Breaking: humiliation for centrist hack Rentoul – ‘please retweet’ apology for Trickett smear

Rentoul forced to do a ‘Ben Bradley’ and pay 5-figure compensation after claiming Trickett’s support for ‘Kill the Bill’ protests. Don’t forget to do as the nice man asked and share his tweet!

Anti-left hack John Rentoul has been forced to issue a humiliating apology to Labour left MP Jon Trickett, after ridiculously claiming in a May tweet that Trickett’s support for ‘Kill the Bill’ protests against the Tories’ draconian anti-protest bill was in fact a slogan ‘implying support for murdering police officers’:

As well Trickett and his legal team demanding not only that Rentoul pay a 5-figure sum to a cause of Trickett’s choice, but they also insisted on the inclusion of a request for Twitter users to ‘please retweet’ his apology:

Retweet here: https://twitter.com/johnrentoul/status/1423637483821096960?s=21

In 2018 Tory MP Ben Bradley was forced to issue a ‘please retweet’ apology to Jeremy Corbyn after claiming that the then-Labour leader had sold British secrets to a foreign government. It became one of the most successful Conservative party tweets of all time.

It’s only right that Rentoul’s tweet apologising for a similarly gross smear against one of Labour’ best should do just as well, so here it is in all its glory – make sure to click through in the image caption and share. After all, the nice man is specifically asking you to!

Update: within an hour of being posted, Rebtoul’s tweet was a UK Twitter trend.

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  1. πŸŽ‰πŸš©πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸš©πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸš©πŸŽŠ
    WELL DONE for fighting your corner, BEN BRADLEY!!!

    TREMENDOUS victory against Blair’s sycophant John Rentoul‼️


    Don’t let that lot get away with lies

    1. APOLOGIES!!!
      My congrats were of course for

      Labour left MP JON TRICKETT

      1. πŸŽ‰πŸŒŸπŸŽ‰πŸŒŸπŸŽ‰πŸŒŸ EXTINCTION REBELLION also today scored a glorious victory against the Tory Establishment. The Establishment will not appeal against their defeat! I bet Mandelson, Blair and SIR Keith Starmer’s gang are BITTERLY disappointed!!!

        joy❕ Joy ❕❕ JOY❕❕❕

        AGAIN to Extinction Rebellion, Jon Trickett Jo Bird Marc Wadsworth and ALL others who have won against the status quo guardians

      1. I was aware of that, goldbach – ’twas my reply to signpost.

        Serves rentoul for thinking he’s another tool, namely neil kincock.

  2. Why withold the amount of damages for a victory,surely it is relevant and the name of the charity that will recieve the amount after the lawyers feeding frenzy.ITs all educational on how our betters deal with the “winnings” .

  3. Even hard right editors on Wikipedia don’t like him and have left his gaffes up there for us to see:

    “In November 2015, Rentoul issued a public apology for tweeting that “Jeremy Corbyn might say that France had brought the Paris attacks on itself”. The journalist acknowledged it was a “stupid and offensive” thing to say.[8] Rentoul was accused of using his position in the Independent to actively undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour party through the persistent suggestion that Corbyn was an anti-semite. In a Twitter conversation when asked to provide any evidence of Corbyn’s anti-semitism, he did not do so.”

    1. Wirral In It Together, Rentoul is a very strange character. He is a fanboy of Cummings’ Johnson and of SIR Keith Headroom at the same time. He crawls around ALL MSM radio studios DAILY. Several times in one day he crawl up to defend almost every out Cummings’ Johnson & starmer SIR outrage. Rentoul obviously knows they are from the same tool box.

      Rentoul surprised about five years ago though. He i think was the first talking head who said IN PUBLIC that Blair was desperate to return to the limelight, but that Blair was alone in not realising the stench of (its) Iraq legacy. Think Rentoul said Blair was deluded if (it) thought it could come back. Since then i’ve heard other Right Wingers say similar. One recently described the creature of being “PROFOUNDLY ARROGANT”.

      I think Seldon may have said similar, (hope i’m not in error). Seldon certainly said ages ago; something like – Blair is arrogant to the point of vanity.

      ANYWAY – only meant to say – sue all those awful usual suspects.

  4. Why hasn’t the stammerite apologist been on to tell us rentoul has been ‘taken out of context’, one wonders?

  5. Nice to see. Clearly, Trickett is seen as a threat.

    Spent about 30 minutes going through the comments. Some are brilliant.

    Wonder if this will show up anywhere else?

  6. In what universe did anyone, anywhere EVER think the slogan “Kill The Bill” meant “Let’s Murder The Coppers”? As far as I know, even Boris & Rees-Mogg never claimed THAT, ffs.

  7. Fantastic news!

    An earlier example of Rentoul’s ‘journalism’:

    “First, Rentoul wants to misquote people and then pretend he didn’t and/or pretend it doesn’t matter. It was Rentoul who claimed President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had threatened to “wipe Israel off the map”, refused to correct himself or the belligerent meaning he ascribed to those comments…”


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