Right now targets Welsh FM Drakeford – UK’s most successful serving Labour leader

For daring to associate with other left-wingers, Drakeford is now on the right’s hit-list and subject of widespread hostile briefings – the Labour right wants ‘its’ party back

The Labour right and its media allies have turned their attention on Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford in their eagerness to expel or cow the left of the party.

Drakeford is being attacked – and no doubt set up for suspension – for appearing at the The World Transformed (TWT) festival that takes place alongside Labour’s annual conference in Brighton. In order to fit up Drakeford, the right-friendly media are spinning up the flimsiest of material into the illusion of substance, quoting a councillor in Hampshire – not a Welsh Labour member, then – and a group called ‘Wales against antisemitism’ that barely exists online, with only four results on Google, of which two relate to its criticism of Drakeford:

Drakeford’s ‘sin’? Speaking at The World Transformed – not on a platform with any of the persecuted groups the Labour party has suddenly ‘proscribed’ as undesirable, but as part of a discussion on UBI, a ‘universal basic income’.

The Labour right long dominated Wales before Drakeford’s election and still holds sway over large parts of the party. It wants ‘its’ territory back, just like it seized Scottish Labour against the democratic will of Scottish members – and even more so now that there are noises in Wales about making Welsh Labour fully separate from the toxic and woefully ignorant Westminster version; more so still because Drakeford is perpetually outshining Keir Starmer to be Labour’s most successful leader and opposition.

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  1. Wales Against Anti-Semitism probably consists of one schlemeil and his cat.

    1. Jeremy told Sir Keir:

      “You’re a schlemiel! You always were a schlemiel, you always will be a schlemiel! You look, act, dress and talk like a schlemiel! You’ll be a schlemiel until the day you die! And if they ran a competition for schlemiels, you’d take second place as the world’s second biggest schlemiel!”

      “Why only second place?” Sir Keir asked.

      “Because you’re a schlemiel!”

    2. Anything to do with CAAS? Let’s all join their next march, the details are in the JC.

  2. As first stated over a year now, SIR “starmer is bad Bad BAD news”.
    Much worse to come, etc. “predictable and EASILY predicted”, “Doing as they have always done”; “Doing as they said openly, they would do”
    Not mistakes / errors.
    SIR starmer should never have been gifted a place in the Shadow Cabinet. The first coup should have been sufficient to suspend the saboteurs and Withdraw the Whip.
    I’m not surprised by this latest.
    WORSE still to come.

    1. Signpost notwindchimes…There could be something to build on here if the Welsh members declared that they are a part of the Labour movement but not under the thumb of the English Labour party….Lets hope that somehow despite the death grip of the right wing that Wales could be a answer for autonomy of the Labour movement.,The right wing cannot resist the idea of stamping their jackboots all over the Welsh Labour party in a repeat performance of the destruction in England and Scotland,IT beggers belief that one poster on here wanted to export the Labour jackboots party to Ireland,as if they havnt suffered enough.from Colonialism.and famines.

  3. What are the rules about joining the Welsh Labour party and is it a seperate Labour party?Sorry for my ignorance even though one of my grandfathers was Welsh I have never actually got into the Welsh connection.ITs interesting to see how a left wing leader survived the witchunt and I wonder if we have learnt from the ashes of the English Labour party and the Welsh leader has managed to get to the membership were I suspect is strength is.

    1. Joseph, experienced members may know. Your idea shows yet again, many minds & hands make light work. Brilliant!!! It never occurred to me.
      Join Drakeford TRUE Labour en masse. Put candidates in ALL CLPs as “emergency measures” as SIR starmer & Evans are ILLEGALLY occupying “Labour” and breaking every rule, seizing assets and humiliating the rightful owners, US.
      Familiar??? SIR Starmer follows as led by €🅾️🅾️🅾️,🅾️🅾️🅾️.🅾️🅾️ x 💯s. Only following orders.
      No respect, even for the lives of others. EXACTLY like Mandelson Straw Blair … Ask steveH davidH SH, it’s their nature.

  4. Drakeford has a very relaxed, friendly and engaging style and appears to go out of the way to explain himself to questioners. You might even say a successful template to gain respect and popularity with the electorate. Obviously won’t get anywhere with Starmer in power.

  5. The Welsh Labour Leader has been, rightly, lauded for his handling of the Pandemic, in Wales, over this past eighteen months. Cautious, compassionate and sensible, is how many have described it, in comparison to Johnson’s efforts, at Westminster.

    There is no doubt this, in large part – coupled with the use of Jeremy Corbyn’s GE19 Manifesto – resulted in Welsh Labour’s stunning victory in the Welsh Senedd Elections, in May of this year, winning the maximum number of Seats permitted, under the Devolution Rules.

    Mark Drakeford increased his own, personal, majority by 10,000 votes. Yes, you read that right, 10,000 votes.

    That resulted in Starmer scuttling off to Cardiff, to – once again – bathe in the reflected glory of someone else, grabbing one of the few opportunities he will ever have of glory.

    Welsh Labour won, largely, due to their own efforts, but also because Labour Southside and the national MSM, were absent throughout the Election Campaign. They missed the chance to aim their natural malice, spite and vindictiveness at, the left-leaning, Welsh Labour. A circumstance I, immediately, predicted would be corrected in time for the next Election.

    Well, here it is. It may be a deranged whisper, at the moment, but watch it take root and grow.

    By the way, I believe the best course of action for Welsh Labour, is to disaffiliate from, the rancid, UK(Southside) Labour, or they may, in due course, run the risk of suffering a demise, similar to Scottish Labour.

    Solidarity, with Mark Drakeford! Solidarity, with Welsh Labour!

    1. George Peel
      You could be onto something here
      A quick and easy way to bankrupt the fuckers and seize back power
      The left should set up separate Labour parties, Liverpool Labour Party Newcadtle Labour party, run on a voluntary basis and diverting subscriptions from Temporary Embarrassment and his fellow fascists
      Once we put them into insolvency we can reclaim the brand ans come back together as Socialist Labour

      1. You’re onto something there Doug and Jo. Since the ’70s and ’80s only the Labour-right complain at the idea of “a party within a party”. Yet, they’re the ones who benefit from it; Labour First, the Co-Operative party and the shameless Progress Inc. cliques all exhibiting ideological and organisational traits of a political party within Labour.

        why not an identifiable democratic socialist party within</b the Labour party, which members can support and finance? I'd support it.

      1. To save themselves being dragged down into the neoliberal swamp, alongside Southside Labour.

        There is no one I can see, in Southside Labour – Welsh, or not – that Mark Drakeford would be anxious to have in his Cabinet.

  6. I understand that there are council by-elections in the next few weeks in Sheffield and Calderdale. It’ll be interesting to see the degree to which support for the LP surges.

  7. Interesting article and perhaps explains why Radio 4 Today programme yesterday ran a piece about the Welsh Government buying ventilators for schools followed by a writer from the New Scientist rubbishing the concept ,saying “all these things work well in labs but it’s different in the real world,whilst admitting he didn’t really know what system had been bought as he was on holiday in Greece.

  8. It seems that on twitter, the right are taking the lead from Lee Harlin in a coordinated campaign. They’re all referring to “a trot jamboree”.

    1. Have you now or ever had a case of the runs. If yes then come and join us at The Trot Jamboree.

    2. They probably think a Trot Jamboree is a rather superior Eton Mess. The Labour Right are hardly human, nevermind intelligent.

  9. The targeting of Mark Drakeford was to be expected going by the way Jeremy Corbyn and others have been treated in the recent past. I have no doubt whatsoever that Marks finances, personal life, old twitter posts ,old newspaper articles etc are being trawled through at this time in the hope of finding something the party can use to try to discredit/expel him. This is what Labour has been reduced to- snooping and conniving against our members at every level, censoring, passing judgement and rapid reprisal on anyone who is a socialist, critic of Israeli policy or who just has a thought of their own.
    still probably be stunned when it is wiped out at the next election.

  10. Nandy and Milliband have platformed at TWT previously, don’t hear the rabid rights dogs barking after them !

    1. It seems Southside Labour have relabelled the event ‘Trot World Transformed’. Isn’t that, just, hilarious?

      Sadly, they share a sense of humour failure, alongside their Tory brethren.

      1. I saw on line version that the Jewish News announced that Jeremy Corbyn is to speak at a “trot Jamboree” – how very rude and disrespectful. It seems to me that to demand politeness and respect from others while engaging in nasty crass behaviour yourself is hypocritical and unrealistic . However I have no doubt that anyone who retaliates in kind will be called an Antisemitie.

  11. “I understand that there are council by-elections in the next few weeks in Sheffield and Calderdale.”

    Do we know anything about the candidates ?
    Are they just right-wing stooges ?
    Have a couple of good socialists managed to dodge the grim reaper ?

    I rather warm to the idea of setting up local Labour Parties – Not easy – but worth exploring.
    The flame of socialism will not be extinguished by the “natural malice, spite and vindictiveness” to which George Peel refers.
    We have to get out from under the dead-hand of Labour Southside because they are (intentionally) killing us.
    The trouble is – WE WON’T LIE DOWN !!!

    1. As with everything else in life in general and even the LP in particular the answers to those kind of questions will very much depend on the process and who has control over it.

      Before any candidate appears on a Party unit (Ward Branch or Constituency) selection long and subsequent short list they have to make it onto the local Panel via the interview and training programme process of the Local Campaign Forum (LCF) – what was formally the District Labour Party and soon to be one the LGC (Local Campaign Group).

      Just as who controls the discipline, grievance and complaints process controls who gets disciplined and whose grievances are ignored, those who control the Panel process control who gets on the Panel and who gets a shot at being a candidate.

  12. Like being stuck in an abusive relationship.

    Starmer and co aren’t going to change. More fool members for putting up with this.

  13. I encourage everybody to read this Twitter thread from Jess Barnard who is the Chair of Young Labour.
    It really shows how the current Labour Party is a cesspit of corruption. And before the Chief Turd Polisher comes on here to wind everybody up, he can go screw himself.

    “A few months ago, myself and @lara_eleanor met with David Evans once we were told the party would not be holding a Young Labour conference this year, despite it being a rulebook requirement. We tried to negotiate, made the case for democratic engagement but were outright refused. I asked David Evans if he would inform young members that this was his call and if he would provide YL with more resources at national conference to make up for it. He agreed to both……”

    1. baz2001,

      By “chief turd polisher,” do I presume you are referring to Keith Stalin’s henchman on this Blog, namely SteveH, who one would presume is now having a small vacation in time to ramp up posting during the Labour Conference.

  14. The leadership really don’t care.

    Read the Chair of Young Labour Jess Barnard’s exasperation with the leadership’s lack of interest, posted on Twitter in the last few hours. Barely believable stuff.

    Who are Starmer and Evans, and what are they doing in the Labour party , apart from destroying it?

    More and more convinced Starmer’s continuation is not in Labour’s nor UK democracy’s interests.

  15. Exactly right Andy …. Starmer and Evans’ mission is to destroy the Labour Party as an effective representative of the poor, the oppressed and the disadvantaged …….. in fact to make it a safe space for the rich and the powerful.

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