Tory MP Ben Bradley has a double ‘mare’ as he tries to take on Rashford and denies saying free school meals are like money to brothels and crack dens

Bradley’s evening rivalled his ‘please retweet’ apology to Jeremy Corbyn

Ben Bradley had a bad day on Friday as he tried to justify his and his party’s vote to keep poor children hungry during school holidays in the middle of the coronavirus crisis and the resulting even greater hardship for poor families.

On Thursday evening, Bradley had tweeted to footballer Marcus Rashford claiming that a school in Bradley’s constituency agreed with Bradley’s position on free school meals – and then on Friday he even sent Rashford a snarky-sounding reminder that he hadn’t responded:

But shortly afterward, one of the school’s governors tweeted a response, advising that he had spoken to the head and asking Bradley to correct his ‘false’ comment, because both governor and head agreed their pupils desperately need free school meals:

But the ‘fun’ didn’t end there. Bradley got into a Twitter conversation with a fellow right-winger – and when his interlocutor scornfully compared free school meals with ‘cash direct to a crack den and brothel’, Bradley responded:

That’s what [free school meal] vouchers in the summer effectively did.

Labour’s Angela Rayner tweeted to condemn Bradley’s comment, he responded indignantly that what she had tweeted was ‘NOT TRUE’.

Here’s that exchange:

Bradley has previously said that unemployed people should be sterilised.

But most infamously, in 2018 he was forced to tweet an abject apology to Jeremy Corbyn after Corbyn’s lawyers threatened legal action over Bradley’s nonsensical claim that Corbyn had been a Czech spy – and to ask everyone who read it to ‘retweet’ it:

It is believed to have been the most popular Tory tweet in history – shared, to date, almost 60,000 times. It’s possible Bradley’s day yesterday rivalled that 2018 day for embarrassment.

Journalist Dawn Foster observed succinctly that Bradley was ‘having a mare’:

It’s hard to disagree – and Bradley himself seemed to grasp it – and was still denying saying what Rayner accused him of:

At the time of writing, however, he had not deleted his tweet claiming the school head agreed with him on free school meals, in spite of the public request to correct his claim.

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  1. What is it about Twitter that makes so many politicians disengage their brains?

    1. Disengage their brains? They expose what they really think on Twitter.

      1. Carlene – Yes, as I said above “disengage their brains”.
        I of course agree that it does provide a valuable insight into how self absorbed and lacking in empathy some of our politicians are as well as usefully exposing their prejudices & sheer stupidity

  2. I can’t be arsed reading anything that tart Bradley writes – did he say anything actionable about Marcus Rashford?
    He deserves to be forced into another abject apology – and into writing to every Tory MP begging for donations to FoodShare – and into publishing the list of donors and donations.

    1. No, he should be sued.

      …And bankrupted.

      …And forced to return to stacking shelves or pulling pints…No furlough for that cnut. Then let’s see the quislings at the jcp go to town on the rodent and stop his dole for simply being an obnoxious prick. Let’s see one of his fellow toerag slum landlords evict him section 21 on turf him out onto the streets in the depths of winter…

      …Then let’s see him down at the local foodbank, or better still, trying to sell his arse for a rock of crack to help blot out, for an hour or two, the abject misery he’d have brought on himself.

      Horrible, HORRIBLE bastard. Any misfortune bestowed on the reptile will be greatly appreciated.

  3. What would really slap this shister down if, in the light of the replies on Twitter, Rashford took him up on his offer to visit the school. However, I don’t think Rashford will bother with him.

  4. Not that it’ll ever reach mainstream media… Thus far we’ve had:

    ”They spent it on crack and brasses” (Or to that effect, bradshaw)

    ”Kids have always been hungry.” (To that effect – scully)

    Foodbanks are for those with temporary cashflow problems (raabid)

    ”Foodbank use use is rather uplifting” (rees-smeg)

    Plus many more that I’ve forgotten.

    ”Work is the best way out of poverty, and these feckless children need to do plenty of it, to prepare them for the labour market”. (Toerag general consensus, soon to be said – take your pick)

  5. The major and discerning difference between Rashford (God bless him) and bradley is that (apart from bradley being an odious twunt with very little intelligence) Rashford devotes his time and resources to foodbanks of his own volition , as well as raising the issues that need addressing as to why we have them.

    bradley, on the other hand, ”donated” as a way of avoiding a hefty bill for libel that may well have bankrupted him* . Yet another toerag advanced far, FAR beyond it’s (extremely limited) capability.

    *You really should’ve took the fucker to the cleaners, Corbyn and donated the payout to his local foodbank. Had you done so, bradley wouldn’t have been in the position to mouth off his slurs and insults. Shithouse might have had to rely on foodbanks hisself, the jumped up ponce.

    IMO not suing bradley was almost as unforgiveable as stammer allowing green and green – Sorry, green and shapps – off the hook when he REFUSED to prosecute either of them as DPP despite plod publically declaring shapps’ actions may have constituted fraud.

  6. Anyone-apart from Ben Bradley- know of any brothels or crack dens that will take £3 meal coupons ?

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