Corruption costs lives.

Dante is also reportedly under investigation for using private data for ‘targeted’ marketing of its other services.

Immensa Health, the firm that gave potentially lethal false negative results to people infected with the virus, was also revealed to have its ‘scientists’ fighting, hiring escorts, playing football and rolling around on the floor at work. A Twitter thread by epidemiologist Dr Deepti Gurdasani provides details:

False negative results will inevitably have meant people infected going about their normal business instead of isolating, which will mean others were infected and, as the coronavirus is still deadly in a significant percentage of cases, people will have died as a result.

The corruption of the Tories’ short-cutting of processes to award massive contracts to their mates and donors is well-attested by now. As Dr Gurdasani notes, corruption kills. Privatisation has no place in health.

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  1. Fighting,boozing,hiring escorts according to the scum?….Must have been a campaign mtg chaired by the knight and evans,sort of “in depth training” or maybe just a mtg of Labour lawyers.?

    1. No supprise to anyone regarding the rackets that flourish under a conservative government.Corruption of morals along with Just plain “Corruption” are the tune the right wing supporters of the Torys dance to.

    Analysis of COVID-19 PCR tests has been suspended at a private laboratory in Wolverhampton after people received false negative results following positive lateral flow tests (LFDs).
    The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said around 43,000 of 400,000 samples, mostly from the South West of England between 8 September and 12 October, may have resulted in incorrect results.
    England’s Test and Trace service has suspended testing operations provided by Immensa Health Clinic Ltd following an investigation after reports of testing anomalies. It stresses that there are no issues with the test kits themselves.

    1. Common sense prevails

      Matt Hancock left red faced after losing new job at UN hours after taking it
      Mr Hancock was set to be appointed as the “UN special representative on financial innovation and climate change for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa”. However, a UN spokesman has now told the UN news organisation Pass Blue that his appointment has not been “taken forward”.

      1. I agree with you again SteveH and there must have been a collective sigh of relief from the people of the continent of Africa when they learnt matt “cock-in-hand” hancock was not getting the position with the UN.

      2. SteveH
        Are you a fan of the former Middle East Peace envoy
        The bastard offspring of the Milk Snatcher and father of Temporary Embarrassment

      3. SteveH
        Are you part of the party that prefers the Tories to a Socialist Labour Government

  3. So, who owns Dante? Who was involved in the contract for Immensa?

    Something whiffy about this

      1. GOV.UK
        Company number 12608585
        People for IMMENSA HEALTH CLINIC LTD (12608585)

        Officers – Persons with significant control
        1 active person with significant control / 0 active statements
        Mr Andrea Riposati Active
        Correspondence address
        Lansdowne House, 57 Berkeley Square, Suite 36, London, England, W1J 6ER
        Notified on
        18 May 2020
        Date of birth
        July 1981
        Nature of control
        Ownership of shares – 75% or more
        Ownership of voting rights – 75% or more
        Right to appoint and remove directors
        Country of residence – England

  4. Part of the £1.5b Tory corrupt (?) (without scrutiny) recommending of their Tory mates companies for Covid contracts, often with abysmal results?
    All part of the Tory Covid OMNISHAMBLES.
    Yet Starmer and Right Wing Labour abysmally failed to hold the Tories to account.
    Right Wing Labour is not fit for purpose.
    Right Wing Labour are leeches on diverse working people and they have destroyed the Labour Party.
    Members now have no power, no say, they just want you to pay subs & to be seen leafleting & campaigning for them but not heard.
    The Right may go for the Left Labour MPs eventually but then again they may be useful to them by keeping up the Left Labour Delusion. Otherwise if these Left MPs were booted out they may become a focal point for a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party.
    I argue to socialists (non-socialist please note this conversation has nothing to do) we need a new left wing democratic socialist party & hopefully with some left wing unions affiliated.
    It’s time for the political big boys and girls to enter the stage.
    Solidarity to the socialists on here.

    1. @bazza

      Are there any political big boys or girls left?

      As for the omnishambles (what a fantastic word), I’m not so sure.

      Never let a crisis go to waste as they say.

      Our choices are binary;

      1) Tories saw the opportunity to grease their mates (and themselves). Par for the course. Or is it?

      2) The money “spent” is part of the great reset. The one where you will have nothing and be happy. Klaus admits in his book that the Corona virus is very mild compared to previous pandemics.

      How did Klaus know this? Why does the pandemic coincidentally help their 4th Industrial revolution?

    2. Bazza, you assert that by keeping the left-wing MPs in the party (as opposed to purging them at some point) it maintains the delusion that the LP is left-wing, but if you don’t mind me saying so, THAT is illogical, as it implies that the general public/voters are aware and know that MOST Labour Party MPs are NOT left-wing. And if THAT were the case, then the right-wing leadership could hardly maintain such an illusion by keeping left-wing MPs in the party, could they.

  5. What a shame Skwawk has yet to mark the murder of David Amess MP. God knows assassins are few and far between these days. Why can’t they EVER pick more deserving targets? There’s not exactly a shortage right now, on either side of the House. A relatively lovely man for a Tory. Condolences to his family.

    1. There was a post war consensus that no matter who won the GE you governed in the best interests of the entire country
      That was the only way Churchill was ever going to get back in, he accepted the welfare changes
      Fast forward to 1979 and it was the Milk snatcher who destroyed the consensus, one notable intervention was from former Tory PM Harold McMillan who told her ‘You can’t sell the family jewels’
      David Amiss appears to have been cut from that cloth, a dying breed, you cant buy class you either have it or you don’t
      Hats off to a thoroughly decent man, our condolences to his friends and family

    2. Timfrom….maybe they hated what he represents in the conservative and unionist party.We don’t dance on graves,but on the other hand theres not any excuse for being a senior figure over the years in the Torys and murdering thousands with their ideology and policys.RIP a fellow Catholic that lost his way with the Tory party…I congratulate you on your kindness to a enemy and I sincerely mean that.

      1. Tempting though it is to get down in the gutter with “scum” Rayner, we have to remember there are some human beings in the Tory party. Rory Stewart is another who springs to mind. Incidents like this serve to remind us that the real bastards are the power-hungry sociopaths you find in the Cabinet, not the humble MPs dedicated to serving their communities who, sadly, provide a much easier target.

        God, I must be getting old or something!

    3. Timfrom I see Jeremy Corbyn like you has expressed his condolences and talked of his respect for David Amess That is the right thing to do. People can strongly disagree- I’m sure Jeremy and Mr Amess didn’t have a political thought in common – but when someone is stabbed to death we need to rise above our differences and stand in solidarity with the bereaved.
      Although the reasons for the attack are unknown it reinforces David Gillian’s warning (David is the firefighter whose resignation letter to Starmer Swawkbox featured a week or two ago) of what hate or the incitement to hatred can cause. We all need to be mindful of this.

  6. Of course, a corrupt, self-serving Conservative administration is exploiting the opportunities created by covid, but it is the ‘cover narrative’ as opposed to the virus and resultant disease, which deserves the attention of democrats and socialists (shamefully, libertarians are way ahead of us on this, which is probably why Johnson is no-where near as authoritarian and heavy-handed as Australian states on this). We need to diagnose and consider the facts, the science and the psychological manipulation that the “Cover Narrative” uncovers. Namely:

    i) that “Covid deaths” & mortality are not as claimed. The Infection-fatality ratio is between 0.02 and 0.04, meaning that cover has a survival rate of at least 99.95 percent;
    ii) that lockdowns do not prevent the spread of disease;
    iii) that PCR tests were not designed to diagnose illness and are using exceedingly high cycle threshold values which can result in false positives of up to 90%. (WHO has twice warned UK/Australia and some states in USA to reduce the CT level of their tests, or stop testing altogether (and they recommend “test, test, test” remember;
    iv) that the majority of Covid infections are “asymptomatic”. A UK study from August 2020 found as much as 86% of “Covid patients” experienced no viral symptoms at all;
    v). that there is very little evidence supporting the alleged danger of “asymptomatic transmission”;
    vi) that ventilation is NOT a treatment for (any) respiratory virus;
    vii) that masks do not hinder the spread of respiratory viruses and if used routinely can be very bad for your health;
    viii) that before 2020 no successful vaccine against human coronavirus had ever been developed. Since then, with emergency legislation and extensive legal indemnity provided to manufacturers, we’ve allegedly made 23 of them across 18 months and produced 37 new vaccine billionaires so far alone in 2021;
    ix) that vaccines do not confer immunity or prevent transmission (never have, never can and never will).

    I am much more frightened of the bad science, the lies, psychological manipulation, misreporting by the MSM and social and anti-democratic restrictions created by the Covid Narrative than I am of SARS-CoV2 or covid themselves.

      1. This is something in which I actually agree with you SteveH!

      2. You would, Dickie ol’ chap. Your problem is there’s nothing factually incorrect in quertboi’s comment.

      3. timfrom, my name is Richard, not dickie, you offensive git.

        There is nothing factually correct in qwertboi’s comment.

      4. SteveH/ Richard
        And the cost of lockdown is ?
        To the nearest 100,000 deaths
        To the nearest 100 billion pound notes
        Damage to bairns education
        Damage to mental health
        Finally who do you expect to pay for it

    1. Thanks for that querboi Your comments follow the Science and common sense without the hysterics….Theres plenty of us out there in the world who have experienced first hand the covid virus and like I have continually said the virus as and continues to be exploited,and there are far more dangerous diseases than Covid out there and here were I am and they are being ignored in the political manipulation of the Covid virus….regards

      1. Yes Joseph. There are also non-diseases which cause significantly more ill-health and death than covid, poverty and ignorance being the two main ones that come to mind.

      2. Also Joseph, if I were living in Cambodia, I’d certainly take a vitamin D3 supplement daily and very carefully ingest up to 50mg of zinc supplementally per day for 3 or four months every year..

        Most covid-vulnerable people exhibit bad liver function, have low levels of stored vit D and – especially where comorbidites apply – insufficient levels of zinc.

        Vitamin D absorbtion from sunlight levels can be high for light skinned (Europeans and celts) people in a tropical zone, but its immuno powers depend on a symbiotic relationship with zinc, which, in cambodia where high levels of copper influence the water table, result in poor zinc absorbtion (copper and zinc are antagonists bith chemically and bio-chemically).

        So, jospeh – for what its worth, make sure you and carol concentrate on vit D3 and zinc levels and your resistance to any viral infection will increase dramatically. If possible, source some vitamin D3 supplement and ingest at least 4,000 iu (international units) of it per day for at least 2 months with up to 50mg zinc for immuno-suppression.

      3. Thanks for the advicquertboi.We have quite a stock of tablets including one used on horses and now recomended for humans.I have never been as healthy here with my arthritis disappearing and even with a full hip replacement curtesy of the Brilliant NHS years ago doesn’t stop me at nearly 71 climbing up ladders on the house I am building or doing the drainage system and Plumbing(qualified)…Next month is the dry season and looking forward to it and Xmass on the beach 🌴 with the grandkids.Only health problem is the worrying joe Biden problem,not molesting but memory and the deterioration of the mental facultys.Still looking on the bright side I will probably not even be aware by then unless of course I am moderated and I start waiving the white flag. Regards comrade

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