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Video: “Does Starmer actually understand what it is to be in opposition?” – Sky presenter asks how always abstaining will change anything

Sky News presenter Niall Paterson nailed the problem today when he challenged Starmer front-bencher Lucy Powell on how her boss thinks he’s going to change anything by constantly abstaining – and went so far as to ask “Does Keir Starmer actually understand what it is to be in opposition?”.

Paterson went on to point out how Labour abstained (again) yesterday on a vote it could have won if it had bothered to actually vote – and that Johnson and co are laughing at how easily they can ignore Starmer and do what they want, when Labour’s tactic is always to hide from actually standing for anything:

As the SKWAWKBOX noted earlier this week, Starmer’s no-opposition approach is making just as little impression on working-class people and giving Boris Johnson an easy ride – and it is a betrayal of Labour values and the interests of the people who rely on Labour to make and win arguments.

This country does not need a ‘leader of the facilitation’.

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  1. Send him directions to the nearest garden centre. They usually sell fencing. He is sure to find something to swivel on. And someone please tell him what to oppose and opposition means. If necessary draw pictures. This is getting so predictably sad and annoying.

      1. If only he’d hold this shower of shite to account, unlike his predecessor.

        If only he was popular with the electorate unlike his predecessor.

        If only he hadn’t conspired to sabotage the party’s last election, unlike his predecessor.

        If only he told his MPs to vote against this government – just once – unlike his predecessor.

        Unfortunately for you, who lacks any sort of intelligence – political or otherwise – your gobshite is to be measured by how he’s doing and SEEN to be doing OPPOSING this government, instead of opposing his predecessor, you complete moron.

  2. Even the media are asking whats happening with the so called Opposition the Labour party. Amazing that he doesn’t even hide that hes determined to support the establishment and bring down the Labour party.

  3. The only thing Starmer is opposed to is Socialists in the Labour Party. Under no circumstances are they allowed to utter a word in condemnation of the racist State of Israel. Yet Bozo the dangerous clown can almost literally get away with murder and Starmer tut tuts and gives him tacit approval with his inaction.

    1. Did 200,000 vote for him? I find that Incredible. His past activities should have been enough to stop his run-up. Wasn’t his dad a cabbie? Was it a London black cab? ☮️

      1. Keir Starmer’s dad was an apprentice trained toolmaker, his mum was a nurse and he was brought up in a modest pebble dashed semi. You’d be pushed to find a more typical example of a skilled working class family.
        Keir himself was fortunate enough to pass the 11+ for his local grant maintained grammar school just like 1,000s & 1,000s of other working class kids did throughout the country at the time. In his teenage years Starmer was active in Labour politics, and was a member of the East Surrey Young Socialists. He was a junior exhibitioner at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama until the age of 18, and played the flute, piano, recorder and violin. Starmer studied law at the University of Leeds, graduating with a first class Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree in 1985, becoming the first member of his family to graduate. He undertook postgraduate studies at St Edmund Hall, Oxford, graduating from the University of Oxford as a Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) in 1986. From 1986 to 1987, Starmer edited the radical magazine, Socialist Alternatives.

  4. His parents called him Keir but he always wanted to be-the Duchess’s delight- Ramsay Mac.
    But he was elected, by the membership, and by a considerable margin-the product of wishful thinking, Blair and sectarianism on the left. Take a bow, Jon Lansman!

  5. Even kuenssberg’s shown more opposition than that muculent milksop ffs.

    As much use as tits on a crocodile. And abar as effective as cherie bliar’s beautician.

    And he wants the likes of me to PAY for him to do less than fook all…

  6. I contribute BTL on the Guardian. Any criticism of Starmer from me …. and there is lots to criticise …. is met with insults, and then posts of wishful thinking about how Starmer is “playing the long game,” “not falling into the Tories elephant trap that they have laid for him,” “being an adult,” “waiting until the time is right,” “building up evidence for nearer the election,” “giving Johnson sufficient rope.” Indeed, anything other than holding the government to account, opposing, showing that there is a better way, defending the populace, representing the people who voted Labour.

    It’s clear that a large number of people are writing their own, non-evidenced script on the blank white sheet of paper that is Starmer.

    1. I would call him beige with a brown underside. But never snow white or blank white.

  7. Dunno why we have all these nasty comments about Sir Stormer. He’s very loyal…… to his class, ensuring the LP is absolutely un-.electable! It’s what he is, what his cohorts and sycophants are.
    We know that they despise socialism and democracy. We know that SS is the fella that protected Saville. We know he ensured the racists in LP HQ received a handsome pay off instead of exposing their plot.
    We know the LP leadership have more in common with the Tories than they have with any working-class values. We know that they lie and cheat, rig elections and prefer to rule by decree; the virus suits them perfectly.
    The new rules mean that the person in charge of the button can remove anyone they choose from a meeting. We know that this includes members who have an offensive fridge in their kitchen. I kid you not, Wavertree now ruled by fascists it appears.
    A fascist is a person who despises democracy and removes it, ‘least that’s what the dictionary says. The hilarious part is that they still claim to be socialists. Every LP member in Lpool knows what they are.
    Puzzles me though Sqwarky, why aren’t you ‘sqwarking’ about this. We read great reports about soldiers in police uniform on this site, the antics of wayward rt wing Councillors down South and many other good articles.
    However, the removal of democracy on your own doorstep, along with the vilification of innocent LP members is well known the length and breadth of the country, and beyond.
    The committee members have been accused of racist abuse due to a very polite letter sent to our new MP in an internal email. The same MP ‘just followed orders’ and abstained on the latest Tory move allowing murder. No mention of it on this site though. The silence on this issue is deafening. Please explain.

  8. What’s this “playing the long game” shabbite?

    Do the useless pricks who allowed him to trash the last election think it’s the hare and the tortoise or summit?

    Sufficient rope? Christ almighty! … Now I know he’s a porker but de piffle’s had enough rope to tie up the entire US & UK navies ffs. How much more slack is stammer gonna give the oaf before he releases the trap door?

    Jesus wept… I f***ing despise Bollinger Bolsheviks as much as I detest toerags.

  9. Sky Presenter (shum kind of preesht?) clearly didn’t get the memo.
    Labour is no longer a danger to anyone.
    You just look stupid and timid kicking a dead lion.

  10. Wossername fluffed her lines – what was on the prompter (which you can actually see the faint reflection of) was “Kier’s taken an incredibly constructive forensic and grown-up approach…”

    Yah, made you look 😉

  11. Keir (we support the government) Starmer is consistent at least. But even when he doesn’t actually support the government, he wont oppose them. He’s completely lost it. He’s the only person in history who has an almost rabid determination to be bland! It’s not sop much a case of sitting on the fence, as BEING the fence. Johnson can’t believe his luck. Laugh? He must be laughing himself to sleep every night. Mrs Starmer too must be a very happy bunny, as dear Keir dutifully hands her the remote control each night and says ‘yes dear’ to whatever she wants on the TV. Or maybe he just abstains , , ,

  12. Any system that elects an overgrown Eton schoolboy and tolerates and honours a Monarchy will have no problem with electing a knight of the realm.And that is why we are all so angry and frustrated.The good people of the UK are basically trapped in a surf mentality.We all despair having lost a true Opposition and a Socialist leader.We are in mourning,for what could have been.We have to face reality that we and others before us have struggled to convert the Labour party from the establishment and its failed numerous times over my liftime and my parents liftime from the beginning of the Labour party.I am an old man and frankly gave up after the election of starmer the knight by a obviously right wing membership and Labour party.The knight will be elected PM and represent the establishment system which will continue the same ancient system of Monarchy and Titles and hereditary peers.Thats why the country will always be good for the elite to exploit.A Political Disney world.

  13. Craig Murray….

    Where Is My Final Assange Report?

    Numerous people have contacted me in various ways to ask where is my promised report on the final day of the Assange hearing, to complete the account?

    It is difficult to explain this to you. When I was in London it was extremely intense. This was my daily routine. I would attend court at 10am, take 25 to 30 pages of handwritten notes, and leave around 5….

    Apart from being exhausting, I was totally immersed in a bubble, and buoyed by the support of others close to Julian, who were also inside that bubble.

    But in that courtroom, you were in the presence of evil. With a civilised veneer, a pretence at process, and even displays of bonhommie, the entire destruction of a human being was in process. Julian was being destroyed as a person before my eyes. For the crime of publishing the truth. He had to sit there listening to days of calm discussion as to the incredible torture that would await him in a US supermax prison, deprived of all meaningful human contact for years on end, in solitary in a cell just fifty square feet.

  14. I N the presence of Evil “…So very sa and distressing that this is all virtually undercover from the British people!…..and would they care?

  15. A little while ago some one suggested to me that Starmer was just a place holding until the return of David Miliband and it was just a matter of a safe Labour seat becoming available. Although I am not in to conspiracies for the life of me I am starting to doubt what other possible use Keir Starmer could possibly have.

    1. Or
      We find a safe seat for Karie Murphy and she organises the rabble into a recognisable cohort of the left In the PLP
      Would work wonders with members and supporters, doesn’t replace day job of winning NEC and preparing challenge to Temporary Embarrassment
      JC showed us what kind of party we could be

  16. BBC Doc of 2017 election with Powell showed how vacuous she is, with zero powers of organisation in her contituency.

  17. “Does Starmer actually understand what it is to be in opposition?”

    Does Sir Keir actually possess a sense of right and wrong?

    oD’s DarkMoney Investigations asks “Government accused of ‘cronyism’ after Tory councillor wins £156m COVID contract“.

    Sir Keir Rodney Starmer couldn’t care less. His leadership is destroying Labour, collapsing the membership and serving no one but the unnamed trilateral billionaires on his Donor list.

    How different is Sir Keir from his predecessor.

    1. Very, like it or not according to all the polls he’s much more popular with the electorate.

      1. I don’t buy that analysis. He is much less unpopular than his much-maligned and wrongly denounced predecessor. However once a general election is fought, the beliefs, activities and values he is currently demonstrating will fail to differentiate Labour from their opponents. Moore than 5million people will again choose to not vote and the ABC1s who are harmed by unconstrained (neoliberal) capitalism will finally look to a non-labour option such as the green socialists reformulating outside Labour.

        Of course, the trilateral billionaires are only using sir Keir as a temporary place-holder until the right Miliband can be recalled.

  18. Quotes from ‘the Liberal wolf in sheep’s clothing’ still emerge from this site as though the Guardian was a ‘left-wing’ bible. Indeed it is, but it despises ‘the working classes’ as much as it despises Socialism; Julian Assange & Jeremy Corbyn.

    1. Like the rest of the deniers, both climate & Covid, it’s obvious who funds them Jack T.
      They’re not just enemies of the Left, they’re a danger to humankind’s existence on Earth.

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