Campbell expelled from Labour

Blair spin doctor expelled under rule banning support for other parties

Former Blair spin-doctor and current campaigner for a so-called “people’s vote” Alastair Campbell has been expelled from the Labour Party after stating on radio that he had voted LibDem.

Labour’s rules make support for a rival candidate an ‘auto-exclusion’ event. Campbell will, of course, have been well aware of this fact when he announced it.

The SKWAWKBOX understands that the decision was taken at the weekend but notification could not be sent until the end of the bank holiday break.


This will not, of course, prevent the Establishment media treating Campbell as a go-to for anti-Corbyn comment, but the party is better for his self-inflicted departure.

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  1. Only 20 years too late….Ah well.

    Might cheer the miserable po-faced arrogant twunt up, now. Pity it won’t shut him up, like. 🙁

  2. Despite all the crap I and other Remain voters get on here, at least you may respect me for stopping my Labour membership before voting Green. (What a justified vote it was with Greens winning a seat in the N West – will vote for them again in the next EU elections!!!!!)

    1. I certainly welcome that – but that doesn’t explain why you are still here.

    2. Oh, and I’m a remainer, and I’ve had no crap at all; but I’m a realist too. 😉

      1. You can count on the fingers of one finger the number of times we have shit in the enemy withins custard,
        Not going to hold my breath for others but hey ho still a good day

    3. Hopefully we won’t hear from you again on here. The Guardian is more your forum surely ? Though the Greens used to have some very, very, critical things to say about the EU too , on TTIP for instance. Mind you the Greens used to verbally oppose Austerity – until they took control of Brighton Council, and then implemented cuts with gusto under Council Leader Kitkat, and had a long industrial dispute with their bin men – which led to Caroline Lucas organising a volunteer scabbing campaign to collect uncollected rubbish ! All forgotten now as the Green’s impeccable middle class credentials come to the fore.

      1. Trans. ‘Go away – I’m in a deep sleep, dreaming of 1848’

        jpenny of the echoing empty room – hates hearing other than his own predilections.

        .. which may explain a lot in terms of learning.

        Joe – I the last thing such want is the reality of the Labour Party to impinge.

      2. And RH denies being s troll, despite siding with a defector to the Greens against Labour Party members.
        I rest my case.

      3. “.. siding with a defector to the Greens against Labour Party members…”

        Are you really that dim, or – as I suggested – just an actual troll involved in the sort of fictions that aim to paint an image of Labour supporters as pretty stupid?

        Your pick. Me? – I side with the views of most real Party members.

    1. Absolutely. I complained,as did many others,at the time but no response yet. Campbell’s decision was pretty quick as was the suspension of Chris Williamson,hope this doesn’t mean the appalling Hodge will get away with her shenanigans again.

    2. Hodge is 100% safe, at least until the EHRC investigation has been completed.

  3. The Architect of the mass murder of thousands of innocent Iraqis and British soldiers should be in the Hague Labour should have got shut of this thing years ago now it TB time to go

    1. He was not the architect. He was the willing accomplice:

      “But in its final drafting stages Campbell nevertheless sought and secured no fewer than fourteen changes to the wording of the dossier, each one toughening its language” (Correspondence released to the Hutton Inquiry).

      “The End of the Party: The Rise and Fall of New Labour” by Andrew Rawnsley (Viking 2010) hardback edition, p117.

      But good riddance, anyway!

      I hope others will follow.

  4. Campbell repeated it on BBC Tv on the election results prog, just in case it got missed. Now he can join the LibDems with ‘honour’; honour being defined in his case as ‘I just shit on Labour’.
    A Nation Mourns, as Private Eye might say ….

  5. I see AC tried to bring antisemitism into it when he found he’d been expelled. Another smearer.

    1. Today’s Wiki entry:
      “…On 28 May 2019, Campbell announced that he had been expelled from the Labour party after voting for the Liberal Democrats in that month’s European elections, and that he would appeal the decision.[66] He also questioned the speed of his expulsion by Jeremy “Kangaroo Court” Corbyn compared to the treatment of Labour colleagues accused of anti-semitism. In response, shadow minister Dawn Butler stated that it was common knowledge that voting for another party would result in automatic exclusion.[3]…”

      Jeremy “Kangaroo Court” Corbyn! Did he say that? I think that just about sums up the attitude of these so-called ‘centrists’ towards the whole party, not just JC, more especially when you read in the Guardian that:
      “…The news prompted immediate recriminations from Labour backbenchers and members who support Campbell’s stance on a second referendum, who characterised the decision as evidence that the party leadership’s priorities were wrong.

      Jess Phillips, the MP for Birmingham Yardley, tweeted that Campbell was “expelled quicker than a man who threatened to kill me [and] quicker than a man in my [local party] who denied the Holocaust”, adding that the two had only been suspended…”

    2. Stewart, it appears that our Jess doesn’t understand the party’s rules. You don’t need any other evidence apart from the fact that the support for another party has happened. But that’s not the important point for her.
      But, after due process and if the allegations are proved, those other cases she refers should be dealt with by expulsion.

      1. She of course knows perfectly well that voting for another party carries an automatic and immediate expulsion, whereas allegations have to be investigated.

  6. Rules is rules Campbell; just in case EHRC don’t get it. I wonder how this will be reported as an example of Anti-Semitism? Thus speaketh a Working Class; Un-Progressive; Stalinist Brexiteer.

  7. Wow! I stand (pleasantly) corrected.

    Well done Labour! Kudos.

  8. Well this is excellent. Well done Labour.

    Now Blair & Hodge should go and Chris Williamson’s suspension lifted.

    1. …and reverse the expulsion of George Galloway, Marc Wadsworth and Ken Livingstone immediately.

      1. George Galloway can go and screw himself for siding with Farage. There’s being for Brexit on a leftist ticket against a Neo-liberal EU, and there’s giving credence to a dangerous right-wing demagogue whose interests are for the same Neo-liberalism as that in the EU, just on a nationalist and divisive basis that suits himself.

        The enemy isn’t just the EU, it’s twats like Farage, Johnson and the other scum of the Right. Siding with them for whatever reason is doing their work for them and giving them credibility. Sorry, he stepped way over the line on with that.

        As for the rest you mention: sure, they should be reinstated immediately. Also those who caused their unjust expulsions should be themselves expelled for “bringing the party into disrepute”.

      2. Graham 28/05/2019 at 10:57 pm · ·

        “George Galloway can go and screw himself for siding with Farage”

        There’s quite a few, who comment on this site, that regard 🐱‍👤 as some sort of divine deity

      3. SteveH 28/05/2019 at 11:26 pm

        Then they’ve fallen down the same sewer as Galloway.

        The problem isn’t really supporting Brexit or Remain, it’s giving Left credentials to hostile forces, which can be in both camps of the Brexit/Remain divide.

        For me, the EU debate is a big diversion from the interests of the working class. For three years this bollocks has overshadowed things like the NHS, the state of education, disability, jobs, zero hour contracts, the essential utilities and corporate greed. That’s no accident, either, as it suits the governing classes that we’re looking at the fluffy squirrel’s tail than on the country falling apart. Tell you what, even if we leave or stay, the arguments and distractions from both sides will continue for several years if we let it.

        In or out of the EU, it’s still capitalism that’ll face us. In or out of the EU, the ruling class will still run things. It’s that which we need to change, and tying yourself to Farage and Co, as well as to those whose interests are with the EU, is just giving the ruling classes the initiative. They’ll find profit in or out of the EU. It’s not our jobs to help them.

        Anyway, rant over.

  9. There’s something missing from this thread….

    Did I say ‘something missing’?? I meant there’s some people haven’t commented on this thread.

    I guess they have their reasons, eh??

    1. “there’s some people haven’t commented on this thread.”
      We know what they’d say: I have no truck with Campbell but he’s got it right on this one. Blah, blah, blah, dodgy dossier, blah, blah, showed honour and integrity, blah, I’d do it myself if I wasn’t already a member of the LibDems. Lexiteer idiots blah, blah, blah.

      1. …blah blah I’m so depressed I’m meeting my publisher for lunch blah blah…

  10. Quite right too! Should have resigned before voting, the honest thing to do. What price integrity these days in any of these public figures?

    1. Do bloody shut up RH,your “contributions”are becoming increasingly unhinged.

      1. Standard level 2 troll, RH.
        Distraction with irrelevant content.

      2. “Do bloody shut up”

        Mmmm – I think you and your little playground buddies far surpass me in the ‘unhinged’ stakes, frothing at the collective mouth at disagreement with knee-jerkery. As displayed here.

        Rattles out of the collective pram – as usual when argument fails or there is no answer.

        … and – no – not at all irrelevant content. Campbell reaped the consequences of his actions.

        Done. Dusted.

        Now – what about the Party chair going against the whip ? Not expulsion – but no internal sanction, or even a slap on the wrist for a senior office holder playing the prima donna and gifting the Tories in a crucial vote? Double standards, methinks.

  11. I was kicked out as a supporter for retweeting Caroline Lucas’s anti fracking post but I didn’t vote for her. Frankly Campbell should have resigned before going public but I suspect he doesn’t think that rules apply to him. An arrogant man with a big mouth. Incidentally there wasn’t all this fuss when the Tories pulled the whip from Michael Heseltine for doing the same thing!

    1. Sorry to hear that Peter. Absolutely right about the relative media coverage. It’s what we expect though.

  12. Incidentally there wasn’t all this fuss when the Tories pulled the whip from Michael Heseltine for doing the same thing!

    Aye, noticed that meself – And heseltine was a former deputy PM, not some friggin’ overpromoted speech writer

  13. Campbell’s not Jewish and he’s not Blair, not liked particularly. They can get away with throwing him out more easily.

  14. It was of course correct to expell Campbell Blair’s enabler but we still have MPs in the Party who are doing far more harm than that ‘has been’ is doing.

    We still have people such as Margaret Hodge and Louise Elman attempting to get rid of Corbyn by any means possible, mostly foul, and we have another Blairite left-over Siohbhain McDonogh eager to give Emma Barnett all the anti-Semitism dirt she wanted on tonight’s News Night. Emma Barnett the interviewer who tried to humiliate Corbyn during a live interview when he didn’t have the figures she wanted on child care costs.

    How long will it be before the fanatical Brexiters in these columns start to come out against Corbyn when he announces that we will begin the campaign to put the Brexit choice back to the people? Lets see how these oh so gobby ‘Socialists’ react when they are faced with supporting Corbyn one of the very few real Socialists in the PLP!

  15. Needless to say, this was all contrived! And in their coverage of it – on BBC News 24 – they conveniently omit to mention that Labour Party rules clearly state that voting for or supporting another political party is an automatic expulsion.

  16. This is the next anti-socialist coup emerging before our very eyes. Watson up to his usual divisive stuff (Why is he still a member?!) and the BBC egging on the situation – there are apparently hundreds of others who voted against labour who are inviting expulsion.

    Might be a good opportunity to bite the bullet and get rid of them all en masse. The next labour govt will have a hard enough time fighting external fortces without having to battle with fifth columnists on its own front bench and in the wider membership.

  17. No not “expelled” from the Party his membership was automatically cancelled by virtue of his own action hat was in contravention of the Party’s rules. In this case it is a rule that is so basic that it is hard to see how a former senior member of the Party would not be aware of it. The forfeiture of membership is so immediate that the only action the Party needs to take is to confirm that a person is no longer a member. There is no provision for any hearing or even for a decision to be made
    So don’t play into his hands by suggesting that anyone in the Party took a decision to chuck him out and that he is some sort of a martyr.He has effectively made a decision to resign his own membership and being the man he is he is trying to milk the situation for all its worth.
    Harshly dealt with? Can anyone name a political Party that permits its members to promote another party that it’s in opposition to and still retain their membership? It’s a bloody daft idea isn’t it?

  18. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was a carefully designed coup by Campbell. After all, he would have known what he was saying was an expulsion matter.

    1. Oh, you can be 100% certain that it was all crafted and concocted by the Blairites! The script – for the different actors that would be playing a part – was no doubt written and finalised weeks ago.

    Netanyahu is in trouble.

    Israeli parliament votes to dissolve itself and calls fresh election.

  20. I’ve no sympathy whatsoever, Campbell and his New Labour chums (Blair + Mandelson +Adonis et al) have repeatedly shown they have no intention of supporting a Corbyn lead Labour party, they’d be a lot happier in TiG as thats basically a rebranded new Labour

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