‘Labour’ council evicts homeless family with young children for being unable to view property 180 MILES away

Waltham Forest Council is Labour run, but apparently only in title after it evicts family for not attending viewing that would have taken dad away from new job, in move reminiscent of threats of Tory-run council to Grenfell survivors

180 miles: London to Stoke-on-Trent

A ‘Labour’-run London borough council has evicted a homeless family with a ten-year-old child and twins aged three from their temporary accommodation – because they were unable to view a house 180 miles away in Stoke-on-Trent.

The family had been temporarily housed in Lewisham borough at Walthamstow’s expense, but the council sent them a ‘private sector discharge offer’ for the house in Stoke, saying it had ‘a duty to taxpayers’ to get them off its books, that finding accommodation in London was ‘very challenging’ – and evicting them when the family did not comply because it would have taken the father away from a new job he had finally managed to obtain.

The family is appealing the decision with help from Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth, which says that the usual practice of offering families accommodation pending the result of a review has been ignored in this case.

Which constituency the family is from has not been made public, but Waltham Forest has two right-wing Labour MPs and Lewisham has one.

The Waltham Forest move is reminiscent of the actions of Tory-run Kensington and Chelsea council, which only days after the Grenfell Tower fire threatened survivors that if they would not move to the north they would be declared intentionally homeless and ineligible for any support.

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  1. I wonder how those councillors can look at their face in the mirror.We should enter politics to help are constituents not evict them especially when they are vulnerable.And being a ex Labour councillor on the Housing committee my job was to keep a roof over the head of our tenants and I did on many occasions running against my own council in Reigate Surrey to stop eviction notices in court if necessary and it often was.Fellow Labour councillors were pro officer and balance the books without considering ways to get rents in without resorting to the Jack boot.I have seen council officers dump furniture and possessions on the street until I waded into the row.I may be looking back to the ninteys but it looks like nothing much has changed looking at the above report.

  2. Out-torying the ‘rags in their social cleansing of the capital

    rachael reeves will be impressed. The thing is, she won’t be alone.

  3. Heartless bureaucracy. There’s a lot of it about in the forensically bad Labour party

  4. True story
    2 social landlords in Northern Labour stronghold, when bedroom tax came in, one of them redesignated all of their properties to save the charge for the tenants
    The other landlord put up their rent to cover the expected increase in bad debts
    Now the idea that we dont have more than our fare share of scumbags is a nonsense

  5. Now the idea that we dont have more than our fare share of scumbags is a nonsense

    Nobody said we don’t. Every town has it’s rats, both within and without political circles. (Mainly within)

    FFS you only need look at some of the vermin that have been elected (and re-elected) north of the Watford Gap. Rotten Boroughs in Eye has plenty of tales to tell.

    Then there’s the so-called charities that were actually unashamedly bragging about forcing the sick and disabled to work for their dole and how they were raking it in by being poverty pimps. Housing associations saw it, and got in on that, too.

    And the likes of frankenfeild and reeves LOVED the whole lot of it, and wanted to go even further. And while Birkenhead finally grew the bollocks to get shut of the sneering, self-serving frankenfield, stammer’s made the unrepentant Lewisham MP (reeves) the shadow chancellor.

    Which just sums up what that labour party’s about.

  6. *Lewisham-born MP, reeves. Not Lewisham’s MP.

    But another rat in a northern constituency.

    1. It doesn’t really matter. Lewisham’s MP is Vicky Foxcroft, born in Lancs, supported remain and Owen Smith. All from the same mould.

      1. I wasn’t aware of that… But it doesn’t come as any surprise.

  7. It is vital that people AND Independent Media stop speaking of that Polar Opposite Parasite Party Occupying The UK Labour Party as “Labour”!
    They are NOT Labour!
    They ARE Thatcher’s Neoliberals!
    Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS NOT Labour!
    Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS NOT to the Left of the Political spectrum!
    Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS NOT Liberal!
    Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS NOT Centre of the Political Spectrum aka BS “Centrists”!
    Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS NOT Socialist!
    Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS NOT ABOUT The PEOPLE!
    Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS NOT FOR The PEOPLE!
    Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS Anti-Socialist!
    Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS Anti-Left!
    Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS Anti-People in NEED!
    Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS Anti-Palestine!
    Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS Anti-Freedom of Speech!
    Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS Julian Assange!
    Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS Zionist!
    Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS Anti-Black, Muslim, Any other Minority including Black/Non-Zionist Jews!
    Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS CONSERVATIVE TORYISM!
    Thatcher’s Neoliberalism IS FOR The ELITES & THEMSELVES!

    Blair stopped the singing of The Red Flag, as the first cut, and called the Parasite Party that he dragged up behind him, when he gnawed his way through the sewers of Westminster and into Parliament, “New-Labour”!
    New-labour has evolved to accept the big dollop of Neoconservatism to obliterated The Middle East for his Tory Greed Bitches! It would only be fitting that we update the name also to Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES! The Parasite Party that infested The UK Labour Party and devoured all of The UK Labour Party from the inside until it’s final pulse!

    BUT PLEASE Comrades DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO WORSHIPPING “THE BRAND”, “THE LOGO”, THE LABEL! Those People are TORIES and have not one single shred of resemblance to The UK Labour Party or The UK Labour Movement! They are not even ashamed to outright speak TORY, and have long given up the Pretence of being anything BUT TORIES!

    Just the same as the USA now have two equally corrupt, conniving, multi faced Parties for their Elite Masters, so too do we have Two Equally Corrupt and Evil TORY Parties. Worship the Brand Name “Labour” and this will never end, and never change! Vote the Parasite Bastards, who Stole The PEOPLE’S HOPE, CHOICE, CHANGE and the END of 42 years of TORY HELL, OUT OF THEIR COMFY SEATS! AND Yes we will suffer for it, just as we are suffering for their conniving and sabotage and will continue suffering unless we EVICT THEM, in which case we also suffer, but we got rid of The 2 TORY Party System that the Establishment have worked so hard to build and we will only then see a Party TRULY & WHOLLY FOR THE PEOPLE RISE FROM THE ASHES OF THE CORRUPT, CONNIVING, SABOTEURS!

    PS. The Labour Party is Dead this had nothing to do with a revival, it is about preventing 2 equally corrupt parties FOR THE ELITES and no party to represent THE PEOPLE! Do nothing about it we suffer, do something about it we still suffer, but at least we suffer for a cause and we suffer with a glimmer of hope!

  8. As I understand it a second family has now been told they too are being relocated to Stoke. Not many years ago boroughs like Chelsea and Kensington operated a social cleansing policy paying boroughs like Waltham Forest to take council tenants , Tory controlled councils taking heartless action against their poorest residents. In 2021 Labour replicating those policies,how low have we sunk?

    1. Jim Kensington & Chelsea & Westminster have been turfing out the un-moneyed for decades! To new estates in Kent and elsewhere. Other boroughs also feel the poor who made Nottinghill, Islington Hackney …even Elephant & Castle, don’t have “a right” to live where they have established a life for ever.

      Barely a noise has been made of such. Mentioned yes but; move heaven and earth? No. To halt these long running outrages mean we MUST have a proper government, rather than hope corrupt consortiums of chums MIGHT throw one tenth of a crumb or even two tenths if we protest hard enough; and all pole dancers were too far out of town for home visits.

      BTW how’s CND going… and for how long❔ How r the Iraqis doing❔ To run away from debate is pre-Enlightenment Pol Pot gibberish spun as being “smart”.

      1. Yes, it all started with Lady Porter advertising council homes in Young Conservative magazine. It’d be antisemitic to say that in Starmer’s Labour but it was all part of a plan to overturn a Labour majority in Pimlico and ended up nest-egging several Tories thousands of pounds when they sold their homes without ever having lived in them. The most notable was Edwina Curry who answered the advert, got herself a council flat at 19 and flogged it for 30000 profit.

      2. spot on lundiel. worth highlighting that DAME Shirley Porter… wonder if she was chums with SIR Keith Starmer??? ANYWAY DAME shirley porter, SIR starmer loves that sort of thing, the criminal FLED JUSTICE to spend her millions made from her gerrymandering. Which criminal den did DAME dump in? Palestine!!! Where foreigners can fly straight in from London or New York and say to Palestinian farmer, I’ll have that, that and that … house, land vines … everything.
        Did Porter do a Ronnie Bigs? He certainly returned to be treated by the NHS – Free at the point of delivery. Privatised Health eh

      3. Jim, my last paragraph above obviously does not refer to u. apologies; just in case i went off on one againπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. tcliverpool, some say we must hide in a bunker, say nice things to each other and vote for a label because somehow mandelson evans hodge starmer blair & gang will b not as bad as johnson, even though can can see with their own eyes what starmer is doing.

    starmer’s allies said what they would do. i heard them. they’ve not stopped saying it. they’re doing what they said. some at least have the honesty to say they r surprised. but others fraudulent and sincere actually encourage us to keep their failures as they did for as many as sixty years. be shafted because shafters shaft.

    it is really beyond comprehension. no wonder steveh davidh shs gloat and the allan howards laugh their heads off. they believe we r all earth shatteringly stupid. why else would the shs gloat as they do❓❓❓

    when did it start❔❔❔ someone even posted that it was not like this before, as if the establishment media etc just started being establishment media etc, four and a half years ago. truly difficult to understand. something is rotten in the state of denmark.

    observing the deep-rooted rottenness is amazing enough. finding a different way to say that, calls for a good break first. Need a refresh.

    Best wishes to all. Condolences again to the family and friends of Dr Kailash Chand, Dawn Foster and Graham Vick who got a short but sweet and inspiring tribute on Radio Three last night. Graham Vick demonstrated what is possible with very little resources and true inspiring, broad, diverse, deep community involvement, continent, can do spirit and belief that we are not bound by conventions of hopelessness. How did he do it❔
    By the best way we can too.

  10. It’s a street slang look up urban Dictionary it’s for people like SteveH who are stuck for words when wankers like him cant have anything good to say about the devastation that New Labour are putting on familys that they were supposed to take care of and stand up for, When story’s like this comes out he seems to be very quiet

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