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Exclusive: Trickett’s legal team in Rentoul humiliation was same that forced Bradley’s ‘please retweet’ apology to Corbyn

We thought if it was good enough for Ben Bradley why not give Mr Rentoul a chance to do the same!

On Friday, anti-left hack John Rentoul was forced to issue a humiliating apology – which has to be pinned to the top of his Twitter feed for 48 hours – to left Labour MP Jon Trickett, for libelling Trickett when Rentoul suggested Trickett’s tweet about the ‘Kill the Bill’ demonstrations against the Tories’ anti-protest bill, was in fact Trickett inciting the murder of police officers. Rentoul is also paying a 5-figure sum to a cause of Trickett’s choosing – and had to ask readers of his tweet to share it, which at the time of writing had happened more than 4,500 times.

Please retweet: Rentoul’s apology

Breaking the news, Skwawkbox observed that Rentoul’s humiliation was reminiscent of the grovelling 2018 apology of Tory MP Ben Bradley, who was the author of the most popular Conservative party tweet in history – a ‘please retweet’ apology for his ‘wholly untrue and false’ claim that Jeremy Corbyn had sold British secrets to a foreign government. Bradley similarly paid Corbyn’s legal costs and a sum to a charity chosen by the then-Labour leader.

And Skwawkbox can exclusively reveal that the similarity in the two cases is not coincidental – the same legal firm that represented Trickett and forced Rentoul into his humiliating climbdown also represented Corbyn in his 2018 victory over Bradley and chose the same killer phrase as part of the culprits’ restitution.

Please retweet: Tory Ben Bradley’s 2018 version

A spokesperson for Howe and Co told Skwawkbox:

We thought if it was good enough for Ben Bradley why not give Mr Rentoul a chance to do the same! Bradley’s is still the most tweeted Tory tweet of all time, so let’s hope Rentoul’s will challenge him for top right wing tweet supporting the left!

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  1. Good to hear from the solicitors that did a superb job,and I know that they are going to be very busy if the PLP do not see sense and dump the baggage.The knight from Surrey.

    1. The Cargo Load of Baggage!
      Is that a pulse I see returning on the discarded skin of the UK Labour Party, left over after being entirely devoured by Thatcher’s Neolabour Party TORIES!?

      1. If the pulse doesn’t start pumping the blood around soon, the corpse will be start rotting.

  2. I am suprised super slueth white flag man Allan Howard hasn’t commented You can clearly see that I got up in the middle of the night to post,having been tipped off that I could be first whilst pretending to be hiding in the mekong delta Cambodia.I have just been out to the market(middle of the night)and purchased a couple of ducks being the rains are heavy this year.(pretending)We are expecting a good harvest this year and the rice fields are looking great.We have seen so many struggling to feed themselves and their families after this virus caused so many to loose their the construction boom and the travel industry including Hotels and restaurants shutting down for the near future.So sad 😢 really considering that we are hardly effected by the virus,but I notice the locals are frightened.and enforcement is vigorous and speedy.I still shake my head when my relatives in Ireland and the UK come out with what we call “covidspeak” and seem to be quite well trained now.My surviving brothers and sisters say that I would very likely be arrested for not doing what I am told by my betters(superiors)dont I just love the English language in its expression.and so maybe I am better off here in Cambodia even if mr Howard white flag man tells me I am not because even though I am retired he tells me I wouldn’t have the time even if I posted in the middle of the night..A few dry days now I hope even if the rains are warm.I am looking forward to the “Book Allan lad?

  3. This is how the left can fight back intelligent legal challenges it might work with vexacious Anti-Semitism accusations as well

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