Labour MP Hillier voted in meeting, with no entitlement, against motion to make MPs answerable to conference – says didn’t mean to and can’t remember

Hackney South and Shoreditch members voted to make MPs accountable to members’ sovereign body, but claims it was ‘inadvertent’ and she has no memory of doing it

Hackney South and Shoreditch MP Meg Hillier voted three times in a meeting of the local constituency Labour party (CLP) where she had no entitlement to vote – then said she hadn’t meant to and couldn’t remember doing it, according to members.

The CLP was voting on a member motion to make MPs answerable to the Labour’s annual conference, the sovereign body of the party under Labour rules.

Hillier voted on only three occasions:

  • against hearing the motion at all
  • against the motion once members voted to hear it
  • against extending the meeting to make time for other issues to be discussed
Hillier’s entries in the spreadsheet record of the Zoom votes

Local members say that Hillier is not entitled to vote at the meeting because she does not live in the constituency – and that when challenged, she said she hadn’t meant to and ‘had no memory’ of doing it:

She said it was inadvertent and that she hadn’t realised she had voted and had no memory of voting. She also said her votes weren’t counted but as it wasn’t apparent at the time that she had voted, because we only got access to the Zoom record later, her votes were counted.

The votes were all very close but the left won them all.

According to the voting record, Hillier did not vote on the two motions that came before this sequence of three votes – one on affiliaton to Disability Labour and one on Israel/Palestine – nor on the one that came after, on Labour Tenants United.

Ms Hillier was contacted for comment on Saturday but had not responded by the time of publication except for an automated acknowledgement.

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  1. So, Meg Hillier, just, votes ‘Against’, whatever the CLP motion is. Then can’t remember what she voted against, or why.

    On-the-ball-Meg represents you, Hackney South and Shoreditch. You should change that.

    1. Hillier is the type we are told to “unify with for a Labour government”. And some still are genuinely surprised at every predictable and predicted outrage. No victory could be sustained with that confused attitude. No one has made us make choices we chosen.

      In any case we have had and continue to have overwhelming evidence that the years of appeasements, “keeping heads down” and defeatism has always failed. QUESTION – Since MPs try to help constituents with problems caused by the system guarded by Hillier as her invalid votes to suppress change; where then and what is the strange logic that she can be part of any movement to change the system?

      Is Hillier not a problem within? If a “left” MP had done what she did, they would have been promptly suspended / expelled / the whip removed etc. That would not be described as being “ruthless” nor “playing dirty”. And it isn’t. To have expelled Hodge and others long ago would be standard practise in any other SUCCESSFUL area of work and leisure life. Failing so to do has neither stopped “attacks” then nor to date. That failure predictably never would have stopped attack. We know that from blindingly obvious facts. Where is the logic in telling us to “unite with” “fascist” as the crazed on shrieks? Where are the successes rolling in from “keeping heads down” / “getting on with the job” … what EXACTLY is the “job”; toiling for crumbs?

      ALSO: Those words “ruthless” “playing dirty” etc expose the deep crucial deficits in “Left” culture. It is neither logical nor decent. It is the most unfathomable immaturity i have ever encountered anywhere be it in work or in leisure activities.

      Winning is easy. Sustaining wins in a MEANINGFUL way is impossible without TOTAL eradication of those staggering deficits presented with a regulatory and confidence that confirms, they have NEVER been raised as attitudes we need to to eradicate URGENTLY.

      And BTW those much disdained successful footballers would never describe honest critical feedback as “attacks” and other utter tosh. No successful person anywhere has that attitude. Be they musicians, cricketers, cyclists, photographers, writers, doctors, pilots, gardeners, farmers… NO SUCCESSFUL PERSON.

      Question – How could people who consider themselves so informed and intellectually superior to the general public allow anyone who energetically shrieks at them with the weirdest sicko behaviour to keep failing because they “have no choice” on and on, could not find it even remotely suspicious?

      Very odd but, therein lies our problem. And therein lies the success of the Spycops.

      1. ps. it’s hot. if u need ice-creams then ONLY buy the brand which has refused to sell in the occupied territories in Palestine. Ditto ALL other companies. Try your best. Read all labels and research companies.

      2. I can see your point but some of us Socialists have never appeased. I quit as soon as Blair took over the party. This son of blair cult of new Labour 2.0 was the last straw for me when Starmer was elected I could see the writing on the wall and again left this time I suspect for good. I was taught real values to believe in socialism and to help others not opress and limit and control the crede of the right wing NOT mine.

        I won’t appease I honestly believe there is no point in Labour it’s gone to far we need to start again and NO right wing ever any games you gone. Any briefings or trying to limit a bottom up origination that socialist Labour should and shall have to be to give hope and support to the people of the UK. We have proven beyond any shadow despite the gaslighting of the scum Right that people given a choice will choose this hope over hate and all for me cronyism the Torys love.

        So nope no appeasement ever my ideology is flexible but not for sale or change. I will vote for socialists I will NOT vote for a damn ribbon or party name. It’s only the cowards in the PLP that want to appease hide try and vote sodalists back in. Nope this won’t ever happen your delusional if 95% of the party machinery is right wing and 96% of MP’s. Only some of them can you even control how the hell are you going to change that and when 20-30 YEARS?

        Some of us don’t have that long we need that socialist party NOW!!! In 10-15 years there will be no elections only coronation’s of the next Tory government. We need to act now, no more appeasement, no waiting we need the socialist Labour party Tomorrow. The Labour party is dead accept that and leave them to their sodding prise…

    2. She wasn’t voting just “whatever the CLP motion is”, she was voting against any attempt to make her accountable and breaking rules to achieve this. In doing so she shows exactly why MPs should be held accountable. How about suspending her or preferably deselection.

      1. Apple Crumble, you are absolutely correct. She won’t be. And if our “leaders” were in charge, they would have listened to the shrieker shrieking DON’T suspend her or the parasites would walk out, and you will be attacked and other such confounded rubbish. She may have been told “I’m sorry you feel that way”.

        When was it EVER a sign of integrity or decency to not just protect and enable and empower and ennoble OPEN wrongdoers? Not secret evildoers; OPEN evil doers… boasting about their evils everywhere? How has that helped us? Name one of our lot who has been protected in anyway… just one… anyone ??? What’s described as virtue or decency integrity is nothing of the sort. It is self-indulgent detached gross irresponsibility and incoherence.

        The BLM people are correct when they say SILENCE is CONSENT. The failure to speak up and out in a sustained way and to ACT against OPEN plain wrongdoing, makes one part of the problem. If that persistent attitude had brought us the opposite of what is happening now, then my observations would br inaccurate. But we have the evidence even a toddler could understand… until it was bashed in to them too that “nothing could be done”, and they must huddle in a bunker spreading the weird defeatist pathetic mantra of White Flaggery à la Allan Howard… Though he’s not a good example; Allan Howard knows full well what he is doing. The fact that he is doing it and the sick weird obvious ways, show that tbe Spycops consider the “Left” extremely gullible. Allan Howards are laughing their heads off! Just read the rigmarole twisting and contradictions re the elderly man he first said he deserted lying on the gents floor, to “finish his drink with a friend and get out of there”. Howards would not contradict themselves so ridiculously unless they thought people enough of the “left” wouldn’t swallow it hook line and sinker. The “Left” needs to ask why and how for so long they are taken in by obvious frauds. Ditto the environmentalist … especially the ones made pregnant… and the thousands… yes THOUSANDS of women defrauded in total of HUNDREDS of MILLIONS by people they have never even met???

        The frauds pushed all their emotional buttons. They knock down any attempts of the women to use logic. Read the stories in the public domain. Professional bright decent women. They switch the logic of which the have always used for their professional lives. THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS we need to ask and ANALYSE. Lucky for some of them, they get a shock of realisation. For some strange reason, no such shock seems forthcoming from the “Left”. It may be that the leaders in particular suffer no significant material loss. Read too the stories of people caught up in cults. Self questioning was always crushed. Read and learn the basics. If none have encouraged this before ie BASICS; then try it.

        The thing to note too is that despite the status quo realising that the “Left” are paralysed by and constipated with the ideas that they are “more aware” than the many and detached with profoundly false virtue; STILL they take no unnecessary chances! BELT and BRACES even though another Jeremy may again “do everything to make them love him” and “DO EVERYTHING THEY ASKED”. STILL THEY WON’T make the same mistake twice. Why do we… three four five hundreds of times❓❓❓ Those are the urgent questions.

        Many get in a tizzy about SH davidH steveH despite everyone knowing where he stands, yet they are almost without exception totally incautious to Allan Howard intoxicating them with defeatist bilge. Where’s the cleverness in that❓🔴❓🔴❓🔴

        “Tutonic”? Yes! Truths within? FACT!!!

    3. It doesn’t matter what any particular skwawkbox article is about, WC uses it to repeat his same old testicles, as he has done on hundreds and hundreds of occasions before, AND, yet AGAIN, posts a reply to the first poster so that it appears at the top of the comments, as he has literally hundreds of times, and has of course posted the FIRST comment on hundreds of occasions as well. Oh, right, and he just happens to have nothing else to do in his life except post comments on skwawkbox all day long, every day, in practically every thread.

      The reality is that the Establishment and MI5 and the Israel lobby/Mossad were never-EVER going to let Jeremy Corbyn anywhere near 10 Downing St, and absolutely nothing Jeremy did would have changed that reality. But the objective of the shills on this site is to brainwash readers with falsehoods that turn reality on its head and, as such, blames Jeremy – the victim – for being the victim.

      The Establishment’s objective is not just to eradicate the left from main-stream politics, but to try and destroy the reputation of left-wing politicians in the minds of people on the left, and even left-wing members, as WC did over a period of several months around a year ago when he was fraudulently attacking the left-wing members of his alleged CLP on a daily basis. The Establishment/MI5 know of course that left-wingers can’t be influenced by the MSMs falsehoods and demonisation and character assassination of Jeremy, or Ken or Jackie or Chris etc OR the left-wing membership (when JC was leader), so the obvious solution is to infiltrate left-wing blogs such as skwawkbox and JVL and Electronic Intifada etc AND, posing as a left-winger and a Jeremy Corbyn supporter, falsely discredit Jeremy every-which-way you can think of, and endlessly repeat the falsehoods, and ditto for the SCG MPs, and all things left-wing.

      Yep, a massive psyop is being perpetrated on hundreds of thousands of people on the left, and the Establishment have absolutely no problem with spending a few tens of £millions to do so, including on social media platforms as well of course.

      1. PS They literally have a small army of black propagandists monitoring social media platforms and left-wing news blogs 24/7, endlessly repeating their falsehoods and smears about the left and attacking anyone who opposes them and exposes their falsehoods and smears for the falsehoods and smears that they are. I mean just look down the page at not only the number of comments WC has posted so far today, but the length of them as well. No ordinary genuine person does THAT, day after day after day, week after week, month after month. And the reason he DOES is because he is a full-time paid shill/black propagandist, an imposter and a phony and a fake!

      2. Yep, WC would have readers believe that his falsehoods are legitimate ‘critical observations’. They are not, and the very fact that he concocted the falsehood about Robin Lees – the guy who spotted Dominic Cummings in Barnard Castle during the first lockdown – pursuing a ‘legal case’ against Cummings so that he could then discredit Jeremy by comparison, tells you ALL you need to know about WC:


      3. For the benefit of others, not Allan Howards frauds; take it as a compliment when AHs pick u out for round the clock monitoring and attacks. Also note their inconsistencies; who has the time to cut and paste loads of posts of others? Who attacks others who have not attacked them first? Who claims Jeremy should not respond to attacks; as no point, yet the same AHs attack anyone who even makes the slightest mention of something new? Think of it. Would Jeremy approve of Allan Howards’ behaviour? If there is no point to any change and all is determined by externalities; then what is the aim of Allan Howards? What i suggest may not work, but we know what they scream on and on hasn’t… in fact worse than that; the plight of Jeremy and the “Left” has never been worse. Directly due to the habits Allan Howards scream the “Left” must repeat.

        Spot the behaviour, impregnated Environmentalist? Another ploy is calling for physical violence… even planning it. They deceive the targets into thinking the Spy Cops are one of them. It is not complicated to expose the frauds. Try this: ask them to LIST and PRIORITISE three constructive suggestions in writing of what can be done. Then ask where and when they have ever stated any of their suggestions previously.

        Not rocket science. Frauds are fraudulent because they choose to deceive. Victims are caught by Allan Howards because the victims switch off reason by choice to avoid confrontation and also because they want to believe nice myths.

        Everyone should read the evidence of the Spycops case and the thousands of swindled women. Take a break from fiction and academic theories. Focus on the basics of REALITY and you will spot Allan Howards from kilometres away and within minutes if they even attempt to answer the questions above. Allan Howard won’t give you any satisfactory answers to any of your questions. Watch and learn.

      4. So why do you feel the need to repeat your ‘critical observations’ on a daily basis in practically every single thread WC?! AND repeat them several times over or MORE within a single lengthy post as WELL? In the ‘comment’ I linked to above you dissembled a Big Lie about Robin Lees pursuing a ‘legal case’ against Dominic Cummings so that you could then discredit Jeremy Corbyn – who you were obviously alluding to – by comparison, and who but a paid shill would do such a thing! AND, as per usual, posted a number of really long ‘comments’ – ie four out of the seven you posted in that thread – ALL of which were just repeating the same things you’d said in your FIRST ‘comment’.

        So what is the purpose – ie what is your objective – in repeating your ‘critical observations’ on a daily basis in practically every single thread? Do you not have a life outside of monitoring this site and posting comments all day long every day, morning, noon and night?!

        Anyway, I thought I’d just quickly check the thread prior to this one to see how many ‘comments’ you posted in THAT thread. I had in fact seen your initial totally incomprehensible gobbledegook post yesterday, but on scrolling quickly through the comments, I see that you’ve posted another at the end of the comments in which you say the following;

        I noted that two weeks ago or so, as soon as someone asked about the prospects of nominations for a “Left” person to challenge Keith, Howard came with a flash of no hope.

        Well isn’t it odd that such a prolific poster as WC didn’t say anything in a ‘Reply’ at the time, but leaves it until two weeks later to do so! The reason why he brings it up now – and alleges it was ‘a flash of no hope’ – is because he knows that practically no-one who regularly reads through the comments will remember what I said. And what did I say?! I just pointed out the fact that the SCG don’t have the numbers to nominate anyone in their group to challenge Starmer! So, just to elaborate:

        On July 1st Skwawkbox – ie Steve Walker – posted an article headlined ‘Regardless of Batley result, left MUST force summer leadership contest or lose party forever’, but had closed the Comments Section by the time I read the article, and so in a PS in a comment I posted in the next thread*, I said the following:

        PS And can I just say in respect of the appeal by skwawkbox yesterday – and obviously made in expectation of Labour losing the seat – that the left HAS to make a leadership challenge etc, that there’s just one teensy weeny problem with that – ie that they don’t have the numbers to do so.

        Here’s a link to my comment:


        And shortly after I posted said comment, barriereid posted a comment asking me the following:

        ‘Do they not posses the 20% necessary to instigate a leadership challenge?’

        To which I responded shortly afterwards:

        ‘No. The SCG only numbers 34, and they would need 40.’

        But then sometime later the following occurred to me:

        ‘PS 42 in fact, as I assume Jeremy wouldn’t be able [eligible] to nominate a candidate [or the candidate able to nominate themselves].’

        So since when did pointing out that the SCG don’t have the numbers to nominate one of their group to make a leadership challenge amount to ‘a flash of no hope’?! And the fact that WC did so and, as such, ‘transformed’ a simple statement of fact into a way to try and discredit me in the minds of readers – and left it until eighteen days later to do so knowing that probably no-one is going to recall what I actually said (eighteen days beforehand) – tells you ALL you need to know about HIM! Yep, he’s a fraudster, a liar and a twister, who is ALWAYS and CONTINUALLY deceiving the readership, as in this particular instance. In a word, a SHILL! A full-time paid black propagandist.

        PS My apologies to posters underneath for doing a signpost on you!

        Afterthought: And just check out how many ‘comments’ he posted in the thread I linked to above, including the FIRST! More than a quarter of the 87 comments posted!

      5. Oops: * The next article/thread didn’t have a comments section, so in actual fact it was the one after the next one.

    1. Yes she is absolutely dreadful.

      And she appears to have a worse memory than Kurt Waldheim!

  2. Meanwhile, Labour are laying off a further 90 members of staff and “Today the Labour Party headquarters in London will be the subject of a large picket by supporters of a range of different groups in the Labour Party from Labour Against the Witchhunt and Labour in Exile Network to the Labour Representation Committee and Jewish Voice for Labour. Conspicuous by their absence will be Momentum, the largest group on the left. Momentum claims to have 20,000 members but in reality it has a few hundred activists left after Jon Lansman turned it into an election machine and destroyed its democracy.”
    How is this possible I hear you ask when Centrist dad the job centre adviser from Our Yorkshire Farm oop nawf informs us the party has as many members now as it did under Corbyn.

      1. lundiel
        It was ever thus
        Red Tories are brilliant at losing millions of votes and bankrupting the party
        To those who say we need a new party, your having a giraffe, these fuckers could not run a bath, it really is only a matter of time before they disappear up their own backsides
        Why are we letting them carry on with their scorched earth policy, where are the unions and MP’s
        Someone, anyone stand up and stand against Temporary Embarrassment

      2. lundiel they do not “expect us to trust them with the economy” nor anything else. Their main concern is expecting enough of us to fail to realise their purpose ie keep parasitising our party to keep the swing between Tories in their party and eventually those in ours with a Labour label eg Iraq invasion, PFI, no change to the tax or justice system, arms sales to despots… Yet perfectly decent people decide a label is enough. Some propose blind support for a “team” or the “Mafia”. No surprise then the next step in thinking, that to deal with Mandelson, Blair etc is to “make them an offer they can’t refuse” … think a “yacht” was suggested. That confirms to me that beliefs are almost terminally corrupt even though the people have no intention of being corrupt. Same re backroom deals. People who want to be decent are defeated by their belief in myths. Myths that they have no choice because of determining external forces; despite crystal clear technicolour laser enhanced High Definition evidence to the contrary … in which they have been intimately involved. One reasonable explanation is deep set and rigorously perpetuated easily debunked group think.

        To see close up that so many do not want to accept that nor frankly even realise it has obviously gripped me. Because we have completely opposite values, enough of us never consider that others can be devoted to their abhorrent K Starmer morally decrepit aims and the entities he chose to serve. He is an adult. Our purpose is not to convert him and his type. Our purpose is to bring about a government that serves the many to the best of our ability. I have detected no significant lack of knowledge, passion, sincerity and good intentions. The only key problems obvious to all who would pause to think, are culture / attitude and a total absence of belief that we neither need the parasites nor should we ever. That is all.

        FACT – Have you heard of even one slight moan about the MILLIONS pumped into the Remain campaign the court cases against the Tory regime or the “People’s Vote” tiresome doom mongering propaganda? No me neither.

        Shai Masot did not offer his UK political party collaborators a free pizza. He offered at least a MILLION in one episode of his operations. There are hundreds more millions where that came from and elsewhere! Interestingly in the dreadful invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and I expect elsewhere money was flown in by pallet loads with which to bribe any bribable person.

        When i read fretting about money worries of the parasites, i worry greatly. You may not really be concerned, but it propagates a myth that in-turn propagates false hope that when things get really desperate, the parasites will change / be converted / throw a crumb. Ditto the non stop appeasements to the unappeasable by those who mean no harm.

        Meaning no harm; detachment interpreted as sincerity / integrity etc is of ZERO value re bringing about change. In fact it is worse than that zero. It is as effective as a rear guard action for the status quo. It pauses all logical assessment. Intoxicates with hope … unreasonable trust in the proven untrustworthy. It does an incalculable disservice to those who have little reason to expect that they would be misled by decent people.

        It is no being bad that causes that, it is a failure of self reflection and being in a bunker with those who have never stepped out to observe what the bunker and timorous defeatist inhabitants look like from outside… i.e. the full view.

        Something else came to mind last week. Through no fault of individuals ie circumstances initially out of their control, they and their like minded in the bunker, may never have had detailed scrutiny and clear feedback from a young age. Think of it. Children as young as three or four grow totally accustomed to a ballet teacher correcting the minutiae of movement… deportment expression… . Same re piano lessons, cricket practise what ever. That upbringing means those people will never interpret repeated critical observation as “attacks” etc. Maybe too they would never find themselves amongst others with the attitudes which are bewilderingly counter productive as children, never mind adults.

        Therefore the chronic ailments on the “left” are not caused by malice. It is learnt behaviour to repel honest feedback. The Spycops exploit that emotional set up. The buttons pushed are always emotional yet all positive different actions are shouted down.
        It works.
        A possible cure post the nurtured defeatist nature is to actively examine every thought about what we do or say. Ask is it supported by evidence? What do the facts indicate eg not a single whisper or sign that the “People’s Vote” are bothered by the many millions spent on their defeated campaign of doom. Also we should look for sound evidence which disproves what we believe. I.E. the opposite of “Confirmation Bias”. That’s how successful activities happen.

      3. Well I spent many years in the Labour party and often met staff and volunteers from HQ.The situation at Labour Hq is dire and the finances and membership have been blown away.by the recklessness of right wing infiltrating staff as well.I still have a few contacts and the situation is grim I am told.I don’t believe even the right wing fully realise just what the knight and Evans have been doing to destroy the Labour party and socialism in the UK….I can only assume that they have planned to do this for some time because the speed of the disintegration must have been planned ahead of the resignation of the socialist leader Jeremy Corbyn..Times and money is running out and when are we going to see the socialist mps jump ship and form a credible alternative to the defunct Labour party of the knight of the realm..I take no pleasure in seeing what is happening to the Labour party but at least if the mps like Trickett show some leadership and form a new Labour party then it will be worth it.The Animal is infected and rotting away….put it down.and rebuild a revitalised socialist working class party for all the people.

      4. Yes, quite right TOO Joe, and I’m sure it would get the full support of the MSM and MI5 and the Israel lobby/Mossad and the CIA.

    1. Lundiel…I don’t know what age you are but back in the sixties I used to watch on ITV Charlie Drake as the “Worker” in the Labour exchange and the jobs advisor.I still ocassionaly flip back to remind me of centrist Dad Steve H Hall from up Norf…small town in? Bristol city?.west country or is it the windward islands now?.Like the knight hes a fake from god knows where but wherever he runs his deceit will follow.

      1. All this time and I never realised he was a job centre advisor. It fits perfectly. Not an inner city trooper, fighting to keep his sanity but an officious bastard handing out sanctions like confetti and blaming the ‘customers’ for their predicaments in ‘a small mill town’, Bristol or up norf. I love it….bet his ‘customers’ didn’t.

  3. Imagine if our “free and fearless” MSM were even a hundredth as inquisitive and investigatory as Steve Walker at SKWAWKBOX, Britain wouldn’t be in the wretched state it currently is. Thanks Steve.

  4. Lovely weather, too hot for me, tell you what would be really nice as a very special treat for all of us on here
    Anyone for a Ben & Jerry’s

  5. Hackney South and Shoreditch MP’s anti-democratic behaviour, voting:

    i), against hearing the motion at all,
    ii), against the motion once members voted to hear it and prticularly,
    iii), against extending the meeting to make time for other issues to be discussed

    reminds me of similar behaviour from the new (2017) MP in my constituency at our AGM.

    Until then, I would have defended him (nearly) to the hilt. No more though. No more!

    Even if I stay in Labour and am a member at the next GE, I doubt I will campaign or canvass for him.

    1. Correct qwertboi. Let the parasites lose and depart. Lick not a stamp. Don’t even touch an envelope or flyer. And give them no ideas yay or nay. Deprive them of all information. Leave them in the lurch. We will rebuild from that. In any case, a new party will have an even better chance if the parasites are routed. Nothing to lose. Everything to gain.

  6. Doug, i did not want to name them earlier. Three cheers for Ben & Jerry’s ice creams🍧🍨🍦

    Also meant to post ytdy ie Monday that we r urged to “unify with” the type of person who is on the payroll of Pegasus the Bugging company of the occupiers of Palestine. No doubt the individual will say their role was to make the clandestine purveyors of malicious bugging software decent and legal.

    I say look at the evidence; the occupiers of Palestine are bugging journalist; bugging Amnesty International; bugging the UN; bugging Macron; bugging you bugging me. I call that a conclusive failure. In my judgement no decent person should EVER unify with the type of people on the payroll of a malicious outfit like Pegasus. It is unethical and illogical to even feel that such enablement of criminal behaviour is acceptable.

    We must analyse the cause of such incoherent abhorrent ideas in “decent people” and eradicate those ideas. Such odd attitudes could be explained by inexperience and youth. It is beyond extraordinary that such should endure in honourable men and women who are extremely experienced and above thirty years old, never mind fifty, sixty, seventy years old.
    If Ben & Jerry’s can act with tangible decency … despite attacks and threats as Sodastream suffered,
    those who accept high office must act likewise. “The many” are on our side.

  7. Joseph – I find this obsession that you have of linking me with people, jobs and locations that I have no connection with a bit weird. Is your whole argument really that weak in your own mind that you need to make stuff up,

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