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Exclusive: ‘centrists’ circle wagons as Guardian kills Rentoul libel apology story

Repeat offender Rentoul issues humiliating ‘please retweet’ apology to Trickett to widespread mirth, but liberal paper kills story at last minute

Yesterday, ‘centrist’ hack John Rentoul had to issue a humiliating apology for libelling Labour left MP Jon Trickett – for accusing him of tweeting a slogan about murdering police officers – and ask readers to ‘please retweet’. The tweet quickly went viral as thousands of people obliged – reminiscent of Tory MP Ben Bradley’s grovelling 2018 apology to Jeremy Corbyn, which became the most widely-shared Conservative party tweet in history. Rentoul also had to pay a five-figure sum to a cause of Trickett’s choosing.

This is not Rentoul’s first offence. In 2015, he was forced to issue an apology for suggesting that then-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn might say that France had brought ‘Paris [terrorist] attacks on itself’.

But rather than report on the important correction to a major smear against a serving MP, Skwawkbox understands that fellow liberals at the Guardian decided at the last minute to kill the story, even though Rentoul works at rival The Independent.

It seems discussions were well advanced with the paper for the story to be published – and with Rentoul’s restitution approved by the Independent there was no real reason for the Guardian not to proceed. But late in the process the Guardian’s editors decided they were not interested.

Fellow left-winger Howard Beckett told Skwawkbox:

This is a reflection of pathetic mainstream media whose sole agenda is to prevent change.

Looks, from here, like the so-called ‘mainstream’ media ‘centrists’ circling the wagons to protect one of their own.

The Guardian has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Need I ask…I do wonder if Rentoul had won would the Guardian still proceed in reporting this.

  2. It took The Guardian, almost, 24 hours to publish an article, on the death of leading NHS campaigner Dr Kailash Chand OBE.

    It took them, almost, a month to publish an Obituary for Dawn Foster, one of their own former staffers :

    The handicap The Guardian is, currently, working under, is that people remember a once, professional newspaper, as opposed to what is published, these days.

    1. Steady on. That could be construed as a torys wishful thinking. Regards

  3. The Guardian wants desperately to be accepted as the leading “liberal” voice in the world.
    Unfortunately, that ambition is increasingly held at a distance by the paper’s own actions.
    It is quite surprising that nobody there seems to have the intelligence to see the position their transparently stupid actions often puts them in.
    Ultimately, they are without credibility.

    1. The guardian is to UK news what Keir Starmer is to politics. Irrelevant, outdated and lost. 6 years from now nobody will remember either of them.

  4. The Guardian is such a frustrating outlet. On the one hand, they do fantastic investigative journalism shedding light on how the rich and powerful mess this world, they regularly sound the alarm on global warming. Yet, they remain completely silent about the people willing and in a position to do something about it. Worse, in the case of Corbyn, a politician whose convictions matches *everything* the Guardian supports, they join in with the mud slinging.

    1. Its not just that the guardian is an establishment tool, controlled opposition to keep the overton window right of centre but that it also employs many of the most openly vile and abusive people in the uk press that disturbs me most.

    2. yes Ben what a disappointment the Guardian has become. read it for 50 plus yrs . Shocking journalism by the likes of freedland a very poor journalist not really fit to write in a liberal so called paper. Chan in the Observer just as bad. Very big disappointment .

  5. The Guardian newspaper has always been a platform for the ‘Liberal Party’, but ‘adopted’ by the liberal bourgeois woke elite In a post truth;era of fake news as identity politics has replaced traditional politics. The Guardian has always despised the Working Classes & Socialism, being a wolf in sheep’s clothing seemingly liberal but with a poisonous agenda; the character assassination of Jeremy Corbyn is proof, if proof be needed.

    1. Corbyns greatest acheivment, and possibly the most important and lasting legacy for the UK left is that he exposed the UK media and UK press for the corrupt abusove liars they are far beyond the usual tabloids. Most people even to the left of corbyn never quite realized how deep and corruot our state and corporate media relationship went. It is absolute. No mainstream media outlets can or will ever be trusted again. Thats right and important for the left to succeed, however sad. For decades many of us thought there were good journalists with left wing values working for these organizations trying to help the left. There arent. And there never were. Any good people working there were and are despised by their editors. Anyone with conscience writing for them should have resigned in protest years ago. As the late David Graeber still has pinned to his twitter profile before he sadly passed away. The left should never forgive the guardian or trust those who continue to write for it. He refused to write for them again.

  6. The Sun in Lambskin!
    Centrist does not exist! There is not one single thing Centre/”Centrist” about Thatcher’s Neoliberalism, it is NOT Liberal, it is NOT Left of the Political Spectrum, it is TORYISM!
    Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party ARE Parasite TORIES, infesting The UK Labour Party and Movement!
    By giving them these Blair/Mandelson/Campbell Spin Names ie Centrist, The Right of the Left of Politics, etc we are making light of their TORY EVIL!
    First we must rip the Caner OUT!
    OR The Neolabour Party TORIES will continue to Connive, Sabotage Jeopardise, THE PEOPLE’S Chance of an OPPOSITION PARTY and an ACTUAL CHOICE rather than an Equally Rotten, Equally Dangerous, Equally Corrupt, Equally Anti-Left, Equally Anti-Socialist TORY or TORY NON-CHOICE!

    1. A perfect four word explanation…..absolutely spot on Skelly….”The Sun in Lambskin”

      Wished I had come up with that one..

      1. Thanks, it is free to use, I am a Communist at heart and a Socialist in mind, anything I post is in the public domain and free for use or abuse :):):)

  7. The effortless way these centre-right journalists move between supposedly left-wing publications and right-wing, shows how little MSM pluralism there really is in the UK. Most of the guardian’s regular columnists, with the exception of Owen Jones, could easily go write their opinion pieces for the Times or Telegraph.
    For years, guardian editorial ‘opinion writers’ bemoaned New Labour’s cowardice and triangulation; calling for Labour to be bolder, more left-wing, more radical by embracing Scandinavian style socialism. Corbyn comes along promising the very radicalism and leftish policy platform they’d urged. And they responded by doing all in their power to undermine him, giving regular column space to his RW PLP opponents.

    1. Too right, however the damage is done and people must never forgive nor forget 2015 to 2020, from the Mirror to The Sun, Channel 4 to BBC1, etc, etc! ALL of the MSM are owned by or run by the very, Right Wing Billionaires who destroyed THE PEOPLE 1 Chance in a Lifetime to End 42 Years of TORY HELL, TWICE GE2017 and GE2019!
      ALL MSM deserve and should be Boycotted by The PEOPLE, we really have to stop living in airy fairy land pretending everything is okay, so long as “I” can get my Latest iPhone/Galaxy S and staying Glued to TVs, Papers, Magazines, MSSM, Radio we are giving away our consent for those same Billionaires to force us into lives of ‘Slave Labour’ so that we can buy their Materialist Trash with ever stretching Credit Cards!
      We need an International Revolution of NEEDoverWANT stop buying the crap they are programming people to buy! Only ever own what your REALLY NEED, use it until it can’t be fixed or cost too much to fix, Buy the Most Durable you can afford at the lowest possible price. And Boycott, Boycott, Boycott! Don’t just Boycott the Dates and Oranges, in ASDA that are from the land of Palestinian Blood, Boycott ASDA Entirely, Protest Outside until they announce they have stopped buying all their Products! USE @Buycott App, it is great for various causes and good at sniffing out unlabelled products, it is Open Source so relies on you to enter Data of newly discovered Product every so often, but that is always a pleasure.

      1. Skellyknelly, what you’ve said is the very minimum that needs to be done but it won’t be enough.

        Remember what it was that led to maggie thatcher’s (may she rot in hell) downfall – the poll tax riot!

        The only way the bastards will learn is when there is a second civil war in this country because violence is the only way we will be able to get rid of them!

      2. You are right Richard, these are even less than the very minimum that needs to be be done. I was kind of hoping that we’d have had a Corbynist Manifesto :), with all the crucial actions that needs to be taken for change to come, by now. Essentially that is what we need a revised and new kind of “Communist Manifesto” for our current times, dealing with issues relevant and modern use of Language as a tool, words like Working Class are no longer useful, who is working class, Blue Collar can earn more much more than White Collar, many White Collar are Genuine Socialists and work towards the Benefit of The People. There is a Mountain to Climb and we need a Marx and Engels to do it.
        Unfortunately with Instant Information come Mass Information for which our little Ape Brains are not yet evolved to cope with, so what we are seeing are People in 2015 Outraged by This Person, That Program, This Channel, That Newspaper and by 2020 they are quoted again as “Socialist” Heroes, meaning we have become scatter brains suffering with Instant Information Amnesia.
        That is why we need a Plan of Action, a very simple easy to achieve Plan of Action, but it needs to be planned meticulously and with military precision for example, a Stay at Home General Strike, no violence, no police confrontations, ghost town scenes sent out by the international media. but first we need to prepare entire Communities, with Food, Medical and Personal Care, Medicine, all within our communities so that every Hospital, Fire Station, Bank, Business, school, etc, etc, etc shuts down, a truly National Strike, but we are so well prepared that we could within put communities and with Professionals and Volunteers take on almost any challenge!
        Yes Sadly there will be accidents and emergencies where people are lost, but we have to ask, will that loss be more or less than the loss of The PEOPLE’S live if we just did nothing?
        Something needs to be done and I hope that some Smart and Influential Socialists take action that will spread fast and ASAP.

      3. PPS.I am just so tired of Violence, Blood, War, Death, Hatred, etc, etc and if there is a way to do it peacefully, that would be the way I want to do it. That does net mean we must be sitting ducks either, we must defend ourselves against, their hateful violence that will no doubt come looking for us!
        Turn it UP and sing along with Chests puffed like Pigeons and Voices Roaring like Lions!!!

      1. Jones is best mates with the protagonists from the Al Jazeera Lobby videos….That’s what he comes from. Anybody believing what he writes or pays it any attention needs to seriously reappraise themselves. He’s a scribbler for hire, he who pays the piper.

      2. you know what Bob Dylan said if you follow weatherman you will know which way wind blows

  8. There is the “Jewish Chronicle”…and then there is “The Guardian”.

    What you may well describe as “an embarrassment of riches” in terms low-down, disreputable rags!

    Oh, I nearly forgot the “Hurrah for the Blackshirts” “Daily Fail”

    1. The difference between the Daily Mail and the Guardian is at least the Daily Mail does what it says on the tin.

    2. Redveg to be a bit more balanced The Guardian has produced some very good Journalism. Its failure is allowing the likes of Freedland and others to be objective and honest about what Corbyn in particular were trying to do .I read it for over 50 yrs. I have noticed a big decline in resent yrs. With Steve Bell retired there is less to look forward to.
      Whatever its faults and there are quite a few it is nowhere near the despicable disgraceful Jewish Chronicle in terms of its its good journalism.

  9. The Guardian is little more than an expensive prostitute who will do what it needs to do for the money shot…whilst playing both sides of the fence so that everyone’s pleasure is catered for.

  10. Many tens of thousands of UK theGuardian readers now deliberately avoid that newspaper and website, me included. In fact there is a self-funding newspaper called “off-guardian” where many left-leaning liberals, democratic socialists and even a few American libertarians meet to celebrate the values of the once-credible Manchester Guardian.

    If ever you visit the site, I suggest you read their regular “This week in The Guardian” column. Here’s the most recent one

  11. yes Qwertboi The Guardian has gone down hill over recent yrs. I have read it for over 50 yrs
    The quality of their journalism is very low. With the likes of Freedland and his disgraceful anti Corbyn posts,,, just full of inaccuracy’s and misrepresentation. Quite shocking for a once liberal newspaper to publish
    Also Cohan in the Observer again misusing anti Semitism using as a weapon . Why for god sake Corbyn attracted lots of people membership up to nearly 600000.. whats the matter with these so called liberal newspapers.

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