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Kelloggs workers locked in bitter offshoring battle. So Ketamine Keith validates bosses

US Kelloggs workers strike over ‘death of 1000 cuts’ – so Starmer chooses company for PR stunt and makes a mess even of that

Keir Starmer at Kelloggs – and the message many are taking from his visit

Keir Starmer turned up at the Kelloggs factory in Manchester today on a PR stunt – and managed to mess even that up by trying to sound cool, telling workers that his nickname since childhood has been ‘Special K – K for Keir’:

I’ve been dubbed Special K since I was born, K for Keir.

‘Ketamine Keir’ Starmer

Special K, of course, is also the street slang for the tranquiliser and anaesthetic (and ‘date-rape’ drug) Ketamine, which many would argue fits him far better, though the lightweight nature of the cereal has also been pointed out as appropriate.

It was excruciating to watch:

But far worse was the fact that Starmer was there at all.

As Dr Eoin Clarke pointed out on the @ToryFibs Twitter account, Kelloggs workers in the US are locked in a desperate battle for their futures against an employer they say is inflicting a ‘death of a thousand cuts’ and an attempt to divide workers by splitting them into two ‘tiers’ of different rights – and the company threatened to offshore their jobs to Mexico if workers didn’t surrender to the company’s plans.

The latest developments in the long-running dispute were in parts of the national press only yesterday – including the Starmer-supportive Guardian – so he has no excuse. Yet as workers fight for their jobs and pay and those of their colleagues and comrades, Starmer decided to go ahead and validate the bosses.

Of course he did, Just as he’s validated Boris Johnson and the right-wing Establishment throughout his blighted tenure as Labour’s notional ‘leader’ of the non-opposition – and scabbed for the S*n last week.

‘Ketamine Keith’, as he shall forever now be known, lurches from one disaster to another. How long before a challenger puts us out of his misery?

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  1. “How long before a challenger puts us out of his misery?”

    Not anytime soon and almost certainly not before the next GE, ‘the left’ are still searching for a credible candidate and don’t have the numbers to mount a challenge and the RW aren’t that stupid.

    1. SteveH
      Law of diminishing returns
      The risk of losing your seat either through a GE or the left taking control increases by the second, things happen slowly then very quickly
      They have the numbers and the candidates, what they appear to lack is the spine and the guts

    2. All true, SteveH – but the party machinery, its function and purpose are being frustrated (some say ‘wrecked’) by a pathogenic new-entrant which calls itself ‘third-way’ and ‘moderate’and which is currently ascendent again. It is escalating its efforts to destroy Labour’s USP and its electability. The party is no longer salvageable by simply finding a new Jeremy Corbyn to repeat his amazing restoration of membership, votes and cash-flow.

      Most of the left (even parts in Labour) knoww this and, maybe reluctantly, is not planning to “challenge” the ‘new management’s’ death wish, knowing that Labour has to suffer and fail before it can change the paradigm of democratic socialism in Britain.

    3. The challenge won’t be from the left, it will be from someone who will have the trust of all sides to clear Starmer/Evans/Mandleson’s mess up, if there’s anything salvageable left.

      1. I don’t get why anyone would think this guy with the bug-eyed stare would make for a credible leader. Even the Murdoch press wouldn’t be able to resist making him into a figure of fun!

    4. Steve H Hall……The right wing want to keep their cushy number in parliament and like all the right wing a dagger in the back for failure is awaiting.The left as you call them will just have to hang around which theyre good at and wait and see who is the “chosen one” Lodgic would dictate Barry friends of Israel gardner who could unite the seriously confused left and right wing of the Labour party.,but it’s looking like with maybe eighteen months before the General election and another win for the Conservative and unionist party merged into corruption with a new PM will dictate the survival factor ofa depleted PLP and Labour party membership……ITs too too late Steve H the left have dithered and you are “done” Stay and fight “….just wait for the next conference…..We need to wait and see the right destroy themselves?…erm just look around you and see what they have done..?

    5. Where did Keith say ” if there’s a choice between bosses and workers, I’ll choose bosses” ?

      1. I asked rhetorically. But I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he said this or says it sometime soon…

      2. Brian – Perhaps you’ve missed Keir’s policy announcements about Labour’s ‘new deal for working people’.

        This article written by Tim Sharp (the senior employment rights officer at the TUC) is a really good starting point. I would be interested to hear your critique once you’ve read it.

        I’ve also posted a link to Labour’s Employment Rights Green Paper below

  2. More like Special Agent K … Your mission , should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate and destroy the Labour party, so it never threatens our interests again.

    1. They thought they’d achieved that under Blair and Brown by 2010. Only Corbyn reversed it and restored Labour, which is why Starmer is doing his darnedest to get as many of us out of “his” party by any means possible.

      Democratic socialists are the antibodies to the third-way crony capitalism that Starmer joined Labour to protect. Jeremy proved this in 2015, and somebody will again one day after a GE defeat or two.

  3. “I was dubbed special “k” since I was born. K for Keir”.

    It’s all about him. The idiot has an ego the size of Canada, but not a clue about the direction of the country or the needs of those losing the UC uplift.

    It’s an embarrassing, excruciating, nauseating, toe curling 7 second watch.


  4. Strong rumour has it, Streeting is girding his loins.

    Doubt if anything will come of it. He’s more hot air, than hot favourite.

    To be specific – wind and p*ss

    1. Fingers crossed that Streeting’s loins are girded, maybe add Phillips and Numpty Nandy. It will be an enjoyable pantomime and the season is rapidly approaching. As for the SCG, they’ll still be sending ‘strongly worded letters’ to somebody somewhere and making threats to the dog next door. Labour’s dead, R.I.P.

    2. Girdling is loins….so hes going to come from behind?.I am glad I left the Labour party its all getting a bit sworded for me personally..Mary mother of god what have we come to?

  5. Although I grew up in a different environment and a different time I cannot imagine kids calling another kid Special K unless it was preceded by another less flattering word which turned it into a phrase suggesting he was up himself. Hard to imagine I know.

    1. Jim these kids from private schools get up to alsorts of vulgure culture,ask Bozzo its part of the traditional English way forward dont you know Reigate independent School was as well as being a notorious snobs school was also involved in a notorious bullying culture were young boys were beaten and tortured and left semi clothed and blooded.One must wonder exactly what a young “K”was subjected to and many others.How much damage was a young “” K”given before he became a peice of work himself and the “abused” became the abuser…Private education and what goes on behind the doors of places like ETON and Reigate that produce unhinged individuals who eventually become PM…..or leader of the Labour party.

  6. The pricks in the photo are wearing cheap, cloth facemasks. Why? Dozens upon dozens of scientific, peer reviewed, randomised control studies, conducted all over the world pre-hysteria, have found without any fear of contradiction that such facemasks do not and never will inhibit the free flow of microscopic viruses between people and the spread of associated dangerous diseases.

    So yet another reason not to vote for this deceitful, lying, corny, flaky dog’s breakfast.

    1. Take another look! You will see that only the con artist MR keir “erik armrest” starmer is wearing a cloth mask. The other guy has a mask that looks exactly like medically appropriate mask.

  7. He’s like Mr. Bean trying to act cool. The cringe factor, it must be excruciating for his kids.

    Everything about this man is a bit naff.

  8. Starmer = Kellogg’s Crunchy Bosses Nut!
    And bourgeois thinkers ask for a Left Wing Great Man of Woman of History Leader candidate?
    But I would argue the Left in Labour needs to split from the Right wing Labour political morons who from ignorance of fear of being radical, hold up Left wing democratic socialism which could be an example to the world,
    I argue we need a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party, and from this a great grassroots, bottom up, participatory, Left wing, democratic Socialist Fighter will emerge.
    When useless Ed with Lightweight Reeves were at the top of Labour and wouldn’t listen.
    I argued that Labour needed to counter the Tory narrative that Labour caused the 2008 financial crisis when it was the banks, I even pointed to evidence from the financial pages showing multi-billion fines for banks for their role in sub prime lending but they would not listen.
    They lost, I was right and they were wrong.
    Then in 2027 with Jeremy, it was me that argued at the 1st Momentum Conference that our only hope was to get Corbyn out direct to the people (learning from history from Tony Benn in Chesterfield).
    I was right.
    Then in 2019 I argued if we didn’t support Brexit (with 2/3rds of Labour seats being pro-leave) then we would commit electoral suicide and lose.
    I was right and the Labour Right were wrong.
    This time perhaps to quote Public Image Limited: “I could be right, I could be wrong?”

    1. Bazza “Then in 2019 I argued if we didn’t support Brexit (with 2/3rds of Labour seats being pro-leave) then we would commit electoral suicide and lose. I was right”

      No Bazza, you were totally and utterly wrong and Brexit was wrong. You and all the Brexit left were wrong. What you should have done is get behind Corbyn and the Remain left and insisted that the only way to solve the Brexit argument was to ask the electorate if they still wanted to go ahead with this right wing idea. If you truly believed in Brexit you could still have stuck to your view but supported a democratic confirmatory vote. If that had been done, maybe the country would not be in the mess it’s in now with a lying, cheating clown as PM and an opposition leader who is no better.

      If something is wrong, you say it’s wrong, you don’t say as many Labour MPs did “I know it’s wrong but I’ll say it’s right because I’m too afraid to tell my constituents the truth”. They should have had the guts and the integrity to do the right thing.

      Even the Tory/Brexit biassed audience on QT last night has turned against Brexit. Nadhim Zahawi could not find anything good to say about it. Fiona Bruce was so shocked at the strength of feeling she let slip that the audience had been chosen with a Tory, Brexit bias to represent the electorate. This just shows how corrupt the BBC is. They don’t even acknowledge that it was only approximately one third of the electorate who voted for Brexit!

      How long are we going to have to wait until Left Brexiters admit that Brexit is bad for Britain.

      1. Question time lol. That’s like quoting the mail…

        Yes, some are unhappy. All remainers are unhappy. It’s become a bit of a cult requirement. Politics live at the guardian always has some bitter soul bleating.

        Some leavers are unhappy also. Because they were lied to. £350 million etc. Whoops.

        Others are still happy. Everyone in my house has prospered. Better jobs, pay and conditions. Wouldn’t have happened 5 years ago, never looked possible either.

        The EU is screwed. They’ve been abandoned by the yanks after creating a mess with Russia and Ukraine. Two countries the EU needs. Poland has said their laws trump the EUs (but you can bet they want NATO around though).

        EU needs to decide if it wants to be an irrelevant peninsula or a poodle. Irrelevancy would be guaranteed with us still in. Will we suffer? Sure, but we deserve our karmic turn. Meanwhile in Asia, a new EEC is beginning and it has 57% of the world’s population in it.

        The final thing is being in the EU isn’t going to change what’s coming. America’s crashing, prices are rising globally. We’re doomed, globally.

        “You will have nothing, and be happy”

      2. JackT You are still into brexit nonsense,its history and about as much relevance as the remainers “made up word “confirmatory vote” .ITs absolutely nonsense and theres nothing in lodgic in law or democratic “Will of the People” that requires confirmation in a democratic mandate that you and millions of others chose to sabotage….look where we are now hundreds of thousands have left the Labour party and the party are near bankrupt because of your “Confirmatory vote” which allowed a lunatic to be allowed into the leadership of the Labour party.and also handed the Country to the worst Government in living memory…I never really got involved on here with the brexit debate although I voted leave..A person with duel nationality in Europe cannot afford to argue the point.But as a member of the Labour party at that time I could see the direction the bulk of the Labour party including Corbyn were being dragged and couldn’t really comment and feel confident of not being a hypocrite a little bit like Lord Lawson ,or that clown Farage.We all make mistakes but banging the drum after the retreat is futile.

      3. NVLA still persisting with your right wing support for Brexit. You gave the game away when you said Bozo wasn’t to blame for the high cost of energy and nationalisation would not have helped to reduce it. Britain was told lie after lie to ‘get Brexit’s done’. It’s the British people who have been done.

      4. Joseph, it’s true that the Brexit vote is history but Brexit is certainly not over, the worst is yet to come. You scoff at the previous suggestion of a democratic confirmatory vote but Corbyn and others could see when it was raised, that even then, there was a growing resentment against Brexit and it is far far stronger now.

        Tell me another country which has been foolish enough to place harmful trade sanctions upon its self and then blame its ex largest trading partner?

      5. Jack T … “Tell me another country that as been foolish enough to place trade sanctions on itself.Your words are correct jack T but its only just started and your “confirmatory vote” made up legalistic phrased nonsense to attempt to .overturn a democratic mandate successfully handed over the Labour party to a fascist dictator whos comments have supported a partition in Ireland and back to a real war on the streets.Your lot managed to hand over the country to a conglomerate of the worst Government in history and The worst Labour party in history and if the lunatic starmer gets into Drowning street a war that will stretch the length and breadth of my country Ireland and my adopted country Britain.And all will be left with will be the dismay of the working-class people who will wonder how did we get here and the answer will be they ignored you…IT will be left to the US and the UN to clean up the mess that colonial rule in a tiny country with a big reach and many friends across the length and breadth of the world and deserves a hell of a lot more than colonial rule in Ireland..Your knight as been collaborating with another knight and leader of the DUP to ensure their survival in the basket case subsidised pretend state of N.Ireland..and smash one of the many legacys that the Labour party can be proud of the welfare state and peace in Ireland. .I really don’t think that the knight can be allowed to stay as leader of the Labour party and many right wingers are thinking the same.My legacy will be to join Sinn Fein and help fund a first democratic socialist government in Ireland as a international member of Sinn Fein.

      6. @Jack. I know you care about others and that is what matters.

        There is _no_ left and right. Brexit should have shown you this. It was like an hour glass being turned.

        The reality is top and bottom. Left and right are distractions. The only caring people we’ve seen as possible leaders was Michael Foot and Jeremy Corbyn. What happened to them exactly? Compare their treatment to Bliar or Starmer.

        The Tory Brexit we got was entirely due to Keir Starmer. We could have Mays version which was better, despite still being crap.

        The establishment denied us a Corbyn inspired Brexit, which would have been thought out properly and negotiated well too.

      7. Jack T The EC was captured by Neo-Liberalism and this is enshrined in Masstrict.
        And once the Pro-Neo-Liberals had economic hegemony of course they could afford a few progressive reforms which didn’t challenge the new status quo.
        The lazy Tories rushed and Botched Brexit and Left Wing Democratic Socialists would have had Socialist Planning with for example the Democratic Control of Labour Supply which means we could take workers we may need from any country and with no wage restrictions.
        Perhaps those with a lack of socialist analysis can’t see the Neo-Liberal Wood because of a few progressive trees?

      8. Joseph “Your lot managed to hand over the country to a conglomerate of the worst Government in history and The worst Labour party in history”

        You and other left Brexiters are in your own little bubble here on Skwawkbox but there is a much larger left group out there who are democrats. You are among that group which has the same mentality as Bozo who didn’t want Parliament to vote against him therefore he prorogued it. Simililarly you didn’t want a democratic confirmation vote in case the electorate changed their mind.

        It wasn’t ‘my lot’ who put us in this position it was your lot and those on the right who didn’t want to give the electorate an opportunity to change their mind who have precipitated this Brexit disaster.

      9. Bazza, sorry, you are still giving me all the old anti EU stuff which at the time, reinforced by the right wing media, convinced those who had little idea which way to vote.

        Sure, NVLA and some others can say they benefitted personally, particularly those who have made a fortune out of it but NO ONE, apart from Bozo the lying clown, has been able to say how it has benefitted Britain.

  9. Special K has very little substance …………………… mind you …………..

    1. Excellent for losing weight, apparently.

      Mostly air and no substance, quite apt in Max Headroom’s case.

  10. Is Keith sorted for Mick Mills?

    Top one! Mad for it!

    Apparently K is a horse tranquilliser. It certainly explains Starmers tranquil style. And that reminds me, I thought Gove was the clubber?!

    1. Hes “Sprcial”and was treated for it at a private school in Reigate were abused children became the abuser…..Nothing “Special” about that ask Sir k starmer

  11. NVLA “There is _no_ left and right. Brexit should have shown you this”

    What Brexit has shown me is there is a democratic left and an anti democratic left who were so obsessed with Brexit that it was even more important than democracy to them.

  12. Starmer’s called “Special K” because of the mildly laxative effect that he has on most people.

  13. If keef was a drug he’d be zopiclone not ketamine, Special ‘Z’.

    Z-list politician, Z-list lawyer…Although they’re balanced out by him being a grade ‘A’ twat.

    I despise everything about the greasy-quiffed easter island-head. Even his sinusy drawling voice goes right through me. Wish he’d sod off to Mexico. 😒

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