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Exclusive: threatened with expulsion for supporting Corbyn – while he was Labour leader

Member denies right-wing machine the pleasure of expelling him

Still drawing a crowd: Jeremy Corbyn speaking to Liverpool against the arms fair demo on Saturday

Skwawkbox warned last week that the right-wing regime running the Labour party was about to stoop to ridiculous depths to widen its purge of left-wing members. That started to come true within days, with Labour threatening a member with expulsion on the grounds that disagreeing with someone who opposed Labour’s manifesto pledges of a ‘universal basic income’ and free broadband was a hate-crime because it attacked that person’s ‘belief’.

And now, a member has quit after being threatened with expulsion for supporting Jeremy Corbyn – in 2018 when he was the Labour leader who had recently stunned the country by shattering Tory Theresa May’s majority.

The member, whom Skwawkbox is not naming because the post was on a ‘closed’ Facebook group, explained that he had received:

a long letter that asked me to defend my posts in support of Corbyn in 2018. I haven’t replied. Just cancelled my sub and they are so shit they are chasing me for a response and haven’t even seen the sub cancellation or my post on Facebook (I thought they were looking at it) which says I’ve left and explained what an amazing job they are doing focusing on social media posts from 2018 in support of the former leader whilst the country falls to bits.

When Keir Starmer recently made Labour’s slogan ‘WTF’, he dramatically understated the travesty into which he has turned the party in his cowardly desperation to rid it of anyone with genuine vision for change.

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  1. Kinell… What next? Watching spitting image in 1983 ffs?

    ( There’s an idea, keef)

    1. TRUE Labour person: “… DEFEND my posts in support of Corbyn in 2018.”

      Read again. PAUSE .

      Imagine that; a hitherto UNTHINKABLE idea that we should not support Jeremy, party 4 nearly FIFTY EIGHT YEARS. 5️⃣8️⃣ .

      Now, THAT was neither predicted, obvious, predictable by EVEN the most cynical, NOR blue TORIES in their own party.

      Their “PURGING us” wasn’t a prediction. It was an obvious expectation based on their frequent PUBLIC foaming + their LONG crime sheet of REPEATED doings.

      “bad Bad BAD news”, “much worse to come” and more; But my r hands up. I NEVER expect this new perverted low… an understatement.

      1. Where does this logic lead? Mandy was in the CPGB, dunno about his driver, all sorts of democratic centralises etc. Where does it stop?

      2. Wobbly, no idea about Mandelson re CPGB. But, WHEN? People change, and ‘CHANGE’ incl OVERNIGHT eg Nick Clegg, Greens now 4 “Vaccine Passports”, Mandelson & Starmer PROMPTLY ditching “Remain” as soon as 2019 General Election results were in☢️

        Plus ALL ‘political’ groups eg parties, CND, XR have ALWAYS been infiltrated.
        V easy as many r VVV vulnerable to being hoodwinked. That’s why, best b sharp re: “terms / definitions” … especially fiery UNORIGINAL ones.
        They r deliberately used to push KNOWN buttons of “TARGET” groups & individuals.
        ALWAYS distrust politicians KEEN to give A “BACK STORY” eg “son of a bus driver”; “the manse”; “shopkeeper”; “single mother”☢️

        ALWAYS – when politician say button pushing stuff, scrutinise their associates & actions like a hawk. NB Jeremy never went on about stuff like that. He presented REASONED SOUND POLICIES instead. Those without care 4 the many ALWAYS put the emphasis & energy bombarding us: their PARENTS / BACKGROUND was like “the many”… WAS… like “the many” “trust me i am on your side”.

        They KNOW many humans especially the metropolitan elite type r EXTREMELY gullible BLINDED by their sense of being “well educated” etc. Thus politicians with no policies / actions to convince do exactly as romantic scammers do. They scam because without having ever met their “targets”, victims part with HUNDREDS of thousands GBP individually, and many MILLIONS in total from the UK alone, based on how the scammer made them feel. The scammers ALWAYS promise perfection / ideal / a dream etc. The victims r fixated with that. The victims are ALWAYS educated, well off “successful” etc.

        Language is more leaky than people think. That’s why we should all PAUSE & escape familiar social environments regularly to WORK AT being ALERT. We get desensitised without awareness to lots of stuff.

        “Language” + crucially checking PREVIOUS ACTIONS match words or PREVIOUS words, MAY have prevented your puzzlement re Caribbean Bolt Hole Branch’s SteveH davidH SH’s “MANDY”… Mandelson to the rest of us.

      3. fiery UNORIGINAL ones eg “Facist” etc.

    2. I think Spitting Images song “The Chicken Song” has a lyric about pretending your name is Keith…

      1. A bit like keef’s donors list

        Or a LOT like the Forde report?

      2. Oh he’s got a policy now. A tax on landlords, with no rent cap so the hike is passed on to the tenant.

      3. lundiel it’s not complicated. SIR starmer’s WORDS r as trustable as “pledges” at leadership election. “promises”.
        Their lot have seen that no matter what enough might STILL b hoodwinked.

  2. Has Big Starmer arranged daily, two-minute hate sessions directed against tele-screened videos of Corbyn yet? Just to focus minds, get the blood up, coursing through the party’s veins and his closest abusers of power picking off anybody appearing to ape or resemble this deeply unpopular impostor who could have destroyed the party if left to draw such huge crowds and fund it so successfully ? 🤔

  3. They don’t call him Keir ‘Stalin’ Starmer for nothing! Can’t wait for the first show trials to be televised. Will it be advertised under comedy or tragedy? Seriously though what on earth is going on at Labour HQ if this sort of stuff is getting out?

    1. Well mr plain Citizen….like I have said before that the Labour HQ as become much more leaky than even when twatson had access to the main server bank.and like minded employees looking for a big bonus..Obviously theres trouble t mill and disgruntled staff are beginning to talk.More to come and a couple of bank statments would be handy if anyone is interested?PS not the mickey mouse ones or the Chartered accountants story book but somthing we can get our teeth into. I keep describing HQ as fawlty towers,but I think Disney land comics is far more accurate and that goes for the acounts as well.

      1. Funny but I never knew that Harry the Spiv had his germans on the readies. Cor blimey guv, what larks. Julie’s watching eastenders on something foul called catch-up.NLP and all that.

      2. Joseph – It is difficult to see what you are basing your numerous and disparate accusations on. All you seem to have is empty rhetoric.

    2. Preparing for industrial action soI have been told. Could do with that 600k now.

    1. The Turd Polisher is currently scanning the internet for a completely irrelevant link to post…..

      Just be patient.

      1. There’s more than a little method to his madness. Whether by accident or design, he’s engaging in classic confusion of the narrative, it’s what MSM journalists do for a living. It works by asking questions, many of them have little relevance to the original point but as soon as you can’t answer said question it confers doubt on the original point which is often a fact.

      2. lundiel – Surely the problem here is that we are being denied access to the facts.

      3. SteveH 13/09/2021 at 3:24 pm

        lundiel – Surely the problem here is that we are being denied access to the facts.

        Aye, that’s the problem, Steve H. Good grief.

        Where’s The Forde Inquiry Report?

        Why did Keir Starmer lie through his teeth, during the leadership campaign?

        Why did he slanderously brand RB-L when he sacked her as Shadow Education Secretary(SES)? What was she, even, doing as SES, in the first place, after the sterling work she’d done on The Green New Deal?

        Why was Jeremy Corbyn suspended? Then had the suspension lifted – then – had the Party Whip removed? Why is Jeremy Corbyn, still, being denied the Party Whip?

        That’s, just, a few of the questions, the Membership need factual answers to.

        …and you’re fretting about ‘facts’ on social media?

      4. SteveH13/09/2021 at 3:24 pm :

        By the way, Jeremy Corbyn spoke to more people at the weekend, than Starmer has managed to do during his seventeen-month leadership. Including during his grand tour of the UK – ‘to meet the Electorate’.

  4. You will die in poverty betting against how low Red Tories will go
    PLP members who are sponsored by unions who are NOT part of socialist group, how many are there
    How many decent PLP members are there who think Temporary Embarrassment has gone to far
    The rest we will send to Madame Le Guillotine

  5. This is getting ridiculous. Whoever decided this was a reasonable excuse to threaten someone with expulsion by classing it as a hate crime needs to be sacked.

    The party also needs to be careful. What if this was sent to a member whose reaction was the opposite and they harmed themselves.

    Does this mean if Starmer gets round to releasing any policies. If a member doesn’t agree with a policy and has a disagreement on social media they will be accused of a hate crime.

    1. “Starmer and his policies” now rivals “Tory economic competence” as one of the greatest of English oxymorons.

  6. I took a good photo of the teenagers in grey tracksuits (bottom of photo nearest Corbyn) getting a selfie with Corbyn a bit earlier in the day – I thought it was lovely that they knew who he was and wanted a photo with him. I wonder how many ordinary teenagers would want a selfie with Starmer.

    1. Well done Ruth. I would say that your observation gives proof to the idea that there is a developing mood for substantive change across society. This is all in the face of the slowing down of the economy following the 2007/8 Great Crash and the noticeable acceleration of climate change. Growing and glaring inequality, mixed in with climate inaction are proving to be powerful educators. And the young are noticing.

  7. What an amazing job theyre doing focusing on media posts from 2018 whilst the country falls to bits “What a devastating description of the Labour party and a insight into the quality activists the Labour movement are loosing to a naked witchunt of members and much needed activists who are the backbone of the Labour movement but unwanted by the demolition contractor the Labour party….Cut the supply and the parasites die” money money money its a rich man’s world “

  8. My heads hurting –

    So what happens to those who resigned in 2016
    declaring no confidence in the existing leader – viz Corbyn?

    Was that a hate crime-
    well in their case probably yes!

    Is anything going to happen to them
    – probably no

  9. Starmer, Evans et al wish to suspend as many left wingers as possible, but they need to keep our levies since the LP is on the brink of bankruptcy.
    Hence, keep left members suspended for many months (possibly years) but keep their levies coming in while depriving them on any of their right as members:
    -forbidden from attending any LP meetings including AGM
    -forbidden from standing for any internal position within the Party (CLP’s officer, delegate to Conference, vote in leadership elections)
    Isn’t this sort of action the definition of fraud? The LP suspends a member on what appears to be flimsy grounds and them demands that the member carries on paying the levies to the LP rather than simply leave the LP.

    1. Maria Vazquez
      When we all resign en masse we won’t tell them, just stop the direct debit

      1. Doug, I haven’t cancel my direct debit yet because I am the main delegate to Conference for my CLP. Needless to say that I am going to vote against ratifying Evans as General Secretary.
        The fact that Billy and Seema were elected for the CAC gives me a small hope that perhaps enough left wing delegates have managed to slip the net and perhaps with Unite and other smaller Trade Unions set to vote against ratifying Evans, the vote could be closer that the right will wish for.
        I still believe, we are going to lose the vote as the weight of Unite’s vote is most likely going to be cancelled by Unison’s vote.
        However, perhaps Unison could change its minds back, in 2015 and 2017 Unison with David Prentis as General Secretary (by far more to the right that the present Unison GS) was forced to endorse Corbyn after balloting its members.
        Unison right its having a lot of problems, they have got ride of Roger McKenzie hush, hush, they have suspend Paul Holmes but the votes are there for all to see, the left has a majority in Unison. I don’t believe Unison will vote against endorsing Evans but perhaps it can be persuaded to abstain.

  10. Maria…. “Fraud” this is the leader that disappeared Corbyns legacy in the millions of pounds and over a hundred thousand members.I hardly think that a bit of fraud will worry them especially having cooked the books recently.This Labour imposter party are on the brink and they show it in the desperate tactics.Keep a watch for a scruffy toerag on the last flight to Tel Aviv with a scruffy suitcase and a false beard?

    1. Joseph – By July19 the membership had dropped to 450k fully paid up members (Labour had lost 14%, 70k+ members over the previous 18 months) and by Dec19 this had dropped by a further 10k.
      Corbyn’s budgets were based on the belief that the membership would not drop below 500k. Do the maths. The Labour party was spending more than its income. Corbyn’s legacy was a negative cash-flow which is now being addressed.

      1. Where is your evidence?

        Provide links to your claims so they can be verified!

      2. Richard – I’ve already provided links about this on numerous occasions. Why don’t you prove me wrong.

      3. Well we certainly cant acusse you lot of overspending can we stevie h.You either bunged it on the panorama fiasco as bribe money for so called staff or “half inched” it like jeremys millions legacy money..Dont give me your bent acounts its just like your knights funding statments before the Labour elections.Just a tissue of lies and avoidance of telling the truth a unknown concept for him and you misfits.The whole stinking rotting pile of crap from you pathological liars. .Nearly six hundred thousand members money under jeremy and you blew it all including the members and there money.Stevie boy I will always be joe the plumber,but I ended as chair of a PLC and I can honestly say that you lot would embarras some city slickers with your manoeuvres.I have been there Stevie done that and recognise a bunch of crooks when I see them.Hope you are feeling better after that turn you had the other night Stevie..I think you worried a lot of your fans here.Take it easy stevie you’re not getting any younger jetting off to your Caribbean bolt hole sunshine are you….Good night off to bed now I have sorted your problems oh the job???

      4. The links you provided didn’t prove anything except that Corbyn left a healthy £13 million and Starmer lived beyond the party’s means.

      5. Right on cue the Turd Polisher turns up and tries to subvert the thread, and fails abysmally.

        Go away you risible Troll.

      6. baz2001 – How is pointing out that Joseph is talking bollocks subverting the thread.

      7. SteveH
        What planet are you on
        Show me a set of accounts that allows you to build up reserves of £13 million on a Negative cash flow

      8. SteveH – “Richard – I’ve already provided links about this on numerous occasions. Why don’t you prove me wrong.”

        I have repeatedly asked you to back up the claims you make as above, but you have never provided any links to any evidence!

      9. Richard – Really?
        My apologies if that is the case.
        Can you provide some examples?

  11. STeveH – I think that is wrong – the number of LP members in July 2019
    might have been as you say***. However it has been established that the LP
    ended after the Election with a small surfeit – which is apparently unusual.

    Contrast with 2018 – when they ended with a deficit – the first since Corbyn
    became leader.

    *** Apparently the number of members increased after July 2019 and note that
    even at 400K they are DOUBLE what they were when Corbyn assumed office.

    So where did you obtain your Labour finances for 2019?

    1. HolbyFanMw – I think you should be aware that not everyone who comments chooses to answer questions. They just ask them.
      To get back to the article – It states that “The member, whom Skwawkbox is not naming because the post was on a ‘closed’ Facebook group”. So not “denied sight” but “source protected” – and isn’t protection needed nowadays?

      1. ” – I think you should be aware that not everyone who comments chooses to answer questions. They just ask them.”

        Apologies! However I plead mitigation .. extreme exasperation.

  12. The scary thing is, Labour are actually gaining support during this Starmer shitshow.

    Although, it could be the electorate just using them to signal unhappiness with the Tories. I.e., getting people to go cast a vote is a whole different proposition from them giving telephoned opinion poll support. Plus polling companies may be manipulating their samples by oversampling certain demographics; or asking questions related to the NIC rise before asking for party preference – there are many techniques they use to get the result the people who hired them(newspapers) want.

    The simple truth is, Labour after 17 months of Starmer have no policies, the people that say they are supporting Labour seem to be doing so on the basis of blind faith as if the party is some ‘lucky dip’. Pathetic really.

    1. Andy – The polling companies might be doing all sorts of stuff but unless you have some evidence you are just clutching at straws. What is undeniable is that they were bang on about the 19GE.

      1. SteveH – We do know that Labour’s polling under Starmer is worse, comparably speaking, than any recent Labour leader. Under Ed Miliband(2010-2015) Labour were regularly ahead, even by double figures at times, yet still lost badly in 2015.

        Those who predicted Starmer would be ‘like Blair’ look utterly ridiculous. I have no time for the now discredited Blair, but in Blair’s first 17 months Labour were edging 60% while Major’s Tories languished mid 20s. It was so bad for the Tories, it triggered a panicky Tory leadership contest, in which Major was returned. Starmer is deeply unpopular and when push comes to shove, they probably won’t even get many of the Tory switchers he’s obsessed with attracting.

        How long can someone this devoid of charisma hold out, before having to reveal policy? After 17 months it must be getting close to tipping point, the point when even the centrists question what he’s for?

      2. The polling companies indeed “might” be doing all sorts of things. Or they “might” not steveH

        Problem is, to coin a phrase, we are ‘being denied the evidence’ one way or the other.

        It cuts both ways.

    2. Andy
      The polls have improved without Labour support moving one iota, its purely down to Tory voters abstaining, but one thing we know is they will turn up on election day

      1. That has yet to be seen, they do say that most elections are lost.

    1. The 19GE illustrated that the chants of the faithful don’t always translate into votes. We went into the 19GE with the polls consistently showing that two thirds of the electorate were actively expressing a dislike for Jeremy.
      It doesn’t matter how dedicated the few are if the many dislike him

      1. lundiel – Not really.
        I prefer to consider a broader cross section of the polls rather than rely on the results from the one outlier that is consistently at odds with the rest of the polls

      2. 13/09/2021

        Starmer Nett Approval Rating:

        Approve 28%
        Disapprove 41%
        Don’t Know 32%

        Johnson Nett Approval Rating:

        Approve 36%
        Disapprove 45%
        Don’t Know 19%

        Best PM:

        Johnson 39%
        Starmer 27%
        DK/Neither 35%

      3. PW – The key difference obviously lies in the don’t knows

        Keir 32%
        Boris 19%
        Jeremy <10%

  13. Hi, Skwawkbox Steve, you might like to take a look at Len McCluskey’s article in The Guardian. Incendiary!

  14. Surely, even Starmer supported Jeremy Corbyn when he was the Labour leader. Perhaps he should expel himself!

  15. I’ve been a Labour voter and supporter all my life and a party member in more recent times. Even throughout the wilderness years of Blair and his cohorts, my belief in the Party as primarily a force for social good was sustained.
    I now find that my revulsion for the treacherous Starmer and his band of despicable cuckoos has achieved, for me, what I never would have thought possible.
    I find myself loathing them more than I loathe the Tories.
    My membership has been hanging by a thread ever since the lamentable ascension of Starmer to the now totally meaningless role of “leader.”
    Should the hammer of expulsion fall on my vacillating head, I think that it would now come as something of a relief.

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