Javid contracts virus 6 days after Euro final – and 4 days after visiting care home

Two jabs not enough to prevent new Health Secretary contracting disease probably picked up at England match – yet he visited care home just after, despite 40% of transmission taking place before symptoms

Top: Sajid Javid at England match with London mayor Sadiq Khan. Below: two days later at a care home

New Health Secretary Sajid Javid has contracted COVID, six days after rubbing shoulders with other politicians and ‘celebs’ at England’s Euro football final last Sunday. He announced the news in a tweet.

But two days after the final, where he was pictured maskless and must have known he had a chance of picking up the virus, he took part in a ‘photo opp’ at a care home for the elderly – the scene of so much carnage in the first six months of this pandemic.

Javid is apparently only mildly ill with the infection, at least so far. However, some 40% of infections are transmitted before any symptoms appear in the sufferer.

And while Javid may only be mildly ill, as many as three out of ten people dying of the new ‘Delta’ virus strain have had two vaccinations long enough ago for maximum immunity to have developed:

With daily new infections passing 50,000 for the first time in around half a year, Javid’s and Boris Johnson’s determination to lift all anti-infection measures on Monday knowing that cases will soon exceed 100,000 a day is not just madness. It is murder – with more than 150,000 already fallen victim to the Tories’ psychopathic disregard for life. But Javid’s personal recklessness with the health of others has already been on show this week.

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  1. What was so important that we had to keep air travel to and from India open? And is the price we’ll now pay economically and in lives worth it?

      1. “Similar Islands, New Zealand got rid of Covid, Britain Incubates Covid, we are the International Covid Variant Producer, we export it fast so that we can blame the new host of that variant!” Designer Virus, this is only a scratch of the surface of what is yet to come. A 90 yo lady died last week after contracting 2 variants at the same time People contract and die after having the jabs and after having had Covid before. I reckon HIV, Ebola, etc were just experiments in the preparation for Covid on it’s fully transformed state! Let’s say their aim is to get rid of 6 Billion People imagine the 1.5+ survivors under the rule of those Elites/Establishment/1%/etc Bastards! This is mostly just fantasy, of course, but are people awake enough to deal with mass death? This Virus is not natural and and it appear Britain is the only nation cultivating Covid rather than fight it!

      2. In one way maybe but how does NZ ease herself back into the International World when so many are totally virus virgin? Would it be like people getting wiped out when they first came into contact with smallpox or influenza? Presumably NZ aims to vaccinate and not doing it too early in all the circumstances sounds sensible. But it’s going to take some years isn’t it?

      3. lundiel ” New Zealand’s response has been proven to be right.”
        Don’t know. For a disease that has a 99.22 to 99.82 survival rate? “Immuniity debt” is the main con, I suppose. Whether it’s a serious con as far as covid’s concerned I don’t know, but – true to form – theGuardian (and probably a few others) are mis-presenting that 46 children being hospitalised with RSV is exceptiional and down to covid. It isn’t: in children it can be very seriousbut transient condition and in the UK at lleast (and NZ, I’m told) always involves hospitalisation for 3 – 5 days. The Guardian was mispresenting it as a feature of coronavirus, implying it has increased virulence because of covid. Not true. We’ve actually isolated and published the virus that causes RS (respiratory syncytial), whereas we haven’t with SARS-cov-2 (or rather, no government, university, hospital or NGO admits to having it).

      4. Paul. Why would NZers take an unapproved, experimental gene therapy requiring several subsequent ‘boosters’, which is causing hundreds of thousands of injuries and deaths globally, which doesn’t confer immunity, which doesn’t prevent onward transmission and which is obviously an extremely poor alternative to relying upon your own natural immunity which may have been strengthened by SARS 2003, or by taking Hydroxychloroquine early, Ivermectin at any stage or steroids to reduce lung inflammation in the very late stages. It seems like a no brainer to me. I suggest you go online and make some enquiries before you do yourself some foreseeable, avoidable damage.

      5. Thank you. I hope S.Box doesn’t end up like Off Guardian, overtaken by obsessive outliers and conspiracy theorists or even like the Guardian’s Comments being swamping by Canadian Ukrainians screeching about Evil Putin (back in 2014); comment was no longer free but moderated and managed.

      6. @SteveH: Thanks for the Guardian article and the BMJ report (which I hadn’t seen) and which I found very helpful in a world where Trump had over-politicised even clinical assessments of Hydroxychloroquine. They’re right tho’ to be worried that hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis is being prematurely promoted outside clinical trials. FWIW tho, I think it can and should be trialed within clinical subgroups (angiotensin and colon cancer) more where it might hold some significance

        Re. the Guardian article on ivermectin. I think it is (on this) driving its reportage by non-therapeutic maybe commercial objectives and I’m not impressed by the article. Focussing on totally irrelevant junior doctor essay points, when the product wasn’t ever developed as a covid medicine but has been empirically discovered to have a major anti-cytokine-storm effect in people who could otherwise be killed by it seems petty (particularly as most of Jack’s points are dealt with fully in the medical biochemical press and has little significance to a general readership).

        I used to have a lot of respect for Guardian health reporting, but on anything covidian it is too predictably prone to catastrophising and even mis-reporting to stay true to the official Covid Narrative. For many newspapers this wouldn’t matter but for the Guardian it is sure to cost them heavy in readership and trust.

        Thanks again steveh- esp for the BMJ link.

      7. qwertboi – I suspect that the Guardian was trying to make some very dry (to most incomprehensible) scientific papers accessible.

    1. Lundiel, it was to get a trade deal! Johnson is desperate to replace the lost EU trade in any way he can, no matter what the cost, this is just the beginning.

  2. It IS murder, cold blooded politics that enable the Tories to jettison parts of the population to speed up the whole process of catching the virus and earning immunity (perhaps!). He thinks once we’ve all got immunity or are dead and buried and no longer such a burden, everybody will say only they could have done it. Like smash that restaurant so thoroughly.

    1. The eminent Harvard scientist William Haseltine has said of the UK’s policy of herd immunity by infection:

      “I believe that the strategy of herd immunity is actually murderous.”

      The Johnson government’s COVID pandemic policy is murder.

  3. Times today (17/7) Israel going back to lockdown after liberalising mask usage. Tory fools too rush in!

  4. I won’t be surprised if it’s either a dodgy PCR result or a cynical PR move, done for public sympathy. The nudge unit has daily demands. Never believe these things on face value. That would be naive.

    1. It’s one of those “oh what a surprise, didn’t see that coming” moments to justify an thoroughly predictable U-turn on Freedom Day. It was never going to happen that easily, but the Tories needed to go thru the motions so they could then say ” but we tried”. They’ll blame it on the “irresponsible (ie unvaccinated) public” and try to set the vaccinated against the obstinate hold-outs, social unrest being the ideal objective.

      It’s about as convincing as when Boris “caught” Covid. A cynical PR exercise, as you accurately put it, Wirral

    2. I suppose the government here in Vietnam is “playing to the gallery” also WIIT.

  5. Alastair McLellan
    Yesterday I was asked to prepare a brief about the situation in the NHS for a senior (non-Gov) political figure, who was about to do some media interviews. Now that’s done – I thought you might like to see it (thread follows) 1/8

    Covid patients in English hospitals are doubling every two weeks (NOT three as Chris Whitty claimed). That puts us on over 6000 by end of July and (given that pace will probably slow a bit in August) 10,000 a month later. 2/8

    The available general and acute bed base after allowing for IPC in England is about 82k. This means the NHS starts the autumn/winter with over 10% of its bed base consumed by covid patients. In comparison, on 1 Sep 2020 there were 496 covid+ patients. 3/8

    The modelling suggests that rather declining as fast as it rose (as the spring 20 and winter 21 waves did), this wave will plateau for six weeks – so although it might not be as high at peak, it may actually involve as many people. 4/8

    Emergency care Is already through the roof – with A&Es beating record attendances almost every week. If it wasn’t for the pandemic this would be front page news. 5/8

    The sheer scale of infections means many NHS staff are isolating – having been pinged. I spoke to one trust CEO this week who said 25% of their junior doctors were off. 6/8

    Two year elective waits are becoming a reality for the first time in nearly two decades 7/8

    Two-year waiters for elective care up by half to just under 4,000
    The number of patients waiting more than two years for elective care has grown by nearly half in the space of one month, HSJ analysis can reveal.

  6. Maybe it will suite both Johnson and Javid to have an excuse to hide away. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve tried to avoid scrutiny.

  7. I can tell you that the nineteenth scares the shit out of me… funny how the tone this ‘government” changed when Sajid got on board. I wish we had grownups in charge……

    1. Best stay indoors then. The adults are with the Great Barrington Declaration in ideological prison.

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