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Labour shuts down London conference entirely in middle of chair’s speech to prevent her criticising Keir Starmer

Starmer’s sockpuppets and apologists now desperately trying to claim Kathryn Johnson was being libellous, which delegates say is a lie. She will have chance to deliver it in full on Socialist Telly on Monday night

Labour has outraged members today by shutting down its London conference in the middle of the outgoing Conference Arrangements Committee chair’s speech, apparently because she was speaking critically of Keir Starmer – and, ironically, of the party’s anti-democratic conduct.

Conference chair Kathryn Johnson

The cowardly action began with regional officials muting Ms Johnson in full flow in the online conference session – and then abruptly terminating the conference altogether with no explanation.

The party’s apologists, in what appears to be a coordinated move, are now attempting to limit the damage by claiming she was cut off because she was being libellous – a claim attendees at the conference say is entirely untrue:

Another speaker who went off-script to criticise Starmer and the party’s attack on members was also muted earlier. Members had already complained about the party bringing conference forward from November – against the wishes of elected regional executive members – in order to hold it online where it could be tightly controlled, rather than in person as planned.

This frontal assault on free speech is the latest in the party’s ongoing war on its members human and democratic rights – but Ms Johnson will have the opportunity to say her piece in a Socialist Telly special on Monday night, starting at 8pm.

Make sure to tune in via Socialist Telly’s and Skwawkbox’s social media feeds – and to spread the word so that Labour’s attempt to gag its elected officials who dare to speak out fails as abjectly as it deserves to.

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  1. “Starmer’s sockpuppets and apologists now desperately trying to claim Kathryn Johnson was being libellous, which delegates say is a lie. “

    Surely someone must have recorded this happening.

    1. It’s not possible to record a Zoom meeting if those who are running it don’t allow it to be recorded- anyone who has used Zoom or or other similar online forums in the last year and a half- as we all have- knows this.

      1. kenburch It is possible. Use your mobile phone, handy cam or GoPro to record the meetings. If the device is not in view who the hell is to know?

      2. @kenburch You can use screen capture software. FRAPS for example (is old software, there will be better out there)

        Gonna need a lot of storage though, as it records uncompressed

      3. barriereid & nvla r both correct re: ways to rec zoom and other meetings.

        Cheri Blair is allegedly PAID by Pegasus to advise them. Pegasus is DIRECTLY associated with illegal occupiers of Palestine. Pegasus snoops on one and all; friends, foes, presidents, prime ministers, amnesty international, environmentalists, any other individuals and groups which aim to fight injustices or do good.

        Pegasus uses ILLEGAL malicious spyware to record, store and share private information and communications of others. Pegasus is a foreign entity.

        The UK, USA, Canada, Australia and EU establishment SINGULAR; ILLEGALLY bugged their allies eg Angela Merkel and UN Sec Generals eg Kofi Annan. Former MP Claire Short casually confirmed that she was briefed and read transcripts EVERY MORNING of the previous days bugging of Kofi Annan. Claire meant no ill. She was doing as is routinely done.

        Establishment law makers and enforcers declare it illegal to record without the permission of those being recorded. However Chris Williamson, was ILLEGALLY recorded at a private meeting by the UNELECTED and unrepresentative so called ‘Campaign against AS’ – CAA who collaborate with similar BOD and similar misnamed Chronicle.

        Other can decide the necessity of recordings for public good. Harry Law and others will be able to give legal guidance.

        Take note however; SteveHs davidHs SHs Caribbean Bolthole Branch posted a day or two ago, names elected to London Region. One person on that list is known to have said in a full CLP / Branch or GC Delegate meeting that they had seen the PRIVATE WhatsApps messages with a left “SLATE” circulated by named person. I believe that came up in a ding dong criticising the Right Wing being “factional”. A search online would reveal; the individual who admitted reading the other’s private communication; accepted a FREE trip from a group or groups RABIDLY in support of the continued occupation of Palestine.

        Hope this is helpful.


      4. “… others can decide…”💐💐💐

      5. windchime – It would have been more helpful if you had named the individual involved. Is there a reason you didn’t

    2. The tactics of the corporate news media brought right into the heart of Labour culture.
      How low can Starmer’s Labour go?

  2. RIP Labour. DO NOT RENEW YOUR LABOUR MEMBERSHIP! LET LABOUR DIE! From the ashes a new socialist political party will arrive…and when they do I will listen…and make up my mind afterwards, them or an Independent.

    1. It is the only way to wake the People UP!
      GE24 The PEOPLE have The NON-CHOICE of:
      Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES
      Thatcher’s Neoliberal Conservative Party TORIES…
      …and in a House of Horrors full of ONLY Neoliberal Parties there is no way of Escaping Neoliberal TORYISM!
      In a sense that is a good thing, especially if The Inbred Buffoon stays in power, he has inadvertently United and Brought Communities Closer Together. We need people’s Fluff Bubbles to pop, and come down here, with an almighty thud, with all the other paupers, we need people to become profoundly desperate, life on the edge, life or death haunting your every day, not because I hate people but because I love The PEOPLE! I want The PEOPLE to WAKE THE FUCK UP! THE PEOPLE NEED THEMSELVES TO WAKE THE FUCK UP! If that is only possible through suffering and having absolutely nothing, then so be it!
      The PEOPLE need a movement that is self sufficient and completely bypasses Government with Open Source Services monitored by Decentralised Commissions, that will also attack the Government, all Parties and all existing Commissions/Regulators/Organisations like Ofcom, The EHRC, Electoral Commission, CIVICA, ICO, etc, etc, etc on behalf of The PEOPLE.
      First The PEOPLE NEED TO UNITE! We have to let go of Old Elitist Speak, ie The Classes, The Working Class, Middle Class, …..etc
      We need to simplify The PEOPLE vs The Establishment! The Establishment is for themself and to them The PEOPLE are mere numbers/pawns to drop bombs on and to get to drop their bombs on their behalf. The PEOPLE come in 2 varieties The PEOPLE who work for and with The PEOPLE for the Greater Good of The PEOPLE, RICH/POOR and The PEOPLE who work for and with The ESTABLISHMENT for the Greater Good of The ESTABLISHMENT/THEMSELVES, RICH/POOR!
      By Keeping it simple their Propaganda will have a hard time of dividing us any further than those few who take instruction from them and the Mass of The PEOPLE! If we look at current divisions we are still plagued by Brexiteer/Remainer, Masker/Anti-Masker, Vaccer/Anti-Vaccer, Rightwing/Leftwing, Working Class/Middle Class, Pro War/Anti-War, etc, etc, etc, etc All those terms/Issues are Manufactured Propaganda!
      We don’t need it, how about we learn to be civil to each other and start communicating with each other again, there are nearly 8 Billion people on this planet all in the same predicament, and all with different views and all with convictions, but we are never ever going to win every person over to accept our convictions and our morals/standards! They have their own and it is Fascist of us to even attempt it, all we can do is talk about it and through psychology introduce people to their ‘issues’ not to change them but to at least get them to tolerate and live peacefully alongside each other.

      1. ALSO – SIR Starmer intends to support Johnson’s “VACCINE PASSPORTS”. The spin is to present support as only for sport and nightclubs etc., not for food, health nor necessities. Mission creep❓❓❓ Yes.
        Obviously predictable. Easily predicted.

        To my knowledge, not one of Blair’s sinister so called ‘Anti Terror Laws’ has ever been repealed. Cressida Dick, previous commissioners during the Mandelson Campbell Straw Blunket Smith Theresa May Rudd Patel regimes, their spokespeople and Tories on pitch & on bench using the Labour Party, have ALL threatened to use, and defended using those laws for other TOTALLY unrelated purposes, eg. spying & bugging Doreen Lawrence and her family, other victims of crime, CND and Climate Change Activists; to name a few.

        SIR starmer knows full well that perverse record. Starmer knows that no one should EVER presume future benevolent regimes, particularly as we now live under a most systematically incestuous and nepotistic corrupt Johnson regime supported FULLY by SIR starmer. It is predictable that Starmer will do the same if not much worse than Johnson’s Tories.

        Predictable and predicted before and again now on Starmer hopes to use such eventual Identity Cards. They are being pushed through by barely subtle stealth. Starmer’s openly infamous DPP record and open attack on every aspect of democracy in the Labour Party aided by yet unratified Evans makes future state abuse obvious.

        Starmer is “bad Bad BAD news”

      2. In a way I hope that Apartheid Keith does win GE24, I would like to see the Rivers of tears when the sleeping “beauties” wake up in North Korea and just like his 10 Pledges “People just did not understand what Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES meant, when they said…….!”
        I think that would be an even harder and louder thud of a Reality Check for so, so many! My Sick and Twisted Pleasure from the Rivers of Tears, when I say, Told you so, will be at ultimate pleasure lever, nearly breaking the glass!
        The danger of course is that he will win, because millions of idiots who fucked up at GE19 and cried their rivers of tears are now thinking out of sheet desperation the old Blair Pitch “Any “Labour” Government is better than a Conservative Government”, which might ring true if they weren’t equally NASTY TORY! But yeah, desperate people do desperate things and they will drag them selves from the chin-deep shit they voted themselves into at GE19 into the Mariana Trench of Shit at GE24!

      3. Yeah! The Labour Government led by the man in charge of loopholing Julian Assange into Prison, Jimmy Saville off the hook, Spy Cops off the Hook, wants to emprison people on benefits for 10 years, if they don’t know the law and can’t get the support to prove that they are on benefits because they need to be on benefits, etc, etc, etc Nazi Loving Racist MPs and Cabinet who adores Nancy Astor, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Ministers who say “Tory Neolabour Party is not the Party for People out of work, Tory Neolabour Party will be tougher on Benefit Claimants than the Conservative Tories!”
        Swept ALL Racism Complaint’s Cases, that do not involve Racist White Zionist Jews, under the carpet, never to be seen!
        Yes TORY BOY, your Neolabour Party TORIES sound like The PEOPLE’S Dream Come True!
        I will await your NO ANSWER cliche, that is all you have TORY BOY, Blinkers and NO ANSWERS for your TORY Party’s Actions and INACTIONS!
        What Neolabour Party TORY Actions NOT WORDS! Actions can you list that they have actually done to make me or anyone believe that they are in any way shape or form vote worthy!? There is only one word that comes to mind for your TORY Party and that is RUN, actually 3 words RUN LIKE FUCK!!!!!!!

      4. That is a OK, but would graduates consider conversing with outers- the majority. There will be some amazing alliances. The bods and other s JC , are terrified of JVL . They need support, financial and human. We need to establish war chests all over. I am not a Leninist but we need to become more disciplined and organised. The 5th column will starve if the rest of the structure can’t provide the foundations. Remember the enemy is a magpie, loves shiny things, takes from others, opulent, crude and vulgar. The real question is will we stand if not we are undone. Serfs and minions.

      5. Absolutely spot on! We should’ve hit pause in 2016, studied the Neolabour Party TORIES and Ziotards Assault Techniques on Jews, Socialists, Leftists, Black People, Muslims and Any others on their hit list!
        We should have created our own form of “Luntzspeak”, an ACT.IL like app, International Troll Farms (in our case International Organised Activism Groups.)
        Instead we were as we still are bickering among each other and The Neoliberal Far Right are taking over the World! Leaving The PEOPLE with NO CHOICE Like America, The UK, France, etc, etc where the so called “The Left” are farther Right than the Right!
        We should Magpie and make it The PEOPLE’S Shiny things! Turn their pieces of Shiny Plated Shite into Shiny Platinum For The PEOPLE!
        Nobody goes into a REAL war, not the current, Plunderer Greed Wars, without being fully versed in the Enemy’s Tactics! We should be willing to dive in, after them, into their Gutters and Cesspits without so much as a second thought, we need to get filthy, dirty, nasty, we know we can clean it off, they on the other hand are stuck with it!
        I reckon 2015 to 2020 made the Perfect argument for Plato’s disdain for Democracy! I can’t say that I can find much reason to disagree with The Republic, even if I stand by The PEOPLE Shall Govern, but we need to find a new way, an Open Source & Decentralised decision making/taking, economy, exchange of goods, etc, etc, etc.
        We could bring the Empires of The Money Men down in a very simple and peaceful revolution, a NEEDoverWANT Revolution. Only buy/own what you absolutely need, if it works don’t replace it until it gets more expensive to fix than a new one, then only ever get the best of the most basic make not the hottest latest piece of garbage! Stop spending £1000.00s on stupid bloody xmas and B’days! Start Hand making Personal, Intimate, Meaningful gifts, home accessories, art, unless you buy from Independent Home Made Creatives. Shop for furniture on the side walks/skips, fix it up, live Wabi Sabi! They will very soon start getting the message loud and clear!

    2. It was always the case that Blairites didn’t like being beholden to Party democracy. Last time they were in power they were clear about circumventing this, planning state funding of political Party’s. So basically you’ll have the taxpayer subsidizing policies that not even a Party’s members want.
      Something to mull over when considering leaving/not-leaving Labour.

      1. Bernie – I don’t have a problem with the state funding of parties. If nothing else it would remove the influence of rich donors which can only be a good thing)
        State funding already exist in the form of ‘short money’ and a couple of other things that I can’t remember the name of at the moment.
        Labour lost about £1,5million per year because we have lost 60 seats.
        The last time I saw any figures on ‘state funding’ the cost to the individual tax payer would amount to next to nothing.

      2. You don’t actually have to have state funding of Parties to avoid corporate lobbying or bribes in the political system. Just restrict Party funding exclusively to membership subs or associate membership subs – with each individual or capitalist corporate entity having the size of their contributions limited, so as they can’t buy policy, or have more say than any single working-class voter.
        In that situation a Starmer couldn’t afford to be purging the Labour Party of its traditional support.

    1. With the expulsion of Ken Loach and others, what we are seeing now are the results of adopting the IHRA definition, which was endorsed by Len McCluskey, and John McDonnell etc. They were warned that this would happen but they took no notice. They gave the Israel lobby another weapon with which to attack LP members. They are fools of the first order.

      1. Oh, right, so but for the IHRA definition Ken Loach and others WOULDN’T have been expelled. What total B/S. But then your job of course is to discredit Jeremy and John McDonnell et al every-which-way you can think of!

        Needless to say, members and the likes of Jeremy were being accused of A/S looong before the IHRA definition was adopted (or the vast majority of people ever heard of it), and as you WELL know of course, Len McCluskey and John McDonnell realised as the weeks of daily condemnation went by, that the LP would inevitably have to sign up to it, or the condemnation and vilification for NOT adopting it would just go on and on and on.

        And given that there doesn’t appear to be any news items regarding Ken Loach being expelled, I assume you are fraudulently making a meal of the fact that he is a member of Labour Against the Witchhunt – which along with three other groups was proscribed by the NEC last week – and, as such, was auto-expelled along with any LP members of said groups..

        And THAT had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the IHRA definition!

      2. White Flag Man, I’m beginning to think you are a little deranged and have problems figuring out that 2+2=4 not, 2 1/2.

      3. Well your response is of course EXACTLY the sort of response a nasty little paid fascist shill would concoct and post.

        So when was Ken Loach expelled exactly? And why?

  3. You idiot “sockpuppet” centrist Dad.Do you think everyone walks round recording everything at Labour party meetings in real life?.Not all members are spying on each other Stevie boy 👦its called comradship somthing you could never understand.Whilst we are on RT are reporting the state of play ar La La HQ and it seems that you centrist Einsteins have been bleeding away members and money at the rate of half a million pounds a month and hundreds per day after the fiasco of throwing away members money to collaberators inside the Labour HQ.Now its hit the RT,Independent and probably the rest very soon in a mass dirty washing fiesta of you lot the “Dirty tricks brigade.” You still need to account officially maybe in court of the missing millions of members money .The net is closing in.and I doubt a Caribbean bolt hole will protect you.!.And dont ask for a “link” to the proof,its a simple matter of reckoning up somthing you should have learnt manning the counter at the Labour exchange before they had to …Let you go.!

    1. Joseph – I’m guessing that’s a no then. If it is as you claim its a simple matter of reckoning up I’m sure we’d all love to see your calculations.
      Well if ‘the left don’t take the opportunity to record zoom meeting to protect themselves then it shows how stupid they are. Just imagine for a moment how much more impact this article would have if SB had been able to post a video or audio recording to evidence these accusations.
      Why you would imagine that I have anything to to with Labour’s finances is beyond me. I am 100% sure that nobody is ever going to come knocking on my door to ask me about Labour’s finances.
      I have seen nothing to indicate that any funds are missing, have you?
      Making stuff up about me doesn’t add anything to your rantings it just makes you look a bit silly..

      1. Long explanation mr Hall centrist Dad You are clearly rattled .Can we have your opinion on “Labours new deal” just seen a caption of deputy raynure launching the New deal.What would you advise being a redundent jobs advisor.Did no one at the Labour party exchange not see the hypocrisy of a new deal and laying off workers in the Labour party… Talking about a new deal, “levelling up” job security and more pay on virtually the same day they started the fire and rehire or let go workers without even the common curtesy of informing them before the independent got a whiff of the scandal.?I have a feeling you might have to disappear for a while Stevie and hide.ITs not looking good at LA LA HQ and don’t expect any cash soon from misfit control its all gone?…Sorry Stevie boy 👦 must feed the chickens and youre probably off to bed in your Caribbean bolt hole.

      2. Jioseph – Only in your dreams. I was simply replying to your fuckwit nonsense.
        Why don’t you ask Len, he’s the one responsible for Labour having to cut staff.
        I’m sure many saw the irony of Unite members being made redundant (or not having their contracts renewed) because Unite withdrew the funding that was paying their wages.

      3. Again- you CAN’T record a Zoom meeting if the people hosting it don’t allow it to be recorded. Stop blaming those who aren’t to blame- you KNOW it wasn’t the Left’s fault if it the meeting couldn’t be recorded.

      4. There you go again accusing the ‘Left’ of being stupid by not doing this or that. You cannot record a zoom meeting unless the organizer allows it. You also cannot vote in any CLP meeting if the organizer holds the meeting virtually in private and doesn’t tell certain members the meeting is being held either. This is how the Democratic Socialist Labour Party is currently being run by Max Headroom and his pals. As for blaming UNITE for causing the redundancies at Labour HQ, that just about shows us who you work for. Labour is dying and I hope the other unions stop funding it’s corrupt workings. Where has the £13m gone ? Probably paying for Social Media trolls and Portland Communication contracts.

      5. baz2001 – Zoom may not give you the facilities to record but there are plenty of other ways to record things

      6. @Kenburch Again- you CAN’T record a Zoom meeting if the people hosting it don’t allow it to be recorded.

        That kind of unethical skullduggery is par for the course for Labour’s RW,

        Corbyn was secretly recorded in an attempt to get something, anything to use against him remember. Hence the RW laugh at the left for playing by the rules and not being as ruthlessly underhand as they are.

  4. When you bleeding away over half a million pounds per month away and thousands of member victims per month is it any suprise that Ken loach is on the hit list.Now even the motley shadowy cabinet and the PLP are wondering why they have to read the newspapers to find out that the “gravy train has hit the buffers..With very little left in the kitty 🐱will the Labour party be able to even attempt a conference and even if it did whats the point when its already rigged.A week out in Brighton and all the jollys and freebies spaffed by the Likud party…..Let the Labour party go.its no longer fit for purpose.

    1. It looks as though those who run the country and control the politicians (the weapons manufacturers) have decided they have had enough of Bozo the Dangerous Clown and they are now ready to give Sir Rodney the job for which they’ve been grooming him. They just want make certain before they do, that he has eliminated every last vestige of Socialism from the Labour Party.

      1. Joseph – Why are you trying to make something sinister out of me stating the obvious. Are you really that desperate for the attention?

  5. The Guardian anounces “New deal for workers” and makes no mention of the knights redundancy for workers at LA LA HQ.Labours new deal includes better pay and conditions?,quite a novel idea for the Labour party nowadays?.Maybe our resident job centre advisor Steve H can explain having been “Let go” himself from a low paid,low profile job recently?

    1. Joseph – Come back when you have some actual facts rather than stuff you’ve just made up.

      1. SteveH, you seem to have gone from blaming the victim(s) to disputing the evidence. In the past, the RW and Authoritarians usually did it the other way round.

        But not, of course, in late (coronavirus) capitalism this is the New (billionaire-created) Normal.

        Do you realise that you are following The WEF/World Bank/ IMF/Billionaires’ Rulebook – and that it is dangerously ant-science, anti-liberal and therefore anti-democratic socialist (or is that the whole point)?

        It makes you look incorrigible, but it’s actually very dangerous. It creates anti-scientific authoritarianism and is more than a touch fascistic. No wonder peoplle here think you might be a CIA/Labour Forward/Mossad troll.

      2. qwertboi – I haven’t disputed the evidence, there is non to dispute.

      1. falsely accusing people of “making stuff up” again. How sad is THAT.
        How far are you going to go with this, Steve? And given the polls, how can you still think Starmer and his quasi-Stalinist henchmen are WORTH defending?

      2. kenburch – As I’ve said to you many, many times before, You are welcome to try and prove it.

  6. I believe the person Chairing the last section was Seema Chandwani (former vice-Chair) and Kathyn Johnson was just given the closing the former member of the CAC.
    I am told that in some Divisions the vote came very closed. The left lost because in many left leaning CLPs, they run out of time and couldn’t nominate delegates to London Regional Conference.
    This isn’t the time to leave the Labour Party but to stay and fight. I still have hope that the left can prevail at National Conference.
    If the newly elected EC of Unison prevail and delivers, Unison vote jointly with Unite, CWS, FBU and the Bakers, should ensure that Evans isn’t endorsed by Labour Conference and that STV as the method of electing the NEC is rejected. Conference could reject too endorsing the NEC decision of proscribing: Socialist Fight, Resist, Labour against the Witchhunt, and Labour in Exile Network.
    Hence, all Unison left members should start passing motions at their branches rejecting Evans as GS and all the anti-left policies the NEC has passed over the last year.
    In a different news Labour just lost a by-election to the Tories in Leicester City, so things aren’t peachy election wise. Would the same result be repeated at the next GC all over the UK, the Labour Party would be reduced to around 100 seats.
    Therefore, we just need to ensure that we support the campaigns of socialist MPs and Cllrs and let the rest of the right wing PLP and Cllrs fight their election campaigns with their own resources, the left will be busy helping fellow left candidates retain their seats.

    1. Thanks for your post Maria. I can’t be the only SB reader to be tired of the ongoing personal feuds on this site which do little to take the analysis forward.

      1. Well said. I don’t agree with Maria on this occasion but as always it is a useful contribution to the debate. I don’t know what the answer is other than just ignore the usual suspects, but it is very tiresome reading through some of the drivel and personal abuse that is supposed to pass as analysis and comment….

      2. Paul smith . You take the high road with your nose in the air and those few who cant stand the heat in the kitchen.I watched people like you drag the Labour party down over many years.Who the hell do you think we are dealing with?The women’s institute “or are you so out of touch that you think the polite smug look is going to frighten the likes of Starmer and Evans.Get down of your high horse or better still get out of the kitchen.IF Socialism is to survive outside or inside the Labour party then some shits going to hit the fan.and maybe its nice to know whos a bystander and who isnt really are a demotivator and thats exactly the members starmer needs,the sort that smile politely whilst the Left wing burns.

      3. If this happens and the magic tree makes sure this happens we will still have a zombie party under control by the right-wing. Anything left wing will be removed by stealth, trickery or just kicked out with BS allegations or lies.

        That’s the truth. the party is DEAD all this if all the right-wing unions suddenly change and do something left-wing and suddenly the party doesen’t change the rules. This fantasy that at the conference you get your way? We have seen again and again they lose a vote and suddenly what a surprise they diden’t! There will be this excuse and reason given why the vote lost and it will all stay the same they will be in charge.

        Honestly how many times do you have to be kicked before you realise you lost the party is right-wing forever now.

        I have no time for fantasy and BS this is what so many so-called socialist talks. The old Labour party is dead Tony Blare killed it we had it on life support for one last gasp under Jeremy but lost it AGAIN with appeasement and not having the backbone to take the fight to MSM.

        It’s gone this cult of new Labour owns the party they control the vote, the rules the party. They can kick you out if you get too lippy demanding truth and the rules being followed again this is a simple truth.

        We have sockpuppet desperate to keep fools money coming in for the scum to waste and the numbers to claim support of their BS. Again truth.

        No feuds here just the truth! I am tired of BS merchants claiming we can get the party back to what it was… No you can’t the ONLY way is a socialist only Labour party!! Giving the zombie Labour party your vote, money and support you are helping the scum again the truth.

        I bet you don’t like that analysis but it’s this so-called Labour party but unless you are prepared to listen and stop supporting this cult then that’s a different conversation isn’t it!

      4. It’s a deliberate ploy by the paid shills who post on this site every single day in practically every single thread Paul, and SteveH is the ‘lead’ protagonist. And it’s precisely for that reason that Okeefe did a personal attack on you.

        The contrast between the Comments Sections on JVLs website, for example, and Skwawkbox says it all!

    2. These stay and fight messages are getting tired and old now! Can’t you sockpuppets come up with a new line to convince the stupid to stay.

      Why stay all your doing is giving the scum money and support that they will take as acceptance of their cult BS. You can claim to be socialist but you have NO chance of ever electing anything they don’t allow so your spend years trying to get a few permissible left MP’s not enough to vote for a new Leader obviously they aren’t that dumb. The right-wing will carry on destroying the party, speak out get kicked out is that what you want to do?

      This is the same old trap! Sorry Labour party of socialism is dead it’s gone hold the wake the right cult of new Labour 2.0 cancer killed the body all we have is a zombie party staggering on stinking and falling apart.

      The only way forwards is a socialist only Labour party with shills and right-wing not welcome or allowed they sneak in intimidate removal of membership with any evidence of right-wing BS in their past I don’t care if they change their tune I don’t trust any so-called right-wing Labour member there just Torys.

      Or we can do what you want stay and be dumb. Your way 30 years later you will just be disillusioned and still no closer to a real Labour party. It’s your choice but FFS stop repeating the same mistakes! I was taught by socialist parents and I listened. Will you?

      1. Destined to be a very small and exclusive talking shop. Why don’t you join Left Unity?

      2. People blame Miranda and Mandy for Labour decline. In place of strife, LibLab pact, SDP and Kinnock1 were the front runners in this disaster. I too learned from my grandad and dad.

  7. Labour to Win, is celebrating major gains at London Labour conference this weekend. Keir’s supporters have gained control of several CLP executive committees.

    At the last London Labour conference (mar03), the Labour left won most of the regional board positions that were up for grabs.
    This time around the outcome was very different. UNISON’s Maggi Ferncombe was elected chair, whilst Brent councillor Shama Tatler and GMB Harrow councillor Dean Gilligan were elected as vice-chairs.

    Out of 23 contested seats 18 went to Labour to Win candidates with only 5 candidates from the Momentum slate being successful
    Here is a list of the candidates elected.
    ▪️ CLP Representatives – Section 1: Callum Anderson (Labour to Win) and Candice Atterton (LtW)
    ▪️ CLP Representatives – Section 2: Lisa Homan (LtW) and Martin Whelton (LtW)
    ▪️ CLP Representatives – Section 3: Gemma Doyle (LtW) and Maxine James (LtW)
    ▪️ CLP Representatives – Section 4: Brenda Dacres (LtW) and Linda Perks (LtW)
    ▪️ CLP Representatives – Section 5: Sabia Kamali (Momentum) and Asma Islam (LtW)
    ▪️ CLP Representatives – Section 6: Emina Ibrahim (Momentum) and Tom Taylor (Momentum)
    ▪️ CLP Representatives – Section 7: Izzy Lenga (LtW) and Shama Tatler (LtW)
    ▪️ London-wide CLP representatives: Emma Whysall (LtW) and Jamal Uddin (LtW)
    ▪️ CAC: Lucio Buffone (LtW), Miriam Mirwitch (LtW), Linda Perks (LtW)
    ▪️ Disability officer: Patrick Moule (LtW)
    ▪️ LGBT officer: Lucio Buffone (LtW)
    ▪️ Women‘s officer: Niamh O’Brady (Momentum)
    ▪️ BAME officer: Taranjit Chana (Momentum)

    1. Why are you celebrating the fact that people who don’t want Labour to disagree with the Tories won those races?

      1. It’s probably merely a sign the left have quit the Labour scene, disenfranchised and disillusioned. At the next election Corbyn’s 10.2 million votes (despite all the MSM + PLP crap thrown at him) may look like a high water mark for Labour.

        The RW won’t be celebrating if/when they witness Labour lose in May next year. Then the panic will set in among the PLP , as it dawns on them there’s an early election rolling into view and their support for Starmer is going to cost a lot of them their seats.

      2. Andy – So what you are saying is that the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ no longer have any influence in the party.

      3. kenburch – I’m not celebrating anything or anyone, I’m simply reporting a considerable shift in power.

    2. Let’s see what “The Electorate Thinks” at GE24!
      The UK Labour Party is Dead, it is only the miniscule deluded, gullible Cling On’s like yourself cheerleading for the most dangerous and detested, Thatcherite Neolabour Parasite Party TORIES and their Anti-Democratic, Anti-Free-Speech, Anti-Left, Anti-Socialist, Pro-Racism, Pro-Fascism, Pro-Apartheid, Pro-Zionism, Pro-Surveillance, etc Stance!
      If we look at the popularity of Jeremy Corbyn even after the 24/7 MSM, MSSM onslaught of manufacturing the most insane bullshit about the man and compare him with the Most Detested Vulgar, Apartheid Keith, who faces absolutely NO MSM, MSSM Manufacturing against him/his character, from that alone you should be able to judge how GE24 will go down!

      1. skellyknelly – Corbyn lost 60 parliamentary seats. When was the last time Labour did that.

      2. Yes, “he has Personally” hasn’t he, you and your 1% Delusional Propaganda always seem to scream the effect, but never mention the cause! The largest proportion of your 99% Omitted Partial Truths Fakery are directly linked to Thatcher’s Neoliberal Parasite Neolabour Party TORIES, who you so idolise! Your TORY Party Stole HOPE from The PEOPLE! And You TORY BOY are their Cheerleader!

      3. Examples of my opinion about your NASTY TORY Party!? Have you not read and seen what The Independent and MSM have been showing you!? Have you not seen Your NASTY TORIES’ Actions!?
        Let’s make this easier, you give me ONE ACTION, NOT WORDS, ACTION that will change my and The PEOPLE’S opinion of your NASTY TORY Party!

      4. skellyknelly – What do you expect the Labour party to do when the Tories have been gifted an 80+ majority.
        Why don’t you really impress everyone and provide us with the long list of victories that Jeremy achieved against Boris when he was Labour leader and the Tories didn’t even have a majority?
        I won’t be holding my breath.

      5. There is NO LABOUR PARTY!
        Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Parasite Party TORIES KILLED IT!
        You just keep your blinkers up TORY BOY!

      6. skellyknelly – What facts, all I see is opinions and pretty stupid ones at that.

      7. Corbyn lost 60 parliamentary seats. When was the last time Labour did that.

        Post WW2 (from Wikipedia):

        2010 = 91 (notional due to boundary changes) Brown

        1983 = 60 (ditto) Foot

        1970 = 75 Wilson

        1950 = 78 Attlee

      8. That does not exist in the Blinker World of The TORY BOYS! The TORY BOYS are like the Sun/Guardian only spew out the nastiest bits even, if the have to make up, or decorate it for effect[Full Stop!]

      9. My Dear TORY BOY, it is not me idolising the Neoliberal Neolabour Parasite Party TORIES! That would be you! You are one very confused little TORY BOY, bless, it’s going to be The Tsunamis of Tears! Eagerly looking forward to that!

      10. skellyknelly – I will be voting Labour at the next General Election, will you?

      11. No You are voting Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Parasite Party TORIES! That makes you a TORY!
        I have NO UK Labour Party to vote for thanks to YOUR Neoliberal Neolabour Parasite Party TORIES!
        I will vote to ENSURE my NEOLABOUR PARTY TORY Candidate does NOT get a seat! If he was a UK Labour Party Candidate I would’ve voted for him, but as it happens he is a Particularly Nasty Neolabour Party TORY! I doubt very much that anything nicer than Austin/Hodge will be selected to stand for any seats! I will vote to prevent him from getting a seat, however and who ever!
        GE24 we have NO CHOICE and NO HOPE just a TORY or TORY, NON CHOICE, A TORY is A TORY and if I have to tactically use my vote to VOTE OUT ONE NASTY TORY who killed my HOPE, CHOICE and CHANCE to END 42 YEARS of Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY HELL, then that is what I have to do! This is War, as far as I am concerned! I will do everything in my power to prevent any Neolabour Party TORY MP/Candidate winning a seat, I will campaign day in and day out! I am glad to see that there are already several people on MSSM who were ahead of me in this same/similar campaigns!
        Your opinion of that/me TORY BOY does not matter to me one bit, I will await you regurgitated cliches!

      12. skellyknelly – Why would I bother when you are so good at it. You can make all the excuses you want to yourself and others but it doesn’t alter the fact that you are a Tory enabler.

      13. Hmmm! Yeah, the usual cliched answer! I am starting to wonder if you are one of 100s of Used Mobile Phones Velcroed to a wall in a Bot Farm Office!

    3. Steve H, sorry to correct you but you aren’t reporting the full story. Although both Niamh O’Brady and Taranjit Chana were indeed supported by Momentum and the wider left in London, Niahn O’Brady is a member of Unite and Taranjit Chana a member of GMB.
      I believe this is proof that the left aren’t the ones that are tribal and sectarian, but rather the right wing. I expect Chana will follow GMB’s whip and as such she cannot be considered a vote for the left in London REC any longer.
      For what I am told, the London’s left was happy to endorse Taranjit Chana as a capable woman of principle and integrity. She voted with the left in favour of having Regional Conference in November rather than in July and the left responded by supporting her as the incumbent BAME Officer.

      1. Maria – I reported all that I was aware of but thanks for the additional information. I can’t comment further because I don’t know anything about any of the individual involved.

    4. @SteveH

      Besides ‘winning’ (tho’ little sign of that) What are Labour to Win (LtW) fighting for? To be the second party of capital? To be more comfortable speaking before the Institute of Directors (IoD) than the Trades Union Congress?

      What do they want power for? Some, Like Evans & Mandy seem to have spent their entire political careers inside a historically left-wing party, fighting against the left having any influence. In that, they’re worse than the Tories.

    5. @SteveH – So what you are saying is that the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ no longer have any influence in the party.

      They never even had much say during Corbyn’s era, because the Blairites dominated the PLP and thus they(JC + supporters) couldn’t change anything without a huge party bust-up. Even small moves to democratise the party were resisted and presented as a purge in the Blairite press and TV reports.

      I honestly think a new party led by Corbyn (if he’s kicked out)is the only way to gain leftist influence, UKIP (The Brexit Party) scared the bejeezus out of the Tories and won real concessions. Labour MPs need to be put in an existential struggle as the Tories were. Don’t forget the Tories polled just 8% in the European Elections in May 2019 – election year!

      1. Andy = The left had control of the NEC and had the membership votes to democratise the party but not only did they do bugger all they actively went behind the members backs to thwart their wishes. Labour becoming a members led party would have been a fine and worthwhile legacy for Corbyn to leave but as it is I’m struggling to think what Corbyn’s legacy is (apart from the loss of 60 seats)

      2. @SteveH

        You’ll get no argument from me on the premise Corbyn largely wasted all the membership goodwill he accrued. Open selection, for example, once introduced would’ve meant the leadership candidates had to pledge to preserve it – tho pledges don’t seem to mean much to Starmer – you happy with his brazen campaign 10 Pledges lying?

        What many don’t realise is the sheer viciousness and hatred Corbyn endured from the parliamentary party. The threats and intimidation from the get-go in 2015; the foul-mouthed abuse, being secretly recorded and hounded all the time. The guardian and other press were on the side of those dishing out this vile treatment. The whole British media/political establishment concentrated their fire on one man — complete scumbags the lot of them.

      3. Andy, when you say that ‘What many don’t realise is the sheer viciousness and hatred Corbyn endured from the parliamentary party’ etc, I assume you mean the public in general, as obviously just about everyone on the left is fully aware of what’s been going on, and still IS. And needless to say, just about everyone on the left realises that most people out there think and believe the claims of A/S etc are valid.

        Yes Steve, well of course you would ‘struggle’, given that you fully support Starmer and his fellow fascists and their purging of the left!

    6. Labour win”steve h ?….Thats not proscribed is it? IT sounds very much like a odd concept for you misfits..!I think youve finally lost your deposit or is it marbles centrist Dad Steve Hall from Bristol or small mill town up Norf?

      1. Joseph – If you are that desperate foe company take a stroll and have a chat with your neighbours.

    7. MMMm, maybe more regular and middle-off-the-road members left Labour than we thought?

      Either that or there’s some major vote-fixing going on.

  8. I just checked out Craig Murray’s twitter page a while ago, and in one tweet – which sums it up perfectly – he says:

    ‘Hard to process the fact that just believing somebody else has been unjustly accused of anti-semitism, will get you immediately removed from membership of Starmer’s Labour Party.’

    And he’s also tweeted about ‘twitter suppression’:

    1. Thanks for that, Allan. Craig Murray’s hitting a nail on the head again.

      I see it as yet another attempt to get left-leaning members to leave the party. (Properly speaking not ‘left members’ just the regular members who are not avowedly pro-neoliberal ‘for the Few, not the Many).

      They – the labour neoliberal right – must be terrified that their billionaire arse-licking ‘moderateness’ does not endure the values and opinions of regular Labour party members.

      1. When you put it like that, it puts this whole business in perspective. Political parties are meant to be open to debate , discussion. Some dubiously claiming they are uncomfortable with what’s being discussed is no reason to make any subject off-limits or verboten.

        Trilateral corporate tool Starmer and sidekick ‘purge the left’ Evans are acting more like a pair of tinpot dictators. The LP members need to grow a spine between them.

      2. And do what precisely Andy? You imply that there is something left-wing members could do to stop the purging (if only they grew a spine), so could you elaborate..

        I take it you yourself are not on the left, given that you speak in terms of ‘them’. But then I suppose you couldn’t very well have said that ‘we on the left need to grow a spine’!

  9. I am done…. sod all these political parties… each & everyone of them so Goodbye RIP labour

    1. The worrying thing is that there is not one single Party that is not in the Grips of Neoliberalism, what is Neoliberalism? It’s not Left, it’s not For The PEOPLE, it’s not Liberalism, it’s not Centre/”CENTRISM”, it’s not Socialism, it’s is ALL For The Elites/Establishment and The Politicians Themselves, it is ‘Make the Poor PAY so that the RICH CAN PLAY’!

  10. Oh Well, with his Mossad Membership Gestapo Spies, Julian Assange banged up under the worst conditions of any ACTUAL criminal in history, etc, etc it has been very clear for several years that Apartheid Keith the Loophole King of Whitehall was never going to stand for any kind of Freedom of Speech, or Any Kind of Freedoms Whatsoever, ONE DANGEROUS FUCKER, THAT!
    Seen this in the RT this morning, Apartheid Keith “lost 250 members per day, now standing at 430K members” well worth noting that the source of the Overinflated Member Number’s was The Neolabour Party TORIES’ very own Rupert Murdoch’ Regime Propaganda Distributor, this time ‘The Times‘, so it would be safe to say 430K looks more like 100K in ACTUAL figures.

    1. Idd, there’s a mismatch between stated figures and the dire financial plight Evan’s highlighted.

      Given the Blairites are almost predisposed to lie, even when the truth would be the more sensible course, would anyone be surprised if they’re lying about the 430k ?

      Me thinks it’s time for Ashworth to have another ‘accidentally-on-purpose’ recorded telephone conversation with a ‘good Tory friend’, this time the subject should be Starmer.

    2. I have no longer any doubt that the membership are at the old Labour party membership of under two hundred thousand and dropping and looking at the finances the Labour party are on the brink.Fiscal responsibility is not a word the millionaire Lawyer from Surrey would understand.A proper organisation would have an emergency meeting as company’s do when there is a profit warning and members are effected.The city slicker Rodney must know that smoozing with is old chums in the City.Nobodys expected a “Profit” hes not Corbyn and just doesn’t have the natural charisma that Corbyn has.But surely a bit of contrition and honesty is long overdue even from him.the knight of the realm.?

      1. Joseph – What a load of rubbish, where is your evidence?

      2. You’re not wrong there, Joseph, “doesn’t have the natural charisma that Corbyn has.” a Scaffold Plank Offcut has more charisma and certainly far more use than Apartheid Keith! There is probably some typically TORY explanation for this TORY Party of The Planks!

      3. skellyknelly – What you choose to believe or not is entirely up to you but this is the figure that was published by the NEC and I haven’t seen anything from the likes of Laura Pidcock disputing these figures or the rest of the report, have you?

      1. Yes Stevie we are aware of the NEC kangaroo style of operations.Do you really think anyone on here believes anything from the “machine” Members know all about lies and propaganda from you lot.and after last week’s attempts to manufacture good News from the ashes of the Labour party can you not understand “That nobody believes a word you say “Youve blown your cover so pack your bags and off to Bot sentinel Steve H Hall @ boxcartrest.

      2. Joseph – If that is the case then what was the point of electing the likes of Laura Pidcock to sit on the NEC.

      3. skellyknelly – i haven’t seen any of the LW slate who were recently elected to the NEC to represent the memberships interest speaking out, have you.

      4. No, it probably is hard for “The Left Wing Slate” to speak out for a vast majority of the 10K Membership of predominantly TORIES! Doubt there are common cause to speak out for!

      5. skellyknelly – Stop clutching at straws, if that were the case then they’d all be a useless waste of space that were not up to the job.

      6. I have no need to clutch at straws, it is you and your NASTY TORY Party, who have EVERYTHING to prove! I don’t Care, The UK Labour Party is DEAD, Your NASTY TORY PARTY Killed it! It is all in your hands now and all clutching is done by you and yours!
        I am just out to completely destroy the NASTY TORY Party who Killed The PEOPLE’S CHOICE & HOPE!

      7. The NEC reported a few days ago that Labour has about 460,000 members.

        Which would no doubt also include members who have actually left but are still counted in the total, as I was in July 2020, when I was told my membership was about to expire, despite having resigned in February by informing them of such by email and cancelling my Direct Debit.

        Many others posting on this site have also said much the same thing, so that figure is probably quite a way off.

      8. PW – The membership figures were reported in exactly the same way throughout Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure
        What is wrong with comparing like with like.

      9. Too right! The “LW Slate” will not be privy to any of these facts or figures Thatcher’s Neoliberal Parasite Neolabour Party TORIES Shut Down Conference on a “LW Slate” FFS!, They held meetings without inviting the “LW Slate”, or by Blocking their Access to Votes, etc, etc, etc, etc!
        – @SteveH – When you have figures from a TRUSTED and TRULY independent body to confirm true membership numbers, then come back to me, but coming from your Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES, I would require more than a few mountains of salt to take Apartheid Keith/Evans/Blair/Mandelson/Campbell’s Propaganda Side Show!

      10. skellyknelly – “Too right! The “LW Slate” will not be privy to any of these facts or figures

        Don’t be silly, that’s a ridiculous thing to claim.

      11. skellyknelly – No but you are obviously in either La-La-Land or on something. You have absolutely no credible evidence to support your silly and desperate ramblings. If that was the case then the people that the members elected to the NEC are all a waste of space who are self evidently just not up to the job they were elected to do..

      12. And that’s LESS than the amount you have persistently claimed.

        You told all – sundry they’d never had as many members as under the polygonal-headed one.

        Gonna confess that claim was as full of shit as the rest of them?

        Not that you need to, like.

      13. Toffee – And that’s LESS than the amount you have persistently claimed.
        So what, the membership figures have changed over period of time. They also changed during Corbyn’s tenure.

        You told all – sundry they’d never had as many members as under the polygonal-headed one.
        Yes I did comment that the NEC had reported that the membership was over 580,000 at the end of Feb20 which was the largest it had ever been. If you want to put some more context to this you are more than welcome to search out my original comment.

        Gonna confess that claim was as full of shit as the rest of them?
        Like it or not that is what was published by the NEC. and nobody from any faction of the NEC has ever contested these published figures.

      14. The membership figures were reported in exactly the same way throughout Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure
        What is wrong with comparing like with like.

        Because people weren’t abandoning the party as they have been over the past year — they were joining/staying put instead.

        Where do you think all that money going into the coffers came from? It wasn’t all union funding by any means.

        You know, the money that’ seems to have been spent on who knows what since Corbyn’s tenure, when the party’s finances were still well solvent despite all the election campaigns.

        Do the maths — 500,000 x £30 (as an average) = £15M per annum + donations from said members. Probably a total of around £20-25M, maybe more.

        You can try and dress it up however you like but those figures don’t lie.

      15. PW – This is what the report on this week’s NEC meeting says about the finances.

        The NEC discussed party finances. Savings will need to be made this year, but to put things in context, the Labour Party continues to be debt-free and with a solid financial plan. Diana Holland as treasurer has always been very clear about the importance of balancing the budget and avoiding any debt. On a more positive note, the fundraising strategy is going well and donations are increasing. This includes a notable turnaround in Scotland.

      16. PW – We know for a fact that there were 552,835 fully paid up members at 17:00hrs on 20/01/2020. It was widely reported in the press at the time that over 100,000 new members had joined the Labour party after the 19GE. LabourList reported this to be 114,000. Do the maths and you will see that the current membership is either more or roughly the same as it was prior to the 19GE when JC was leader.

      17. I notice, once again SteveH, when something’s pointed out to you that you’re wrong — as in when did Labour last lose 60 seats and I gave 3 examples of more than 60 since WW2, with one about the same — you don’t even have the basic integrity to admit your mistake,

        Don’t try and say you didn’t see it because you posted a response to SkellyNelly right underneath it, and we all know you regularly monitor the site for responses to your posts.

        Says all anyone needs to know about you. Not only do you always have to have the last word but you can’t even admit when you’re wrong. To use your own description, you fuckwit.

      18. PW – May I remind you what I actually said. “Corbyn lost 60 parliamentary seats. When was the last time Labour did that.”

        First of all it was intended to be a rhetorical question (no question mark, no answer requested). However you kindly decided to take it upon yourself to answer it anyway. Thanks for taking the time to do this but how did you expect me to respond. What you reported didn’t conflict in any way with what I said above. I simply ‘asked’ the question.

      19. Oh FFS, you know damn well what you meant! The implication was perfectly clear whether it had a question mark at the end or not,

        In other words, when was there ever such a worse loss than those 60 seats lost in 2019 under Corbyn? The fact you spend so much time on here dissing Corbyn at every opportunity makes it perfectly obvious what you meant.

        And you can shove your patronising bullshit right where the sun doesn’t shine, you arrogant fool.

        As I said, not only do you always have to have the last word, you can’t even admit your own mistakes, no matter how many times people pull you up on them.

      20. You snivelling runt, you know full well Corbyn doubled the membership AND then some.

        You also know full well the party has included those who’s membership had expired.

        Face it, your claims are a load of old bollocks and have proven to be so.

        Your party is that popular that they lost Hartlepool, and 90% of their majority in Batley. Plus a lost deposit in chesham.

        Very few people can stomach stammer (even less, you) the rest dont even know who he bleedin’ well is.


      21. Toffee – The problem with you is that pathetic playground bully is always just under the surface. It’s not a good look.

        You also know full well the party has included those who’s membership had expired.
        So what, the membership figures were published in exactly the same way throughout Corbyn’s tenure. It isn’t a secret.

        Face it, your claims are a load of old bollocks and have proven to be so.
        Are you thick, you’ve not proved anything

        Your party is that popular that they lost Hartlepool, and 90% of their majority in Batley. Plus a lost deposit in chesham.
        We also won most of the mayoral seats and don’t forget that it was Jeremy and his useless team that lost 60 seats when for the first time ever the Tories could legitimately claim to be the party of the working class.

        Very few people can stomach stammer (even less, you) the rest dont even know who he bleedin’ well is.
        I really don’t care much what idiots like you think of me.
        In polling following the 19GE by far the most common reason people gave for not voting Labour was Jeremy Corbyn. It is a very sobering thought that Labour went into the 19GE with two thirds of the electorate actively disliking Jeremy Corbyn. Realistically we didn’t stand a chance. the only shock was the actual size of the defeat.

      22. I needn’t PROVE anything, gobshite. Your postings are are doing that for me.

        As for me being an idiot…At least I can fucking count. I’m not the one who class 48 is bigger than 52, or that 17.4milliion < 16.1 million.

        And even an idiot will tell you that 552 ,000 is 92,000 MORE than 460,000 but you'll still claim they're wrong.

        Small wonder even idiots cantatand you or your fucknugget of a party leader.

        And even less of a surprise is seeing you wearing your arse for a hat on yet another thread.

        But being the hopeless, useless moron you are, it will never register with you.

      23. Toffee – How sad, you don’t appear to be able to help yourself,
        I needn’t PROVE anything, gobshite. Your postings are are doing that for me.
        Really? The funny thing is I can’t remember you ever posting any credible evidence to counter any of my comments.

        As for me being an idiot…At least I can fucking count. I’m not the one who class 48 is bigger than 52, or that 17.4milliion < 16.1 million.
        But can you, you certainly don’t appear to know the difference between the truth and lies. Yet another repeated lie from you. I have never claimed that is the case. You are more than welcome to try and prove otherwise.

        And even an idiot will tell you that 552 ,000 is 92,000 MORE than 460,000 but you’ll still claim they’re wrong.
        Yes you numpty, so what. Both figures are also greater than the 440k that the membership had shrunk to immediately prior to the 19GE and that in turn is about 120k less than Corbyn’s high-point. What do you think you are trying to prove. do you know?

        Small wonder even idiots cantatand you or your fucknugget of a party leader.
        Where is your head, back in the school-yard, aged 10.

        And even less of a surprise is seeing you wearing your arse for a hat on yet another thread.
        But being the hopeless, useless moron you are, it will never register with you.

        Why would I care what you and your ilk think. If you don’t like the information that I post or my opinions then that is your problem.

  11. I cannot see how anyone can stay in this so called Labour party, I was a former member, not hard left, just a person who called for fairness in politics, employment etc, what we have now is an organization who despise fairness and due process and seem to take a delight in factionalism and crapping on members from a great height, then saying ‘so, what are you going to do about it’ All I can say is those members still paying their subs in my opinion have no self respect, or else they must love being abused.

  12. Wil somebody correct me if I’m wrong but how can Kathryn Johnson be libellous is a speech? Slanderous yes but libel?

    1. Steve, for what I have been told, Katryn Johson’s speech didn’t even meet the threshold of slander, since she was expressing her honest opinion.
      Since when it is slanderous to have different political opinions from the leader and General Secretary in the Labour Party?

      1. It is disappointing that not one person thought to record this incident.

      2. “Since when it is slanderous to have different political opinions from…..”

        Maria, from exactly the very same moment that (for example) to highlight medical or epidemiological cocerns about the use of an emergency-sanctioned but not-yet-tested alleged vaccine makes a person ‘anti-vaxx’ or a “vaccine sceptic”.

        These are not two seperate, distinct cases of unrelated issues: they are an intentionally systemic attack on human rights, liberal values and science.

        It is the emrging Authoritarianism that the coronavirus health emergency is being used to justify – and that Keir Rodney Starmer is partied to it is evidence that his membership of the trilateral commission is malevolent .

  13. Yes perhaps a new Neo-Liberal Capitalist tribute band: Kier Stalin, Erdogan Evans & The Right Wing Stooges (?)
    And yes Mr S has to demonstrate to the rich and powerful that his Labour is absolutely no threat to their wealth and power!
    And all he asks for in return is crumbs for diverse working people but of course cushy, rewarding careers for him and his Right Wing careerist politically lightweight mates.
    Labour won’t win but if it did by a miracle it would be in Govt BUT BELIEVE ME IT WOULD NOT BE IN POWER!
    For Right Wing Labour to please their capitalist masters & mistresses it must:
    Step 1, get rid of Corbyn, step 2, get rid of the Left, step 3, get rid of left wing democratic socialist policies.
    120,000 of us have already left, and although they may not like it the rest of the genuine socialists in Labour may be joining us soon, so perhaps a Phoenix may arise from the ashes.
    And one whose MPs accept the average workers wage (puts off careerists and attracts altruists), is built around OMOV (encourages democracy, debate, and critical thinking) and HONESTY (pulls the rug from under the potential top down bourgeois vanguardists).
    And as for Right Wing Labour, the fate of Scottish Labour is calling!

  14. Social distancing and Zoom meetings have been a godsend for ivory tower, autocrats’ Starmer & Evans, allowing these authoritarians to ride roughshod over all internal party opposition. Starmer, PLP right-wingers and gormless CLP lackey enforcers probably wish lockdown conditions could remain in place forever with longstanding members being treated like naughty children; allowed to be seen but not heard.

    Like Blair & Mandelson’s authoritarian New Labour. Starmer’s RW ‘boss class’ New Management can’t tolerate dissent , for debate is seen as potentially dangerous, as it would expose their hollowness of their political offer and their lies (10 Pledges). We’re back to the days of a then 82-year-old Walter Wolfgang being manhandled out of conference merely for shouting “rubbish”. Under the New Labour corporate suit ‘boss class’ of Starmer/Evans a happy band of brothers it ain’t.

    1. Notice how that BBC and others are now giving more air time to Starmer and Labour. A sure sign that they are preparing to switch loyalties. Any bets on Farage joining Labour?

      1. Definite shift from pro-govt to anti-Johnson, pro-Starmer, Cummings’ weird interview being a case in point.. Starmer’s now pally with that bête noire of the left Laura Kuenssberg.

        Ultra-arrogant Laura K clearly thinks her role is shape UK public opinion rather than inform it. Take the recent Blackpool Starmer Tour ‘listening exercise’, with its soft-focus camera work and handpicked RW Tory voters, seemingly there only to reinforce Starmer’s prejudices against the left with their questions, was pure state propaganda. This stage managed nonsense makes you wonder if we’ll ever be allowed real democracy on this island?

      2. Andy – Hiding away from the press didn’t do Corbyn any favours. Perhaps Keir has learnt from Jeremy and his team’s mistakes.

      3. @SteveH

        Do you think the BBC would’ve allowed Corbyn a fake ‘listening exercise’ Q&A with voters who were sympathetic to precisely the positions Corbyn was taking?

        Starmer & Evans are reportedly obsessed with bending over backwards to win over Tory voters. Absurd , when it’s pretty clear the party is now shedding millions of those on the left who supporting Corbyn. It’s like a sudden extreme change in recipe of a popular food product, sales have quite understandably fallen off a cliff.

        Reporters like Laura Kuenssberg are clearly no friends of Labour or the left, she used to almost snarl when using Corbyn’s name in election reports, and some of the other presenters were just as bad.

      4. Andy – I see no reason why they wouldn’t have broadcast a similar program involving Corbyn when he was in office. (I don’t agree with your description of the program)
        It is worth pointing out that the BBC didn’t select the ‘audience’ and they were not what you would call fans of Starmer. Like it or not these are the sort of people that Labour needs to convince if they are to win the next GE. It is inevitably going to be an uphill struggle to persuade ex Labour voters to admit to themselves that they fucked up.

      5. Do you mean the press that conspired in the black op smear campaign against him on a more-or less daily basis for most of the four-and-a-quarter years he was leader?

      6. @SteveH

        The BBC carefully crafts everything, nothing is simply left to chance. BBC’s Question Time has been exposed on multiple occasions. The BBC is a state propaganda machine with certain hidden agenda, and its had decades of practice.

        I disagree with the premise that Labour needs those voters, it should worry about holding on to the ones it had imho, here’s why:

        Some are getting excited by the polls closing up tonight, but it’s sorta priced in that at some point two equally crap parties must go neck & neck, or Labour slightly ahead even. Ed Miliband’s Labour were 14 pts ahead of Cameron’s Tories in 2012-13 (Lab polling mid-40s, Tories low 30s). He flopped in 2015’s GE with a stronger manifesto than the one Sir keith, Evans & Reeves are likely to agree to.

        Ultimately, without attractive policies(10 Pledges??) and a motivated electorate willing to campaign(online and offline) and then go vote for them(Corbyn dominated the <50 age demographic), Labour are likely now sunk. Tories do turn out, rain or shine. A Trilateral Commission, corporate-world sent plant of a leader, trying to pretend he's a socialist hoping to chip away at the Tory pensioner vote has flippin' no chance.

  15. “Andy – Hiding away from the press didn’t do Corbyn any favours. Perhaps Keir has learnt from Jeremy and his team’s mistakes.

    No, “the press’ that you refer to is – for Jeremy Corbyn and democrats who endirse any form of Democracy that is not sanctioined and operated by Globo-Capitalsim (incl. our “democratic socialism”) – an enemy. For Sir Keir, alternatively, they are co-religionists (they worship the same minimally-regulated genus of global capitalism).

    We do not operate in a parliamentary democracy here in Great Britain. Since the 1960s we have been a willing petri-dish to synthesise what is probably the most virulent form of neoliberalsim known to man:

    The UK State is a public-private partnership between government, financial institutions, multinational corporations, global think tanks, and well funded third sector organisations, such as so called non governmental organisations (NGO’s) and large international charities.

    Through a labyrinthine structure of direct funding, grant making and philanthropy, the UK State is a cohesive globalist organisation that works with selected academics, scientific institutions and mainstream media (MSM) outlets to advance a tightly controlled, predetermined narrative. This designed consensus serves the the interests and global ambitions of a tiny group of disproportionately wealthy people.

    This group of parasites, often misleadingly referred to as the “elite,” exploit all humanity for their own gain and to consolidate and enhance their power. They control the money supply and the global debt, which is a debt owed to them….

    Human beings are forced to pay tax which, via government procurement, flows directly to the private corporations they own. War, security, infrastructure projects, education and health care provide profits and are used by the parasite class to socially engineer society.

    Globally, they fund all political parties, with any realistic chance of gaining power, they own the MSM and spend billions lobbying policy makers.

    Through think tanks and the actions of “independent” political activists, such as the FPAction Network, they directly fund political campaigns in exchange for the politician’s loyalty to them, not to the electorate.

    Through their tax exempt grant making foundations, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), they control the scientific, medical and academic orthodoxy.”
    credit (for last bit) to Iain Davies and forward-looking socialists everywhere.

      1. one of his Off-guardian articles, and I heartily commend his book, “A Dangerous Ideology: Why No One Believes The State Anymore” (Davis not Davies, my mistake)

    1. Yes, I think we all know what’s going on and those that don’t fully understand ‘the UK class system’ suspect there is something rotten in the state of D̶e̶n̶m̶a̶r̶k̶ er I mean the UK. Denmark actually has a good democracy imho.

      The willingness by the bulk of parliamentarians to deceive the public into thinking there is a real choice on offer is the thing that’s hard to get your head around. I may be being overly idealistic, but no amount of money, or power, should be enough to completely sell out the population like that. It requires a special kind of wickedness.

      1. Andy….especially when theres no constitution but a shambolic Royals plaything for the peasantry called the House of “commons” ?and there is nothing “common” about the parasites that perpetuate the myth of democracy and freedom.they are all from the same background and education apart from the odd compliant runt of the working-class people. “I never wanted to be “in parliament” I wanted to do something “Bernadette Devlin “Peoples democracy” Civil rights movement 1968.Ulster Bernadette now helps the homeless,and immigrants in Ireland and despite the thirteen bullets in her body courtesy of British Crown forces in collusion with loyalist hit squads fights on as a true socialist amongst the world’s many true charities that really do “somthing” .A girl born into poverty and rises above the flosam and jetsom of the alian British system of Oppression.Shes an old lady now,but we are all young people in our hope for a better world than the one we were born into.The minds of the active stay young forever.!Solidarity in the Struggle Comrades..!

    2. Then there’s the polling companies and credit rating agencies
      Debt and money printing only survive on virtually negative interest rates
      Boomers have lost zillions on their savings but obviously Brexit was more profitable
      Methinks not
      Let’s see what happens when the everything bubble bursts

  16. In the midst of all the arguments on this thread, there is one point that strikes me as very significant (No, I don’t mean a certain person’s obsession with Mr Corbyn).
    If it is correct that Ken Loach has been expelled from the LP, this represents a significant move. The media has firmly ignored the cull of members over the past year or so, but couldn’t ignore Mr Loach being expelled.
    How will Starmer spin this? He’ll have to hide all the fans lest something hits them.

    1. Goldbach, expelling Ken Loach is the prelude to expelling Corbyn. As soon as that’s done, Starmer’s media appearances will take off like a rocket. We don’t hear much about Ken Loach from a certain section of the left, why? It’s because he was a Remainer.

      1. JackT
        Isn’t he quoted as saying the vote should be honoured
        In my book there was not the 60% demand for it, but you dozy f7ckers went for it because you thought you had it in the bag

      2. Doug. It always amuses me when I see Leavers complaining of abuse from Remainers, yet the only ‘actual’ abuse I’ve witnessed is from Leavers towards Remainers, as you have just illustrated. How long does the Leave project have to go on failing before you admit you were wrong?

      3. Jack T…… you have trouble making decisions? Well Yes & No. Shake hands on a deal & then change your mind?

      4. Steve Richards, l don’t remember shaking hands on a deal, the Tory government were certainly not speaking for me.

      5. JackT
        I’ve just said in my book the referendum would never have happened because Leave did not have 60% plus to trigger it
        Now you tell us how we would have implemented our manifesto commitments inside the neo liberal EU
        No one in business votes for more Red tape and increased costs, very few voted for this and yes it will cause job losses and a fall in standards
        For the disaster masters it’s snouts in the trough, the spivs and thieves will clean up, the very same people who own the EU
        See Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Spain
        Your turn to get real kidda

    2. Stammer hide all his fans lest something hits them?

      As far as I’m aware stammer only has the one fan, and he speads as much shit as he cops for. :/

    3. goldbach, I assume you weren’t aware that Ken Loach is a member of Labour Against the Witchhunt, and is ALSO a named sponsor on LAWs website, so HE, along with any other members of the group who are named on the site, would no doubt have received an email from the LP within hours of the NEC vote, telling them that they have been auto-expelled (for being a member of one of the four groups).

      As for the MSM ignoring it, well as far as I can determine, it HAS. I did a search this afternoon – and again just now – re >ken loach expelled from labour party<, and there was nothing at all in the MSM. Given the nasty vitriol being dissembled through the MSM about the members of these groups, and the respect and admiration that millions of people hold for Ken Loach, to have mentioned HIS name along with such vitriol would have been seen for what it was – lies and smears. The following is from the Daily Mirror 'Exclusive' that first broke the news (and no doubt used by the rest of the main-stream press):

      One Labour source said: “Under Corbyn those from the far left fringes with poisonous beliefs and warped world-views were welcomed into the party. Keir is right to stamp out anti-Semitism and toxic extremism and get the party back into the decent mainstream of Labour values.

      And in a Haaretz article:

      A party source told Haaretz that “the worst of the abuse that Jewish members received at local constituency Labour Party meetings came from members of these [four] groups.”

  17. To go off subject, as often happens – For many months I have kept a YouTube link to an audio recording of a telephone conversation between Julian Assange and a senior official in the US State Department in which he is repeatedly warning the SD that a former employee of Wikileaks is threatening to maliciously release data that could be problematic for both the SD and the reputation of Wikileaks as a responsible news organisation (i.e. names). He is suggesting a way that the SD could mitigate any potential damage and offering to help. I thought that I’d give it another listen this evening.
    YouTube have “terminated” it.
    I wonder why.

      1. I had no idea it was possible to do so and, being less than fully competent using the internet, would have no clue as to how to do so.

      2. goldbach – There are plenty of both Android and PC apps that enable you to download from YouTube. Ask a knowledgable friend or any teenager to help you out.

      3. If you use Firefox as a web browser (instead of one of the billionaires’ products), it’s well worth looking at their add ons for improved security and things like viewing youtube products without incurring their surveillance and control 😎

      4. Thanks for the advice. I shall have to send a few emails to enquire. Currently I have no idea what “add ons” means and think of robots when someone says “Android”. If I succeed I shall interrupt a future discussion with a newsflash.

    1. Unless plans change, Johnson will try propping up plunging poll ratings by telling the police to “Stop & Search” our black residents; especially men “without good reason”.

      QUESTION: With scarce police resources including time, what sort of ‘management’ instructs staff to commit acts “without reasonable cause”❓❓❓

      LOUD pig whistle, if u ask me. Inevitable sharp drop in the polls (“anything can happen at any time”… something has).

      Tories in their own party, defenestrate leaders. Grey suits. Done🔵 Only Thatcher was allowed to rot and leak as she decayed until their party just could not pass their own putrid smell test🔵

      Johnson is now getting desperate. Not as much as wee starmer. Thus expect Starmer’s FULL support to his chum’s latest play to Tory faithfuls. little keith rodney starmer is utterly DESPERATE to prove he’s Torier than bluest Michael Howard Patel Widdecombe Blair Duncan Smith Straw Tibetttttt Reeves Coffey Mogg Blunkett Grayling Hancock and his degenerate freinds. Max Headroom starmer keith is salivating to show he is MORE “Stop &Search” racist and heartless than Johnson. SIR starmer can easily pass that test his master’s set him. Purge the “Left”. “Vaccine Passports” even for University attendance. ID cards by stealth. Finish flogging of our NHS. That’s Starmer for the few

    2. 📌📌📌
      Unless plans change, Johnson will try propping up plunging poll ratings by telling the police to “Stop & Search” our black residents; especially men “without good reason”.

      QUESTION: With scarce police resources including time, what sort of ‘management’ instructs staff to commit acts “without reasonable cause”❓❓❓

      LOUD pig whistle, if u ask me. Inevitable sharp drop in the polls (“anything can happen at any time”… something has).

      Tories in their own party, defenestrate leaders. Grey suits. Done🔵 Only Thatcher was allowed to rot and leak as she decayed until their party just could not pass their own putrid smell test🔵

      Johnson is now getting desperate. Not as much as wee starmer. Thus expect Starmer’s FULL support to his chum’s latest play to Tory faithfuls. little keith rodney starmer is utterly DESPERATE to prove he’s Torier than bluest Michael Howard Patel Widdecombe Blair Duncan Smith Straw Tibetttttt Reeves Coffey Mogg Blunkett Grayling Hancock and his degenerate freinds. Max Headroom starmer keith is salivating to show he is MORE “Stop &Search” racist and heartless than Johnson. SIR starmer can easily pass that test his master’s set him. Purge the “Left”. “Vaccine Passports” even for University attendance. ID cards by stealth. Finish flogging of our NHS. That’s Starmer for the few

  18. What’s happened to tonight’s Socialist Telly, the program has been postponed. Have they run into legal difficulties?

    1. No 🔵 SteveH davidH SH it must be disappointing for you.🔵

      1. winndchime – What’s the hold up them. As for me being disappointed, not really, Just idle curiosity,I don’t much care whether it is shown or not. .

      2. Shame on u SteveH davidh SH it is clear u r as heartless as WFM

      3. windchime – You are in danger of looking hypocritical. Given that no one else (including yourself) had commented about the lack of a video 5hrs after the event then it doesn’t look like anyone else cares much either. Do you know what the hold-up is or are you here just to show us all how virtuous you are by trying to guilt trip me.

      4. As for me being disappointed, not really, Just idle curiosity,I don’t much care whether it is shown or not

        So WHY mention it, along with the barbed question?

      5. You uncaring heartless wozak….A person far better than you as died unexpectedly and you mr Hall centrist Dad Steve H couldnt give a monkeys.,because he believed in somthing the NHS and morality somthing that is a alian concept for you misfits and the knight

    2. No, no legal difficulties. It’s simply that one of the live programme’s contributors, Kailash Chand, died unexpectedly and as a mark of respect the programme is not proceeding. May Dr Shand rest in peace and may his family and loved ones find strength to deal with their loss.

  19. <i.are you here just to show us all how virtuous you are by trying to guilt trip me.

    Asks the total blert with the delusions of superiority; who has convinced hisself (and hisself alone) that his shit doesn’t stink, despite the inceesant complaining about the stench from every quarter.

    As if you do guilt. You’re responsible for another decade at least of conservatism, and don’t mind colour rosette it wears.

  20. Smart mouth 👄 has vanished hopefully never to be seen again.ITs been noticeable over the last eighteen months how his belief system as degenerated along with the membership numbers.much like the filth coming from the knights mouth.Steve H centrist Dad has crossed a line tonight..

  21. I have been visiting this site for some time now.
    I have seen robust debate and argument.
    I have seen insults traded.
    I have seen language that I would refrain from using unless I had hit my thumb with a hammer.
    But, until I just looked at the site today I have not seen any comment that has so thoroughly disgusted me.
    Dr. Chand was a fine man, a credit to his profession, a huge friend to the NHS and someone who was unafraid to speak out in defence of those who had no platform to speak for themselves. A very, very sad loss.
    For anyone to treat his death as of no consequence in the pursuit of ammunition to use against Skwawkbox is thoroughly reprehensible.
    To those of you who say that SteveH should apologise, I would say that you are wrong.
    To apologise in response to demands to do so would be hypocritical.
    He should simply crawl away under a stone and stay there.
    And, if he has a God, seek His forgiveness.


    That comment was made at 0329.

    The first comment on the thread about Dr Chand’s sad passing was made at 0136, almost two hours earlier.

    And we know steve h gets email alerts for new threads and comments – he’s told us he has** – so there’s NO WAY he can claim ignorance.

    The utterly despicable unscrupulous rodent.

    **No I won’t prove it, you maggot. People know I’m telling the truth.

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