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Tories advertise for emergency body storage – until 2025

What the Tories really expect – and in a document issued after vaccine roll-out

Tory-run Westminster City Council has issued a request for offers to provide emergency storage facilities for the bodies of those killed in an ‘excess deaths situation’ – as the coronavirus death toll continues to mount despite the fact that schools are still closed for the holidays in most places and in spite of the Tories’ continued exclamations of confidence in the effectiveness of the vaccine programme.

While daily deaths have not yet reached the levels of the worst of the pandemic, they have increased dramatically since Boris Johnson began to lift remaining anti-transmission measures despite the urging of huge numbers of global scientific and medical experts:

And now a Tory-run London council – certainly briefed by Sajid Javid’s Department of Health and Social Care – is advertising for emergency storage capacity for ‘excess death situations’. And it says they will be needed for another four years, giving a clear indication of how long the government really thinks its murderous mismanagement of the pandemic response is going to continue to ‘pile bodies high‘:

This is not the first such tender to be issued during the pandemic. Last year, the Tories quietly tripled mortuary capacity – at the same time as they were claiming that the peak of the pandemic was passed and lifting the first lockdown. More people died in the second wave than in the first.

When Boris Johnson’s lips are moving to claim he cares about the lives of the UK’s people or that he is ‘following the science’, he is lying. Just occasionally, despite the unwillingness of the so-called ‘mainstream’ media to hold the Tories to account or to scrutinise their claims, the truth peeps out in documents such as this.

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  1. Yes, sadly cases rising all over the world. Tent morgues being re erected abroad💧💧💧

    1. ps Johnson prepared to accept 50,000 excess deaths per year.
      If this StarmerJohnson regime continues, prep for double Johnson’s figure.💦💦💦

      1. Will Javid also classify these new mortuaries as ‘new hospitals’.

      2. The Fear-mongers in the MSM and Talk Radio seem to be getting to you, signpost. ONS tells me that Covid has a survival rate of 99.8. It has an infection-fatality rate of 0.18. (thats the average number Jan-2020 to Jul-2021). It’s quite possible that the untested Emergency Use vaccines are harming more people than covid is.

  2. All that recently vacated office space at Labour HQ,… hmm, could Starmer and Evans be about to find a new way to boost the party’s coffers? By going into the storage business.

    Also, Starmer knows all about death, having helped to kill Labour’s chances in 2019.

  3. SteveH27/08/2021 AT 9:50 PM
    Will Javid also classify these new mortuaries as ‘new hospitals’.


    What do you reckon stammer will rename universal credit??

    Ubiquitous Welfare? 😕

    1. In times of uncertainty makes sense to do some contingency planning. Imagine if these facilties were needed and they weren’t available, what a fuss there would be. Are we for emergency planning or against it?

      1. They did your ‘contingency planning’ back in 2017.

        It was called Operation Cygnus. And they ignored the recommendations.

        Youre not very bright, are you?!

      2. Thi government dont do any emergency planng unless their is money in it for them and their Chums…Plain Citizen I understand the lodgic behind your comment but this type of planning spells danger for the working-class and especially the vulnerable .Any government that murders the elderly in care homes cant be trusted to not be repeat offenders.IN a civilised society these monsters of our own making would be on life sentances banged up and the keys thrown away.

  4. The real killer across the world has been “poverty” with increasingly ignored malaria Tb,typhoid,dengue,and slow starvation of children.Access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation have been ignored and all that comes with it.How much longer will the UNICEF warning in the UK be ignored because of the Virus.,and after the virus as gone the vulnerable people will still be allowed to face the disease of poverty and deprivation.The scandel of child poverty in one of the richest country’s in the world is an obscenity that will grow unchecked and largly ignored by the Government and the Opposition because to enforce the “New order” poverty must succeed.We are entering a new dark age were starvation and disease are acceptable once again to “cull the herd” and enforce draconian laws against the working-class.We said never again after the wars in Europe ,but we never heard anything from our leaders on the biggest killer of our people POVERTY.!.The answer to real Opposition can only come from the people not a rigged system and a corrupt government.Build your emergency morgues and plan for even more tomorrow.because the UK is facing a far more dangerous disease than the Virus.

    1. I agree Joseph. It’s the New Order, globalist take over. The ‘treatment’ is also going to cause more harm than good if the voices of those silenced scientists are continually stifled.

    2. Well said Joseph.

      And Covid?

      A killer for sure, but during the full-year in which it has had a specially-redefined “pandemic” named after it, 2020, there have been no “excess deaths” in the UK. In fact, 2020 had the thirteenth-lowest total deaths number of any year in the twenty-first century.

      Doesn’t compute, does it?

      Coronavirus is not causing the ‘medical’ emergency that the Coronavirus Act 2020 contemplated and/or facilitated, but it is allowing our vile government to siphon £billions to transnational capitalist sponsors and set up a bio-security infrastructure that will play a major part in maintaining the United Kingdom’s pivotal role in a “global network of oligarchs is moving towards the final stages of its long held plan to construct a single global system of governance. Often referred to as the New World Order (NWO), it is a collaboration between supranational political organisations, like the United Nations and the European Union, controlled scientific authorities, such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), global financial institutions, including the World Bank, IMF, ECB and Bank for International Settlements (BIS), globalist organisations like the World Economic Forum (WEF), NGO’s like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and policy making thinks tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Club of Rome and the Trilateral Commission.

      “The UK State is one, prominent tentacle of the emerging global governance system. It has capitalised on the COVID 19 crisis to create the conditions for a new global economic and political model. While COVID 19 appears to be a nasty strain of the common coronavirus, in Part 2 we will discuss how the UK State has spun a fake narrative about the disease to further the interests of it’s globalist, oligarch masters. Managing a response to a pandemic is merely the deceptive justification for the planned re-engineering of”.

      1. Nailed it quertboi. I believe, in listening to veritable scientists who have been silenced and pushed to other media platforms, such as Rumble (Glen Greenwald, a hero amongst journalists imo, has moved to Rumble) that the C19 virus is real and looking more and more like a gain of function pathogen and there’s talk of it having been engineered with HIV. In 2016 Fauci/Gates along side the WHO, WEF and meetings at DAVOS predicted such a pathogen WOULD ‘be released’ and that globally it would cause great change. Well they weren’t wrong were they? There really is more to this outbreak than meets the eye and once you join the dots the globalists have nowhere to hide. Remember Starmer is a member of the Trilateral commission and if the level of deceit and corruption within the Labour party is anything to go by why should other NGO’s be any different. The whole system is corrupt, and I know from a personal level in dealing with the PHSO, CQC, MET, DoH, to mention a few that the corruption is so bad there is no such thing as justice, just control.

      2. Liz 3321…..ITs nice to see new posters,but excess deaths that you ouote were down to being locked in and down just like my two brothers who were murdered by Boris Johnson and ably assisted by the Labour party.

      3. @Liz3321, trust ONS for raw data, but be aware that since 2016 many researchers and analystss have noted that its treatment of mortality data is erratic and inconsistent. Even the Information Commiissioner has publically commented on this. The etymology of it has caused many (mostly health analyists and doctors, but also economists) to point out that in some areas (I only know about motality data), the data is being manipulated precisely to support the pandemic emergency. Cause of Death is automatically classed as covid when a subject has undrtaken a positive PCR test within 28 days of the illness that results in death,, and as every expert (there are remarkably few) is forced to admit, RT PCR technology is incapable of identifying real-world, disease-causing infection (which is why a ‘case’ in the covid world is not the same as a ‘case’ in the medical world, with almost 90% of ‘cases’ being asymptomatic and without any illness markers).

        The proper definition of “excess deaths” which ONS had applied until some point in 2016 or 2017 is entirely statistical and amounts to death number comapred with avera

      4. qwertboi – I thought you might find this an informative listen

        Disinformation: A User’s Guide
        Archive on 4 – duration 1hr
        What if there was never a ‘truth’ era before ‘post-truth’? Phil Tinline mines a century of disinformation tricks.

      5. @Teresa Steele, thanks for your thoughts.

        I suspect that the lab-leak/bio-weapon stories are just distractions promoted by the very people who promote the “covid narrative” (the real Conspiracy) to stop us realising that for most people (except those with acute vitamin D deficiency, angiotensin issues and autoimmune conditions), covid is no more virulent than a bad dose of the ‘flu.

    1. Possibly, but Johnson’s manifesto did promise to repeal the Fixed Term Parliament Act.
      But who will be leading the Tories then, I wonder.

  5. I seem to remember there was a time when certain people were saying the young aren’t affected by covid….

  6. Just got an email from my GP surgery. Due to a nationwide shortage of blood bottles, we won’t be doing routine blood tests for the foreseeable future.

    1. So at least you will have a mortuary to go to?Times are tough Lundiel and such extravagance as blood bottles have to be paid for.Even mr knight as had to downsize the unwashed at Fawlty towers hq.

      1. Morning star covering Bakers union president being targeted by Labour party witchunt and the Labour party alarmingly moving away from the unions..

    2. The shortage of blood bottles story is a Guardian creation. I’m not sure if it’s true, or rather, if it’s not a foreseeable shortage which was perhaps intentionally not addressed by the NHS supply chain. Even practicing NHS GPs are voicing the possibility and citing it as another instance of covid cauusing widespread clinical dysfunction in the NHS (but, of course, you wouldn’t expect the covid narrative-supporting Guardian to acknowledge this).

      There are four types of (colour coded) blood bottles and the NHS is 80+% reliant on one single supplier, which, for commercial reasons, prioritises European customers and is working at full-throtle to satisfy its German customers who, as a country, undertake 85% fewer PCR tests than the UK, and who routinely undertake blood antigen tests to detect viral infection (as good medics should).

  7. What makes people think an “excess deaths situation” would be down to Covid-19?

    More likely it’d be from rioting, suicides and vaccine-related deaths…

    1. and cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, regular ‘flu, etc., because of the government’s effective closedown of hospitals and GPS (Simon Stevens, a willing accomplice?) during and around the lockdowns.

      Even the dubious ONS press release which poster liz3321 linked to above shows that deaths in care homes and at home increased phenomenally during 2020 and that death by each of the above conditions (except ‘flu) increased considerably at the very times that GP surgeries and NHS Hospitals were isolating themselves from patients. Doctors expect cancer deaths, for example, to stay high for the next 5 years because of the NHS’s effective closedown during 2020 and parts of 2021.

  8. Her majestic majesty,should rejoice rejoice!Declare a Holiday extension the evacuation of Kabul has been a Success and the Dogs are safe,whilst thousands of British helpers and some slightly suntanned British subjects are abandoned to the revenge of the Taliban for conspiring with the enemy…For a country like Cambodia were dogs are still on the menu its been difficult to explain to the locals especially my grandchildren why a human being is not considered as important as one hundred and fifty. rescue dogs.I have eaten all types of local food Beatles,crunchy crickets,snakes,and fried frog stuffed with herbs but I never considered that the dog even dougs dog 🐕 would be considered despite how tasty they are as being more worthy of evacuation than a British subject….maybe its somthing peculiar to the British were a subject is worth less than a dog even a corgi.?

  9. ON a point of clarification,I am told that our feline friends were not abandoned in Kabul,but were also saved.and flown out..So her majesty can rest easy in the knowledge that lives were saved on the last flights to leave kabul bound for dear old blighty..and the suntanned British subjects?they were obviously not dogs or cats.and probably wouldn’t have liked Bolton or Stoke anyhow?

  10. The ‘fiscally competent’ Tories are in a lot of trouble over party funding. Their reliance on big donors has let them down big time.
    In 2019 the Tories declared donations of £55.7million but in 2020 this dropped dramatically by 70% to only £17.2million leaving the Tory Party with a massive deficit of -£5.4million. (compared to a surplus of £13million in 2019).

    1. Is it any wonder that they resorted to selling off PPE contracts. They were getting desperate.

      1. Did the knight and his misfits buy into PPE it would explain were some of the missing millions went?…Any idea where jeremys legacy of millions in surplus might be mr Steve Hall centrist Dad and co?..I

    1. We have all heard about the dodgy commission and the take overStevie boy 👦.Doctored figures and private sector organisations that are trading on the reputation of former respected organisations..that were bought out .Dodgy dominion systems with doctored software systemsthats about the level of trust that must be shown to your propoganda collaberater steve h hall centrist Dad davidh,sh,SH…Steve H?and many more deceitful aliases to back up your comments and propaganda.Most people know the score with you,but for new posters the comments from this paid shill must be taken with a bucket of salt..!

      1. Joseph – What on earth are you blathering on about. Your comment is, to put it as kindly as possible, difficult to decipher.
        What dodgy commission would that be?
        It would be helpful if you could you clarify precisely who you are accusing of what and provide some supporting evidence.

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