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Firefighter resigns from Labour – warning Starmer that his anti-left smears will cost lives

David Gillian condemns ‘complete destruction of justice and democracy within the party’ and warns Starmer that smears carry potentially-lethal consequences

Firefighter David Gillian

Socialist firefighter David Gillian has resigned from the Labour party – but found himself in the unusual situation of the party processing his resignation before he had sent it.

Gillian’s letter, when it did go in, hits hard – warning Keir Starmer that his flagrant abuses and smears against the Labour left will inevitably carry serious and potentially deadly consequences for the victims of those smears or anyone else identified with them simply for being on the left.

His letter is reproduced with permission below. Emphases have been added by Skwawkbox.

Dear Sir Keir Starmer,

Please find attached my resignation from the Labour Party.

I can accept differences in policy between me and the party, but what I cannot accept is the complete destruction of justice and democracy within the party, ensuring that people can have no remaining voice or hope for the change that they need and desire.

In addition the culture in the party has become intolerable. Rather than this culture existing in spite of your actions, or being consistent with the factional narrative that your leadership is promoting, this abuse and these failures appear to extend from your office, and that of the General Secretary, right throughout the party in a form of factional warfare and terrorism.

You should avail yourself of Allport’s scale of prejudice to understand the inevitable consequences of your antilocution.

(image borrowed from Rachel Burnham’s blog)

The tragic murder of Jo Cox MP was the pinaccle of a different pyramid of hate, how long until your actions culminate in physical violence between Labour members?

Maybe it already has. Just this weekend one of your councillors has called me, and people who share my political views within the party, “rats”, “fleas”, “shit” and “rotten limbs” this kind of behaviour is commonplace. I have reported these comments via the complaints portal, however I have reported abuse and unlawful behaviour in the past only to be completely ignored by the Governance & Legal Unit, which, it seems, is consistently failing in its duty of care towards members.

This may serve your factional aims but will forever remain a stain on your personal reputation and long career of public service. Sadly I believe this, as well as electoral defeat, will be your legacy and the people who the Labour Party exists to serve will be the victims of that.

There remain many wonderful people, totally dedicated to peace, justice and equality in our party and our wider movement. You would be well served to offer them the hand of friendship.

Yours in solidarity with them and the many victims of your leadership.

David Gillian

Gillian had announced his intention to resign in a blog post last week – but when he wrote his letter to the party, he found that they had already acted on the blog post without bothering to wait for the formal notification. In a follow-up article, he wrote:

I formally tendered my resignation today having blogged my intent last Wednesday. Tragically / hilariously (you decide) I discovered that my resignation had already been processed – before I had submitted it. Having reported abuse in the party over 10 months ago, the party is yet to acknowledge, let alone take action. When I write in a blog that I’m going to resign, the party is on it like a flash. Factional? You can decide that too.

Gillian also details some of the foul abuse and arrogance he has received from various hyper-factionalists (aren’t they all?) of the Labour right.

He has recently re-activated his Twitter. Follow him on @socialistfire.

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  1. A succinct and accurate letter. Solidarity David. And thanks for doing the job you do👏👏👏

      1. Is that an official resignation letter?


        Now, I’ll bet you wouldn’t have had the balls to apply the same logic to/ ask the same question about that tenth rate actress
        moron maureen lipman**, for fear of what would result,- should the snidey vindictive bastards decide to ‘act’ on the mere mention of it – would you?

        ** lipman – the tenth rate actress who has previously‘resigned’ from the party on numerous occasions via mainstream media, rather than any blog post.

        Specious little gaslighter.

      2. Toffee – Don’t be such a numpty, what is an official resignation letter?
        Did you even bother to read it before giving us the benefit of your wisdom.

        Which bit of
        ← Open letter to Ann Black & the Labour NEC
        What is the Labour Party? →
        Dear Labour Party, please accept my resignation.
        Posted on September 27, 2021 by idleboris

        didn’t you understand.

      3. Don’t preach to me about what you should’ve done yourself gobshite. It was a blog post.

        Gillian had announced his intention to resign in a blog post last week – but when he wrote his letter to the party, he found that they had already acted on the blog post without bothering to wait for the formal notification.

        What part of THAT escaped YOU, numbnuts?

        Now go away, you complete imbecile. Fuck me, but you’re worse than useless. Eugenicists most definitely have a point when you’re the example.

      4. Toffee – As I said above did you bother to read his resignation letter before deciding to give us your opinion or did you just miss the following
        It therefore gives me no pleasure whatsoever to serve you notice of my resignation from the party with immediate effect.
        I’m going to bed soon so you’ll have to play by yourself. Goodnight 😘

      5. Durrr, what’s an official resignation letter, George?


      6. Toffee – You are the one claiming that such a thing exists, do you have an example of an ‘official resignation letter’.

      7. But…..b…but Steve H Hall centrist Dad its only six pm in your time Zone?.Stevie is sombody telling porky pies mr H or is it time for the old drinky poos the sun 🌞 going down on your Caribbean bolt hole in the aptly named Windys.

      8. Where did I claim an official resignation notice (by way of letter) exists? I asked if his BLOG POST was one.

        Your turn to be the subject of your favourite game. Tic – you’re it! Let’s see you PROVE I claimed one exists.

        But you won’t, because you you can’t. You’ve self-owned once more, soft shite. Now DO keep quiet, and let the sensible speak their piece.

      9. Classic Gaslighting from SteveH once again.
        Gaslighting is a colloquialism that is defined as making someone question their reality. The term is also used informally to describe someone who persistently puts forth a false narrative which leads another person to doubt their own perceptions to the extent that they become disorientated and distressed. Wikipedia.

      10. Steve H
        The Labour Party should have done everything possible to keep a man of this calibre in membership. He should have received at the very least a phone call asking him to reconsider resigning and his valid concerns about the direction the party is going in- particularly the vilification of the Left with potentially deadly results -should have been addressed. Instead he was out as quickly as they could manage – not even waiting for a formal resignation letter
        Additionally David’s words of warning should be taken seriously and if someone is killed or seriously injured because they are believed to be “an antisemite”, ” not patriotic” ” a Trot” etc then the party will be responsible, not for the deed but for inciting the hatred which inspired the deed.

      11. @SteveH – as has been said, this wasn’t a resignation letter, it was a blog containing a copy of a letter. The LP had no way of knowing who wrote the blog and clearly didn’t carry out any checks. The point is why they ignored officially reported instances of abuse for month and months but were able to act on a blog so rapidly. Anyway, this is a side issue. The other issues are made clearly in the two letters. Some may wish to distract away from those…

        Everyone else, thanks for the supportive comments. I am far from alone in these experiences and only using our superior numbers taking whatever action we have available to us can we restore the Labour Party back to what it should be.

      12. @SteveH, point is it wasn’t a resignation letter it was a blog. No guarantee for them it was written by me, no checks and balances. They ignored reports of abuse for 10 months but monitored social media close enough to process a registration immediately and before I could draft a cover letter. Telling…

        Anyway that was a side point, you seem disinterested in the lack of recourse to justice in the party and the total dismantling of democracy. The factional winners cannot even point to polling or electoral performance to justify the destruction of a party on the verge of bankruptcy losing members hand over foot. But yeah let’s debate until the end of time whether it was a resignation letter or a blog 🤦‍♂️

    1. NVLA, It certainly is succinct and 100% accurate.

      I would also like to put on record my thanks to David Gillian for his career in the Fire and Rescue Service.

  2. Well its a brave and courageous act and a very practical approach.Stop feeding the parasites with your misused and undervalued subs.IF you can’t leave then cancel your D\debit and bleed the barstewards its the only route to democratic action against the Labour fascist regime.

    1. Joseph, I really like your comment and agree fully with what you’ve suggested.

      1. Well now sh….Steve davidh Steve H Hall centrist Dad as entered the discussion the gaslighting and distraction politics will be used inbetween steves slurping directly out of the bottle now at the end of the shift.IT starts nice and polite with his sort of professional person look then quickly descends into effing and blinding as the alcohol fuddles the brain..The smoking and slurping increases as the argument descends into name calling and brings the Labour party into disrepute even more than the Secretary and the leader(alleged)of the Labour party.alarmingly.IF there is anybody left on here that feeds the knight led Labour party please stop the funding of these depraved people or at the very least cancell the D\debit and bring down the hated fascist regime now because it is actually working….just look at the state of Steve H and his lukewarm defence of the indefensible knights Labour party.

  3. Certainly Joseph. Why do all of these honourable people stay under such conditions. Are the leadership and their mentors ( ??) so sectarian that they don’t realise what a loss to the struggle expulsions and resignations will be. Of course they do and they believe that funding will come from donors. We will be looking at a Zionist husk, satisfied with the status quo or worse.

  4. David Gillian’s letter and other writings are first-hand evidence of what is so poisonous with Starmer’s Labour Party
    and also
    A heartfelt plea for justice, democracy and accountability in the Party.
    In the past I’ve experienced attempts to bully me into supporting right-wing positions in the Party and in my union.
    When these were unsuccessful, they tried bribery.
    I laughed in their faces.
    We can only continue to tell the truth and to expose the scum who lie, bully and subvert the aims of our Party.
    Our day will come.

    1. Johnsco…I agree with your comments and applaud your efforts.But our day came with jeremy Corbyn the first and only socialist Labour party leader in history.Unfortunately history is what it is and “our day came and went” with Corbyn and thats why I am no longer a member….but theres a very good proven method of destroying vermin and that is remove the funding and cancel your D\debit and bleed them dry.ITs working even the right wing are panacking about loosing their jobs and a cushy number.

  5. The hostility from Labour’s right and their inability to debate policy matters along with attempts to silence left-wing critics, isn’t a sign of strength, it’s a sign of incredible weakness.

    The people who were attracted to the party and joined under Blair are on the whole an objectionable lot. Mixing in similar minded circles may have convinced these people they’re the true voice of Labour, but they’re not, they never were. Their instincts are more closely aligned with those of the Tories if anything. Quite frankly, they should have gone with Blair when he left office to go make his grubby millions, revealing his true nature in the process.

    Even with all those on the left who’ve quit the party under Starmer, and massive gerrymandering, the leadership were still losing votes at conference, and the obnoxious Evans crawled home with union help in his big confirmation vote. This shows that this is still fundamentally a left-wing party, but even the soft-left are too left as far as the unrepresentative PLP leadership are concerned.

    Polls show the current leader is less popular than Corbyn with 2019 Labour voters, Starmer also has terrible ratings with the wider public despite gentle, positive media coverage. The Blairites know they’ve got no real constituency either; no enthusiastic support base within or outside the party. It’s the reason why they’re terrified of greater local democracy and things like mandatory reselection or primary-like, open selection. They know CLPs would quickly and democratically dispense with the worst of the PLP if given the chance.

  6. Can we find out how many of the Socialist MP’s are up for a challenge, because as our resident Cockwomble never fails to remind us, if we haven’t got the numbers then we are pissing in the wind
    Will say it again, it matters not a jot who is the challenger, if we are going to do things the Right way next time and unleash hell on our enemies
    Put the leader on a pedestal, leave the dirty work to those best qualified to do it

    1. @Doug, the troll is correct. What the labour party has is lots of jellyfish. Spineless creatures that float with the current. Better to stay at home. Starmer will be scoring worse than Corbyn. Want to hurt the right? Want some revenge? Stay at home. Have some popcorn as it all falls apart. I’m sure Jezza will be shovelling popcorn too

      1. “Want some revenge? Stay at home.”

        It might not play out like that though. The Starmer, Evans strategy is to create an alternative Tory party for Tory voters bored or angry with Johnson’s party to vote for.

        You could well see Labour posing as the ‘lower tax’ party of the two at the next GE, in a complete role reversal. A low turnout election in which Labour’s traditional voters feel they’ve been abandoned would suit Starmer and Evans just fine, if they’re replaced with Tory voters It’s a despicable unprincipled approach in a limited two-party system, but Labour’s right don’t care.

        The PLPs New Labour types want power more for the status it brings, rather than to change anything.

      2. @Andy

        It has occurred to me that Starmer will become PM. Last GE it was ABC, and they got anyone. Now anyone isn’t so hot and the noises are beginning to point out the emperor’s lack of clothes.

        There’s also the required change to ensure things don’t change. Bliars reign merges seamlessly with its Tory book ends.

        So he does win. Want to be a part of that? Gonna feel clean giving the Labour party your vote? As the song says “You can have this lapdance for free”


    2. Doug I would think that you need the majority of the socialist mps,discounting the “plants” of course but the good news is for you being a member of the Labour party is that if the right wing see the socialist group make noises and a move then there should be enough of the PLP right,confused or gutless to make a move if only just to keep their cushy job,because otherwise they will be made redundent in the next 18months when a snap General election is almost on.Theres only so many safe seats for starmer to hand to the right when he ejects the majority of the socialist group.Youve got Gardner who I am sure can unite the broad church back to where we began with the Socialist revival.I bet you wished Corbyn had stayed which me and a handful advised,and I bet he does to because like us theres no socialist future or even a Labour future in the neo liberal Labour party.

      1. Joseph – Naive hero worship doesn’t win elections. After the 19GE Jeremy was a spent force, yesterdays man. If he’d tried to hang on he would have been challenged and he would have lost (as clearly indicated by the polls).

      2. SteveH 08/10/2021 at 1:54 pm :

        Oh, ho, ho, ho! Immaterial now, the time is past, but I would have bet my house on – had JC run in that 2020 leadership contest, none of the others would have had a look in. None of them.

        The amount of muttering I heard on the evening of my CLP’s nomination, confirmed that. They were – not – impressed with names on the ballot paper.

        We were ‘advised’ to go for Starmer. He didn’t get a look in.

        Unfortunately, other CLP’s did go for Starmer and did give him a look in.

      3. George – You would have lost your house.

        Polling of Labour Party members during the 2020 leadership campaign asked the question –
        “How would you vote if Corbyn was on the ballot paper alongside KS, RLB and LN.”
        RLB’s vote collapsed Corbyn got about 30% of the poll and Keir Starmer sill won with an overall majority in the first round

      4. I don’t believe you, Steve – or to be more specific, I don’t believe any of the polls you refer to.

        Every poll I’ve seen – every credible poll, that is – has had JC miles ahead, the latest being today.

        There was the LeftieStats poll, a couple of days ago, with JC topping it with 51%, and Special K, a lovely 34%. At least he wasn’t last. That was a joint effort by Blair and Kinnock, both on an embarrassing 21%.

        Not forgetting the poll that was closed down by the organisers, about this time last year, because JC was, embarrassingly, so far ahead.

        So, Steve, once more, you’re posting bollocks.

        Stop lying.

      5. George = I’m not the one who has to search out the odd poll that appears> to agree with me.

      6. Yes you are, Steve. You ‘blow off’ about having seen polls, ‘clearly indicating’ JC is a spent force.

        No one else has seen these specific polls, you reference.

        I repeat – stop lying! You’re merely wasting any credibility you – may – have left.

      1. SteveH
        It’s almost as if the Intefnal report never happened, let’s do a straw poll on here, JC or TE

  7. Shush…..I think hes passed out or dragged himself off to bed.What a terrible way to get youself into although I do have a brother who died in the Manchester fire brigade and a officer.He was forced to retire when his alcohol problems became a embarrassment when stumbling over and inspecting new recruits.He also smoked like a chimney.He liked to keep active and took a part time job driving oldys around for Lancashire county council,but unfortunately they had to let him go because its a desease most definitely and is almost untreatable..We tried with him but failed,he took to hiding his bottles of vodka in the bushes..He died in July so its three…. down and another four to go the other two victims of the conservative and unionist party when they murdered the elderly in care ❤homes.ITs no wonder we are frightened of getting trapped if we flew to Britain,not that we could because we havnt got a vaccine passport and don’t want one…..we contacted CV19 and diagnosed early in the beginning and apart from me it was cast off quickly by my family and I still say it wasnt half as dangerous as dengue fever or malaria which I have also had.

    1. Joseph
      With you on the alcoholism
      My mum was told if she didn’t start eating more, she had months rather than years, her response was to go out and buy a litre of tomato juice to go in her drink

    2. Joseph – It was a little careless of you to take Covid-19 back to Cambodia with you.

  8. On another matter
    As a long suffering Newcastle United supporter can I say ‘talk about out the pan into the fire’
    Football is the beautiful game, sport brings out the best in the human spirit, the best game I ever watched was Liverpool 4 – 3 Newcastle United
    A combination of the German and NFL systems would be my preference, along with quotas for homegrown talent
    As for the fight for Human Rights, that game is not played on a football field, if your serious then expand the powers of the International Criminal Court to include every nation
    If you ask us to vote on it then we will support you 100% but until then fuck off and leave us in peace

    1. Doug Used to be a football supporter Arsenal for my sins. Used pop in at Highbury pay around £10 had a shout felt good after win or lose as long as it was a good game of football. Now will not go near it . Cost tons of money half the players come from all over the place like outer mongolier or anyway. Nothing to do with local areas where football started .Its about big money. It is no longer a proper sport.
      Players many over rated and over paid play in slippers with a plastic ball on lawns. The real greats I saw played in muddy fields with heavy boots wet leather ball. Playing today they all would be light years ahead of the present bunch of so called footballers. Players like The late great jimmy Greaves best goal scorer I ever saw. Johnny Haynes a far better player than Beckham Charlton Tom Finney the greatest player I ever saw Rodney Marsh ect ect. There were so many really great players.
      Now players you never heard of are paid mega bucks.
      Newcastle Fans are now about to lose their heads over a deal with saudi .. Its just a business Capitalism at its worst I fear Doug.
      Cricket still remains for me a much greater game / sport. But that is also in danger of being destroyed by big money.
      Enjoy your money game. Ian

  9. Doug My son in law is a Newcatle supporter and born and bred in Northern Minnesota which to most yanks is the back and beyond.But I can remember standing round the TV with the whole bunch of them cheering Newcastle United in Hibbing Minnesota….I didn’t have the nerve to mention Bolton wanderers….and its too long a story how a Yank went from his university in Newcastle and stayed with a young woman in a real Castle around there from Surrey and decided they wanted to get married and live in Florida.

    1. Joseph
      We are bred to leave home and find work and spread the gospel
      Remember ‘Jesus saves and Keegan scores from the rebounds

    1. What I was gonna follow on with, Ben. He’ll still be a member for another few months at least.

      1. Nah. I resigned (for the 2nd time) in February. I received confirmation straight away, no mention of stop date or anything like that. Then the direct debit still went through that month (fair enough, I thought), then in March, then in April… I cancelled the direct debit after payment in May. It was a matter of hours before I got an email querying why the direct debit was stopped!

      2. Looking back in my inbox, it appears, from the wording, that what they did was to change my “subscription” into “monthly donations”.

        It’s a bit like those mobile ringtone businesses that mushroomed back in the noughties… You thought you were buying a 30 second sound, but they signed you up for weekly payments.

    1. I suspect the Nolan Principles do not only apply to emails but to
      expressed opinions which are now forbidden by the Labour Party.

      I suspect that they also apply to those in GLU
      (whoever they are) who send threatening emails to members
      of the Labour Party:

      This is what it says:

      “Conduct for the purposes of the 1997 Act amounts to harassment if it causes a person alarm or distress. Conduct can even include speech. It would therefore appear that causing harassment by email could be relatively easy. For instance, sending two threatening emails which causes the recipient alarm or distress is probably enough for the offence to be made out, and sending one threatening email to two people may also be sufficient for an offence to have been committed.”

      The thing is if your have access to legal opinion and challenge them – they retreat and claim
      it was a mistake etc etc .. but if you don’t they carry on bullying ..

      1. HolbyFan, the Nolan principles are just that, for guidance only. We have seen how Johnson, Patel et al break the ministerial code time and again and nothing happens. Labour are no better.

        In the Labour party, even the law of the land can be and is, frequently ignored and if you don’t have the money to go to court, nothing is done.

        The law I am thinking of here is the General Data Protection Requirements which have been routinely ignored over the last 5 years and despite members contacting the Information Commissioners Office, nothing is done. The ICO do not have the power to take on individual cases, so it’s up to members. Unless the individual(s) can find a minimum of £25k to go to court (and that’s if the party don’t contest the claim, which they do and they always use expensive London lawyers) nothing will change.

        This is lawfare and for Labour to be engaging in such practices against it’s own members is beyond despicable.

        I’m no legal expert, but the other law that I suspect Labour may be in breach of is the Human Rights Act. Particularly in relation to free association and freedom of expression.

      2. “I suspect the Nolan Principles do not only apply to emails but to
        expressed opinions which are now forbidden by the Labour Party.”

        I meant of course that members are protected by the Nolan principles in
        that they have a duty express these opinions

    1. lundiel-

      It’s certainly difficult to reconcile his claims with Evans telling staffers, “[the party] was now down to just one month’s payroll “- LabourList.

      They’re probably spending a fortune investigating members’ social media posting histories too; trawling for anything that can be used to justify these new rules for suspensions and expulsions.

      That approach might not even stand up in court if tested, as Anneliese Dodds allegedly told the Bakers’ union pres’: retrospective expulsions after proscriptions were not allowed and would have to be cancelled. Starmer is supposed to be this great forensic legal mind, surely he knows this too? The idea of retrospective offence goes against the ECHR and natural justice.

      Article 7, means that:

      • No one can be found guilty of a crime that was not a crime under the law at the time it was committed, and

      • Anyone found guilty of a criminal offence cannot have a heavier penalty imposed on them the penalty that was applicable at the time they committed the crime.


      What incentive would they have to lie about membership numbers, some ask? They could fear empowering the unions, by revealing the dire financial situation.

      The unions could easily force Starmer /Evans out if they convened a special private conference and agreed a joint position to hold off funding the party until these two quit.

      1. but instead they voted through all but one of Starmer’s rule changes.

      2. SteveH – It needs to be tested. If found in breach of the law & ECHR, if only in spirit, that’d be damning, considering the fact we’re talking about the treatment of members of their own party here. Some have been socialists and members for far longer than Starmer and co.

        Tom Watson toured TV studios melodramatically talking of Labour’s ‘Eternal shame’ over antisemitism – maybe he was thinking of The Bangles -Eternal flame, given he ended up as Chair of UK music? Regardless, there’d be shame in having to reinstate members because the party had breached basic principles of fairness towards them.

    2. lundiel – I’m not the one making any claims, I’m simply quoting the NEC. Do you have any credible evidence to the contrary?

      1. You know very well the party is keeping very quiet on members. It’s the question everyone wants answered. If the media are to be believed, up to a 100 thousand have left, been expelled/suspended. Whatever the number it will be significant no matter how you try and deny/deflect. This could turn into the kind of rout Labour suffered in Scotland in some parts of the country. Sooner or later you’re going to have to face reality.

      2. lundiel – Sooner or later you’re going to have to face the fact that the membership dropped by 15% during 2018/19 to only 430,359 in Nov19.

      3. lundiel – So you abandoned Corbyn for a RW Tory policy. So much for solidarity.

      4. “Abandoned Corbyn”? You had a go at someone for “hero worship” up thread. To quote you…..I joined a political party not a religious cult.

    3. SteveH: The votes you refer to, as you have previously been reminded, were carried out in a context in which a lot of delegates who would have voted were denied a vote as a result of being suspended and having their credential removed in both the run up to and during the Conference on the basis of;

      a) An illegal concept – retrospective punishment.

      b) A total absence of any due process protocols enabling them to defend their rights before a sanction was applied.

      Consequently it is a factual statement that the vote you refer to was gerrymandered and undemocratic according to the principles and criteria of the demos.

      In any other context this would draw comparisons with Stalinism or worse.

      The fact that you willingly, knowingly and consistently condone this speaks volumes about, and raises legitimate question marks against, your character.

      Back in the seventies, whilst in transit from barracks to the UK and back during the IRA bombing campaigns, we used to avoid such people in any crowded space on the grounds that you could guarantee any incident or accident would result in you and others being sacrificed by them to save their own skin.

  10. Steve H Hall after having a swim as retired to bed after taking my advice on Bromide treatment as a alternative for ?.Members lists have been advised to be kept with the Forde report and are basically clarrified after a well known and respected “professional person” ABC1 category on the social order has finished his favourite Breakfast Tequila sunrise…shaken not stirred and got out his magnifying glass.This is the final declaration from “Dear leader” fawlty towers Southside….going south quickly.

      1. Steve H Hall. Good it shows you are not a complete lost cause.Now on more important matters have you noticed the surge of the left across Europe and contrast that with the 3 party neo liberal system of whos the best amongst the threesome.Now a interesting change in Britains favourite neighbour Ireland is changing fast to …you guessed it Steve H the most popular party and most likely to win the next general election is democratic socialist party Sinn Fein..who for many months have held a solid lead North and South over the two party coalition of neo liberal alliances.Sinn Fein have taken a ten percent lead across the whole of Ireland including the partition statlet of N.Ireland.The New leader of the DUP struggling for a reason to exist Northernirelands aanswer to the brexit party are planning to dismantle the GFA and well..and with conservative backing.Crown forces that had disappeared into the barracks are now seen in the waterside ,Derry,strabane,and of course W.Belfast on what one sinn Fein councillor described as a flagrant disregard for the international agreement the Good Friday agreement…Naturally uncle joe Biden has been contacted and I understand that their concerns have been expressed to our Conservative and unionist party government regarding the upsurge in the Crown forces presenc before the secatarian celebrations of the Partition of Ireland one hundred years ago this month.How times have changed Ireland the second wealthiest countries in Europe and a modern hitech exporter and one of the best places to live in Europe.Just up the road in the failed basket case of N.ireland under British occupation has to be supported by billions of taxpayers money and that excludes the cost of a massive military and para military police force to preserve the Crown colony.with of course the Labour party commitment to maintain a partition of Ireland in perpetuity breaking the Good Friday agreement.No wonder the USA and Europe dont want to do a trade deal with people who would tear up a binding agreement a international agreement…WE really must wonder how a Labour party leader could enter into the fray without consulting anyone before dragging the Labour party who have played a neutral part in Ireland.historically but now have given notice to the flat earth society DUP fanatics that they will be backed by the Labour party .and support a partitioned Ireland.No wonder Sir keir starmer and the Labour party are loosing friends in Ireland.and the knight himself becoming a hate figure……which of course is not exclusive to Ireland.

  11. Joseph – sorry to complain could you put spaces in your posts please? I have problems
    reading large blocks of text without breaks and often just give up!

  12. I am very impressed with Mr Gillian. He is precisely the kind of member that the LP needs. But they clearly don’t want socialists or democrats.
    Ah well, the madness continues.
    And now there’s going to be a by-election in Bexley and Sidcup. That’ll give Starmer a chance to shine.

    1. Shine like a bowl of Special K…..Keith’s a special kind of flakey banality.

  13. Getting back to Corbyn and December/January after GE19 – I think
    Corbyn did not want to stay on ..and I do not blame him!

    He was not young after all – what he DID want was for someone
    to carry on and promote his policies and beliefs.

    There are plenty who could do this =- and they are all women!

    However if Barry Gardner is brave enough to be a stalking horse – all
    power to him …

  14. Thanks for the kind comments and support, solidarity to you all.

    @SteveH, point is it wasn’t a resignation letter it was a blog. No guarantee for them it was written by me, no checks and balances. They ignored reports of abuse for 10 months but monitored social media close enough to process a registration immediately and before I could draft a cover letter. Telling…

    Anyway that was a side point, you seem disinterested in the lack of recourse to justice in the party and the total dismantling of democracy. The factional winners cannot even point to polling or electoral performance to justify the destruction of a party on the verge of bankruptcy losing members hand over foot.

    But yeah let’s debate until the end of time whether it was a resignation letter or a blog 🤦‍♂️

    1. David – ….and yet you are the one that has chosen to extend the debate on this distraction 🤔

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