#Grenfell video: “move north or be ‘intentionally homeless’, lose all support

The scandal of the treatment of the survivors of the Grenfell Tower catastrophe goes from shameful to vile.

As one of the survivors testifies in the video below, survivors are already being shipped out as far north as Preston in Lancashire – with some reports of people being offered as far north as Northumberland.

But these are not ‘offers’ in any meaningful sense of the word, because survivors are being told that if they fail to accept an offer they will be declared intentionally homeless.

And if you make yourself intentionally homeless, you do not qualify for any support or assistance:

Others have already been offered accommodation in a ‘carbon copy’ of the building that haunts their nightmares or told that if they accept an offer of free temporary accommodation they will be removed from the rehoming list altogether, but this is even worse.

Local residents have told the SKWAWKBOX they feel they’re being treated more as criminals than as victims – and have said again and again that their greatest fear is being separated from the community that has supported them both before and after the blaze.

To the disgrace and shame of the council and the government, in spite of Theresa May’s promise on TV to the contrary, that appears to be exactly what is being done to them.

It must not be allowed to happen.

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  1. This video was true before the election, why should we expect things to be any different now

    1. There is still a strong suspicion that public outrage is being managed by the slow drip feeding of casualty figures. They appear to be intent on hiding the true scale of this disaster for as long as possible.

  2. Another headline in inverted commas. Is this as unreliable as the D notice story?

    I note that the video is not of someone who has been moved to Peterborough / Preston but is a hearsay account about someone else.

    One has to wonder whether the interviewee heard this from someone who heard it from someone who heard it…..

      1. I’m unclear whether you are agreeing with me that this story could turn out to be as baseless as the D notice one.

    1. Unfortunately this is very typical of local authority rehoming policy – it rings completely true with what I experienced many years ago when eligible for social housing – almost exactly word for word described how I felt at the time. It’s all too believable I’m afraid.

  3. Exactly as I expected. The social cleansing of London continues. Not forgetting Lord Freud’s previous assertion that those of us who only rent property don’t have ‘homes’.
    … and the promise to re-house locally all those made homeless by the Grenfell fire? – just another day’s lies from the Nasty Party. I’m sure they’re well aware that Kensington only ‘fell’ to Labour by 20 votes in GE2017.

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