Author Nunns ‘forensically’ demolishes Starmer’s non-denial denials over Corbyn reinstatement deal in Twitter thread

Starmer’s attempts to hide the truth lead to dynamite accidental admission

The attempt by Keir Starmer and his spinners to hide the fact that they made – and broke – a deal to reinstate former party leader Jeremy Corbyn as a Labour MP has been dismantled by Corbyn’ former speechwriter on Monday evening in a Twitter thread.

So clinical was the dissection of the shiftiness, excuses and obfuscation that – unlike anything Keir Starmer has done as Labour leader – it genuinely merits the description ‘forensic’.

Alex Nunns Twitter thread highlights with perfect clarity that none of the salient facts about the deal are denied – and that instead, Starmer’s outfit tries to blow smoke in readers’ faces in the hope they’ll be fooled.

Make sure to read to the end to enjoy the deconstruction of the ‘weirdest claim – and a dynamite accidental admission by Starmer’s team:

Who would you believe indeed? And of course, Skwawkbox had already revealed the existence of a deal as long ago as December last year, along with the fact that the EHRC itself had said that Corbyn had a legally-protected right to make his comments about its report.

Keir Starmer’s excuses destroyed. Forensically.

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  1. Shifty just like Mandelson, Blair, Straw, Blunkett, Milliband $million+ grabbing ‘charidy’ big wig, Hodge, Margaret Beckett sometimes and Coyne 4 all sixty minutes i head of him. Dodgy dodgy people they seem. 🕹🔺🕹🔺🕹🔺

  2. I think the intransigence of those like Hodge, who perhaps got impatient with the undeclared ‘destroy socialism’ project and jumped the gun, may well have played a massive role here. With so very many players in the Party (Mann, Austin, Woodcock, Hoey, Mandelson, Smith, et al) our chances were always going to be slim.

    From where I’m sitting, it seems as if so many gatekeepers (Schofield, Bruce, AIPAC, BOD, Marr, Kuenssberg) have simply stolen our democracy. They didn’t even bother to turn off the lights first. All the evidence is there but the MSM pulls pulls (almost) all of the strings! It surely shows the unshakable principles and fight of our great former leader!!

    Still he would raise the conference’s greatest cheers!

    1. Martin read weve always fought the media and the BBC,and weve always fought the broad church brigade who now they have won have quickly ditched the myth of left and right working together for the benefit of the working-class people…(the majority)unless you have a title and jumped on the a lot of the Labour mps who’ve also sent little johny to his prep schools.You are correct that the media played a massive role but again they have always been programed to go with the establishment system and monarchy.Thats how it is in a kingdom and we either like it or lump it and give up.o as I believed a long time member and former Labour councillor who dumped the Labour party nearly fourteen months ago that a new movement is the only way and that the Labour party under the disguise of a working class party is effectively damaging to our democracy and the people its supposed to represent…..we don’t need cheers or pictures to glorify a former leader we need urgent action to tackle the very real calamity this country is facing.

      1. ‘we either like it or lump it and give up’ **OR** expose their lies and falsehoods and their black op campaign against Jeremy and the left to the millions who have been duped and deceived by the corporate MSM and the semi-corporate BBC during the course of the past six years! Only *THEN* would any new socialist party stand any chance of success.

        PS Just like I did further down the page where I exposed a Big Lie by Mr former Labour councillor Okeefe!

  3. Whilst it is clearly nonsense to suggest Starmer was present when the decision to suspend Mr Corbyn was made but didn’t contribute to the discussion , if we do take Starmers teams account as accurate what does it say about the authority of the leader that he wouldn’t get involved in such a pivotal decision?

  4. Whilst Nunn has exposed the knights and his teams lies and theres nothing new about a politicians lies or even his teams lies.But its a wholly different story when you veiw it from the historic decision to remove a leader of the Labour party for racism.and deny involvement and expect to get away with it.His this knight of the realm correct in the beliefs that he and his senior members of his team can get away with it.?I believe he is effectively already in the clear and not even a murmur from the majority of those in the Labour party.Tricketts waiving around evidence and Corbyns climbdown clarification dont inspire any confidence in justice and that and the way members and one mp Chris Williamson and party members being exploited and sacrificed has left a rupture of members who have dumped the Labour party rather than stay and fight….well let’s see the repercussions from this AS scam targeted at socialists including Corbyn whos been swallowed by his own climbdown and the timidity of the Labour socialist group.Too little too late.

    1. Oh I see that Jokeefe is lying through his nasty little teeth yet AGAIN, and repeating the falsehood that Jeremy’s clarification was a climbdown!

      Yep, the shills on here never miss an opportunity to repeat their Big nazi-type Lies!!

      NB For anyone who is unaware of what happened, it’s more than evident that a couple of weeks or so after Jeremy was suspended, he was contacted and told that if he could clarify in a statement that he *wasn’t* implying that the ‘concern’ about A/S in the party had been overstated and exaggerated when he said that ‘the SCALE of the problem has been dramatically overstated’ etc, then they would reinstate him. And so THAT is what he did, and a bunch of shills and their secondary personas then quickly moved to deceive readers of this blog (and other blogs) that Jeremy had done a u-turn and a climbdown.

      You see the shills know of course that if there are a bunch of people ALL saying the same thing, then it MUST be the case that Jeremy did a climbdown – ie readers will be convinced that he DID. But he didn’t, and it was just a bunch of shills and their secondary personas lying through their nasty little fascist teeth so as to discredit him in the minds of left-wingers AND smear him as someone who isn’t as principled as they believed him to be. It was a set-up, a Black Op Dirty Trick, concocted and contrived by devious and duplicitous people AND ‘cemented’ by their full-time paid shills! Here’s a couple of clips from a Guardian article at the time:

      Corbyn said he had attempted to “clear up any confusion” about his previous statement…..

      “To be clear, concerns about antisemitism are neither “exaggerated” nor “overstated”. The point I wished to make was that the vast majority of Labour party members were and remain committed antiracists deeply opposed to antisemitism.”

    2. Reply to Joseph okeefe
      Just what exactly did you expect or want Jeremy Corbyn and the Socialist Campaign Group to do?

    3. Jokeefe said blah blah blah ‘I believe he [Starmer] is effectively already in the clear and not even a murmur from the majority of those in the Labour party’, and he does so knowing that numerous people on the left have MORE than ‘murmered’ about what Starmer and Co have been doing – ie their machinations and their purging of the left etc. But like the lying little shill that he is, Jokeefe is (attempting) to rewrite history – ie reality – and in *his* completely fraudulent ‘reality’ the fact that Jon Trickett has proof that Starmer is lying doesn’t ‘inspire any confidence in justice’ blah blah blah, and it isn’t the machinations of Starmer that has led to 100,000 plus left-wing LP members ‘dumping’ the party, oh NO, but it’s ALL down to Jeremy’s ‘climbdown’! Yep, the ‘climbdown’ that Jokeefe and a number of other shills and their secondary personas dissembled, deliberately conflating ‘scale’ with ‘concern’.

      At no point did Jeremy retract what he initially said! And Jokeefe is lying through his teeth *AND* trying to dupe and deceive and mislead readers of skwawkbox!! As with a bunch of other im-posters at the time:

      1. Reply to Allan Howard
        I am sick to death of the posts on this site from self proclaimed socialists who attack Jeremy Corbyn non stop. These people are not socialists. They are paid trolls and one of them at least (Signposts) must be paid by the word because his/her posts run into hundreds of words several times a day with usually one day off a week.
        The other one attacking Jeremy (Joseph) is more subtle than Signposts but nearly as prolific and it took me a while to catch on to him( not so Smart ) but the same pattern of insults/smears is there.
        Steve H doesn’t usually attack Jeremy. He simply tries to defend Starmer’s disgusting political excesses but he is a troll all the same.
        The only positive thing to come out of all this is the realisation that the Corbyn haters are still running scared because he and his politics are very popular with so many of us and they are willing therefore to employ staff to post on sites such as this all day every day in a continued ( unsuccessful) attempt to discredit him.

  5. Ludiel…most certainly he did loose it but he should never have been in the shadow cabinet much less in charge of honouring the Labour party response to the mandate of the majority of the people to leave Europe.He was almost given a free hand with RLB another Lawyer with Jeremy tagging behind briefing and negotiation.IF you want a good deal off a bunch of lawyers check youre wallet on leaving the room.And no I am not being drawn into a argument on Europe now after the horse has bolted and the barn door is shut.

  6. Truly a miracle. 8 hours gone and we haven’t seen “We need to see the full text”, “Where is the evidence?”, “On the other hand.”, “Here’s a link to something irrelevant.” etc. etc.

    1. He’s busy corrupting teaching young children in the Caribbean, no doubt.

      Either that, or the zoom briefing isn’t so brief…

      1. I don’t think he’s teaching anyone, he’s a danger to children, I honestly believe his hobby and his job are one and the same: political disruption, confusion spreading, gaslighting and propaganda.

  7. Even if we take the original statement which involved the scale of anti-Semitism
    being exaggerated – this is a question suitable for “More or Less” viz numeracy.

    So we have the general public judging that antisemitism is present last a scale of
    one in three Labour Party members whereas the actual scale is about one in
    thousand,. It is obvious that the first is very much larger than the second –
    it has either been deliberately exaggerated – or Starmer et al are enumerate.

    AS for Corbyn apologising – he has done that already – far too many times

    1. HolbyfanMw…you have a way with words,that doesn’t pile in with hobnail boots like me.and you still manage to get the message across without offending anyone…well done you can take i himself on in the wee hours..I have tried everything and it doesn’t stop him …Maybe hes on somthing?

    2. So how many times did Jeremy apologise Holby? As far as I’m aware Jeremy apologised four or five times during his tenure as leader, yet you make it sound like he apologised on numerous occasions. He refuted what the Chief Rabbi said AND then refused to apologise when Andrew Neil did his fascist number on him later that day, for example. And he refused to apologise regarding the wreath-laying ceremony. My point is that Jeremy ONLY apologised when he felt it was called for and right to do so, and DIDN’T when he knew that there was nothing to apologise for.

      And it is a myth – a falsehood – disseminated by the shills on here that he apologised ‘too much’ or ‘too many times’. And disseminated for the obvious reason!

  8. Statistically 0.01% of the membership were found to have been antisemetic mostly in their social media postings. These people were expelled from the party. Therefore Jeremy was absolutely right when he said our antisemitism problem was exaggerated by political opponents outside and inside the party. For making this mild and completely truthful statement Jeremy was suspended and although the NEC agreed his reinstatement, Keir Starmer immediately withdrew the whip thereby proving Jeremy’s point about political opponents.
    His actions show very clearly that Keir Starmer is not a fair or decent man. As a result his reputation is rightly in tatters among the membership. That is why so many paid trolls infest this site and others posting in defence of him and undermining Jeremy and the Left. This latest fiasco should come as a surprise to nobody and I believe it is just the tip of the iceberg – there will be a lot more to come.

    1. Couldn’t agree more and I would go so far to say, anyone that supports Starmer is part of his agenda, his dishonesty is so clear to anyone, that it really can’t be denied, indeed if there are enough in the party that could put a motion of no confidence in the whole current leadership, that have brought the party into disrepute, should be rising to the occasion.

      Starmer and his right wing cohort are not concerned one bit about the disastrous implication of their actions, like Neo-Liberals everywhere, they just plough on regardless hoping people are too stupid to notice.

      1. Sadly they are both that stupid and won’t notice because of the Tory propaganda media will do anything to protect a fellow scumba! It’s enought to want to make you hurl most days!

    2. A lot more to come?

      A social media journalist suggested that the Forde report implicated a senior front bencher in the undermining of Corbyn. I thought it was an open field, any one of a number. That number is now looking very small.

      I can’t think why Starmer is resisting publishing it.

      1. Nemtona – I haven’t seen the social media post and would be grateful if you would please clarify if it was one of Jeremy’s front bench or one of the current front bench that he suggests was implicated in the Forde report. Thanks

    3. Other than Steve H I cant remember anyone other than a couple of people ever supporting Steve H in fact its unusual nowadays to see anyone other than davidh …centrist dad SH …Steve Hall supporting him and has you know its good for democracy to have a range of opinions even from mr Hall who has multiple personality disorder under the aliases above in support of his other selfs argument..We have yet to fully understand the phenomenon of Steve H but we are working on it night and day.for a medical breakthrough.

  9. Blurry logic. This is what its oftentimes confused practitioners do: confuse premises and conclusions. Then they forget which is which.

    Outright liars and charlatans do it too.

    Starmer and his cronies are probably both – yes, confused but also ouright liars, defalcators and schlenters to the stars (well, trilatoral billionaires and their hard-right anti-socialism).

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