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Tories exploiting community gap Starmer and Evans vacated

Labour gave up on communities and sacked all its Community Organisers. Now Tories are occupying the field from which Starmer fled

The Tories are employing ‘community engagement officers’ as Boris Johnson looks to exploit the gaping hole left by the combination of financial mismanagement and lack of vision that saw Keir Starmer and David Evans sack Labour’s entire ‘community organiser’ team earlier this year.

The Conservatives are hiring ‘community engagement officers’ ‘up and down the country to:

be our link to communities up and down the country… listening to local concerns, finding talented local candidates, liaising with MPs and ministers, and using local knowledge to support operations

Starmer’s unwillingness to actually stand for anything has frequently allowed Johnson to ‘outflank him on the left‘. Now the Tories are surging into the yawning gap left by Starmer’s lack of interest in engaging with local communities – and his inability to offer any coherent, let alone inspiring, vision – to build a local presence ‘on the ground’.

And the Tories are not just putting a toe in the water. They are recruiting across England and Wales:

  • North West
  • North East, Yorkshire, Nottingham and Derbyshire
  • Wales
  • West Midlands and Gloucestershire
  • East Midlands and Anglia
  • South
  • London and the South East

Keir Starmer’s contempt for what have been up to now Labour heartlands, his inability to understand working-class communities and his lust to centralise power are allowing the Tories to make hay.

He has routinely shown himself to be unfit for the position he holds, but this conceding the field to the Tories and his outright disdain for the multiple communities attacked, smeared and damaged by the Murdoch press he is now courting are among the most unforgivable of his endless cowardices – and his outright strategic idiocy.

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  1. Given the 19GE results it would be difficult to claim that the Community Organisers we had were successful.
    I may be wrong but my recollection is that they were on short term contracts which weren’t renewed.

    1. Well when they call a election and your grand leader stands up with bugger all to offer the country, no one on the ground because there will be no socialists left to you know actually do the job of walking around leafleting and doorstep because the right side you know your side distance that and never show up. Let’s see what happens and if Labour is left wing less than 50 MP’s who are you lot going to blame let me guess it’s all Jeremy Corbyn’s fault congratulations on destroying the once great Labour party…

      This right wing arrogance and total distan for evidence and common sense will be the final nail in Labours coffin.

    2. Steve H – you are being disingenuous. I doubt if in 2019 we had 10 times as many Community Organisers it would have made any difference given Southside’s organised sabotage of our campaign. You see so deep was their hatred for Jeremy Corbyn and the principles that he and so many of us share that they preferred to see Boris Johnson in No10 and worked tirelessly, hand in glove, with the MSM to this end.

      1. Smartboy – Don’t be ridiculous.
        That may have been the case for the 17GE when it is alleged that Southside interfered with the allocation of campaign funding.but for the 19GE Karie Murphy was the one firmly in charge of the disastrous campaign. She famously announced that they were going to ignore the polling. (too late; this flawed plan was later abandoned).

      2. lundiel – Well thanks for the amateur dramatics but where does it say that Corbyn didn’t appoint Murphy to take charge of the 19GE campaign. I strongly suspect that her removal from the LOTO office was more to do with her botched attempt to gate rid of Watson.
        I can;t see the relevance of the nonsense article that you’ve linked to, can you.
        Are you just attempting to distract or are you seriously trying to claim that Karie Murphy wasn’t in charge of the 19DE campaign?
        I remember us being told at the time what a brilliant strategist she was. Someone self evidently got that one wrong.

      3. Gaslighter.
        This conversation isn’t about Karie Murphy, it’s about community organisers, organised sabotage and the factional negotiations and positioning in the run up to the 2019 election. As usual you attempt to divert the conversation.

      4. lundiel – The only reason KM came into this conversation is because I was correcting something that Smartboy had said that was untrue.
        Let us not forget it was you that linked to the irrelevant nonsense about Murphy with the accompanying histrionics.

      5. SteveH you are intentionally missing the point, or maybe not and your affection for Starmer is blinding your vision. Since the days of Blair, the right wing have installed their placemen and women throughout the Party up and down the country, preparing for the day when they could find Blair2 to take over. The attack on Socialists in the Party is not being carried out by Starmer alone, he has the assistance of those ‘sleepers’ who have been esconced in CLPs everywhere. It was going on in 2017, through 2019 and is continuing today.

        This has largely happened because many on the left have unwittingly allowed it by failing to watch their backs.

        A little allegory: I was at the protest against the Liverpool Arms Fair where Jeremy Corbyn was one of the speakers. He stood on the top of a fire brigade vehicle at the back of the other assembled speakers with his back against an open rail. There was no one standing behind him below. Naturally the crowd were all in front watching and listening to the speakers. It would have been simple for someone to come up behind him to do him harm, yet not once did he look behind him!

      6. Jack – Your little allegory as you term it is to put it politely is a little on the weak side and the rest is a load of bollocks.
        The simple fact is the self appointed guardians of the left are a small but noisy minority who have never really managed to get their act together. All this nonsense about a leadership challenge is a prime example, besides everyone knowing that the left can’t mount a challenge and would lose anyway ‘the left’ still can’t think past the end of their noses.

      7. Looks like setting the Conservative idea of community participation is getting Patel to order police to set about protesters at the Tory conference with a heavy hand.Did we have any evidence of community participation from Starmers big conference police force or was it all quite except on the N.western front?….Maybe davidh can advise if any community action was taken against the members?

      8. SteveH, if you are, or were a member of the Labour Party, whether you admit it or not, you will know that there are right wingers in the Party who never lost their admiration for Blair and were just treading water until his successor came along. Once given the signal, those ‘sleepers’ sprang into action. To say it’s just a “load of bollocks” is denying reality and shows blind subservience to Starmer on your part. Denial is not an argument.

    3. It’s ironic isn’t it stevieh, but

      i) JC’s vision and hope caused the party to be abundant in members and money causing said members to forge community links that benefited both the party and the various communities we interacted with, enveloped, bonded with, educated and from which we obtained support and votes;

      ii) Labour-party newcomer ‘Sir’ Calamity Starmer lies to become party leader and instantly shows himself to be divisive, sectarian and anti-member, thus depopulating and demotivating the membership; near-bankrupting the party and sacks said part-time community officers which suddenly his bad management makes essential?

      You couldn’t make it up

      1. qwertboi – Only you did, (make it up) according to official Labour party figures Corbyn lost 15% of the membership (fully paid up members) during 2018/19. The fully paid up membership was down to only 430,359 in Nov19.
        Corbyn and his team had based their budgets on the basis that the membership wouldn’t drop below 500k and there lies the problem.
        If you are so concerned about the employment rights of the community workers who didn’t have their contracts renewed then perhaps you should be asking Jeremy why he employed them on temp contracts but moved his mates Karie and Seamus onto permanent contracts. Are some more equal than others?

      2. nobody’s employment rights supercede the effects of incompetent management who manage to near-bankrupt very successful and moneymaking political parties.

        Even his friends call him ‘Calamity’

      3. qwertboi – I think you should show Jeremy a bit more respect.

      4. Steve H Hall centrist Dad…Are you seriously asking us to put faith in “Labour party figures” .This is the same avenue that gave us the leader of the Labour party the knight of the realm with illegal funding in the leadership election, Dissapeared and “spaffed up the wall” members money in the millions,..bribes to labour party employees to rig a general election campaign in 2017which you admit to And blow me down the bribe money to fit up the democratically elected leader of the democratic socialist Labour party by Labour employees in the panorama fiasco of the AS scam.The Labour party are bankrupt and you really expect anyone to trust you lot when you ignore rules and regulations to expel socialists and only last week intimidated delegates,rigged the conference and used bover boys to eject any socialist spotted by your thugs.Steve H are these official figures or anything whatsoever coming from the Labour leader or HQ to be believed…..And as a fascist stooge you will recognise the fascist old skinheads advice …from a former tory conference “ON YER BIKE”

      5. Joseph – I can’t remember the last time I read such a load of evidence free bollocks (that was probably from you as well).

        Steve H Hall centrist Dad…Are you seriously asking us to put faith in “Labour party figures”.
        Yes, why not. You don’t have any evidence to the contrary. You cast aspersions on the democratic integrity of the Labour Party’s elections and yet you are the one who has chosen to live in the county where democracy doesn’t exist.

        This is the same avenue that gave us the leader of the Labour party the knight of the realm with illegal funding in the leadership election,
        The same system that gave us Jeremy Corbyn (twice) and what illegal funding. We both know you have no evidence to support your lying accusations.

        Dissapeared and “spaffed up the wall” members money in the millions,..bribes to labour party employees to rig a general election campaign in 2017which you admit to
        What bribes would these be, it’s the first time I’ve heard this bollocks. Do you have any evidence to support these ridiculous accusations or is it yet more lies.

        And blow me down the bribe money to fit up the democratically elected leader of the democratic socialist Labour party by Labour employees in the panorama fiasco of the AS scam.
        Who was the f’ing incompetent who failed to get his official statement cleared by the party’s lawyers before publishing his statement.that made the party vulnerable to being sued. The blame for this lies with Jeremy, nobody else.

        The Labour party are bankrupt
        No it isn’t, look at the accounts you numpty.

        and you really expect anyone to trust you lot when you ignore rules and regulations to expel socialists and only last week intimidated delegates,rigged the conference and used bover boys to eject any socialist spotted by your thugs.
        Yet again lots of accusations but bugger all evidence to support your lies.

        Steve H are these official figures or anything whatsoever coming from the Labour leader or HQ to be believed
        Why not you have bugger all evidence to the contrary. I feel sorry for you. It must get embarrassing when all you have to support your nonsense is lies.

      6. I doubt there were many left-wing members who left the party during 2018/19, and that the vast majority of those who left were right-wingers, who then joined again after the 2019 GE defeat and JC announcing he would be standing down so that they could vote in the leadership election.

  2. Given that £13.5 million seems to have mysteriously gone west I don’t think there’s enough money in the kitty to employ any.

    Labour isn’t working…

    1. and, like Tony Blair before him,…. According to Idol Net Worth, the politician called Sir Keir Rodney ‘Calamity’ Starmer is worth an eye-watering £7.7million. It was less than £4.3m when he became party leader.

      This is £6.3million more than the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, according to the same website

      1. qwertboi – The politics of envy.
        Jeremy is twice as rich as Boris (much of it inherited wealth). Are you also going to make snide comments about that.
        Unless you can prove that Keir’s wealth was illicitly gained then who cares or is in the least bit surprised by a senior QC who owns property in Nth London being moderately wealthy.
        Measuring his wealth against the profligate Johnson only shows Boris up for the idiot he is.

    2. iF you’re not “Loadsamoney” you haven’t any opinions or participation in the knights shadowy Labour party…..Sorry Toffee but at least you get to work for the nothing as a caregiver which appears to be all hours of the night or day 24 \7days a week…Makes you proud to be British. God save the queen comrade

      1. Joseph – You appear to be the only one that obsesses about money and titles on here. It is not the Labour party’s fault that they don’t share your Communist dogma. We are not a Communist party.

    3. Toffee – “Given that £13.5 million seems to have mysteriously gone west

      You don’t have any credible evidence to support your nonsense.

  3. Off topic but it appears a few people have been arrested on Manchester after an incident involving Ian dummkopf-schmitt and a traffic cone…

    Yep, I hope so too 😏

  4. Boo… No need to have the cone surgically removed

    Sir Iain was quoted as telling The Spectator magazine: “They were shouting all along and then they smashed the cone on the back of my head

    How do you ‘smash’ a plastic traffic cone on someone’s bonce?

    I think dummkopf should allow me to test that for meself. 👍

  5. My experience was that the right wing conceits ensconced as officers and those across the country did there damndest to frustrate most efforts by community organisers.

  6. bedroc56 – Which indicates that they were either/both not up-to the job or the right structures were not put in place by Formby

    1. No money to employ people. They’re laying people off, left right and centre. Once again wee fella, stammerite labour isn’t working.

      …And the toerags are the party giving people employment.

      What have you to say to that?

      1. Toffee – That’s easy, I can’t be arsed repeating this silly argument with you. Come back and tell me all about it when you have some evidence to back up your ridiculous assertions.

      2. *yawns*

        Back to the stock answers when put on the spot.

        But that’s about your limit.

      3. You think £13.5 million going west is ‘silly’ , do you?

        You think it’s ‘silly’ that people have lost their jobs as a result?

        Or that haemorrhaging membership numbers means they can’t afford to recruit is ‘silly’?

        You really are a stupid boy, as well as a weirdo.

      4. Toffee – Go and play with yourself down your 🐰🕳️. I’m not going to waste my time arguing about a problem that doesn’t exist. Given that you haven’t contributed a penny to the Labour party for over 2 decades I’m surprised you are obsessing about a problem that only exists in your head,

      5. I’ll take it you think all the things I mentioned about people losing their jobs the party being skint and the toerags employing people when stammerism isn’t, are, in fact ‘silly, seeing as you failed to reply but instead answered the other, later post with another stock answer of using an emoji.

        And yet you expect, and seriously believe keef is capable of winning an election with that attitude…

        Your party cannot get its own finances in order, and can’t even afford to employ people to help it win an election.

        And you’ve convinced yourself they’re electable. You won’t convince anyone else.

        But most risible of all is that you’ll call anyone who refuses to vote for them ‘tory’ without any sense of hypocrisy, irony or shame.

        Only you could do this.

      6. Toffee – Did anyone question the financial statement that was presented at conference when there was ample opportunity to do so. Now GFY.

      7. What doesn’t exist soft shite?

        The toerags AREN’T employing people and YOUR party IS?

        YOUR party AREN’T haemorrhaging members AND cash reserves?

        Your damn fucking right I haven’t contributed to a pile of shite that will take my money while depriving me of my say, as they entrench themselves into all the prominent positions and tell me to be grateful they’re making plans to fuck me off if they get elected?

        No thanks. Oh, and here’s something else – they’re completely fucked if they think they’ll be getting my vote nevermind my cash.

        But my voice doesn’t matter, does it? 😏


      8. Toffee – They’ve managed to get by without your contributions for over 20yrs so I doubt they are going to start missing you now. Do you think you’ll be missed.
        Now trot along and see if you can impress someone else with your fake lefty nonsense.

      9. Yes, they’ve got along just fine and dandy over the last twenty years without me…. They’ve been on opposition for the last eleven of them.

        …And will be for at least this term AND the next – thanks to twats like you & keef and your collective stupidity AND shithousery.

        Keep digging, helmet. 🤫🤫🤫

      10. I’d just like to make clear, it’s not the gaslighter steveh’s party, it belongs to Trevor Chinn and by extension BICOM. Cheap at the price.

      11. Steve H Re toffee….I wondered when money would be used to value a opinion on a subject.Trust a fascist dictators lacky alias Steve H to be the very first person I have seen in my time posting put a value of a persons comments like Tofffee on “Money ” .Whilst I am on I am sure the “community” idea is not the same idea as the old Labour party idea of a person of value to the community.,no mr knights idea is the old colonialists idea like in the famines of Ireland were a snooper and British stooge was employed in every village to inform and collaberate with the Bailiffs and Tax collectors to exploit the famines and drive millions onto the roadsides and hedgerows of Ireland to starve displaced from lands owned for hundreds of years by the Irish Catholic farmers but stolen and and made tennants of British Empire rule.Mr knights a marked man in Ireland and it now looks like his fame has spread beyond Lancashire. and Ireland with the failing leadership of mr knights attempt will now be financed by the members to spy on the members and CLPs ..branches and individuals and extend the witchunt into the “Community” .Yes the man who has committed himself to partition in Ireland and the Labour party will be extending his colonial veiw of community into the neo liberal Labour inform and smash the socialist dream of the “Community” .shame on you mr Hall Steve H centrist Dad.!I do hope that one day you will be able to see beyond “Money” to the real value of a human being because at the moment you are on the road to nowhere with the fascist Labour party.

      12. Toffee its your voice and people like you who are missing from the Labour party and alarmingly its been going on for years and years as long as my failing memory(admitted)can remember..But Some things I do remember and I will never forget is the Labour party that set up the finest quality Welfare system in the World regardless of income you had a voice and the silence of the Labour party now is killing me along with dementia..and old age…..But thats life and I have enjoyed every minute of it and hope to see the end of the scum knight by any means necessary.and the formation of a New democratic socialist Labour party of the people because thats a legacy we inherited from our fathers and grandfathers who were betrayed and Slaughtered like cattle on the western front in the trenches and in the Deserts of N.Afrika abandoned by the British Empire.establishment.Ask me why I hate the monarchy and I will point to the knight and the Lords and Ladys and the whole archaic system and say that isnt Britain and they dont represent me or my people who are all members of the international community of the working-class across the world.and in the crumbling mill towns of the North to the agricultural lands in kent and Sussex to the inner citys,…Thats our people not titles knights and monarchs.and most definitely not the House of Horrors.

      13. Joseph – What comes next a heartfelt rendition of Jerusalem?

      14. Ah wee stevie the uber supporter. Nobody has done more for the party than he. That makes his word law…whenever he decides what it actually is he’s saying.

        All that money you’ve spunked, all those words you’re wasting because absolutely nobody gives a flying wank about you, your #1 keef fan status – not even keef himself – or YOUR party.

        It’s haemorrhaging membership and cash, and it’s become torier than the toerags themselves.

        So beat your pigeon chest all you like sonny. The hollow sound matches your hollow cranium.

        In the end it’s the votes of the ordinary Joe that matters. Not your overinflated, egomaniacal self professed status as chief party supporter.

        Unlucky, gobshite.

      15. The language of defeat,foul language reply over genuine comments from Squawkbox posters by the “lone ranger of the bolt hole in the Caribbean Steve H Hall centrist Dad..@ boxcartrend the quote is “the biggest room in my house is the room for improvement” .Well Steve H maybe you should cut out the foul language for polite questions that you have raised and seem unable to answer without your use of foul language.Cut ✂out the drinking because addiction is no excuse.and remember there is “always room for improvement in your house..!as you say..?ps you owe a apology to Toffee.thats if you are man enough?

  7. You can’t argue with the wilfully blind folks. Leave him alone in his make-believe world where Mr Corbyn and his associates were guilty of venal sins and Starmer is the second coming.

    1. goldbach – I don’t know about you but I joined a political party not a religious cult.

      1. Only just spotted this as I was about to close down. I do sympathise. I too joined a political party. It was, despite all its’ faults, and some were very great, never a cult until Starmer took over. This is the first time it has ever been a sin to criticise the “leader”, to wish to discuss matters that he doesn’t want you to discuss or to have done something last year which he has said last week that he doesn’t want people to do. A cult leader if there ever was one. I’m glad you have understood at last.

      2. You also joined the Labour party to spread propoganda and I cant see the knight not following the Torys back into Community exploitation by restoring his version of Community and advisors like you.I will say you lot never miss a trick ,!to exploit.

      3. Joseph – Could you quote some of this propaganda that you accuse me of.
        Maybe Keir will do a better job than Jeremy’s failed connecting with the community. (it would be difficult to do worse) In 2018/19 the working class had, had enough. FFS 15% of the membership had left in disgust.
        They no longer trusted Jeremy or his gang of 4, they wanted non of it and ran in the opposite direction towards Boris and the Tories.

      4. Steve H I left a religious fanatics cult the Labour party….I would like to join a democratic socialist new Labour party without baggage like you.ITs coming very soon just watch this space from your Caribbean bolt hole .AS I sh..t em

      5. Joseph – I do wish the self appointed guardian’s of the left would stop the endless talking and get on with it. At the rate things are going you’ll be getting your telegram from King Charles III before ought happens.

      6. “15% of the membership had left in disgust.
        They no longer trusted Jeremy or his gang of 4, they wanted non of it”.
        More lies. Those who left did so over the party’s position on brexit. We couldn’t abide the second referendum nonsense. We knew exactly what was going on and abstained or voted Labour.

        You simply can’t make a comment without lying. If you claim you aren’t lying present the evidence with links, and I don’t mean ‘opinion’. Otherwise, fuck off.

  8. The Tories greatest skill is CONNING a significant number of the masses into believing they rule for all when the rule for the rich.
    So appointing Community ‘Con Artists’ is perhaps no surprise.
    And activists like my grassroots trade union has been beating them hands down working on issues like the £20 UC cut and in supporting Disabled groups issues whilst I am afraid the local Labour party’s did nothing.
    I think the Tories realise there is a gulf between them and grassroots issues so they perhaps feel they need to send their ‘agents’ in and local Labour is often distant too.
    Oh the pure political ignorance of Fishy Rishi Sunak today telling Tories at their Conference we can’t have people on UC “Leaning on the state.”
    But there are 2 welfare states Fishy, the working class one which is meagre and is under attack and is stigmatised then there is the upper class one which is luxurious and the rich and powerful are subsidised to the hilt with tax reliefs and concessions and thus lean on the state on practically everything.
    Public Schools get tax/council tax reliefs and thus lean on the state.
    Fishy Rishi has just given a Corporation Tax cut to Big Business to lean on the state and they already lean on the state to the tune of £97b a year.
    Yet the Tories cut £6b from UC with the £20 a week cut but came up with £500m for councils to give grants to the poor, so they take away just over £1,000 per person and give £76.40 per annum.
    Citizens on UC spend the money in local shops and thus help the Local Pound.
    So take Wakefield as an example, it has 10,000 on UC, it was set to lose £11m but with the grants it will be £10,360,000. It’s called Tory Levelling Up!
    The good news is the Left has community organisers out there, trade unionists, and we fight the Tories but also fight Labour Councils and MPs if we need to, and from my experience many of us are grassroots socialists.

    1. Are these the same Trade Unionists who voted through Starmer’s reforms that you all like so much and voted down a move to PR for General Elections.

      1. No these are the grassroots trade unionists who are often socialists and not those like the Unison delegation who went against a democratic mandate.
        When I was in a Right Wing dominated CLP it affiliated to JLM (the EC decided but no vote was put to the GMC) and in my Right Wing dominated branch some of us wanted the branch to become a Solidarity Supporter of JVL but we lost 9-6.
        I’d also sent the same resolution to my union branch and it was carried 30-0.
        This I think succinctly highlights the difference.
        And PR is a more contentious issue than some people think, though the Tories wouldn’t win outright (tempting) neither would Labour and it would be down to policy trading and Coalitions.
        There is also the question of maintaining an MPs link with a constituency.
        If we had had PR when UKIP were at their peak they would have probably had 80 MPs including Mr F and people would have to live with the UK having a few Far Right MPs too.
        So perhaps in this case the unions were right or perhaps like me rather they weren’t fully convinced; it may have been better to have called for a working party to explore PR and report to Conference?
        I have no problem in unions having a say as long as they follow democratic mandates.

    2. Bazza – The state saves a fortune by not having to pay for the education of 7% of the nation’s children, so who is subsidising who.

      1. The BBC did some research a few years ago on public schools and found most parents sent their children there not for the education but mainly for the social networks it offered.
        I’m not sure you can ban private education (and health) but just make the parents/private health users stand on their own two feet and take away tax reliefs and concessions, and how can the parents etc argue against this as a significant number of them lecture us on standing on our own two feet (whilst they are subsidised to the hilt on practically everything with such reliefs). Someone once called it “Socialism at the top.”
        Let them pay the full market rate for what I believe is a narrow education which teaches them to be callous to the poor for their class interests.
        Market forces for US but not for THEM!

  9. Who would have thought it, the Labour Party under Corbyn becomes the unofficial think tank(again) for the Tories – move over IEA.

  10. Oh and as the Pandora Papers show perhaps the rich and powerful are the Real Global Scroungers?
    Perish the thought they pay their full share to fight poverty, to support cancer care, the NHS etc.
    They stash 13 trillion in illicit offshore banks (some say it’s more) to avoid giving to society.

    1. Only thing the pandora papers show is that it’s an American intelligence operation. You’ll note that no one from America, Canada or Australia was fingered.

      You’ll also note they used their mate Bliar as a distraction. As said elsewhere, “He won’t be prosecuted for this, or anything else for that matter”

      Finally, you’ll note (especially in the Guardian) that Putin gets all the focus, right down to the biggest head in their collage (reminds me of that newsnight image of Corbyn).

      1. Away with your state sponsored “nice wikileaks” links.

        Corrupted creepy Joe thinks he can model himself as some sort of anti corruption king…pmsl! He started with his mate Zelensky of all people.

        Meanwhile, the real wikileaks guy rots in prison, and we read about how the CIA was itching to kill Assange.

        Burnays would be very proud of you.

      2. NVLA – How much help did Jeremy Corbyn give Julian Assange when he was Leader of the Opposition. How many times did Jeremy even mention Assange in the House of Commons?

      3. What is this obsession with the past?

        Corbyn is yesterday’s news. Today’s chip shop wrapper, and you full well know my opinion on Corbyn. He was far from perfect.

        Your derailment attempts doesn’t change anything. And that includes stupid Starmer opening the doors continuously for the Tories

  11. Steve H…I know the mid west very well especially the rust belts of N.Minnesota and s.Dakota to Texas Hill country outside of Austin and san Antonio..Whats noted is the poverty amongst local farmers who arnt on the payroll for the oil and gas industry.ITs also noted around the Hill country in texas were Farmers struggle with big oil being the boss once again.Tax Havens like Delaware have been in existance for many years and theres nothing new about that.But the growth of big oil and the poisoning of the land is perhaps more worrying than the Tax havens that flourish around them..They invented fracking and the massive environmental damage caused by it including Poisson and earthquakes.Did you actually realise the friends your knight encourages in Big oil are also merchants of death in your own country and elsewhere.?…I noticed you have no opinions on on Tax havens or big oil and the deaths all around them….I wonder why?from your Caribbean bolt hole?

    1. @Joseph

      Interesting that you mention South Dakota. They have some interesting rules on money and how you can hide it. Seems S.Dakota wants in on Delaware’s tax avoidance action.

      On the paper leak, do you think that it’s possible the Americans are telling the rich that their money is only safe in America? Food for thought.

      1. Well NVL anthings possible in this new world but I still think the UK is safe on financials for the fat cats who like the idea that theres never going to be a revolution unlike Europe.. Got rid of the prime example example of Oppression the Royals.same with the USA except theyre still cowboys at heart ❤and when push comes to shove the public are well armed and dangerous.Britain must be the safest place in the world for stashing money and getting away with it.I only know about Delaware because my Son uses it for the Healthcare rip off in companys he forms and sells off..Even he agrees that the NHS is effectively stuffed if the Yanks get their greedy hands on it.Very inward looking country the US and impressive in some a.spects when you think that they were still fighting the Apache in the texas hill country in the century I was born in …I admire and like the US but for them only the US matters and with biden the Brits are not friend’s.but the old enemy.They will get nothing from that guy even a senile old molester like biden recognises a upper class con man like Bozzo..Dont forget the US his big oil and dont like paying taxes,thats for alians and thats why I recently sold up in st Augustine \Jacksonville on a property .Looks like millions of others flying is effectively grounded for those who have no vaccines me.and in anycase I don’t trust most of the countrya in transit and definetly none of the country’s in Europe or the US.They put oldys down dont you know….solidarity comrades.

  12. Surely only a faux Northerner would write “ought” instead of “owt”.

    1. I am a real and definitely not a ‘faux’ Northerner, and would never dream of writing ‘owt’ – or ‘faux’ for that matter! But thanks for the smile in these most dismal of times.

  13. Community organising which was used in the US elections by the Democratic Party and was very effective in mobilising marginalised communities to vote and the Tories have obviously learnt.
    Perhaps those who have rejected the strategy out of hand would like to provide evidence that the (not)LOTO and General Secretary based their decision on-or is that confidential?

  14. Should i stay or should I go now
    I I stay there will be trouble
    If i go there will be double

    I think we are being played on the state of the parties finances
    I think if the left do not mount a challenge soon, then the unions and members will take matters into their own hands and move to merge with Green party

    1. @Doug

      Green party has been co-opted. Their stance on Brexit shows they are simply Tories who like plants, dislike cars and will happily sell you out like all the others.

      Only a grassroots newborn will succeed. And even then, only for five years or so. Before it’s infested like everything else.

    2. It was the other way round, Doug.
      “If I go there will be trouble
      If I stay it will be double”
      Is it a metaphor for the LP?
      Was Joe Strummer telling people to get in the party and fight?

      1. goldbach
        I’m a contrary twat at the best of times, so it’s double trouble then
        Will Socialist MP’s come through for us

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