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Labour whips Liverpool councillors NOT to vote against arms fair

Former mayor promised an ‘ethical charter’ that would block future events. His ‘left’ successor is unwilling to act – but a handful of councillors break whip to resist

The Labour party has whipped its councillors – the vast majority of Liverpool City Council – not to vote against allowing a controversial arms fair to take place in the city on Wednesday evening. Only a handful of councillors took a stand to defy the whip and vote against the event.

Labour’s former mayor Joe Anderson, considered by most to be to the right of the party, Protest this Sunday against Liverpool arms fair – SKWAWKBOX. His successor, also coincidentally named Jo Anderson, is notionally to his left – but is unwilling to take action to block the event.

Senior councillors claim that the council is powerless to prevent the fair, but last year’s event was successfully blocked and the council owns the ACC conference venue on the city’s docks. Worries about legal action were also raised at the council meeting as a reason the event could not be stopped – but again, last year’s event was cancelled and councillors say that previous blood sports events and a speaking event involving a homophobic evangelical pastor were cancelled by the council.

Of Liverpool’s more than 70 Labour councillors, only a handful were prepared to break the whip – two of them not even technically Labour councillors at the moment, although the party still demands their compliance and a percentage of their councillor allowance, despite having suspended their party membership.

Well-known anti-racism campaigner Alan Gibbons and former mayoral candidate Anna Rothery – groundlessly and dishonestly removed as the candidate in this year’s mayoral election to make way for the twice-bankrupt Anderson – spoke powerfully against the event and Sam Gorst, Dave Cummings, Lena Simic and Alison Clarke also stood against it, backing a motion by the Greens to cancel.

Despite mass protests in the city by activists horrified at the use of UK weapons against Yemenis, Palestinians and other oppressed peoples, the arms fair looks set to proceed. Those who stood against it, despite the likely personal consequences, are to be applauded.

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  1. hands up all who r surprised by the predictable being predicted right here on and coming to pass? there’s no shame in making errors. the shame is failing to as why and how to stop making the same errors again

    1. How to start wars and kill millions of people – by SIR Keith Rodney Stoma.

      How to drop bombs on millions of people to be made SIR Lord Keith Rodney Baron of Starmerland. – by SIR Keith Starmer.

      How to squander your efforts to help the establishment flog more arms to despots – Believe anything Starmer says.

      Who is Starmer? What is he? A predictable and predicted and recorded lying warmongering hypocrite bastard.

      What is the story of Rodney Starmer? Deceit, Heartlessness, Treachery and predictable death and destruction of millions to rival W.M.D. Blair. That is the story of Rodney Starmer. A money spinner for him. A catastrophe for hundreds of millions here and abroad. More refugees than we’ve ever seen due to more needless wars and bloodshed.

      Starmer Bliar Straw types wipe their fangs and hiss “we’ve done no wrong” and in any case, to quote Blair’s ethics in parliament “if we don’t sell them, others will”.

      Different to Tories in their own party? Pull another one. 🛢💰🛢💰🛢💰 That is all.

      1. What? Dear old potato-headed pederast protector Joe, covering up abuse?

  2. He’s not just happy to be waving through and celebrating cluster bombs and land mines. l haven’t forgotten that Anderson tried to cover up a violent assault on an autistic man in Liverpool City Council’s care some years ago. Anderson squandered thousands on concealing this. The man’s mum fought for her son and also dug in and exposed the fact that Anderson had robbed the council’s coffers of £90,000. The untrained attacker, who’d been dragged in off the street, was never identified (as part of the eventual deal) and still safely draws a salary from the abusive company involved, Autism Initiatives.

    1. Would this be the same Joe Anderson whose bright waterfront development ideas, when Mayor, have just cost Liverpool their UNESCO World Heritage status?

      1. That’s him. When the quuck money’s dried up, the desolate, falling down cruise terminal will be a future reminder of his folly long after he’s passed.

  3. Andrew Fienstein the ex ANC MP in South Africa is campaigning against this dreadful arms fair which was banned in Seville. Because he was part of the ANC government, he saw first hand how arms deals depend upon bribing with tens of millions of dollars, the rulers in corrupt regimes in such places as Saudi Arabia. BAC systems is one of the worst culprits.

    It would be a travesty if this arms fair is allowed to go ahead. We should all write to our MPs to get them to object to this market place for these disgusting weapons which invariably are used on innocent people.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if these arms companies start lffering to fill the Labour party’s severly depleted coffers. Clear the left out and who’s to object?

  5. Following Tuesday’s NEC decision it seems reasonable to anticipate a more than even chance of those who voted against the whip on this (and therefore against the sacred narrative) receiving expulsion letters in the not too distant future?

    Either way the question arises for the average voting punter in the street looking in as to whether anyone who plays so fast and loose with the due process rights of those within its organisation (whether the issue is a contested narrative and monopolised definition over anti-Semitism, (legally protected) Gender Critical Beliefs, or whatever) can ever be trusted with any power whatso over the due process rights of said average voting punter.

  6. The left inside and outside Labour must take on the Labour junta attempting to destroy socialism.Liverpool is a battle ground that the left need to take any means necessary to stop the vile knight and the Tory government.

  7. Off topic.

    Reading yesterday’s piece from All That Is Solid… on the Cummings-Kuenssberg interview, Phil makes some telling observations in the 4th paragraph regarding Lisa Nandy’s response on Good Morning Britain:.

    Lisa Nandy condemned Cummings’s performance as “incredibly narcissistic” and was outraged that someone appointed and unelected might try and bend government in the direction of their agenda. “How did Boris Johnson come to appoint a man of this moral character?” she asked. It’s a good job the congenial hosts of Good Morning Britain didn’t ask the shadow foreign secretary how Labour could readmit unelected officials who’d done so much to undermine the elected party leadership in the lead up to 2017. I also suppose Nandy has a poor grasp at what goes on in the constituency offices of Labour MPs, where unelected employees regularly bitch and plot against local councillors and sometimes, whisper it, sometimes talk about removing the elected member – their boss. Cummings is a toerag and no mistaking, but there was plenty of ammunition here Nandy might have used to to make some anti-Tory points, but given the opportunity to highlight Johnson’s reckless Covid strategy she walloped the ball firmly into her own net. If past comments about letting the bodies pile high and repeated instances of lying isn’t enough to move people, drawing attention to the PM’s moral fibre was just about the weakest option in front of her. You can’t say it enough: every hour is amateur hour on the shadow front bench. (My emphasis in the last sentence)

  8. Respect to those Liverpool Labour Councillors who had the spine to show some courage and some moral leadership.
    As for the rest … the spineless sheep … Well – Fuck ’em.

    1. Collective responsibility “was the word used to nobble Labour councillors and bring pressure to bare on the “group ‘.There are many good reasons for this belief but it is often used by Labour councillors as a get out clause for showing any form of initiative or moral responsibility.and allowing the elected group leader to play God….ITs basically a fault of recruitment inside the Labour party that gives us psychopaths inside local and national government. Where money and prestige are on offer Labour councillors have proved to be little better than the torys.and just as willing to accept the offer.

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