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Labour allowing hard right ‘GB News’ double stand space at party’s conference

Conference brochure reveals stand position of ‘UK’s version of Fox News’ as well as accrediting S*n

After the scandal yesterday of the decision by Keir Starmer’s Labour to accredit the reviled Murdoch S*n to report from its party conference this weekend while banning left-wing publications, the party has now been exposed giving stand space to the hard right GB News, which is positioned as the UK’s version of the Trumpian US station Fox News.

Labour’s conference brochure reveals that the station has been able to book a double stand:

GB News has been heavily criticised for its programming and for actions such as suspending presenter Guto Harri for taking a knee in solidarity with the England football team’s anti-racist stand, which GB News described as an ‘unacceptable breach of our standards’.

Keir Starmer doesn’t even have the excuse that he’s trying to reach voters who watch the channel – it recently had literally zero viewers and has continued to show tiny viewing figures almost without interruption, leading to the station’s main face Andrew Neil deciding to quit. Meanwhile, Labour is frantically blocking left-wing delegates in a desperate bid to save Starmer’s sidekick David Evans and push through rules to turn members into mere leafletting fodder.

Whether such nonsense is driven by financial desperation, political or intellectual bankruptcy or more likely a mixture of all of them, Labour under Keir Starmer and David Evans is a fish rotting from its head.

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  1. Why don’t the pictures show anymore when i post a gif/video/meme?

  2. I feel embarrassed to have been a member of the Labour Party, these days. I don’t recognise it, at all.

    1. Usually the space for these stands is taken up by big companies who pay a lot for the privilege so there must be a lack of demand implying people in the business world don’t think Starmer is going to be in government any time soon. I suppose Starmer could say he’s demonstrating party commitment to free speech and against cancel culture by allowing GB News a stand.

      1. Watch GB News if your a supporter of Wank culture, where the far right get to spaff all over our TV screens, not nice
        The dog stood on the remote and the animated foreskin that is Nigel Farage came on, not that ‘Bargain Hunt’ was what my neighbour thought she heard me roar

      2. Doug

        Wank Culture

        You seen Gloria De Piero (lunchtime) in one of her tight sweaters then? 😉

      3. timfrom
        Masterbating in public, the far right have been entertaining themselves at our expense for to long, you can only get away with it because Uncle Wupert can afford to subsidise this shit
        What is really depressing is our friend’s in the Northern Red Wall seats swallow it hook line and sinker

    2. George Peel
      I’m a Newcastle United fan, I will die a fan, no matter how hard I tried to put my bairns off them, I failed miserably, 14 year old grandbairn now goes regularly with his mate
      We have Mike Ashley but truth be told its a game that attracts spivs and thieves and we have had more than our fair share
      The Labour party are the answer to my prayers, only they can hand the game back to the fans
      George your fucked, you will die a Labour supporter, that’s just the way it is

  3. There was a piece earlier in The Independent from Gloria de Piero on her involvement with GB News claiming it offers a balanced perspective! Yeah, right!

    Why is a lefty like me working at GB News?: I’m fed up with people who don’t watch GB News defining who we are and what we stand for.

    Yet another back-stabber from Corbyn’s time as leader, and who supported Owen Smith’s failed bid to oust him. Seeing as she’s quite probably someone who Starmer would like to get back as a future candidate — perhaps one of those ‘Starmer’s Stars’ — could she have had something to do with this arrangement?

  4. This is pure farce.
    The Labour right have no shame.
    The false cries of “Cultists!” and “Trots!” that they like to hurl at the left need to be contrasted with the reality of the right themselves.
    Under the spotlight, what we see is a ragtag bunch of conniving, dishonest, disloyal-when-it–frequently-suits-them, lying, racist, bigoted weasels, totally devoted to the current rotten status quo of the country. As such, they like to call themselves centrists.
    Perhaps the real tragedy in all this is the naive belief of some in the party that we have enough in common that we should forget our differences to fight the Tories when the centrists have already proved that they don’t want to.
    All we want is a Labour Party that stands for progressive values and acts upon them. Just as the majority of the electorate want.

  5. We have nothing in common woth them rightwing bods other than the labour party.that is not enough. Centrists should join a party closer to their morals and ambitions. We need them as much as we need a hole in the head.

  6. Hmm. Is that the same ‘anti-racist stand’ which stood there and said and did nothing when pictures of a dead, lifelong racist were presented on the huge screen above them at Premier League grounds?

  7. Guto Hari did, indeed, indulge in an “unacceptable breach” of GB News’ standards.
    He should have known that he was expected to be utterly and completely vile and useless like the rest of them.

    1. Guto Hari seems to have bent the knee on camera, so too Stasi Starmer & Angela Rayner (great photo).. Interesting research into BLM; Kick it out & adoption by Premier League & EFL of IHRA Definition, but how many so called ‘left-wing’ institutions & organisations have done so? So popular with celebs & international neo-liberal conglomerates.

      GB News is Fox News on steroids but it will upset bourgeois Woke Guardian readers, although Neil Oliver often has things to say that are worth listening to. The march to the extreme right is ON as media control of any agenda becomes reality. Channel 4 2B sold off to whom? BBC Chairman Tory donor & more ‘independent’ News Channels are given franchise to wealthy Tory chums. Reality is being rewritten & scripted, which makes Aljazeera & RT a more interesting alternative to the BBC diet.

  8. So…Keir is barring much of the Left press, but allowing double booth space for a network that next to no one watches and no even-potential Labour voter would EVER watch.

  9. Please stop
    Ever since the internal report the whole debate should be about how we remove Red Tories and take forward JC legacy
    Nothing else

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