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Labour tells member it considers political disagreement a hate crime

Treats comments over 4 day week and free broadband as attack on protected ‘belief’

Earlier this week, Skwawkbox warned that the Labour right was about to start stretching its rules to the ridiculous in order to widen its purge of left-wing members.

And today it has emerged that the party has told one member that comments about another person’s disagreement with Labour’s 2019 manifesto pledges of a four-day week and free broadband – in other words, their political opinion – is an attack on their protected ‘belief’ that brings Labour into disrepute.

Yes, you read that right.

The party has treated a political position – and a pretty daft one – as being in the same category as someone’s religious beliefs:

Stooping ever lower: Labour’s letter to a member

Discrimination on protected beliefs is a hate crime. Disagreeing with political opinions is democracy – and, in this age of right-wing politics parroted as fact by the so-called mainstream media, a duty.

As Skwawkbox warned, Labour insiders say that the driver for this new scraping through the barrel-bottom is the right’s realisation that it’s ‘proscription’ of four tiny groups is not giving them an excuse to purge as many people as they planned.

But as ever, the Labour right is nothing if not tone-deaf to its own ridiculousness. Constant protection from your mates in the ‘MSM’ will do that to you, which makes it all the more essential to make sure their absurdity is known far and wide.

And coming at the same time as the exposure of the party’s vendetta against the young chair of its official youth section led to outrage and a grovelling apology, this letter makes it clear that the Starmer-Evans regime is what is bringing Labour into disrepute.

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    1. It is disappointing that the actual content of the shared post haven’t been reproduced above.

      1. Not one tenth as disappointing as the past 18 months of “leadership” of the LP, or the droning meaningless nonsense spouted by every member of the Shadow Cabinet.

      2. Yes, an indication of the comment actually made is crucial.

        But if the comment itself contained no attack on a protected characteristic but only on a view re free broadband & 4-day week then this is utterly absurd & outrageous.

      3. Brian – I agree it would be outrageous, which makes it all the more curious why this basic information hasn’t been included in the above article.

      4. It seems to me that Starmer and other the Wooden Tops are determined to make us a complete laughing stock – a political party which considers the voicing of political differences a “hate crime”.

      5. Smartboy – Do you know what was in the shared post that lies at the centre of this issue?

      6. There’s nothing that could possibly have appeared in that text to justify Keir’s equation of the text’s contents to hate speech. The Labour Right are not a historically-oppressed community.

      7. kenburch – …and you know that how, or are you just hoping beyond hope that, that is the case?

    2. Stated on IMMEDIATELY after Starmer deceived enough members.
      I said eg; much worse to come; Starmer is bad Bad BAD news; Note his public DPP record; Starmer & co r adults they’ve CHOSEN their aims; It’s NOT our job to convert them; They r NOT making “mistakes”, They r doing EXACTLY as they said OPENLY they planned to do; They’re doing as they’ve ALWAYS done…

      We MUST follow examples of Barnard, Marc Wadsworth, Jo Bird, Sharon Graham who CHOOSE to be STRAIGHTFORWARD, stand up, speak up, and DITCH victimhood tiresome excuses, whining and DOOM spraying. CELEBRATE their VICTORIES+++

      Note: Supremo hunt & DOOM sprayer has not once congratulated any of our victories. But as ever, no hint is big enough for some.

      Starmer’s doings were CLEAR “predictions”, but that word adds unnecessary mystery. What we r living through now including the “PURGE” was OBVIOUS and made public from the START of Jeremy’s tenure and repeated THROUGHOUT by SIR starmer’s COUP collaborators.

      Immediately on General Election 2019 results EARLY morning, when the parasites saw their REMAIN BARAGE worked, that VERY early morning they said one after the other when asked that “The BREXIT ARGUMENT is FINISHED”🟥 That was repeated DAILY. Mandelson & Blair smirked it. About two weeks after, SIR starmer, “MR REMAIN” as Dianne Abbott dubbed him, the deceitful parasite repeated that “The Brexit debate is done”. That only confirmed what a few on including me, warned as best as we could. Those who missed the obvious, must ask why???

      One POWERFUL cause is a failure to understand the aims of MSM television “CURRANT AFFAIRS” programs and prepared “NEWS PACKAGES” in particular, on those who consider themselves “better educated”, “smarter” and more “virtuous” than the general public”. With good intentions, they ASSUME the BBC, Guardian and Independent in particular r what they most definitely r not. MSM current affairs output MAINLY aims to keep the “educated” & “respectable” starved of independent judgement.

      Many feel comfortable in regurgitating what is EASILY pumped into them by those who SEEM like them. They r made to feel superior to “the many”. That helps to exclude “the many” from ALL deliberations except as “those who need educating” “who don’t know what’s good for them”. In my opinion any with such obnoxious views of the public, are as bad, if not much worse than the parasites in and out of our party.

      Thank GOODNESS 4 adult behaviour at last!!! Barnard and Sharon Graham in particular DEMONSTRATE what was ALWAYS possible‼️‼️‼️ More significantly, they are LIVING courage, after the appeasing away of EVERYTHING we gained in 2015.
      F A C T S ‼️‼️‼️

      Others CHOSE not to do what you Barnard & Sharon Graham have done, so congratulations AGAIN 4 doing the DOABLE which was ALWAYS doable. You are winning despite lacking the MANY levers of agency others had IN ABUNDANCE. You show what’s possible with even less.

      Spot those who can’t stand your victories.

      Note their REPEAT patterns of determined hopelessness spraying to preserve their status quo bosses.
      Note also those blind even to the most vivid REPEATED hints of the obvious.
      They too will never change. They mean well, but since ALL progress collective, we must encourage each to assess what has gone b4. Find our TRUE individual strengths.

      eg some r marvellous at spreadsheets to plan our “Left” meetings; We urgently need compilation of CLEAR data to demolish myths. I’ve met a few who have such data at their fingertips but the value of spreading that seems unimaginable to them, or they would have been sharing it at least WEEKLY.

      Also vital is intelligence to demolish our opposites who are NOT of US; They never were… we may need make posters to be placed everywhere stating:

      WE MUST NEVER again BE ASKED to UNIFY with Mandelson Blair Starmer types who r NOT Labour ‼️‼️‼️ They r WORSE than their parasitic chums in their own Tory Party.

      Starmer types KNOW the value of the Labour name. They ABUSE it for their purposes. They r NEITHER 4 the benefit of the public nor of us. F A C T S‼️‼️‼️

      Let these coming weeks demonstrate the END of appeasements ONCE and FOR ALL

      1. So you espouse the same tired stay and fight don’t worry that 95% of the party machinery is right-wing and can’t be ever changed by the members as unimportant. It’s moving the sodding deckchairs around as the titanic sins. there is NO future for Labour it’s a zombie party looking for a grave. This is NOT gloom and doom just seeing clearly how the country views this party as a joke. it’s only old members that can’t admit the past is over old Labour will never return no matter how many faces of MP’s you change the hate and poison of the right-wing will do the same as before.

        The only way forwards is a socialist only Labour movement a proper bottom-up organization. with full membership control of ALL of the party including the workers no more hiding in the shadows playing sick power games you start that BS you get kicked out pronto, MP’s sign a contract of left-wing ideology stray and start right-wing views instantly we call a snap election and they won’t ever be reselected!

        Socialism for too long has been appeasement! This BS of we must understand others views Fuck that they hate mine why should I listen to yours? Endless debates of others views get us nowhere. No more if you don’t want to be at a socialist party then leave we don’t want or need you… That’s how they get in and hide and start the same poison! No more of this if you want to be Blairite you can start your BS Blair party but that is NOT Labour and should never be allowed in the socialist Labour movement again.

        We have to treat the right-wing as they are choosing to treat us like an infection to cut out and prevent ever getting into power. Stay and fight means fighting for tiny gains for the next 40 years until you die bitter and twisted as you realise you have wasted your life playing their game!

        Nope, I have watched the Labour movement go from tragedy to mistake after mistake we have to learn the hard lessons that the right-wing is only ever Tory and NOT Labour no matter what they profess!!! Labour should and must survive and get back into power only ever be socialist learn this lesson or get trapped as we have every time in the past.

        But no more of this stay and fight, please! If you can’t answer the simple question of how are you going to remove 95% of MP’s that will do everything to stop you maybe. BUT you can do NOTHING to the workers and this is the real poison the briefings the power games comes from the back room wonks. So how are you going to magically remove workers who you have NO power over???

        I bet you have no answer so that makes you a sock puppet or an idiot!

      2. QUESTION dg, why did’t & don’t U form the new party in all your years.

      3. DG how would u, describe an experienced person like yourself, who is not “a sock puppet or an idiot”, who tells anyone, especially new people 2 do what u DG & others like u REPEATEDLY FAILED to do during your LONG lifetime over and over again⁉️

        Embarrassing joker, u r proof of decades of failures u & your type caused
        Did u advise our experienced high command NOT to hide the Internal Report of FOUR YEARS of starmer gang crimes from the membership⁉️
        Or NOT to give SIR starmer a post, and NOT REPEAT the same farcical CHOICE after TWO coups, TO THIS VERY DAY⁉️
        Did you advise that REMOANING “Constructive Ambiguity” was an OBVIOUS method to hand our election to Cumming’s Johnson⁉️
        Did u advise that Alex Salmond’s move to ‘IMPEACH’ war criminal Blair was a PRIORITY and ALL should TURN UP and VOTE 4 it⁉️
        Did u advise our EXPERIENCED high command to not throw FRIENDS of FORTY years plus, Chris Williamson, Marc Wadsworth, and THOUSANDS of hopeful supporters under EVERY bus to appease parasites⁉️
        Thus ignoring the saying, They came for … X, Y, Z, YOU said nothing. Then they came for you; there was no one left.

        Have u in all your years EVER called out the DETERMINED campaign of chronic defeatism, victimhood, hopelessness, externalities obsession, manic aggressive fatalism, cultish blindness and infantilism treating GROWN UPS like helpless delicate porcelain dolls, CHOOSING to fret about the oddest things yet failing to mention the many KEY issues??? Oh, and have u EVER praised any success / victory of one of ours eg Jo Bird, Sharon Graham, Fitzpatrick or Barnard or Aspire party or Grey Swans or Chris Williamson’s attempt??? Did u offer help with Chris’s NEW PARTY as Jack T did??? Or what about George Galloway’s or The Socialist Workers’ Party… anything positive contribution to any of them… a THREE paragraphs ??? Two ?? one ?

        a tiny tiny one … DG OK, one line🦻🏻

        one tiny word dg ? ? ? hello

      4. So what happened when Jeremy ‘spoke up’ and said in a statement that the problem of anti-semitism in the party ‘has been dramatically overstated by political opponents inside and outside the party and the media’ signpost??!!!

        And given that you cite Barnard and Marc Wadsworth and Jo Bird and Sharon Graham for the purpose of making a derogatory point, it would of course be inconvenient for you to include Jeremy Corbyn, who you know of course is in the process of taking legal action against the LP for removing the whip from him!

        But then doing so would completely negate the fraudulent point you wanted to make, AND have repeated time and time again!

  1. The Labour right whether it’s Labour First or Progress are showing how ridiculous they are in using such tenuous excuses to double down on socialists in the party. That they are more concerned with infighting than fighting the injustices meted out by this corrupt government shows them to no friend to their electorate. Their bankrupt ideas with a bankrupt party shows how Labour will be an irrelevance in the coming elections.

    1. Christopher Fox, they did not fight 4 what they have now. They were handed it on silver platters with much bowing and scraping.

      Despite having THOUSANDS EVERYWHERE chanting enthusiastically “Jeremy did everything to make” PARASITES “love him, but they did not love him back” – Dianne Abbott IN PUBLIC🟡

      We all saw that. We needed no confirmation. But i agree with Dianne on that🟡

      “We did EVERYTHING they asked” – John McDonnell with PIERCING DESPERATION & ANGUISH. IN PUBLIC🟡

      Don’t recall him specifying who “THEY” were, but i suspect strongly, the joint forces of the DISREPUTABLE PLP, MSM tools, UNELECTED & UNREPRESENTATIVE BOD, + AGGRESSIVE, thoroughly abusive, RACIST and deceitfully spun CAA🟡

      FACTS that Jewish people have been suspended and expelled by Mandelson Evans Hodge SIR starmer & gang at TWO HUNDRED TIMES the rate of other expulsions = a tiny portion of overwhelming evidence CAA are a politically motivated outfit.

      Until we all face FACTS that the parasites r neither stupid nor incompetent at achieving their aims, then we remain our WORST enemies. Parasites in and out of the party have been stitching up not just us “Left” but whole continents LONG b4 i was born. If they r “stupid” or incompetent, then what does it make us❓

      Just earlier i read on someone expecting that the “purge” will be reversed after Conference…
      The parasites could afford to put their feet up, if that’s our state STILL.

      1. windchime – “FACTS that Jewish people have been suspended and expelled by Mandelson Evans Hodge SIR starmer & gang at TWO HUNDRED TIMES the rate of other expulsions”

        Have they?
        It would be helpful if we could put your above statement in context and it may also add some weight to your argument. Do you have similar stats on the proportion of Jews that were suspended and expelled during the Formby and Corbyn era.

      2. SH it’s SteveH davidH’s “Mandy’s” SIR starmer & Evans’ regime over a year old PURGING‼️
        But SH it’s ok u feel embarrassed fanboying 4 non stop losers; Hartlepool, Chesham & Amersham, HUNDREDS of council seats and COYNE😊
        Despite pumped FULL of ALL stuff prattled about; hot & cold running money on MASSIVE taps, (only recently shut)😊
        + almost full MSM support (except last six months, + two or three presenters about 2 mths after your SIR deceived enough members.

        OH‼️ Can’t 4get – OMNIPOTENT determining Zionist‼️‼️ The matter some claim no one mentions despite SIR starmer, Rayner, Cooper, Trump, Hillary Clinton, Netanyahu, the Milliband defeated by his brother, Gordon Brown, BOASTING OPENLY that they’re Zionist and all being cauldrons of MONUMENTAL defeats‼️‼️‼️

        Just shows, “education” & “smartness” doesn’t guarantee educated & smart analysis.

        But back 2 u SH, it’s easily forgotten by MOST including U, that there’s an ‘Opposition’ and anyone in it.
        Some know it’s because YOUR SIR Keith’s damp dripping …
        It’s SH, it is isn’t it SH

      3. windchime – A nice attempt at distraction, but do you have an answer to my question?
        Do you have similar stats on the proportion of Jews that were suspended and expelled during the Formby and Corbyn era?

      4. You’re excused SH. It’s easily missed.
        Your 🚾lot’s “opposition” now.
        Your 🚾Mandy, your 🚾Evans & your 🚾SIR starmer r suspending, expelling PURGING

      5. windchimes – An admirable bit of rhetoric but
        Do you have similar stats on the proportion of Jews that were suspended and expelled during the Formby and Corbyn era?

      6. SH it is clear u struggle with “NOW”.
        What’s in charge “NOW”?
        YOUR lot‼️‼️
        SH it is your type / gang / cabal PURGING.

        I’ve heard MANY ask: “WHAT does Starmer believe in?” “Why isn’t he opposing Johnson?”
        “He missed an open goal against the government‼️” the view of Johnson’s OWN sister Rachel, who may be protesting this week (as other weeks) AGAINST her brother’s policies)

        More ‘OPPOSITION’ has come from BLUE Tories, Johnson’s dad AND sister, than YOUR vile Assange imprisoning SIR starmer.

        “RETHREADED Nick Clegg”. No wonder SIR Keith is despised by TRUE Labour but scrapes up support of dregs of muck Lib Dems. As deceitful promise breaking Lib Dims.

        Others r excused not knowing Keith starmer is ‘running’ an ‘Opposition’. But YOU davidh steveh, r bold, embarrassed & excuse-less.
        Good 2 b bold, but what a shame SH, it is WASTED on SH scum like your “Mandy’s” SIR Keith starmer. SH it is embarrassing work 4 u, isn’t it ? ? ?

      7. Signpost said that: ‘Just earlier i read on someone expecting that the “purge” will be reversed after Conference…’

        Could you post a link to the comment signpost (save me looking for it). Thanks. So – assuming you’re not making stuff up again – that someone DID say that earlier, how does ONE person saying such a thing constitute ‘our state’?

        PS Or just copy and paste the comment itself in a ‘Reply’ (for anyone who doesn’t know how to link to a comment, you just right-click on the date and time next to the user-name and select ‘Copy Link Location’ option in the drop-down menu, and then paste it in your comment).

      8. ALWAYS pa-trolling, every single day, in practically every single thread! So how many ‘comments’ have you posted today then…. thirty, forty, fifty?!!

        OBVIOUSLY Mr H if one is aware that Repetition – along with the Big Lie – is one of the main techniques used by black propagandists, then if one picks up on the fact that someone keeps repeating not only the same thing over and over and over again, but repeating a falsehood, then you can’t be brain-washed by someone, as such.

        What a totally idiotic question!

    2. So Christopher (Fox) said how the Labour right are more concerned with infighting than fighting the injustices meted out by the Tories, and then signpost – who is ALWAYS looking for an opportunity to repeat his black propaganda falsehoods – responds as if Christopher said something about the Labour right winning (full) control of the party again! And signpost does so in practically EVERY single thread – ie ‘responds’ NOT to what the poster said, but with his derogatory falsehoods and lies! And he has literally done so on hundreds and hundreds of occasions!!.

      And the reason he endlessly repeats things – his falsehoods – is because Repetition is a subtle form of brain-washing, and black propagandists such as ‘signpost’ know of course that people are unaware that they are being brain-washed.

      1. Allan – Then how come this subtle form of brain-washing, and black propaganda doesn’t seem to be working for you.

      2. Reply to Allan Howard
        I think most people are catching on to the fact that Signposts is neither a socialist nor a genuine contributor. His posts are so long he must get paid by the word! I just scroll past them now but it does irritate me that he is allowed to pollute this site in this way.

  2. Where is the oversight, in Southbank Labour? I refuse to believe this has been sanctioned from the top(Starmer). He can’t be that naive, that trusting.

    All I can think is, he’s not involved in any decision-making. Just, sits at his desk and waits for someone to bring him a cup of coffee and a pastry, every, now and again.

    If he has been involved in this decision-making, well, that’s a very, different matter.

      1. Misframing the facts will not change reality SteveH. Formby, with a largely fresh staff, identified all the spurious allegations – including many from a single source, finding hundreds of cases left unprocessed who were not even members – and used the same procedures as her predecessor to deal with the massive backlog.

        The fact that pressures from within the Party – it’s grandees, PLP Progress et al, the Tinge group which tried to split the Party etc – along with their Establishment support in the media and elsewhere resulted in those procedures being bypassed in a number of high profile cases (which you actually hang your hat on) simply proves the point I’m making, which you clearly cannot deal with because it contradicts the comfort blanket reality you have constructed for yourself.

        Whether you like it not is irrelevant. The objective reality is that no matter how good bad or indifferent the procedures they are only as effective as those operating and administering them allow them to be. The current problems which are the subject of this thread are nothing to do with the procedures and everything to do with the current discredited regime running the Party.

        It really is time you dealt with this reality rather than clinging to your comfort blanket fantasy world.

    1. Starmer is the top bod. Of course it’s his decision. Remember that Corbyn was held personally responsible for any daft tweet committed years ago by someone who had just joined the Party … well that works for Starmer too.

      1. Wasn’t the party leader specifically excluded from being involved in disciplinary decisions during Corbyn’s tenure?

      2. The facts are, steveH, that the sectarians you provide support and cover for were not dealing with complaints with any degree of professionalism or competence. Whether those complaints were of AS or otherwise. In such circumstances it is standard accepted management practice in an organisation for poor performance to be the subject of intervention from the top to make things work efficiently and effectively.

        And, the evidence is that this was the case.

        But we would expect nothing less than this drivel from a bad faith actors such as yourself.

      3. Dave – A simple yes or no would have sufficed .
        There is a whole load of difference between making decisions about policy and/or procedures and passing judgement on individual cases.
        Thankfully the discredited disciplinary procedures that were put in place by the previous administration are in the process of being replaced. Some aspects of the new systems will require rule changes which will be voted on at conference.

      4. These would be the so called ‘discredited procedures’ which dealt with more AS complaints with newly recruited staff (following the departure of the useless waste of space Hogan and the rest of the sectarians in that department) in eighteen months than the Panorama wazends did in the previous three years.

        And they were largely the same rules and processes under Formby as they were under her predecessor.

        The difference being, as you’ve been previously told, the personnel administering those procedures. You can take it as a guarantee that the so called ‘new procedures’ you are touting as a panacea will be nothing of the sort whilever the sectarians currently running the organisation remain to gerrymander whatever procedures are adopted.

        However, if you want to continue flogging this dead horse be my guest. You are merely going to end up disappointed at having backed it, even as a runner.

      5. Dave Hansell – Yes I remember Jennie Formby bragging at the beginning of 2019 that her new procedures were much more efficient at throwing people out of the party.
        Yes the staff in place at the start of JC’s leadership did a lousy job and sabotaged the processes but that begs the question of why didn’t JC replace the GenSec when he was elected in 2015.
        How many of the high profile expulsions took place under JF
        I imagine that Chris Williamson may have a few words to say about the disciplinary procedures being gerrymandered under JF.

        If you want to find out about the new procedures most of the details can be found here.
        Hopefully this will be a fairer system that won’t be as open to abuse as the current discredited system has been.

      6. SteveH 11/09/2021 at 5:07 pm :

        I can’t make up my mind if you’re, simply, a wee naif, or deliberately, being a deceitful wee twerp.

        Going by my previous experience of you, I’ll go with the second.

        As anyone, with the information at their fingertips – as you have – should know, the past six years in Labour HQ, have never been as straightforward as, you’re trying to make it out to have been.

        It took some time for people of integrity to work out, there were others working close beside them, who possessed no integrity whatsoever. Even, more of them – supposed colleagues – full of malevolence and spite.

      7. “Wasn’t the party leader specifically excluded from being involved in disciplinary decisions during Corbyn’s tenure?”

        Starmer says “make it so David, make it so”.

      8. lundiel – An illustration of why the current deeply flawed system isn’t fit for purpose and needs replacing.

      9. I note that there is no sign that this sort of “hate crime” cannot be applied retrospectively. Therefore shouldn’t most of the PLP be expelled en mass for their hate speech against Corbyn?

      10. You should read Dave Hansell’s comment Re your comfort blanket. This case has nothing to do with procedures, they were short circuited. The ‘,senior figure’ acted outside of the GLU. However, I doubt anyone will be brought to task about this.

  3. Is this a continuation of the tactic of suspending people (pending investigation) to neutralising the opposition during critical votes?
    The charges may be ridiculous and are often overturned or dropped soon after but the rigging is done.

  4. Are we allowd to have an opinion about Starmer ?
    Or – Is that a hate crime ?
    Either he agrees with and supports this absurdity – What then ?
    He disagrees with and disowns this absurdity – What then ?
    He turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to it – What then ?

    Whichever option we are permitted to agree with ……. All are bringing the party into disrepute.

  5. How do you spell
    Brown shirted Red Tories who don’t have even a passing acquaintance with any Labour values
    Will say it again, there will be nowhere to hide at conference, save the party or kiss democracy goodbye

    1. The Labour Party employ an ex-Israeli intelligence officer to “monitor” social media.
      He has to do something to justify his salary. I doubt he is likely to face redundancy any time soon

      1. ….I think this israel spook stays at HQ after one am in the dark hours sending out poison pen letters and e-mails to suspected young socialist members.Surely they don’t hate “us do they?.I am sure that the knight of the realm leading the Labour party wouldnt intimidate members and youngsters would he?surely a middle class man steve h hall wouldn’t support such depravity would he? I never realised that middle class people and professional people could behave in such a cowardly way especially one wiv one of them there titles…Surely not?I think I will not” stay and fight wiv my betters…Surely not?

      2. Mark

        Well he’s doing a pretty poor job so far. Doesn’t he read Skwawkbox comments or something? Let me try again: KEIR STARMER FUCKS KIDS! (The goat variety)

        Is that hateful enough for you, Mr Mossad reject?

      3. Check out Labour Organise software being forced onto CLP’s
        The Israeli spy is on manoeuvres

  6. Imran Ahmed, self-appointed CEO of the “Campaign to Counter Digital Hatred” considers everything daring to go online and co-incidentally break his website’s “rules” as HATE.

    Whereas an invented July 2016 story about a brick through his boss’s “constituency office window” which was not a “constituency office window” but which filled the Corbyn hating tabloids and broadsheets for a couple of weeks, influenced general elections, helped the Tories keep power, and which remains there online to this day … is fine and dandy!

  7. No doubt the Chief Turd Polisher will arrive soon to try and polish his employer’s reputation. He’s very busy of late, getting frantic as Conference approaches.

  8. I often make derogatory comments about people who don’t believe in a four day week and free broadband. Particularly as some providers have themselves taken up Mr Corbyn’s excellent, modest suggestion.

      1. Pretty good case to be made that it’s become an essential service, especially with the covid crisis limiting physical contact and public access to services.

        The UK lags way behind many European countries in terms of fibre roll out. And what we do pay for our decidedly average broadband, is far in excess of that which is paid for comparable services on the continent, we are being rippedoff. 1Gbps up/down was £30 per month in parts of Sweden years ago, for example. Not that you’d expect Labour MPs to be informed, it’s not like its their job to be informed, is it.

      1. Toffee
        People forget you can be prosecuted and ultimately gaoled for non payment, same as council tax
        Would not scrap it but make it enforceable through County Court, so just another non priority debt
        County Court Bailiffs are much nicer

  9. Join our political party. Getting involved is easy, join and you’re free to discuss anything except for that which could be considered political by someone.

    As the HQ compiled list of forbidden topics grows ever longer by the day, so too do the numbers being investigated. What will it take for members to collectively say ‘enough!’ to this Stasi-lite authoritarian crew who’ve hijacked the party?

    1. Andy when we were out canvassing in East Surrey our dear leaders home the. mantle of the tory on the doorstep was always “Im not political im a Conservative” .that obviously permeated the little knight right through his independent Reigate schools brainwashing.This nasty top snobs school in my Reigate constituency did the job its paid to do and released a nasty piece of work onto the Labour party bought and paid and financed by members subs and a raid on jeremys legacy of millions of pounds.Change the rules alter the staff and its not going to make one jot of difference to a thoroughly Bankrupted Labour party and its misfits.

      1. Joseph – “when we were out canvassing in East Surrey our dear leaders home”
        Your home too

        Are you still trying to get over failing your 11+ ?

        Don’t be silly. Was Jeremy also’ brainwashed’ by his private prep school which his middle class academic parents paid for him to attend. Unlike Keir’s working class parents who never paid any school fees.

        “a raid on jeremys legacy of millions of pounds”
        Really? The legacy that Jeremy actually left was a moderate cash reserve that was being rapidly eaten up by over spending. It doesn’t take long when you have a negative cash-flow and running costs of £3million per month and an annual expenditure approaching £60million.
        Thankfully this is now in the process of being rectified.

      2. Steve H Hall You get your propaganda and comments from HQ and do you expect people to believe your version with your sarcastic comments and aliases at least half a dozen and were you broadcast from?Now I was a serving councillor and canvassed around oxted with the few Oxted activists.Nobody new the working-class starmer family as you described them and I didnt hear of anyone called starmer the mother of the little?ker who worked as a specialist nurse at the East Surrey Hospital HE did attend the private school Reigate independent school for the privlaged working-class from the ghettos of Oxted on the green Surrey..So dont constantly pedal lies about this Israeli government operative now leader of the Labour party in under five years from infiltration as a mp whos never even attended a branch or CLP only to be planted in a rigged election and bankrolled by a hostile foreign destroy the Labour party and alarmingly hes been extremely successful in that with cooperation from griffters like you mr Steve H Hall.

      3. SteveH
        Jesus H
        £13 million in two years, you are an insult to numeracy and democracy
        There was no overspend before Temporary Embarrassment

  10. Starmer …. ‘are you putting it around that I’m barmy’. electorate…’why, are you trying to keep it a secret’ . the only hope for labour is if they only receive 1.6% or less of the vote in upcoming local elections, like they did in the Chesham local election in June, even that was too much.

  11. It looks that they are making sure they weed out disagreement ahead of the conference. Of course, all those suspensions will be lifted, but only after conference… So convenient. So stalinist. Welcome to Keir Starmlin’s Labour.

  12. Curioser and curioser ..

    I guess that this board hosts people with a range of political beliefs ..
    so this means that ALL are protected ..

    Expanding on this – Corbyns opinion on AS – that the scale in the LP
    has been exaggerated*** is also protected .. so disagreeing is a Hate crime ..

    my head is hurting ..

    *** though actually this is a numeracy issue – a suitable topic for
    R4 program “More or Less”

  13. Leaving aside the moral disgust, this is an untenable intellectual position. I cannot be bothered to look up which logical fallacy that this stance involves but it seems to me to be that a lawyer worth his.her salt could rip it to shreds (well I can, so surely they could). The point I am about to make is this; that if political criticism is a hate crime, then everyone must shut up. It is the ultimate mouth closer; the reason is that if I disagree with you, I am guilty of a hate crime. But if you accuse me of a hate crime for disagreeing, then you are also guilty of a hate crime against me, because I am entitled to hold my beliefs also. Crazy. This is also group narcissism coming from the right of the Party (again), the real stance of the right is that “we can demonise you, but you cannot demonise us.”

    1. Sandra – It is difficult to pass judgement when we are not aware of all the facts.
      We don’t know the contents of the post that was shared. I’m guessing there is a reason why this vital piece of evidence have been withheld..

      1. Shylock Holmes H strikes again….vital peice of evidence?gone west? Surely not in the middle class Labour party?..Vital millions disappear from jeremys legacy money..Surely not? … “ITs difficult to pass judgment when vital peice of evidence as been witheld” says leading hypocrite of the right a keen supporter of the invisible costly Ford Report gone west?.Stop talking 👄 down to people who are clearly your superiors when you try the old bullshit.distraction politics….now be a good boy 👦 and apologise to Sandra..!

      2. Joseph – Apologise for what, respectfully pointing out that there is a key piece of evidence missing from this discussion?
        The facts and evidence may be incidental to you but I’m going hold off on passing judgement until I am in possession of the salient facts and therefore in a position to make an informed judgement. Unlike you I am not content to be led by the nose.
        As for the Forde report the sooner it is published the better and I’ll be quite happy to pass comment on it once I have had the opportunity to read it.
        Your feeble attempt to distract with rubbish about the party’s finances and the Forde report have been noted.

      3. Furiously polishing, the Good Judge cries for evidence before judgement is made…….

        Where is the evidence…where is the Forde Repost….where has the £13m of our money gone?

        Only Max Headroom knows the answers….It’s all Corbyn’s fault of course.

        I can sense a meltdown happening.

      4. baz2001 – Don’t be silly, it would be ridiculous to reach any conclusion before seeing the evidence.
        Labour’s 2020 accounts are now freely available on the Electoral Commission’s website. I suggest you download the more detailed version from the link on the web-page.

      5. It would of course be good to know exactly what was said so we know what constitutes ‘abusive’ or ‘derogatory’ in the mind(s) of those who made the judgement. Skwawkbox paints a picture of it just being a case of disagreeing with someone, which wouldn’t only be absurd if that’s the case, but full-on fascist dictator stuff.

        Yes, the Blairites ‘showed’ us a long time ago that they are fascists, and have been increasingly upping the fascist ante in their attacks on the left, but it’s really hard to believe they would start fraudulently claiming that just disagreeing with someone is a hate crime. But, unless we know the details it’s impossible to know whether that’s the case or not. Or perhaps something that is just mildly abusive or derogatory that is being ‘treated’ as much more serious than it actually is.

      6. Afterthought: Well, first, WHO are the pictures of in the above article. It does seem odd to include a picture of someone (who one assumes must obviously be the person who’s been accused of this ‘hate crime’), and yet not name them. Anyway, I just wanted to make the following point: Even if the person responded in an abusive or derogatory fashion, does THAT constitute a hate crime. Being rude to someone, or being angry with what someone said is NOT a hate crime. I mean if THAT were the case, the majority of comments posted on the Daily Mail’s website (and the Sun and the Express) in respect of an article about Jeremy Corbyn would constitute a hate crime, because there are regularly hundreds of derogatory comments posted about him whenever there is.

        Anyhow, I don’t know why Steve Walker (who I assume wrote the above article) didn’t include what the ‘accused’ person said, as he must obviously know what they said. Unfortunately he didn’t (maybe there was a reason for him not doing so) and so we are left in the dark! But I can’t help but wonder if the ‘Labour Party’ has reported the person concerned to the police given that it’s being described as a hate crime….. but I very much doubt it somehow!

        As with 99% of the alleged cases of anti-semitism!!

      7. SteveH
        What facts do you think you know about the Covid19 vaccines
        I suspect your Science is as reliable as your Bookkeeping skills

    2. The process you describe at the conclusion of your post, Sandra, seems to be subject/issue dependent.

    3. PS And WHO but a Blairite – a Tory – would disagree with and be opposed to a four-day week and free broadband!

  14. Surely the charge of bringing the LP into disrepute must be because this person criticised people who oppose the 4 day working week and free broadband.
    It can’t be because of “derogatory and abusive comments” because we all know that this is permitted – you will recall Margaret Hodge calling Mr Corbyn a “f*****g antisemite” and there were no repercussions.

    1. Should Hodge be be investigated for bringing the party into disrepute by her use of inflammatory and abusive language in relation to Corbyn. To pose such a question exposes how far the party leadership has travelled.

      1. Paul – You may recall that an investigation was started at the time but Corbyn and/or the Labour party bottled it when Hodge got lawyered-up.
        You may also recall that Hodge was triggered by her CLP over a local matter but when it came round to the OMOV the left failed to get their act together and capitalise on this golden opportunity to get rid of Hodge that had been gifted to them by the RW.

      2. Jeeeze Steve, yur such a phony and a fake and a fraud!! OBVIOUSLY the Blairites in her CLP wouldn’t have triggered Hodge in the first place (so that they could then accuse the left of having done so) unless they knew they had the numbers to then vote against their own motion. And the reasons they gave for triggering her were pathetic beyond belief, and totally contrived and fraudulent of course!

        But YOU don’t give a damn about their machinations and dirty underhand tricks, and THAT says ALL one needs to know about YOU!!

      3. Allan – Aww come on, the fact is ‘the left’ simply couldn’t motivate enough left leaning members in the constituency to vote. It wasn’t a lot to ask, they only needed to get off their arses for this one occasion..

      4. Yeah, sure Steve, as if the Blairites would knowingly risk such a thing happening in their quest to (further) discredit and demonise the left (in general,that is, not just her PLP). You are of course spouting complete and absolute bunkum! Oh, right, but YOU would have readers of this site believe that Hodge’s supporters would risk her actually being triggered!!

        You’re a joke Mr H!!

        PS But just what exactly are you doing on a left-wing blog when you’ve made it crystal clear during the course of the past sixteen/seventeenth months since Starmer was elected leader that yur a full-on fascist Blairite (or at least playing the roll of one in your job as a full-time paid black propagandist shill!).

      5. Steve H ..Aww Allan….what the WFM are you doing falling out with the only help youve got on here.?Not been at the sauce again have you ? and its still very foolish of you to push away the only “fwend” youve got.I must say that I admire tenacity but have little respect for a paid troll currently looking for a job as the present ones looking very rocky so soon after being let go at the notorious stazi Labour exchange as a jobs centre advisor(middle class profession)of course.I know how touchy you are about your ABC12and 3 classification..?Get well soon after your recent illness..regards…joe the plumber

      6. The moment I saw that SHs post up the page (that he posted a short while ago) had been given a Like shortly after he posted it, I KNEW that Jokeefe was back on the site AND gave his shill buddy a Like! And I then happen to scroll down the page, and yep, he’s back on pa-troll!

        And can I just take this opportunity to thank you both, and ‘signpost’ of course, and several other posters (who are obviously secondary personas) for revealing so clearly how black propagandist shills work when working on the inside, so to speak. And I’m sooo sorry Joe that after ALL the effort you put in over several months or more to then try and finally discredit me turned out to be a total damp squib!

        Oh, and DO give my regards to ‘stark’….. a Ben Elton fan, no doubt!

      7. For reference, Allan, I took Stark from Only Forward by Michael Marshall Smith. A very good book – I recommend it highly.

    2. Exactly.Goldbach and how could anyone bring the Labour party into disrepute after the fiasco of these last few years and especially under the knights establishment Labour party…I could go through the kangaroo court,pill 💊popping NEC,Labour party members witchunted,members and mps thrown under a Bus,Ruling by “Off the Cuff” decisions without charges or evidence and the tossing threw the window of the rule book and the constitution of the Labour party. Shell shocked? …Bomb happy or suffering from PTSD its all part of being a Labour party member.

  15. I left Labour (after 40 years) 10 seconds after Mr S was elected Leader, I knew what was coming.
    Many months before the 2017 GE at the first Momentum Conference in Birmingham it was me that suggested that Jeremy should learn from Tony Benn’s first campaign in the Chesterfield Bye Election (where Benn was vilified by the national media) but Benn whilst not ignoring the media had gone direct to the people having public meetings every week) and JC followed suit and we may have just got over the line if 100 Right Wing Labour MPs hadn’t been slagging Corbyn off in public for a few years and some senior Labour staff hadn’t sabotaged the campaign (Forde Report).
    2019 was all about BREXIT (with two thirds of Labour seats being Pro-Leave) and I warned Labour, not to accept BREXIT and to fight for a Better Brexit (as opposed to the lazy, Tory botched job) was electoral suicide and as I said in my last speech to a Right Wing dominated University CLP (who had resolutions supporting a second PV) if you pass these we will lose the GE and millions will suffer, you will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!
    But we lost the vote 52-28 and that night 8 months before the GE in 2019 I knew we had lost the GE.
    But I noticed this time Jeremy Corbyn’s rallies were internal, we were talking to each other and not the public.
    I actually nearly went to the one at my local university, but stayed in the bar, I worked out they were just patting themselves on the back whilst following the wrong political strategy!
    So what we are getting now is as I expected, Starmer showing the rich and powerful that his Labour is no threat to their wealth and power and all he seeks in return is crumbs for diverse working people but wonderful, well rewarded careers for him and his Right Wing careerist mates!
    So politics is simple, it us up to each of us to talk to other citizens (to try to politicise the masses) to try to create a groundswell to sweep the Right wing political garbage (Tories, Lib Dem’s, Right Wing Labour) into the dustbin of history.
    And the demand may then arise for a Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party, as this force’s voice may emerge.
    And of course Right Wing lumpen political commentators will belittle our efforts but perhaps:

    1. Bazza – ….and yet you managed to stay faithful all through the Toby Blair years.

      1. SH You shouldn’t make an assumption without knowing the full facts.
        The 40 years of my membership is a collective total but I left for a number of years in protest at the Iraq War etc the greatest policy disaster by Right Wing Labour in decades!
        I came back when Blair’s power was waining and just helped a decent working class Labour councillor friend who kept asking me to help in his ward,
        I felt I needed to belong to something (but apart from helping a good mate) I was inactive at meetings etc until the election of Corbyn as Leader (like many) and we had something (ideas) which for the first time were worth working for which I believe they don’t have now.
        In my view Labour under the Right is Dead as a dodo!
        Some of us Lefties go back a long way and many of the old Right were half-decent, in fact we’d all campaign together and go for a pint afterwards but in my view I would rather go the dentists than sit in a room with current Right Wing members (I endured this for years, just to support JC).
        We stood/stand for something, something wonderful.
        You and your Right Wing mates stand for nothing.
        Had to laugh at Sunday Times (12/9/21) on Starmer’s 14k word credo on his beliefs, a Senior Labour source said “Reading it made me tremble.”
        Can’t wait to look at it, could do with a right good laugh, bet it doesn’t make the capitalists tremble!
        Anticipated SH reply (he likes the last word):
        “We shall see.” OR
        “Commenting on Starmer’s document without reading it and before it is released.”
        Reply to SH’s anticipated reply to my reply.
        “It’s called anticipation Dear Watson, anticipation.
        I will use his arguments to pull it and him to pieces!
        Bring it on!”

      2. “Bazza – ….and yet you managed to stay faithful all through the Toby Blair years.

        First time was tragedy, but with his racist multi-millionaires, his FBPE dellusion and his trilateral commission billionaire bosses, the second time (“the Starmer re-run”) is farce!

    2. Bazza u r saying much of what i’v been saying. I obviously missed u posting that b4. It’s useful to have others say sound KEY points in different ways. People hear differently. Plus i’m gripped by urgency + u may know, in many areas of life, CRITICAL matters must be CLEAR. Errors r costly. Repeated errors r more costly. Sometimes the cost is DEATH or debilitation 4 a LIFETIME🔸

      From my comparatively brief observations, within weeks, what u describe as “patting themselves on the back” was cringingly clear. I call it bunker timorousness / pathetic self-indulgent GROUP preciousness spun as “solidarity”, “comradeship”, “politeness”. That attitude is not only stunningly embarrassing and immature but would never be allowed where many members work🔸

      How then same people promote a weird culture in the our party??? It’s time consuming trying to understand + explain, but a fascinating conundrum!!! Bizarre+++

      Dizzying incoherence eg calling the betrayal by abandonment of friends & supporters as “decent”. What does that mean??? It definitely discourages decency. If someone believe wrong is correct and others repeat it, most people will accept consensus however startlingly inaccurate. That makes such attitudes / cultures the OPPOSITE of “comradely” and DESTRUCTIVE “solidarity” … solidity in REPEATED failure & in accuracies resulting in what we see🔸

      “EVERYTHING WAS DONE” craving the “LOVE of” our opposites who r OPEN liars. Where is the logic or decency in that??? To think; for over a half century, those who call themselves “virtuous” ACTIVELY sabotaged positive change eg ‘Open Selection’, pausing the Deputy Leadership as the holder was using his post to undermine the leader AND the party, and recommending said saboteur 4 a peerage. People rabbit on about externalities to duck facing FACTS. They r embarrassed to face facts so prefer to pat their backs. Expect that many even on, whiners & moaners, come next GE will weirdly trust starmer’s latest obvious lies. V v v strange.
      How can that be consistent with change, progress or decency???🔸

      Now we have Barnard, Sharon Graham and people like me having to fight WITHOUT a finger lifted by those who created the mess🔸

      How much congratulations & encouragement have u heard towards Barnard or Sharon Graham from certain individual or from our “decent” extremely experienced people??? Heads r down with what u describe as “rallies were internal” but nano micro style. Example making a rare whimper about some pet issue as if those in government will take notice🔸

      CND protests 4 half century, Anti-War March yet Blair still plotted with Bush to invade Iraq. YET the same people want to carry on with the same internal damp while putting TWatson 4wrd 4 a Knighthood.
      I challenge ANYONE to justify that at ANYTIME. facts Facts FACTS🔸

      NO new party … NONE could sustain any victories with the same crew who caused the mess and same attitudes. They have learnt NOTHING. Some may be extremely correct that the party is rotten to the core and difficult to shift attitudes in time plus clear out the parasitic muck. BUT were it up to me, it would be brain mumblingly illogical to have even one of the old guard who caused this mess🔸

      I’ve been thinking. One way may be a Socialist Party as you describe, with RIGOROUS selection, NO DEFEATIST & DOOM-MONGERS or pump out strange obsessions… how ever lovely the individuals may be. There r lots of Blue Tories who socially, seem quite human until …🔸
      Similarly “nice” people may be “nice” but be the most energised obstacles to change🔸

      Anyway a new party should contest all seats except the SCG seats (as disappointing as they are). They need to see that winning is quite easy by demolishing myths and cults. But we will still have a problem which i think encouraged the APPEASEMENT FEST. We may lack dynamic COURAGEOUS people with the TECHNICAL ability, if only in managing our ESTABLISHMENT CIVIL SERVANTS🔸

      Governments r not as necessary as many think. Observe Belgium a few years ago, they went over a year WITHOUT a government. Almost similar r the EU countries which go 4 ages reconstituting their PR factional setups ( that includes the occupiers of Palestine.)🔸

      Straightforwardness, courage of convictions + DECISIVENESS r needed to manage the establishment fixtures. The ability to imagine alternatives comes b4 brining change about. The lack of that helped cause the tragedy. Those who had ALL the controls they needed , NEVER believed change was possible. I heard them say it🔸

      What stunned me was one particular person of international repute… super success in their field whine out the same lazy stuff about the media. Not Ken Loach, though i heard him say same too… even recently…. quite remarkable. But what struck me too about both Loach and the other marvellous individual, they seemed 2 b v close friends of Jeremy. All extremely + honestly pleasant if that makes sense. People grow 2 resemble those the love / admire. The speech style was similar. But a circle of similarities -> little growth.🔸

      In ‘mission critical’ areas of life, frank feedback is ACTIVELY encouraged. In fact it’s COMPULSORY. So compulsory, that even in terminal events in navigation we have the ‘black box’. Why??? To find out WHAT EXACTLY went wrong, then FIX it. It IS possible to FIX things. Many members CORRECT errors daily. Why not in our attitudes & culture in our OWN party❓❓❓

      1. “In THESE shoes…?”
        less IS

      2. windchime – Really? 🙄
        Never mind I’m sure that somewhere out there someone will be impressed. 😞

      3. 🧿”Say what we mean. Mean what we say.”

        🧿”Be a SIGNPOST not a WEATHERCOCK.”

        ¿Regurgitate regurgitated SIXTY YEARS old laziest excuses, whining, “internal back patting” č nice drips soft pap which CAUSED mess SIR starmer following your “MANDY’s orders 2 serve his beloved “FILTHY RICH”?

        Leave behind the curve weathercocking to others. They obviously have over THIRTY years practise. They REFUSED to learn from Tony Benn’s sayings above. Except his ILL ADVISED “Policies not the Person” mantra.

        BASIC LOGIC – Refusing to warn “comrades”; THUG Jessica Phillips said she’ll “KNIFE YOU in the FRONT” +
        SIR starmer’s associates r inveterate liars and break every rule at Labour HQ + plan to PURGE the “Left, +
        SIR starmer NASTY DPP record = DAME dick’s as Met Commissioner,… that refusal is NOT “comradely”.

        “Personalities” CHOOSE, policies.

    3. Bazza very informative and backs up my belief that the vast majority of our mps left and right are recruited straight from university with stars in their eyes and very little in real life training to be mps or even councillors.Such training grounds are not the best for a working knowledge of just how the world works and how its loaded against the working-class.Thanks for the insight its always educational .

    1. It’s as journalist and social commentator Glenn Greenwald tweeted:

      Many liberals have zero intellectual capacity to distinguish between “defending the right of someone to say X” and “I agree with X.”

      The ones who do understand the difference pretend not to in order to smear those who oppose their censorship regime.

      Liberal and ‘centrist’ being interchangeable in this analysis. Glenn’s always worth a read, another tweet where ‘Democrats’ could be swapped for New Labour quote:

      ‘Every time Democrats lose an election, they immediately compile a long list of culprits and villains to blame that includes pretty much everyone they can think of — except their own Party leaders, the losing candidates and consultants, their rotted ideology and themselves.’

      1. Tariq Ali had their number. Check out his book The Extreme Centre.

  16. Anyone heard from John Thatcher in Saigon hcm,?Rainy season here and its always difficult for us expats in the long hot rainy days here but strange he should just drop out from posting .? I realise that john was treated abysmally by the Labour party and that was even before the witchunt.Do these stasi staffers realise the damage to a person that is done both mentally and physically when they hound individuals out of the Labour party.and slander and libel them on trumped up charges and no evidence.Theres really got to be a outside investigation by a authority with teeth regarding the hounding and intimidation of members of the Labour party..before they go bust preferably.

  17. Anyone still planning on voting for Labour at the next GE?

    (Seems labour is polling better with libdems than its own voters currently…)

    1. Outer London Lib Dem centrist dads are Starmer’s core demographic.

      Quite why the #FBPE crowd are still invested in him despite him turning his back on them, the PV, and his six tests’, is a mystery? Labour may have lost the election in 2019 and faced a new reality, but the speed with which Starmer abandoned his ‘six tests’ and jumped a board for Johnson’s deal train was astonishing…

      Starmer’s six tests for the Brexit deal are:

      1. Does it ensure a strong and collaborative future relationship with the EU?

      2. Does it deliver the “exact same benefits” as we currently have as members of the single market and customs union?

      3. Does it ensure the fair management of migration in the interests of the economy and communities?

      4. Does it defend rights and protections and prevent a race to the bottom?

      5. Does it protect national security and our capacity to tackle cross-border crime?

      6. Does it deliver for all regions and nations of the UK?

      1. Andy – You are ignoring the fact that the only alternative on offer was a No Deal Brexit.

  18. Thanks for reminding us of the “6 tests”.

    In fact it was number 6 which was the main problem – in that there was a border
    between Northern Ireland (Brexit ) and Eire (EU). THere were warnings about this
    during the Referendum campaign – but these were ignored and we were accused
    of “being silly”.

    It seemed obvious that there was no solution apart from some sort of Single market
    but nevertheless Johnson cobbled something together – hence throwing the Unionists
    under a bus (though Im no friend of THEM). This STILL remains a problem – but too
    late for everyone in Northern Ireland – both politically and economically ..

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