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A message from Dr Kailash Chand (video)

Dr Kailash Chand died suddenly last night. He was a loving family man, a giant among NHS campaigners, one of the most fundamentally kind and decent human beings you could wish to meet – and utterly fearless when it came to standing up for those who work in the NHS and those who need it. And he was my friend, a father and hero to many.

He was also a key member of both Ordinary Left and Socialist Telly, as well as a contributing author to Skwawkbox. This is what we think he would have said to you tonight if he was able:

If you want to honour his memory – fight for the NHS. It needs you now more than ever.

Our heartbroken condolences to his family and friends.


  1. That is sad news, we can il-afford to lose men of his calibre, but as you say Skwawky, the baton has been passed, who will run with it.

    1. Gosh! What absolutely dreadful news. What a shock. All sympathy for his family and all his friends and colleagues. Terrible news. Cannot understand why so many of the best are leaving us so soon. What a puzzle life is…
      Rest in Peace Dr Kailash Chand.

  2. Can’t find this on the BBC. Ratbags. Thiis is terrible news. I almost felt I knew him

    1. It is our duty to Dr Chand, David Graeber, etc to Unite and take up the Crimson Standard, they will not be commemorated by the MSM, the Enemy of The PEOPLE! WE have to Unite and Boycott all forms of MSM and MSSM. WE have to stop mindlessly buying the Elites’ Latest Piece of Shite! WE have to bring the Change, if we wait for another Left Political Party or The BBC to air/promote our Cause, we will blindly wait an eternity!
      We are The Many by far, we just need to drop our shit and Unite, against The Neoliberalism that has gripped our world. For as long as Profit comes before PEOPLE we will suffer and all we need to do is say NO MORE!

      1. Excellent rendition and great tune, Skelly! Thank you.

        Interestingly (for me anyway!) I looked on the YouTube comments underneath and there was mention of a Jamaican version!? My curiosity piqued, I looked to see if I could find out more and lo and behold, there it was, also on YouTube — a Reggae version by the Workers’ Party of Jamaica In-House Reggae Group!!.

        While not nearly as good as the one you posted (even for me as a lifelong Reggae-holic), it’s not too bad — although I wouldn’t be playing at a Sound System but maybe as a closing tune, who knows?

  3. RIP to a very good friend of Squawkbox and the NHS..Steve H needs to apologies for his scurrilous remarks “No socialist telly tonight ? are they in trouble” ?..Poison from centrist Dad and his misfits who will be celebrating any Upset and promote themselves and their warped ideology. .

    1. Steve H needs to apologies for his scurrilous remarks β€œNo socialist telly tonight ? are they in trouble” ?

      Just got up and had a look at that exchange — disgusting creep!! But as the saying goes: ‘the higher the monkey climbs, the more he expose’, as was evident from the whole thread. Even when he’s plainly wrong he can’t even man-up and admit it.

      Anyway, much respect to Dr Chand and condolences to his family.

  4. The NHS has lost an extremely valuable – nay, priceless – ally and asset. He will be sorely missed. I just hope there’s someone to pick up the baton and continue with the same eloquence and vigour he showed.

    God rest you, Dr Chand. And thanks. Our thoughts are with your family.

  5. There are some who are intentionally blind to what is happening to the NHS. There are some who are astute enough to see what is going on and are not afraid to speak out. Dr Chand was one of those people. They are priceless, condolences to his friends and family.

  6. May I add my condolences, and endorse the call to honour his legacy by continuing the struggle.

  7. Respect to Dr Kailash Chand … A principled fighter for our wonderful HNS.
    Condolences to family and friends.
    Let us honour his memory by continuing the struggle to protect our NHS from those who know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

  8. At times like this you have to think of those left behind, those in mourning for a family member or friend
    As for his legacy its safe on here
    But get your arse into gear, hold your hands up and apologise
    You will be the better man for it

  9. I’m sure many on here are aware but for those who aren’t We Own It are currently campaigning to safeguard the NHS (along with other worthwhile causes such as buses) and are worth taking a look at.

    I had previously taken up membership with the Socialist Health Association but, alas, soon after joining they adopted the IHRA definition of antisemitism, which has caused so much controversy, and so I decided they were not quite what they were cracked up to be and promptly resigned.

  10. Very sad news indeed and for his family.

    Over 50s party can resurrect public NHS. But NHS will have ended by next year 2022 by laws being passed now.

    The solution comes from Nye Bevan before he manage to begin the NHS in 1948.

    Need help to start the party.

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