Viles ‘third best’ Coren dismantled after foul tweets about Dawn Foster’s death

Controversial son of someone more famous deletes disgusting tweets

Giles Coren, the brother of the better-known Victoria and one of the better-known Alan, has been clinically and perfectly rightly taken apart on social media for two foul tweets about the death of the much-loved working-class journalist and writer Dawn Foster – apparently because she once mentioned he had a famous dad.

Coren first posted, then quickly deleted:

Within a few minutes, this had been replaced by the barely less disgusting:

Foster’s ‘crime’ was, apparently, this 2018 tweet – which now looks more accurate than ever:

Coren quickly trended on Twitter in an entirely negative fashion, as he, his privilege and his excuse for talent were dismantled:

The eviscerating responses are too numerous to list but can be viewed up-to-the-minute here.

Coren is no stranger to being scum controversy. He has made abusive comments about Polish people, breached a privacy injunction and also was outed as having a second Twitter account under a false name – supposedly a Polish plumber – through which he accused of antisemitism people who criticised him.

He is a foul individual and clearly only as insecure about his ‘talents’ as he ought to be.

Dawn Foster died this week of a longstanding illness, aged only 33. Coren is not fit to lick her boots.

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  1. So Dawn was right then
    Pure class always wins, it’s something money can’t buy
    Or your dad pulls some strings and overnight you become another one of Murdochs rent boys

    1. Doug, Dawn Foster inspired, uplifted, educated, entertained, comforted, demonstrated remarkable tenacity and wonderfulness and humility and straightforwardness and courage…

      MILLIONS mourn her passing, while very few know or care if the little c thing even exists.

      Dawn Foster is resting in peace and her legacy will remain undimmed for millions including me; while the c thing … ?
      hmmm … well … who cares … ? if the thing has a mother, she may neither know nor care; hence the c thing is even more unmemorable than it might otherwise be.

      All so fortunate; are glad and grateful to have met such an exceptionally vitally necessary person as Dawn Foster.

      All so fortunate; are glad and exceptionally grateful for never having to meet the little c.

      R.I.P. Dawn. Thanks for being

  2. I am an old man now,I donโ€™t understand a lot of what goes on in social media , but how do you explain what would motivate anybody to write this appalling stuff. I believe Ms Fosters mother is still alive, if Coren was any kind of a decent human being he should be apologising now.

    1. Jim, Coren is no “kind of decent human”. His apology will be no kind of decent apology.

  3. Ah, Giles Coren…. He who has probably eaten the largest amount of shit, snot , spunk, scabs, pubes and other bodily things not designed for consumption, ,known to mankind in his capacity as restaurant critic.

    And will no doubt continue to do so…

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