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Times uses pic of Abbott to advertise article about Jamaican ‘murderer, rapists and paedophiles’

Image subsequently changed, but only after first tweets showed Labour’s first black woman MP. Diane Abbott was born in Paddington

The Murdoch Times has publicised an article about Jamaican ‘murderer, rapists and paedophiles – with a picture of Diane Abbott, Britain’s first black woman MP.

The article, about abortive Home Office deportations, used Ms Abbott’s picture as it’s ‘featured image’ that would appear on social media shares. She was born in Paddington, London:

Diane Abbott: used for an article about murderers, rapists and paedophiles after objecting to the deportation of innocents and people convicted of minor offences

The Times subsequently changed its article, which now features no image of Diane Abbott at all, although she is mentioned as a former Shadow Home Secretary who opposes the Tories’ punitive ‘hostile environment’ deportations that have caused immense suffering to black citizens wrongly deported in the ‘Windrush scandal’ and since.

Racism, casual or otherwise, against black women is not a new phenomenon among the press. Last year, the Evening Standard published an article highlighting the BBC confusing two black women MPs – Dawn Butler and Marsha de Cordova – but published a picture of Bell Ribeiro-Addy with Ms de Cordova’s name:

L-R: Marsha de Cordova, Dawn Butler and Bell Ribeiro-Addy

Now we have the Murdoch press linking Diane Abbott’s face to Jamaican murderers, rapists and paedophiles – presumably on the thin grounds that she has opposed the deportation of innocents and of people convicted of minor offences.

Unless, of course, they thought they were actually printing a picture of Bell Ribeiro-Addy – who is also mentioned just as briefly in the article text.

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  1. This is outrageous beyond belief.

    The Murdoch press has descended beyond the gutter to the depths of the sewer.

    But we have a “free” press in the UK; free to peddle the most disgusting and degenerate racist bilge at will. There is apparently no let or hindrance to Murdoch publishing exactly what he likes.

    Words fail me.

    1. It’s what you’d expect from a certain Murdoch tabloid, but this is The Times joining them in, yes, the sewer!

  2. The problem is Abott is the gift that keeps on giving. It doesn’t matter about the colour of her skin because she is so often inept and idiotic in her statements and interviews whether its about crime, housing or whatever, there are websites dedicated to her stupidity. She gives the left a bad name.

    1. murdoch’s rags, especially the scum, are only good for lining commodes before taking a good long dump!

      Diane is one of my favourite MPs and I have immense respect for her, especially as she receives more racist misogynistic abuse than all other MPs put together.

      Also, plain citizen, you never have anything nice to say so maybe say nothing?

    2. Ah, I see, so you have read every statement she has ever made, have you, and watched every interview she’s ever done. Is that right,PC? So let me get this clear: So because she’s made a few mistakes over the years, then it’s OK for the Times to falsely associate her with Jamaican ‘murderers’ etc, and as good as saying that she is opposed to such people being deported?

      1. Not to disagree with the sentiment of your post ref the smearing of Diane Abbott, but if they were really murderers – Jamaican or whatever – they’d be sentenced to hard time not deported. It is smearing them in the press for un-convicted supposed offences that is the marketing strategy for their deportation.
        Beyond this we should be asking, are they really genuine offenders at all? Are they even Jamaican or simply Black-British who are being mislabeled? Would any of this be happening if they were middle-class members of a white ethnic group?

    3. I am sure if only your worst bits are accumulated and broadcasted to the world on MSM, MSSM, by people who have nothing better to do than trawling other people’s lives and you were very loudly Bullied and Attacked Day in and Day out, you would start getting pretty uncomfortable and probably get flustered more than most!
      If everything rediculous Johnson has done and it was broadcasted, with only all the very worst and unappealing pictures of him, he was bullied and smeared in the MSM and MSSM, he would be forced to wearing a Dunce Hat!
      Interestingly enough the really bad attacks and information trawling on Diane started since 2015, I wonder who could be the Far Right Fascist Twats behind all the Websites and Bullying!? I have a feeling once the Forde Report starts getting a thorough and independent inquiry, all the truth will come out and where Diane is concerned there are a lot of Truths to come out!
      The only thing Embarrassing about Diane are the Far Right Thugs and Bullies who Assault and Belittle a Single Black Woman!

    4. PC
      Its about a Free Press and Standards, one of the foundation stones of a functioning democracy
      The only way is ethics
      Are you really that thick

    5. Ffs
      Is this all you gleam from this article?
      THE PROBLEM IS…not Diane Abbott
      With such victim blaming you’re wasted writing here, you should write for murdoch

    6. I’ve read some pretty dire comments here at ‘Skwawkbox’, but ‘Plain Citizen’ this is appalling. You need to go elsewhere to peddle this disgraceful nonsense; surely The Times, Mail, Express, et al, would suit you better.

  3. The usual hate fest against Diane Abbott on twitter and even on here from someone who knows very little, why don’t these people ever wonder how she stays the MP of Hackney North and with such a huge majority? It’s not that she’s a gift that keeps on giving, it’s more about vitriolic hate by misogynists and idiot trolls who feel comfortable only when they are repeating common clichés that they imagine are class conscious.

    1. I’d always admired her stoicism regarding her relentless monstering by the media, but then she went and joined Burgon and those other Zero Covid maniacs and she kinda went down in my estimation a bit…

  4. Let’s not talk about Diane Abbott, let’s talk about lord Mountbottom. Diane isn’t a serial paodophile who puts Jimmy Saville in the shade and whose diaries that were in the public domain were kept locked away untill last month at the request of the palace. Let’s think about the establishment who have kept a lid on horrific crimes against children at Kincora boys home and other establishments by lords, MPs, generals, and judges. And let’s wonder about the whole fake project to manage patriotism, create fake history and have us arguing about Diane Abbott rather than pulling down the false narrative we are fed every day.

    1. Spot on Lundiel. Let’s also talk about the current leader of the Labour Party and his work at the DPP where he stopped numerous cases and investigations into Establishment Child Abuse shall we? While we’re at it leave Diane Abbott alone PC.

    2. Kincora boys home Lundiel?….You are correct to highlight the real criminals and paodaphiles most of them Westminster based Right Honourable and judges royals a whole crew of lowlifes most attatched to the political system.Mr paisley snr and even the leader of the Shankill butchers that paisley blackmailed to do his bidding.We have never got to the bottom of this filthy sewer of perverts,and not all paodophiles but enablers and spooks involvement.Tom Watson stumbled upon a nest¡of vipers and ran a mile when he found out that the cover-up was going right to the top.Harvey wallbanger as we used to call him and right hand man in every sense to Enoch Powell shed crocodile tears 😢and should be pleased his connections kept stum..The longer this crimes hidden the more chance of what are now old men and women will get away with murder…yes murder and they know who dissapeared?and where the bodys are..Diane Abbott probably knows the score but like many others see it as more trouble than it’s worth or dangerous..? Hopefully the truth will out?

  5. Right Wing Barbarian Patel feeding meat to the politically thick Right Wing Tory lumpen rank and file, as in fear of a threat to their power the Tories try to out UKIP UKIP?
    Politically Grotesque is as Politically Grotesque does?

  6. I’m sure Diane is a lovely woman and great company but she is an electoral liability because she is not that bright and makes a mess of interviews. I think Jeremy had her as shadow Home Sec or something in that department! She was embarrassing. She exudes incompetence. When Sasha Johnson the BLM activist was shot in the head at a party recently Diane inferred it was white supremacist racists, turns out it was local black gangbangers doing a drive by. Diane loses us votes. She alienates the voters Labour need to win elections. Get real people.

    1. Much as it pains me to agree with ‘Plain Citizen’ but Diane Abbott is a racist, much like Starmer’s mate David Lammy; their hatred of the white working class often manifests itself in statements about immigrants rebuilding Britain after WW2. & doing the jobs that white working class people didn’t want to do, like driving buses & trains. The Windrush immigrants were invited by Enoch Powell to undercut wages & conditions of employment.
      The gig economy is a direct result of immigration & cheap labour. First rule of economics ‘supply & demand’; not just goods & services, but also supply of labour. Enoch Powell knew that, as too Margaret Thatcher & Tony Blair aka Neo-Liberal Globalists.
      I also realise that anyone who dares to suggest such things qualifies as a racist in the ‘Guardian Book of Morality’ (published by BBC) as the white working class must always be objects of derision in bourgeois culture.

      1. Steve Richards
        If the answer is vote Tory then the white working class have crossed the picket line
        Their ancestors will be spinning in their graves
        How about the first generation that won’t be missed, goes with the first generation who will be worse off than their parents
        Do you think there’s a connection with your white working class voting for the bucket of shit party

  7. your ignorance goes beyond who baby trump is
    Your first reply is gobsmackingly ignorant

    1. Do you ever watch a Diane interview and say ” She really nailed that one”?

      1. PC
        Yes to not the greatest Parliamentarian the world has ever seen, so what
        Answer my question, are you really that thick

      2. …..but far greater than a great many!
        Lets just imagine Diane was ALWAYS Pictured with Respect and given Dignity, like this in one
        Rather than the Ridiculing in the Far Right MSM, that alone would be one massive bridge crossed, but the Far Right MSM, MSSM and Sheeple will look for the worst in a series of quick-fire camera shots in which not one Single Human on earth would escape looking ridiculous!
        It is interesting that ALL White Far Right, Neoliberal TORIES, both Neolabour TORIES and Conservative TORIES, with the exception of Wannabe Eccentric BoJerk who probably chooses his own ridiculous pictures, are always presented respectably and with dignity!
        However Doug, these Racist Twunts, like the Neolabour Party Tories will never see their Racism or their Toryism!

      3. George Peel
        PC has a first class honours degree in the bleedin obvious and uses it as a smokescreen, this isn’t about Diane Abbot
        JC was a spiritual leader but practically useless, John Mcdonald was supposed to do the dirty work but called the two big issues wrong Brexit and AS Scam
        Abject fuckery and failure
        Now tell me we will learn our lessons

      4. It’s quite likely he is George, but first and foremost he’s a paid shill – along with several other all-day every-day posters – and his/their sole objective on this site is to denigrate and discredit Jeremy Corbyn and the other left-wing MPs in the minds of readers, albeit disingenuously and fraudulently, and hardly a day goes by when they don’t do so.

        Ordinary legitimate people do not spend all day every day from early morning ’till late at night (and quite often in the early hours of the morning – ie two/three in the morning) posting comments day after day after day, month after month, year after year. The site is infested with them and their secondary personas.

        Between them they literally monitor the site 24/7, and probably post between fifty to a hundred times a day between them.

      5. PS In fact make that a hundred to two hundred times a day!

      6. So her constituents are morons? PC I used to admire you but can you not feel the pressure she is under from without and within. Yet still she stands. I am no fan but I am not a churl. Regards.

  8. PC
    Major difference between us and Tories is they never forget who the enemy is, they stick together like shit to a blanket
    if there’s dirty work to be done it’s kept in house, dealt with brutally then they get straight back to the day job of destroying Labour
    Which is why I’m right about Temporary Embarrassment stepping down if he is challenged

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