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Prince Andrew: “No chance of ‘royal immunity'” in rape lawsuit – “only Queen is entitled”

Extradition experts say prince has no basis for hiding behind royal privilege to avoid Virginia Giuffre’s rape suit

Prince Andrew is reportedly hoping to use ‘royal immunity’ to avoid extradition to face a lawsuit brought by Virginia Giuffre, the alleged Epstein victim who says that Andrew raped and sexually abused her when she was under legal age. He has strenuously denied the allegations.

There has been widespread outrage at the idea that the prince might avoid facing his accuser and the ‘mainstream’ press has been reporting that he is ‘under mounting pressure not to invoke royal immunity’ to evade the prosecution – but legal analysis pre-dating the lawsuit says that he has nothing to ‘invoke’ in the first place.

A 2019 Times article quotes extradition law experts, who said emphatically that only Andrew’s mother has royal immunity:

Experts also said that he could not invoke diplomatic immunity for his actions as an individual.

Even if he had any entitlement to it, any attempt to invoke it would be a moral outrage – but if the Establishment pushes the pretence that he has a right to it in order to allow Andrew to hide behind his mother’s skirts, it will be lying to the people to deprive a victim of alleged rape her day in court.

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  1. if Julian Assange is to be extradited, then so MUST Airmiles Andy.

    The non-sweater – aka ‘Prince’ Andrew son of Betty living vastly beyond her means at public expense in SEVERAL palatial council flats within HUNDRED plus room buildings set in thousands of hectares of landscaped gardens and other grounds. ALL maintained at taxpayers expense DRAINING the public purse as if there are FORESTS of “Magic Money Trees”.

    I wish SUCCESS to those seeking Epstein’s friend of two decades, ‘Prince’ Andrew, assist the USA authorities with their investigations IN COURT🚨⚖️🚨⚖️🚨⚖️

    1. If ‘Prince’ Andrew “has nothing to hide” then surely he has nothing to fear.

      nb DAME cressida dick said “WE” found no reason to prosecute Mr Andrew Mountbatten re his close and long Jeffrey Epstein relationship. Once again leaving even determined long in the tooth establishment guards surprised at her callous mentality. Not a care for the young children lent to the one percent clique of abusers to use as they please. Young girls flown across the Atlantic and to Epstein’s Caribbean bolt hole to be used like things by Epstein and his wealthy friends, are no bother for Cressida Dick, made a DAME by Theresa May. How’s that for the sisterhood and their noises about feminism??? Wonder what Harriet Harman, Cooper and Berger think about that???

      Dick said their decision to let Mr Andrew Mountbatten get away to roam free, “was reviewed TWICE”. She did not say WHO did the reviewing. She did say, “WE” took advice from the “Crown Prosecution Service”.

      Of course the good readers of know that any Establishment outfit that even considered types like SIR keith statmer to do their bidding, is UNFIT for purpose and “Institutionally Corrupt” as DAME dick’s police regime was accurately described in the recent review. DAME Dick of course rejected that review. Her actions are more evidence that the conclusions were correct, while she is WRONG AGAIN.

      1. I was wondering if that is the Bigger Picture in preparation of the loopholing of the Extradition of Julian Assange! The Nasty Fuckers probably announced the verdicts of both cases in the Trilateral, Bilateral, Unilateral etc Powerful Ones Commissions! It has been decided!
        Just as Apartheid Keith Starmer is quite possibly already the Next Prime Minister of Greatish Britain and we The “Left”, The People, The Socialists, The Communists are in Work Camps Breaking Rocks!

      2. lundiel Apologies, tech struggles. U r absolutely correct again re protection officers’ logs re the Andrew man’s whereabouts when he claims to have been at Woking Pizza Hut. ALSO DAME cressida dick MUST have had sight of those logs as it would be her professional DUTY. Sometimes those in high office DELIBERATELY avoid being informed of certain matters. BUT in my view it is her duty to have seen those logs, as questions were raised at the time. She is now refusing to say wether she has seen the security logs. Make of that what you should.

    2. singpost, I agree with you that Andrew Windsor or whatever his surname is should be extradited and face the music. However, realistically can I see the US legal establishment pushing for “lovely” Andrew to be extradite to the US to face charges? What kind of proof the victim has that could convince a jury that “lovely” Andrew is guilty of rape beyond reasonable doubt?
      My guest is that the victim is looking for a large payout out of court settlement. “Lovely” Andrew so far isn’t playing ball because, he knows that if by any small chance he gets extradited to the US, he can count on the best legal team that money can buy and after all the years no way that she can prove beyond reasonable doubt to a jury that he had sex with her, let along rape her.

      1. Maria Vazquez, their name IS Mountbatten. with the connivance of the Establishment regime aka BLUE TORY government; inbred Mountbattens with all of Victoria & Albert’s NUMEROUS parasitic spawn, changed their Germanic name to Windsor to pretend they were not the Nazi sympathisers they were then. Don’t be fooled by all the wreath laying the the repeat interpretation of the repeated photo of Betty’s ONE convenient tear drop. Have a look… year after year EXACTLY the same. And in any event who knows for whom she mourns???

        That de Germanising of the name scam is recorded in official papers long since declassified.

        Of course we also have the facts of unearthed photos of Betty, her now very dead sister Maggie and monstrously racists bigoted Nazi sympathiser twisted gargoyle for a mother AND father, ALL giving the Nazi salute in one of ‘their’ (our) several back gardens. Even Establishment flunkies openly describe Betty’s mother as an out an out Gin soaked racist.

        I heard the now also very dead Margaret Rhodes (Betty’s cousin and confidante) try to spin the blatant Nazi sympathies redolent in their Nazi salute photo as – they were children … as if the ghastly parents were children too. Think she also used tbe catch all lame excuse that it was a different time. Quite ridiculous, as why ’twas a war fought and so much blood spilt

        We also know that to their last days, Edward Mountbatten fetishised Mrs Wallis Simpson and they both ADORED Hitler. They courted their Nazi idol till he was defeated. Simpson & Mountbatten believed their dear Adolf would crush all Europe and be a conquering hero invading Britain. Then he would install them, Mountbatten & Simpson as King and Queen to reign over us.

        Apologies for this mass reply due to tech playing up mysteriously IMMEDIATELY after i posted this AM re Andrew should be extradited. Using a diff method now to post this. Hope it works.

        On no account however should Julian Assange be extradited. Julian did us all noble selfless service. Be deserves honour and admiration from all decent people EVERYWHERE!!!

        Golf & pizza loving non sweating Air-miles Andy conversely was selfish and ignoble. Betty’s son allegedly committed crimes on USA soil, against an American citizen. A fit for purpose CPS would have long since extradited him to the USA so Epstein’s many victims could get some justice.

        Re Andrew’s uncle & aunty ‘LORD’ & ‘LADY’ mountbatten; someone (think qwertboi) earlier mentioned not using social media meant they were unfamiliar with lundiel’s info.

        Lundiel’s info is absolutely correct🌟🌟🌟The Mountbattens’ curious and rapacious proclivities were revealed at least two decades ago. The KGB and our own Establishment snoopers knew their doings. If i recall correctly, either the KGB or UK spy outfit described them as being exceptionally or extremely “depraved”. They both had the most insatiable perverted sexual appetites with a FULL DIARY of extra EXTRA marital affairs.

        Think twas the lady herself who had a relationship with Nehru… despite him being a brown man. Just shows that even in a very bigoted age Mrs Mountbatten needed the most robust chastity belts and braces used simultaneously; and STILL she could not keep her

        What strange weather we are having lately

  2. He will never appear in court, they’ll kick it into the long grass if necessary like they’ve done with lord Mountbottom. Wait till all the witnesses are dead or have discredited themselves. These things still play out after the protagonist has died. Mountbottom’s still protected and his alleged paedophillia was on a far greater level than Prince Andrew’s.

    1. Linda, what’s the ‘Mountbottom’ story that you’ve mentioned it a couple of times recently? Sorry to ask such a basic question, but I avoid social media and can’t find any help.

      1. The story relates to an ongoing attempt by historian Andrew Lownie to access Mountbottom’s diaries which were purchased in public auction by Southampton University. Lownie has used £250,000 of his own money to gain access to the diaries and last month he secured a court order for all but 2 years.
        The diaries were put up for auction by the Mountbatten estate so they were in the public domain but when Southampton University bought them the cabinet office intervined along with the palace. Lownie has already written one book which mentions Mountbottom’s peadophilia and connections to Kincora boys home, you can find stuff online but much is rumour, not proven.
        Mountbatten is also important for his support of fascism, the divvying up of India and military blunders but mostly for the sheer scale of his peadophilia, the Americans even referred to it in the WikiLeaks cables.
        In a era where nationalism is once again rearing its ugly head, and you can get 10 years for defacing a statue, it’s ironic that Mountbatten is still held in great esteem like Jimmy Saville and has statues all over the place when there should be a public enquiry and reparation for the poor victims before they all die and this man be forever know for what he did.

  3. A thought: didn’t Blair make Andrew a ‘business ambassador’ or something? He might be able to claim diplomatic immunity from that.

      1. Also a member of Trilateral Commission is David Miliband. Hotly tipped to replace Max Headroom once his demolition job is completed. It’s a big club baby, and we ain’t in it.

    1. Do you think we are going to see a Washington Bargain Basement, Send us Assange, Keep the Prince, Deal of the Millennium, ‘Final Offer’ land on Parliament’s table!?
      I will go and catch that bastard Prince and fly the shite over the pond to face Virginia Giuffre in court my bloody self!

    2. lundiel, yes the war criminal Blair did gift Airmiles Andy the “ENVOY” free pass to hob knob even more with Epstein’s chums at TAXPAYERS expense. Where better to befriend more pedophiles??? Also Blair knew the millions spent by the public protecting and accommodating its vileness holed up in the most expensive suite in the most expensive hotel in Tel Aviv.

      Re Immunity. Epstein’s “HONOURABLE friend” to quote Andrew himself; lost that when Epstein was first jailed i think… or possibly when the scandal broke re sources of the MILLIONS to buy their Swiss ski chalet.

      Interestingly, the latest i’ve heard is that, he and Ferguson never actually owned the chalet. They leased it or part leased it and OWED MONEY to the owners‼️‼️‼️ There is no end to the dogginess of those two.

      Epstein gave Ferguson at least £15,000 or $15,000 because she claimed to be in financial difficulty. She has since apologised for her bad judgement… BUT if only people like Plain Citizen would look up at the shady crooks rather than scrutinising those who really ate needed in society, the world would be transformed in a flash

  4. Obvious question. If he’s innocent why doesn’t he go and defend himself (not literally) in court?

    1. I guess even “his highness” is afraid of the fact that there are Loopholers like Keith Uriah Heep Starmer, who could make a new born guilty of Mass Murder!

  5. It disgusts me more than I can put into words that the sweaty paedo will even attempt to worm his way out of facing any kind of justice. He deserves the same fate as his buddy epstein!

    We must abolish the monarchy, just as France and Russia did, and turn this country into a republic.

    1. It is a frightening thought that the head of British Politics has Complete Sovereign Immunity! Just imagine if the Old Girl was Sir Lord of Lords Loopholes Keith Starmer or almost equally frightening The Inbred Buffoon de Pfeffel!

      1. I agree with you Skellyknelly.

        With regard to lizzie “the mafia queen” windsor; no other “democratic” country elevates anyone above the law. Look what happened with king of Spain facing fraud charges, and even in the cesspit that is the usa the president is answerable to the law.

      2. Yup I think Revolution or No Revolution there will always be a select few above the law, with total impunity, above sovereign immunity. Unless we The PEOPLE change our ways Profoundly. We are as much to be blamed for our Hell than the Powerful Ones, for as long as people are addicted to Commercialism, Materialism, Manufactured Consent Given, “cheap” tat, the latest this or that, £1000.00s worth xmasses on the Plastic to keep up with the Jones, The Latest Hyper Inflated Overpriced Toys for Children, not Boycotting ALL of MSM, not taking international and local pleas for Boycotting Seriously Enough and for my, personal worst and a close to all the Nr 1 cruellest things a parent could ever do to a child! Is to Stick it In Front to a TV Set! That is Conditioning, Indoctrination, Manufactured Consent, A life of Desiring Absolute Shite, MSM Zombification and Mass Production of Sheeple all in that one act!
        Whenever I walk into someone’s home, especially if they have kids, I can’t help but to see it as that Industrial Mincer and all the kids on a conveyor belt dropping into that big black square void! Sucking them right in!
        If we want a world of Peace, Equality and justice for every human on earth, we have some serious work, commitment and sacrificing to do.

  6. I understood that Ms Giuffre has only lodged her action now because it would have been ruled out of time. Had she not done so she wouldn’t have been able to pursue a case against Prince Andrew at a later date. As we all know civil litigation is very expensive in the US so I don’t expect anything further to happen unless or until some other substantive evidence emerges that supports Giuffre’s case.

    It may well be that it is with this in mind that Giuffre is awaiting the outcome of the Maxwell prosecution. Maxwell is facing the prospect of several years in prison but as we all know the Yanks operate a plea bargaining system which may very well persuade her to spill any beans that she might still be withholding. If that does happen and if any of those beans concerned Prince Andrew then they may well make Giuffre’s case against him considerably stronger. Why then should Giuffre risk talking him court now when within a few months she will probably know if she has to rely on what she’s got or if she can make make use of additional evidence that might have emerged during Maxwell’s trial.

    At the moment if I were I Andrew I wouldn’t be worried about any immediate prospect of being sued by Giuffre. I would however be worried about what Maxwell might say at her trial in late November or what might emerge in the run up to it.

  7. The monarchy heads up the class and wealth systems in the UK and without doubt the monarchy, which is an exclusive job creation scheme should go.

    1. JackT
      When Betty goes to Balmoral in the sky I do hope we are prepared for the golden opportunity to bring our country into the 21st century and get rid of em

    2. Well I am not a lawyer but I know that the “Royal prerogative can overide any law in the kingdom and no doubt will be used if all else fails.This country without a constitution is no more a democracy than Thailand or Swaziland.The really worrying part is that because all arms of the kingdom swear loyalty to the “House of Windsor and all their descendants and those not yet born…Parliament..armed forces,..police,,,security services,and a lot of the senior civil servants….and of course nearly all councillors(not me of course)but thats the state of play and these parasites have had century’s to perfect the system of establishment.On this one the pervert is “untouchable” and like many more Royals before him including Daddy…!

      1. Ps don’t mention Edward either Lurkio of charting cross ,picked up more times than Simon hughes mp,my mate ex metropolitan police based at Charring cross tells me amongst many other storys concerning Royals and establishment figures.that they have to give a polite warning to,for kerb crawling..And certainly its even stevens the number of mps,Lords etc getting warned in those good old days..ITs probably more hi tech digital stuff now.I wonder if Steve H centrist Dad would have a link?

    1. The Headline should really read…Prince Andrew: “No chance of ‘royal prosecution’ in rape lawsuit – “only Queen is entitled”

      Bear in mind his great Uncle Louis was one of the Nation’s most prolific paedophiles it just shows he’s keeping the tradition going.

      And his Brother Charles kept a close friendship with Mr Jimmy Savile.

  8. I still want to know why no royal was questioned over the death of that Lithuanian girl on the sandringham estate a few years back.

    Why were they ruled out automatically?

    1. Was the knights golden touch around?toffee.I know he was very busy getting prominent perverts released whilst at the DPP.Human rights lawyer dont you know.?..excluding truth telling journalists(nearly extinct)and all from the undeserving poor(working-class)

  9. If you are a royal you are raised to believe that you are entitled …. to everything. That is why there should be NO royal family.

  10. As victims of long term digital hatred, can prominent, wealthy paedophiles and child traffickers seek and find the support of hater Imran Ahmed, CEO of the Campaign for the Countering of Digital Hate?

  11. It will be a bit like Anne Sacoolas who didn’t have diplomatic immunity (her husband didn’t either. Spies don’t generally.) However she was whisked away under cover of our compliant mainstream media who completely failed to question it.

  12. I think how this turns out will depend on the outcome of the Maxwell trial set for November. Maxwell faces several years in prison an lets face it the Yanks like nothing better than a plea bargain. That’s to say the disclosure of information by the accused about anyone else who may have been involved in exchange of a shorter jail term.
    May be Maxwell has nothing to bargain with may be she has we shall see.

    1. Albert Swift. Given the complete lack of ANY evidence that Maxwell was ever arrested and ever detained and ever attended any court in the US, I’ll only believe that when I see irrefutable evidence of it. For now, it’s more likely she’s waiting for her facial features to loosen off following surgery in Tel Aviv with drastic plastic.

  13. Interesting point. The royal protection team’s diaries and work designations can place Andrew at Maxwell’s apartment or a pizza express for instance. Dick can confirm his whereabouts on any disputed date. There is a cover-up .

    1. Dick covered up. Ha. In more ways than one…….. But surely these records will have been carelessly lost or shredded by now? If they’re not, Christ …. I don’t pay my taxes through the nose to suffer by such pathetic, official incompetence….!!!!!

  14. Oh just get tax office to write to every citizen.
    ‘For some of your tax to go to the upkeep of the Royal family just Opt In using the enclosed form then get a stamp & envelope and send this to us.
    If you wish to Opt Out you need not do anything.’
    So if you want to keep the Royals in the luxury that they have become accustomed to, more fool you!

  15. I celebrated when Mr philip windsor died and I will celebrate with even greater pleasure when Mrs lizzie “the mafia queen” windsor dies!

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