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Breaking: Starmer claims no agreement to reinstate Corbyn – but Trickett ‘has the receipts’ and is ready reveal all

Starmer’s drones have tried to dismiss McCluskey’s accusation today that Corbyn’s reinstatement was all agreed, claiming no deal was made – but party sources say that back-bench left MP Jon Trickett has all the evidence and is ready to reveal it

Keir Starmer’s office has tried to brush off claims today by outgoing Unite general secretary Len McCluskey that Starmer broke a firm agreement to reinstate former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn when he was suspended for pointing out, correctly, that claims of antisemitism in the party had been exaggerated for political gain.

As well as being correct, the EHRC report on the issue, to which Corbyn was responding, itself emphasised his ‘legally-protected right’ to make the comment. The EHRC report also forbade ‘political interference’ in disciplinary issues, putting Starmer in breach of at least two aspects of a report he promised to implement in full.

And Starmer’s word-breaking streak went on when he turned his back on his promise to reinstate Corbyn, according to McCluskey – but Starmer’s office is trying to claim it never happened.

But Starmer is in line for an unpleasant surprise.

Well-placed sources in the Labour party say that, as a participant in the discussions, Trickett kept all the records of what was agreed, by whom and when – and that he is prepared to release them if Starmer does not back down from his attempted denials.

Of course, Starmer’s ‘backroom deal’ for Corbyn’s reinstatement – and his decision to renege on it after Corbyn had fulfilled his part of the deal with his ‘clarification’ of his comments – are the worst-kept secret in Westminster and were revealed by Skwawkbox fully ten months ago.

But the concrete, nuts-and-bolts proof that he did so will be a hand-grenade thrown into Starmer’s preparations for his desperate attempt to use his conference speech to stave off the complete collapse of his ‘leadership’, one that the worst Labour leader in history can ill afford.

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  1. “The EHRC report also forbade ‘political interference’ in disciplinary issues,”

    It was a political decision to withdraw the whip from Jeremy not a disciplinary one.

    1. Off topic, but very sad news. Johnson’s mother has died. She has endured much.
      Condolences to Rachel and her brothers.

      1. Have always thought Jeremy exceptional amongst prominent politicians who’ve SUCCEEDED in raising proper Socialist children🌟🌟🌟

        What a mess the magnificent Tony Benn’s resting place must be with much turning, especially after such a ground breaking inspiring life.

        But at least Johnson’s mom had time to come to terms, a bit, with Tory sons, THEIR adult CHOICE after all. She said she had NEVER voted Tory. I believe her. She was sometimes “the ONLY Socialist in the village!!!”

        I can see the influence in her daughter. Rachel. A GREAT blessing.

        Just think of that dreadful Therese Cuffey, Duncan Smith & Widdecombe, who we suppose might actually be children of humans… They look as if they deeply enjoy making those with the least means, suffer.

        But, R.I.P. C J-W. You did your best. That’s all anyone can do. 💐💐💐

      2. Yes signpost I only know what I read about her,but she seems to have been a very self reliant women born with a mind of her own in a time were women were second class and expected to follow hubby.RIP

      3. Sad to hear that, but I have to say he never sent me any condolences when he condemned my Mother to a lonely death in her Care Home last year with eight of her dearest friends. They were thrown to the wolves and left to die with Covid without treatment.

        And Starmer sent Johnson private letters of support for the way he did it.

      4. baz2001 – Or given that the major reason given by ex Labour voters for voting Tory was JC maybe Keir thinks JC is an electoral liability.

    2. I see your psyops – FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.

      And I presume the “political” decision was TOTALLY UNRELATED to the disciplinary matter?…

      The Board of Deputies wanted Corbyn “sacrificed” and so Keith “Got Corbyn” – one way or the other.

      And now the antisemitism smears are spreading to the Scottish Greens so we are all culpable in Israeli ethnic cleansing…

    3. SteveH: ” “The EHRC report also forbade ‘political interference’ in disciplinary issues,”

      It was a political decision to withdraw the whip from Jeremy not a disciplinary one.”

      Stevieh, your comment surprises me in a good way. So, if it was a political decision to withdraw the whip from JC, what political purpose did Starmer think it served?

      Do you think it was wise of a party leader to make his political thinking so obvious?

  2. The worst Labour leader, in history. I couldn’t agree more.

    The man is a liar. Not, just, on this occasion, either. We all know he has consistently lied, since before becoming leader.

    He lies. He has no integrity, therefore, he is owed no respect.

    How can a leader be a leader, without respect?

    1. George – “He lies. He has no integrity, therefore, he is owed no respect.”

      …..and your proof of this is?

      1. SteveH, I think you should change your cute profile picture to a sea-lion.

      2. He lied all the way through the leadership contest. His ten pledges lasted – all of – ten minutes.

        The Labour Party is – not – a safe space for Jews, if they happen to be Socialists.

        I could go on, but how much more proof do you need?

      3. George – You do a nice line in opinion but do you have any credible evidence that you can link to?

      4. George – FFS, is that really the best you could come up with?

      5. SteveH 13/09/2021 at 10:54 pm :

        If you think I’m going to sit here all evening, just, to satisfy you, you can f*ck off and think again, you pillock. Do one.

      6. George – Well thanks for taking the time out to tell me that you don’t have the time to reply to me 🤔

      7. Steve H Hall…..just to add to George peel and you say “nice line in opinion” George was too polite to add a Theif as well as a liar “.Starmer is not a politician and never was,.The man with a mission to destroy the Labour party and thats what hes been paid to do whilst helping himself and his henchman to millions of members hard earned money.Bent accounts rigged elections for leader,fit up AS scam on a industrial scale and a witchunt to finally bankrupt the Labour party…..Thats your scum leader and it says more about you than any of your smug sarcastic comments.

      8. Joseph – You make lots and lots of stuff up and make lots and lots of unfounded allegations but I don’t recall you ever posting any credible evidence to support your nonsense.

      9. As usual SteveH has come out from under his little stone bridge to open his second anal sphincter. Really? Ass…hole.

      10. Come on SteveH, you cannot seriously ask for proof that your man Starmer doesn’t tell the truth. I remember in his pitch for the leadership declaring that he will keep to most policies outlined in the 2017 Labour’s manifesto. We know that this isn’t the case don’t we?
        That Jeremy Corbyn was his friend; I will argue that with friends like Starmer who needs enemies.
        The worse his U turn on European policy, after months as the People’s Vote guru your man made a U turn and whipped Labour MPs to vote in favour of a hard Brexit.
        Hence, I agree with George Peel, Starmer lacks integrity and that he doesn’t tell the truth if the truth is inconvenient to him.
        By the way I am not at all surprised the way he mismanaged the Public Enquiries into Jean Charles de Meneses and Ian Tomlinson, Plus the way he bullied women victims of domestic violence. It is all pretty well documented.

      11. Maria – The only thing that is clear is that you are unable to provide any credible evidence to back up your numerous assertions.

      12. SteveH, it is clear that no proof is enough to satisfy you, but it appears that a lot of Labour’s members here agree with George Peel and so far no a single one appears to agree with you.
        In politics appearances are more important that the truth. It appears that your man is less popular than Boris Johnson despite Johnson mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic.
        Unless, you are completely deluded or suffering from early dementia you know that this is the case.

      13. …..and your proof of this is?

        His claim he was a socialist, for starters.

        You were saying????

      14. SteveH to George – “He lies. He has no integrity, therefore, he is owed no respect.”

        …..and your proof of this is?

        1 – Non-disclosure of racist leadership campaign sponsor Sir Trevor Chinn until AFTER the Leadership Election.

        2 – Failure to adhere to any of his 10 Pledges to party members.

    2. George Peel, stammer is totally untrustworthy. He has proven that times and again.

      1. In which case you shouldn’t have any problems posting a link to some credible evidence that supports your assertion

    3. Spot on George. Nobody I know trusts a word he says, because they know Mr Blair is working him like a hand puppet, as well as being financially sponsored by Zionist Israel.

      Remember the 10 pledges? They got thrown out as soon as he won the leadership election. Starmer is a toxic liar, and no amount of Turd Polishing is going to change that.

      1. This is his Kinnock moment, albeit prolonged, with a wave of his hand he can rid thepromisedland of thousands of socialist vermin. He’s evil.

    4. Is it not odd that SteveH is asking you for evidence to back your observation, when you are commenting on an article that consists of the evidence he requires?
      We are clearly dealing with unusual circumstances here….

      1. Ludus57 – Don’t be silly. Can you tell me word for word what was in the posts that sparked off this investigation. If there is nothing to hide then why is it being hidden.

      2. Sealioning:
        What to know: “Sealioning is a harassment tactic by which a participant in a debate or online discussion pesters the other participant with disingenuous questions under the guise of sincerity, hoping to erode the patience or goodwill of the target to the point where they appear unreasonable. Often, sealioning involves asking for evidence for even basic claims.
        Sealioning thus works both to exhaust a target’s patience, attention, and communicative effort, and to portray the target as unreasonable. While the questions of the “sea lion” may seem innocent, they’re intended maliciously and have harmful consequences.”

      3. acuchen – Sealioning, that’s a new one on me. Did someone invent this as a cover for their inability to evidence stuff they’d made up. Surely the easiest way to counter this would be to provide some evidence.

    1. Mervyn – “He lies. He has no integrity, therefore, he is owed no respect.”

      …..and your proof of this is?

      1. 10 pledges…Every one abandoned in less than a year.

        Oh, and he won’t speak to the s*n….

      2. Toffee – A bold claim that you keep repeating but you have yet to provide any credible evidence to back it up.

      3. Steve H Hall centrist Dad and mr alias.look around you and stop asking for evidence on majority opinions expressed sincerely without pay.Who made you judge and jury and whats your opinion worth as you’ve lost all credibility in your rush to your Caribbean bolt hole…with your tail between your legs.Mr knight and the Labour party have been found guilty in the only court that matters and thats “public opinion” .The worst Labour party and leader in living memory that deserted their people at the very worst time in the history of the working Britain.

      4. Joseph – Well thanks for sharing your opinions with us. Unfortunately for you rhetoric is not a substitute for evidence.

  3. Off-topic…

    Tonight’s newsnight – Ed moribund on alok sharma: “he’s a good guy”

    Is he, Edward? For starters, tell that to the Grenfell families.

    Red ‘ed indeed…😒

  4. Trickett kept all the records of what was agreed, by whom and when – and that he is prepared to release them< if Starmer does not back down from his attempted denials.

    Nevermind prepared, the twunt’s done enough damage and will only continue.

    I admire your calling out when it’s required, Jon, but you need to put the boot in because soon there’ll only be you left to do so…. Unless they can manufacture summit on you – which they’ll doing their best to as I type…

    1. Toffee I think we saw enough comrades thrown under a Bus by the previous “leader of the Labour party and as far as clarrifying his comments corbyn dug a hole for himself and the socialists revival.Trickett says all the right things like corbyn but his heads not on the block just the loyal members used as sacrificial lambs led to the slaughter by warm words and little positive action.IF Trickett and Corbyn had any sense of honour to the victims of the right wing Labour party they would use the position of a serving mp to form a new party….lets see it?..I wont hold my breath but if they haven’t the common sense to see along with the socialist group in parliament that their days in the Labour party are numbered then god help us because it is becoming increasingly worrying that they will not make the move.ITs becoming like groundhog day after all the talk.Maybe some relatively unknown like Byrne or moyle who have experience outside of the socialist group and parliament will be the ones to make the leap because this Labour party are going nowhere only down the toilet.

      1. Joseph & Toffee – Given that they are both in their 70s there must be some doubt that either of them will stand in the next election.

  5. Interesting link to an article about a boring book by lord Gavin Barwell ex Croydon central MP. In it he claims that Starmer lost the 2019 election.
    “May was so desperate to get any form of Brexit deal through parliament the dying days of her premiership that she opened negotiations to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

    “Jeremy Corbyn wanted to do it, but Keir Starmer stopped it,” Barwell says in his book.

    “Starmer was not prepared to settle for anything that didn’t include a confirmatory vote.”
    “The Prime Minister met with Jeremy Corbyn and Sir Keir Starmer, then the shadow Brexit minister, and asked them whether Labour might be prepared to support the withdrawal agreement only,” Barwell writes. “Keir replied that they could only do that if there was agreement on the future relationship and a second referendum.”

    Starmer is personally responsible for losing the election and Johnson’s hard brexit.

    1. You have quoted a link from toerag literature….Are you a party member?

      Sorry, WERE you one?

    2. lundiel – I don’t agree with you conclusion but it does beg the question – Was Corbyn in office or in charge?

      1. I knew you’d come back with that. The answer of course is that Jeremy Corbyn ran a cabinet government not a presidential one. He trusted the snake Starmer who was all the time trying to to undermine him.
        Also, no one gives a toss what you choose to believe, you’ve just been presented with cast iron facts from a Tory source. What could be clearer than “The Prime Minister met with Jeremy Corbyn and Sir Keir Starmer, then the shadow Brexit minister, and asked them whether Labour might be prepared to support the withdrawal agreement only,” Barwell writes. “Keir replied that they could only do that if there was agreement on the future relationship and a second referendum.”


      2. lundiel – “I knew you’d come back with that.”

        Have you asked yourself why the thought also occurred to you and why you thought there was a need to prepare an excuse

      3. SteveH, didn’t Starmer do a U turn and asked the PLP to vote in favour of Boris’s hard Brexit? Were is the integrity in that?
        Since you constantly ask for proof, can you submit proof that Starmer is a man of integrity as you appear to imply in your posts in Starmer’s defence?

      4. Maria – The only alternative to voting for ‘the deal’ was a no deal Brexit which would have had a catastrophic impact on the country.. Labour had also committed to preventing a no deal Brexit.

      5. Have you asked yourself how a major political party works? Have you any notion of internal politics, power struggles, ministerial responsibility and how Corbyn was shackled by the unions/Watson/Petie Mandleson/Starmer’s people’s vote con? Do you think Corbyn sat in an office making policy up as he went along? Do you think Corbyn was deciding policy himself? Do you understand what ‘broad church’ meant to the right wing majority? Starmer/Mandleson bear full responsibility for the people’s vote coup against the Labour party and the subsequent act of treachery against remain allies by voting for Johnson’s hard Brexit?
        To get back to the point under discussion this is hard evidence that Starmer lost Labour the 2019 election and insured a hard Brexit. You need reminding of this every day of your miserable life.

      6. lundiel – So what you are saying is that the majority of the Shadow Cabinet, the PLP, Affiliated Unions, Members and Labour voters all supported Remain (as confirmed by JC) but you think that Brexit (a RW Tory policy) should have prevailed.
        The reason we lost the election so badly is that Jeremy lost the trust of the electorate. (as confirmed by post election polling).

      7. ““May was so desperate to get any form of Brexit deal through parliament the dying days of her premiership that she opened negotiations to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

        “Jeremy Corbyn wanted to do it, but Keir Starmer stopped it,” Barwell says in his book.

        “Starmer was not prepared to settle for anything that didn’t include a confirmatory vote.”

      8. “lundiel – “I knew you’d come back with that.”

        Have you asked yourself why the thought also occurred to you”

        Yes. It’s because you always write comments that suppose Corbyn made all and every division in complete isolation as if you believe a political leader is like a deity. Which is funny because your chosen deity is totally owned by Hodge, the BOD (and by extension the Tories) and the Jewish Chronicle of all corrupt publications.

  6. My advice to everyone, this evening, ignore SteveH. He’s, obviously, on a spoiler mission with some of the nonsense he’s posting – yeah, I know – more than usual nonsense.

    Starmer has been caught lying, and SteveH – like the lapdog he is – is doing his best to defend him.

    Let him get on with it.

    1. George – Perhaps you could detail precisely what you claim Starmer lied about in your link.

      1. Doug – You and others are the ones making all the claims, I’m simply pointing out that you don’t have any credible evidence to support your rhetoric.

      1. SteveH 14/09/2021 at 12:03 am :

        ‘morning, H. I know you were still around, less than, an hour ago. How did you miss this?

        I haven’t seen any of your ‘comments’ on that thread, yet. Are you in a bit of a quandary about how to ‘spin’ it? It should keep you quiet for some time, if that’s the case.

        I thought it was an excellent article, myself. No arguing with Alex Nunns. Is there?

      2. George – I simply can’t be bothered. The decision to withdraw the whip from Corbyn was a political decision it wasn’t a disciplinary one.

      3. Steve H : Well, you complained, earlier –

        ‘George – FFS, is that really the best you could come up with?’

        Honestly, there’s no pleasing some folk. Tch!

    2. George. I find it best to ignore the Carribean troll.

      On occasion I have felt the need to respond to his bullshot, but I know that’s what he craves and to ignore him is much more powerful.

      1. I know, Nemtona, but sometimes I’ve just got to say something. Last night, for instance. He was trying to hi-jack the whole thread, again. 🙂

        I like to think we got there in the end, thanks to Alex Nunns. Only a fool would come back on that.

  7. I hope Jon Trickett blows the whole thing wide open and sinks Keir Starmer without a trace. Starmer deserves every bit of aggro thats coming to him.

  8. What I read about Starmer is all totally true. He was advocating a second referendum
    possibly more enthusiastically even after the May 2019 local Elections where the Labour vote
    tanked – as a precursor to GE 19 in fact. The local labour leadership in the Red wall areas
    were nearly in tears as they pleaded with the Labour leadership to give up on a second vote.
    Starmer was warned that this GE would result in a disastrous failure for the Labour Party but
    then persuaded the Labour Leadership to say Labour was a “Remain party”. They actually
    thought the Lib Dems were right when it was obvious this was extremely unpopular
    with many Labour Voices.

    The problem was that the unions were for it and (I believe) the Labour Party membership. Thus
    the Labour Party segued from “A second referendum as a last resort ” decided at the Labour
    Conference in 2018 to “a second referendum as a FIRST resort”. Corbyn was against a second
    referendum but was persuaded by the Unions ..

    AS for these called “10 pledges” Starmer gradually reneged on them one by one then
    he announced they were being replaced by some garbage about agile*** something or
    other. There is a post on SKWAWKBOX about it – how can you have missed that
    SteveH? From another post from Skwawkie I gather there is turmoil in the top ranks of the
    Labour Party where everyone is singing from their own hymn book and there is no
    attempt at harmony . There was a very odd Q and A session reported in Labour lIst
    where Kinnock Sr said the “10 pledges”*** should be reduced to six. He even made
    some tentative pleasantries about Momentum – common sense of course for most people
    but this isLord Kinnock FGS! McDonnell followed with write a piece in
    the Guardian criticising a lot of what Starmer has done and lack of democracy, demonisation
    of left wing jews etc .. and repeating the “6 pledges”.

    *** It was notable he ignored the fact that these were “so last year” so far a Starmer was concerned.

      1. I would encourage people not to read this garbage from the right wing one woman band Labour list in collusion with the right wing Labour party who are becoming increasingly desperate because of the amount of members that have dumped th the Labour party alarmingly some people still trust the Kinnock brood who have lived off the backs of some of the most honest decent people in Britain..The mining community of SWales who must be ashamed that this scab family was birthed in the valleys of are still tolerated.Like the scab feeding his propoganda they have sold out the working-class and the people of Britain whilst dinning off the fat of the land with their snouts in the European trough.Common market?….I say stuff em!

      2. Joseph – LabourList is sponsored by both Unite and the FBU, neither are known for their RW leanings. Len is a regular contributor.
        It publishes opinions and article from right across the Labour political spectrum. Jeremy Corbyn has published about 200 articles on the site. SCG members also regularly contribute articles.
        Why are the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ so anxious to restrict what people should read.

  9. Holby fanmw….good common sense observations of the truth with no excuses of how our current and former leaders dug a hole for the whole Labour movement.Very impressive and I don’t think you will have upset anyone except Steve H Hall whos comments are mear opinions and only backed up by dodgy reference and fraudulent reports and accounting..

    1. Joseph – What did you think about the article on Kinnock’s speech that HolbyFanMw recommended.

      1. I don’t think that you can read or you are pissed up and for the non brits “intoxicated” again.I Give him enough rope and?which hes done long time ago and hes still spouting the propoganda because i hes allowed to damage his own argument which is fine by me.but not everyone who tire of the lies.and fraud.

  10. Holby fan mw you can see for yourself why Steve H Hall centrist dad aliases has tried to stab you in the back which is increasingly becoming the normal behaviour for the desperate Labour party misfits.

    1. Sorry mr Stevie H Hall off out to pick palm 🌴suger fruit which I use in baking bread with the usual mix.Maybe you should try it in your Caribbean bolt hole where they might grow…IT preserves the bread in hot humid conditions which I am sure you have like here all year round but especially in the rainy season.Steve the exercise out foraging in the jungle round here is good for you,but be careful of snakes which I am sure you are very much acquainted with..Also the very heavy palm sugar coconut size dropping from these very tall trees can be very dangerous and we wouldnt want your head damaged would we?

  11. I think the LL article IS worth reading – I always believe in making my own mind up
    about things .. and also believe a Damascene conversion is possible.

    I think you have to read between the lines – for why talk about the “ten pledges” when he must know
    that these have been abandoned by Starmer? And why the somewhat conciliatory remarks about Momentum ?

    After reading the LL article – with surprise – I then read the Guardian article recommended by JVL where
    O’Donnell repeats some of this in the Guardian and additionally criticises Starmer for his
    undemocratic actions and disgraceful treatment of Left wing Jews. Talking about JVL – some supporters of
    the proscription of the 4 groups wanted JVL proscribed too – but were warned against it because it “could constitute antisemitism”. Instead – they have targeted several members of JVL Committee for show trials.

  12. Anyone casting a cursory critical eye in Starmer’s direction cannot fail to notice his complete lack of qualities. Authoritarian but thin-skinned, pretending to be left wing when it suited, but now pretending to be right wing in a wrong-headed approach at winning over Tory voters. Haughty, dishonest, untrustworthy, and cowardly, if he had appeared on the scene 10 years ago he would have been mistaken for a Blairite. Mistaken, because at least that caste of MPs have political backgrounds in spadding and bag carrying. Starmer is emptier than even that.

    1. baz2001 – We keep hearing that they are going to st up a new socialist party, how’s that coming along.

      1. No we don’t. We hear – some – people suggesting that.

        Stop twisting what – some – people say to suit your own narrative.

        That’s very dishonest of you. Are you after Starmer’s job?

  13. If the EHRC really was an an independent legal organisation it would make public issue over the non-implementation of its recommendations, especially non interference by leadership in disciplinary processes. Perhaps the EHRC is more political than honest?.

  14. Remember when amnesty for victimised miners was the big issue at Labour Party conference. Kinnock stood firmly against and got his way. That would require retrospective legislation he said, something he could never contemplate.
    Now going through this Scottish Parliament, amnesty for victimized miners.

    1. Arwyn Thomas….. That Kinnock brood should have been tarred and feathered and run out of the valleys on donkeys with the backing of a band and a carnival atmosphere..They are the epitemy of the working class gone native after a few free lunches and the pigs trough in the European parliament..The son is effectively a imbecile and I cannot believe that they the kinnocks have been tolerated that long in wales along with lurkio Bryant masquerading as a mp.

      1. Luckily for Kinnock Jnr his wife has more brains than him

  15. Oh Joseph you do not mince your words do you! ☺️

    Regarding the Kinnocks – I may be wrong but I do not remember Kinnock Sr
    putting the knife into Jeremy Corbyn the way others have done – who used to
    style themselves as Jeremy’s friends. I agree he was an inept politician – but
    the fact that he is making conciliatory statements now is something to be
    applauded – and shows he has more clue than Starmer.

    As for Kinnock Jr – he made a lot of effort to find a solution to the Brexit problem ..
    – eg Common Market 2.0. In fact I think it was one of his which just missed
    being put to the vote and which stood a good chance of being passed. If it
    had been passed history might have been different – and this was not his fault.
    I cannot remember much of what he has said or done recently .. It is
    Corbyns so called colleagues who have proved themselves as both treacherous
    as people and useless as politicians

    1. “As for Kinnock Jr – he made a lot of effort to find a solution to the Brexit problem ..
      – eg Common Market 2.0. ”
      It’s like he never understood that at that particular moment in time there was a small but very steadfast majority in favour of leaving the EU who neither wanted nor believed in remain and reform.
      But the Kinnocks enthusiasm is understandable given they made £10 million out of the gravy train.

      1. You misunderstand me Lundiel – Common Market 2.0 involved leaving the EU but
        retaining eg the Single Market and there were other conditions which equated
        to a “soft Brexit”.

        (Maybe I got the name wrong?)

        If we had done this there would not have been problems with the Belfast Agreement
        and Northern Ireland.

        I was not one advocating a second referendum or reneging on the
        Referendum result – but disagreed with a “Hard Brexit” which is what
        ERG wanted.

  16. Well here is an idea publish the sodding evidence then! I am sick and tired of the timid mice that are so-called socialists MP’s they have few comments then silent for weeks rinse and repeat Trickett is just the same!

    While you publishing evidence find the damn Forde report and publish that in full Too! Or is this as I suspect all BS and you have no evidence just yet again empty words…

    Oh and Steve S this is NOT agreement with you or in support of Stamer the liar, If we want to talk publishing evidence he can produce the full list of doners for his leadership campaign and what had happened to the millions of quid squandered in a year FFS!

      1. Half-truths, again. That list wasn’t available at the pertinent time. During the leadership contest.

        Have you commented on Alex Nunns tweet, yet? He has a second tweet, even, more damning than the first.

        Just, a reciprocation of your constant recommended ‘reading lists’.

      2. George – I answered the question asked honestly and accurately and it is disingenuous to suggest otherwise.
        You should also bear in mind that all the candidates negotiated and agreed the rules prior to the start of the election, including the timetable for publishing the details of their donors .
        Keir followed this to the letter. RLB was the one trying to change the rules when the polling revealed how bad she was doing. Given that most of the votes were cast early RLB’s fate was probably already sealed by the time she started getting her knickers in a twist,
        Personally I would rather the rules had clearly stated that all donation should be published within 1 working day of receipt but that wasn’t what RLB and the other candidates agreed to. She only has herself to blame.

  17. If you want to see the real Starmer, just read Oliver Eagleton on Novara Media, 2/3/21.

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