Trickett takes Tories to task for claiming units in existing hospitals are ‘new’ hospitals

’48 new hospitals’ has always been a scam – but backbench MPs are having to do the job of the Opposition in calling it out

Back-bench Labour MP Jon Trickett has long been one of the pillars of opposition to the Tories in the absence of any functioning leadership or opposition from his party’s notional leader. And it was again Trickett who was first out of the blocks when the Tories tried to claim that they had opened a ‘new cancer hospital’ in Cumbria yesterday.

Trickett was quick to point out that the ‘new hospital’ is no such thing. Instead, it’s a unit inside an existing hospital, one that was announced in 2017, long before Johnson became Tory leader:

And he followed up again later today, taking on Javid directly over his dishonest claim and adding that the ‘new’ unit is in fact a replacement facility:

He was backed up by a member of staff from the hospital in question:

Trickett’s point was also quickly picked up and amplified by others about their local hospitals, who rightly pointed out that Johnson’s ‘new hospital’ plan is (and always was) a scam, claiming as new either hospitals that have merged – actually reducing the availability of treatment to local people – or small new or repurposed units within existing hospitals.

The scale and dishonesty of the con is remarkable, with in at least one case a new entrance to the hospital and a change of the Accident and Emergency floor plan being classified as a ‘new hospital’:

Front-bencher Jon Ashworth did eventually get round to making the same point, though only a single tweet – compared to the five he posted about workshy Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab’s holiday, despite Ashworth’s brief as Shadow Health Secretary being – well, health. At the time of writing, party leader Keir Starmer had not even managed one tweet on the issue.

As so often in the past sixteen months, the real work of opposition, pointing out Tory lies and standing up for the interests of the people, is being borne by left-wingers sitting on Labour’s back benches.

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  1. Well done Trickett🌟
    URGENTLY overdue, take SIR Keith Starmer to task for being an unwelcome entryist Tory parasite.

    1. Oh, right, it’s ‘URGENTLY’ overdue says signpost, as if to say it’s headline news all over the MSM that Jon Trickett took ‘the Tories to task’ etc when the reality is that only skwawkbox covered it. As for him taking Starmer to task for being ‘an unwelcome entryist Tory parasite’, yeah, sure signpost, as IF!

      Like most of what signpost says, it’s just total garbage! And completely infantile and unrealistic.

      So why is it ‘URGENTLY overdue’ signpost? You imply that it’s gonna somehow have an impact when you know damn well that it won’t have any impact at all, and if THAT’s the case – which it IS – then why is it urgently overdue???

      NB Whenever a poster comes out with something like this, just bear in mind that the vast majority of the time the overwhelming majority of the general public don’t get to hear about such things.

  2. This country needs TRUE choice. We need a Tory free Labour party. No one needs fake choice like WMD Blair’s UTILITY oligarchy re water, electricity and gas supplies. whichever we choose, same ripoff bandits‼️
    We need Starmer & gang GONE‼️‼️

    When do we want them gone❓
    When they’ve brought tbe whole ROTTEN wreck upon their heads‼️‼️‼️

    Take shelter people. Keep fresh and prepared. We’ll build on that.

  3. Reminder to Sir Keir: The duty of the Leader of the Opposition is to OPPOSE- and that means holding the government to account when it breaks its promises. The polls prove the voters don’t WANT you to defer to the Tories or blur the differences between Labour and them.

    1. @Ken

      There is no difference between the red Tories and the blue Tories.

      It’s simply being sold (barely) as we manage things better than they can.

      Boris’s recent jibber jab comments show this is all that matters…

      And it pains me to say this, but Johnson has lots more charisma than Starmer, who has none. Sad.

  4. Well said Jon Trickett. They’re not ‘new’, they’re not “novel” – except in the fictitous prose sense, which when it is book length is catalogued as a “a work of fiction”, which is also a comprehensive summary of 99% of tory claims.

    (And as for the covidians “novel virus” . Why are all its spikes and proteins the same as in the old-worlde one which was first discovered on an American chicken farm in 1928?)

    It’s not just hospitals the Tories are lying about.

  5. Trickett for Labour leader. Someone with the guts to call out Johnson and his abominable government.

    Keef out!!

  6. They’ll be claiming a first aid station in a workplace is a new hospital, next.

    And keef won’t say a dicky-bird otherwise; no doubt because he hasn’t got any idea of what constitutes a hospital.

    …Or what constitutes a toerag lie.

    Both keef and fat-tongued man-baby ashworth are as effective as cherie bliar’s beautician. They serve NO purpose whatsoever.

    1. Toffee thats such a hard judgment on a working class girl from Bury black pudding land who has struggled with a alki father and a philandering hubby thats a pathological liar and a cheat.I think shes had a hard life from birth and chose the most cut throat proffession that she succeeded in long before she dragged her husband into her Labour politics..Yes the poor ladys life is written in her face and I bet she wonders if it was all for nothing?

      1. I do hope the operation to remove your tongue from your cheek is successful, Joseph.

        A hard life, written in her face, eh? So hard in fact, that it’s written reminiscent of the graffiti on an underpass wall.

        She’s a freeloading parasitical twunt, just like her other half.

      2. Would this be the Cherie Blair you refer to?

        Don’t waste any sympathy on Mrs Blair, this is the kind of Blairism we are being urged to embrace by the alleged leader of the opposition. As PM her hubby advocated for more private sector involvement in the NHS, obviously had one eye on his Mrs business interests.

        No amount of agile ceremonies can disguise the fact the the Blairs favour private healthcare and the Smarmer is following his master wishes.

      3. Toffee I was trying to be a little sympathetic to my “superiors” and grateful for allowing me to waste \ spend my time at the council with my fellow councillors who were instructed not to sit next to me.I am eternally grateful to Tony Blair and his henchman for allowing me to donate moneys via the one thousand club to the preservation of Right wing theology and the destruction of the welfare state.The operation went well “free at the point of delivery” and my tongue is firmly afixed to my wonky eyeball. regards comrades

  7. It’s amazing that Javid has the confidence to, not only lie about these non existent new hospitals but also use the announcement as a photo opportunity. Johnson must be proud to have so many lying incompetents in his cabinet. Do these politicians have no shame?
    Occasionally when I wake up in the middle of the night I put on a shopping channel which usually has the desired effect in putting me to sleep. Javid who do well on one of these channels selling tat to the viewer.

    1. There needs to be a modification in the parliamentary ban against calling members, ministers or the PM liars- it should be changed so that the member calling another member a liar is ONLY expected to say “sorry” if the person they CALLED a liar can prove they were telling the truth when they were called that.

  8. When you’ve got nobody except an opposition backbencher and a few on twitter taking them to task, plus the MSM parroting their bullshit for them, they’re bound to lie as long as they can get away with it.

    Stammer and his cabinet are as much use as javid’s coiffeur.

  9. Cheap and Nasties have a visceral hatred of the NHS
    Since 1945 how many new hospitals were commissioned and built under Tory party
    There were precisely Zero under Thatcher

  10. We are lied to everyday…

    Nothing ever changes…

    Nothing will ever change…

  11. To be anti-capitalist is to be anti-Semitic.. This, according to some on Labour’s right. Therefore, by extension, opposing the Tories could be deemed anti-Semitic? Anyone who feels they may have crossed this line – by actually opposing the Tories – should report themselves immediately to Labour’s disciplinary Committee, where a decision will be taken, and based on which faction you support, you will either face expulsion or re-education.

    Joking obviously. But’s it’s probably not that far from the truth. What a wretched party.

    1. Here’s the thing- if we’re going to accept that its anti-semitic to be anticapitalist, isn’t that pretty much the same thing as giving the world’s Jewish communities sole responsibility for the existence of capitalism? And isn’t THAT assertion, itself, an antisemitic trope?

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