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Murdoch backs Coyne, then Phillips follows suit. No surprise there, then (video)

Right-wing Labour MP shares more than just a West Midlands base with the right-wing Unite candidate – they’re both cosy with Murdoch and have written for the S*N

Right-wing Labour MP Jess Phillips has come out for right-wing Unite candidate Gerard Coyne. Well, they’re both cosy with notorious union-buster Rupert Murdoch – and have both written for his S*n paper, which this week also backed Coyne, so it’s hardly a surprise:

And Phillips likes a laugh. At Labour election defeats, for example – or at black Labour MP Diane Abbott. Or when she’s around Tory toff Jacob Rees-Mogg, who wanted to deny abortions to rape and incest victims and was guest of honour at a group that wanted to send black and Asian Britons ‘back’ (wherever that means).

Coyne in charge of Unite would be a disaster for members of the union and for all those targeted by the right, in work or not.

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  1. I wonder how many of Unite’s members have switched their votes from Steve Turner to Coyne since Turner joined forces with Beckett.

    1. I wouldn’t know.

      Why are you asking?

      Has Keith done so yet? Has the antipodean antichrist told him to do so?

      1. Don’t try to evade the question bollocks

        I never said Keith had a vote. I asked about Keith’s allegiance a-la Jessica the mouthpiece fillyerboots.

        Everyone else knows what I mean… Playing dumb just demonstrates what a prick you always will be.

      2. Toffee – The last I heard was that Starmer was supporting Turner, have you seen or heard anything to the contrary?

      3. That’s all I asked.

        For someone who hangs on every word and deed from the greasy bastard, you seem a tad rattled by my questioning about coyne..

        Is coyne the best of a bad bunch, like Keith was?

    2. None, most likely. And why are you still attacking Beckett, anyway? He got out and threw his support to Turner…isn’t that enough?

      It’s not as though the Unite rank-and-file universally despises Beckett, y’know. And it’s not as if Beckett had no right to stand.

      1. Who said that?
        I’m sure, the soon to be has been, Howard will appreciate your pleadings on his behalf.

      2. Are you going to keep on attacking Beckett until he has no connection to Unite at all? Why? The man isn’t evil and he isn’t hated. Why are you still going after him when you have no reason to be angry at him at all.

        It’s things like this that have most of us thinking you’re a Blairite, SteveH- Who else But a Blairite would want to hound Beckett out of both the union and, from what I can tell, from public life?

        It’s not as though Beckett had no right to stand for the Unite leadership at all.

      3. kenburch – I hadn’t appreciated that Becket’s position so precarious that you need to so valiantly defend him against little me.

    3. None
      They might switch to Graham, which would have the same result of letting Coyne in

  2. Key figure in Coyne’s campaign last time out was ex-Labour MP Tom Harris during the election Harris called for a vote for Boris and the Tories.

    1. Bizarrely there are some contributors on these pages who claim to be on ‘the left’ but also advocate voting Tory.

      1. Oh ..looks like my post didn’t make it in time …

        Who did Harris vote for in the leadership election?

    2. Did he now??

      Ere, wee fella… You gonna call Harris ‘tory boy’

      1. Weren’t eligible… So my opinion didn’t matter did it?

        And like swathes of other ex-labour members and formerly lifelong labour voters, your opinion that our opinion counted for nothing left you blaming -andvcontuing to blame Corbyn – for stammers shithousery.

      2. Twenty six years ago IIRC.

        And the relevance of your question is? Oh, I know. My opinion hasn’t mattered for THAT long, is THAT what you’re angling at? 🤔

      3. Toffee – As I recall it was your lack of a vote that I was referring to. Is there a reason that you didn’t rejoin to support Jeremy Corbyn?

      4. Yes – because the party was, still is, and probably always will be, infested with rodents like you. I wouldn’t have lasted five minutes before your type would’ve had me stitched up like a kipper.

      5. Toffee – I’m sorry, I hadn’t appreciated that you felt so insecure about yourself.

      6. Not really.

        More that I’m all too wise to the shithouse tactics employed and encouraged by so-called centrists.

        And why haven’t you answered the later post about your alleged xupport for Corbyn that I have forensically dismantled, but have gone back to a post where you thought you could get a dig in. ..and failed at that, too.

      7. Toffee – “And why haven’t you answered the later post about your alleged xupport for Corbyn that I have forensically dismantled,

        I’m sorry I must have missed that one post a link to it and I’ll have a look.

      8. More lies, you snivelling little shitehawk.

        As if you miss one of my posts relating to you – especially after you admitted youvecset alerrs for when I post…

        But hey-ho, it’s just further proof of your shithousery.

        I posted the one about your alleged Corbyn support at 8:47pm, and you’ve posted up and down on the thread since then, evading the question.

        In fact, I’ve posted TWICE on the subject.

        Lying little lowlife.

        So are you gonna defend yerself or just try to palm us all off with more of your crap, as usual…?

      9. Toffee – What is there to defend, all I can see is yet more of your silly ranting. You’re the one making the accusations that you can’t back up. I’m quite happy to sit back whilst you rant away making a fool of yourself.

  3. Anyone else seen this, today. May only be a local by-election – still :

    St Neots East (Huntingdonshire), council by-election result:

    IND: 42.5% (+42.5)
    GRN: 33.4% (+33.4)
    LDEM: 11.6% (-15.9)
    CON: 8.0% (-24.0)
    LAB: 4.4% (-36.0)

    Independent GAIN from Labour.

    1. The full results were:
      Ben Pitt (Independent (249);
      Lara Davenport-Ray (Green Party) 196;
      Geoffrey Steeff (Liberal Democrat) 68;
      Samuel Collins (Conservative) 47
      Helen Stroud (Labour) 26.

      Turnout was 23.6%

      1. That hardly makes the result trivial. It’s Starmer’s fault that Labour voter turnout has plummeted massively on his watch, and that collapse in Labour voter turnout is proof that Starmer’s “erase everyone and everything associated with Corbyn” strategy is continuing to fail.

        Why not admit it and call for Starmer to give his anti-Corbyn vendetta a rest?

    2. The remarkable thing there is that support for Labour the Tories AND the LibDems all collapsed, and that the Greens nearly took a seat they hadn’t even contested last time.

      1. There were obviously some local factors at work here The seat only became vacant because the previous Labour incumbent Nik Johnson was confirmed as Cambridgeshire and Peterborough mayor after a stunning victory against Conservative incumbent James Palmer in May.

      2. There were obviously some local factors at work here

        No shit, Sherlock? The main one being only TWENTY-SIX people could be arsed to vote labour.

        I wonder how many party members live in that ward? It wouldn’t surprise me to find it’s the same, give or take five.

        Still gonna tell us they’re queueing around the block to join up, you whopper?

      3. Toffee – …..and yet the seat only became vacant because the previous Labour incumbent Nik Johnson was confirmed as Cambridgeshire and Peterborough mayor after a stunning victory against Conservative incumbent James Palmer in May.

      4. So. Fucking. What?

        26 from an electorate of circa 2500 is a smidge over ONE PERCENT what bothered to turn out.

        Obviously that good a candidate from the same stable as the predecessor that it came FIFTH in the race.

        As for Johnson becoming mayor….On second preference votes.

      5. that doesn’t make it trivial that the Labour vote fell to nearly nothing at all, SteveH. And it hardly vindicates whatever it is Starmer calls a “strategy”.

      6. kenburch – If you’re that bothered why don’t you do some research and find out what the local conditions were that influenced this outcome. Aimlessly blathering on about the result and making stuff up doesn’t achieve bugger all.
        Or maybe you have and your findings didn’t suite your perverse agenda.

      1. Toffee – It is surprising that you didn’t rejoin to support Jeremy Corbyn.

      2. And of course, YOU supported Corbyn, didn’t you?

        …So you’d have us believe. (If you weren’t such a risible, hypocritical pisspot)

        Yes, you, the one who’s never claimed to be a socialist by your own admission, thinking were all gullible enough to accept you voted for a socialist,… But then allowing his leadership to be undermined by stammers undemocratic shithousery, despite you also claiming to be a democrat and not having a vote in the matter yourself.

        And to top it off, trying to kid people you only voted stammer as ‘best of a bead bunch but blaming Corbyn for every bit of stammerite shithousery backfiring, a full seventeen months after being elected, and ten of those having seen Corbyn suspended from the party .. by stammer’s autocratic decree.

        So kindly refrain from your bullshit, laddie. Nobody, but NOBODY is buying your tall tales.

  4. ‘I’ll knife Corbyn in the front’, while complaining about domestic violence.

  5. I’m not sure if this is a new complaint by Coyle who’s reported JC to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standard, or whether it’s just the right wing press rehashing old news to keep anti-Corbynism alive.
    How any true socialist could vote for, or support Labour in any way with these people in the party is beyond me. I voted Labour for the last time in December 2019 and will never vote for them again, they cannot be trusted.

  6. Tory Scum are Tory Scum there is absolutely NO difference between Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tory Scum and The Conservative Party Tory Scum!
    There are only two possible options for a remotely socialist positive outcome, both will cause 5 years of suffering:
    1. We vote OUT the Neolabour Party Tory MPs/Candidates, the only way to do that is to vote for their strongest opponent who/whatever that is, if we want these Parasite Neolabour Party Tory Scum out of our UK Labour Party we, the voters/people, will need to be extreme! And OF COURSE wherever there are an UK Labour Party MP/Candidate we Vote for them!
    2. We decide En Masse on an alternative ie The Green Party and we vote for them, however it would have to be En Masse if not either Tory MP/Candidate will get in, and again OF COURSE wherever there are an UK Labour Party MP/Candidate Vote for them! We want to increase the UK Labour Party MPs and eliminate The Neolabour Party Tories.
    Yes it will be a tough call, but if we don’t eliminate Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories we will have 42 years more of Tory Hell! Neoliberal is NOT The Right of “The Left”! Neoliberal is NOT Centre/”Centrist”! Neoliberal is NOT Liberal! And Neoliberal Certainly is NOT Socialist!
    Neoliberal is Reagan/Thatcher’s Concoction of Neoliberalism and a big dollop of Neoconservativism as Blair so nicely displayed with setting off the pulverising of The Middle East and destruction of Public Ownership! And Starmer supporting Military spending before Starving Children and ensuring the illegal capture of Julian Assange by lies and deceit for his Establishment Masters, as head of The CPS, among other horrific outcomes for his masters! We need the Tory Scum out or walk away!
    Do NOT worship The Brand! You will end up in a pit of Vipers!

    1. skellyknelly – Oh dear, yet more La-La-Land fantasies.
      I’m not sure how much the vulnerable and disadvantaged will appreciate your willingness to sacrifice them on the alter of fake socialism for a generation or more.

      1. I’m not sure how much the vulnerable and disadvantaged will appreciate your willingness to sacrifice them on the alter of fake socialism for a generation or more.

        About the same they appreciate you having already done so.

      2. Toffee – Unlike you. I’m not the one intending to vote Tory

      3. And WHERE did I say I INTEND to vote toerag?

        Verbatim proof required, or shut your hole.

        Voting stammerite labour is doing the exact same thing..and you’re royally fucked if you think I’m doing that, as well.

      4. Steve H…centerist Dad fake Labour.You have got some cheek coming on here after your comments on Bot Bot supporting that creature thangam dob on air head another fake Labour with more tory tribute act comments on rowing back on social care for the elderly.Lies and deceit all of you whilst feathering your own nest.Why has your fake Labour leader rowed back on virtually every single promise that he made before the mockery of a leadership election.Scum comments and a party that has lost the support of the public and the members of a near bankrupt Labour party.George Galloway very nearly saw off your messia even after a mud slinging set up from day one at the Batley election against the one man band Galloway.I really cannot understand what motivates you people who seem to aspire to be torys and come out with “can we afford social care” whilst living the high life on the backs of generations of Labour supporting public.You sicko centerest Dad from Bristol or anybodys guess now Billy liar..Stick to the Bot for your comments seriously sh..davidh from small mill town “up t norf” …Fake ..Fake ..Fake ..What sort of sickos indoctrinate with propoganda a toddlers tv 📺 with “La La has had her second vaccination” ..hasnt she tellytubbies?…What in gods name have you evil sickos been up to when even babys and toddlers are targets for your right wing neo liberal alliance methods?..hi on piss off to your Caribbean island bolt hole for theives and vagabond.

      5. Joseph – “You have got some cheek coming on here after your comments on Bot Bot “

        WTF are you blathering on about?

      6. You tell him Joseph…

        Oh look, wee Stevie’s back, feigning ignorance and failing to address facts made about his woeful inadequacies, lies and hypocrisy..

        Eyes down folks .. it’s wee stevie bingo…Everyone’s a winner… Except the wee man and keith

      7. Toffee – Oh dearie, dearie me. Yet more bluster and accusations that you can’t substantiate. Is this a sort of therapy session for you?

      8. skellyknelly – Was that meant for Toffee. I’m not the one getting all agitated and throwing a wobbly.

      9. Steve H…centrist Dad on Bot sentinel “can we afford social care whilst people are living longer” ?straight propoganda from Steve H centrist Dad supporting Thangham deb on air head with lies on the working class living longer,but then again I suppose fake Labour dont see the working-class as people just a “burden on the taxpayer” says Steve H centrist Dad on bot sentinel project on doing down the hated working class.How did we manage to get to this with such right wing filth bringing down the Labour party?

      10. Joseph – Absolutely bugger all to do with me you numpty. You can try all you want but it is impossible for you to prove that I have any connection with either ‘centrist dad’ (whoever he is) or Bristol.

      11. Right-Steve thinks it’s “socialist” to for a Labour leader to drive tens of thousands of socialists out of the party and replace them with “moderates”(i.e., Tories).

        I’ll just lay it out for you this way- nothing Blair did could ever be confused with socialism and nothing to the right of the 2017 manifesto could ever possibly be CALLED socialism. Tiny incremental gains never have anything in common with socialism- neither does anything that reveres Crown or Army.

      12. kenburch – Was your little rant intended to relieve the boredom or add to it.

      13. Rant!? What Rant!?
        You haven’t refuted/answered a single question or statement anyone posted in reply to your comments! Instead you just keep spewing Dull Cliché on Dull Cliché on Dull Cliché! A true Tory Luntzspeaker!
        Your Thatcherite Neolabour Party Tories are so goddamned Dangerous, Nasty and Shite that some of us will do whatever it takes, at the ballot box, to eliminate a Neolabour Party Tory from our Constituency and swipe them out of OUR UK Labour Party!
        The only one here with his nickers in a twist, is you Tory Boy SteveH, apart from “voting Corbyn Twice” how did you do with activism? Did you make sure you advocated and promoted The UK Labour Party on Social Media and did your best to ensure a UK Labour Party Government, similarly to how you are Promoting The Neolabour Party Tories!? I wonder!? I have a feeling you did not! Yet you voted UK Labour Party “Twice” and I presume expected a UK Labour Government, why else vote UK Labour Party!?

  7. The Vile Right in Labour like Watson et al are backing Mr C. Hmmn whilst a member of Labour’s NEC recorded part of a meeting in Corbyn’s time and leaked it to the media (some suspect Mr W?) it seems Mr C had his own technical issue with members data? I have seen the Unite candidates manifestos and as someone who would have voted Beckett I would now be happy to vote for Steve Turner following Howard’s recommendation. A vote for Graham is a waste of time, as this candidate is “A Little trade unionister” (?) focussing on the workplace only when no workplace is an island. The election of Right Wing Neo-Liberal Barbarian Coyne would be a disaster. Meanwhile the Lightweight Starmer wants to revamp Labour in a Right Wing direction as he attempts to polish a turd!
    We need a left wing democratic socialist party!

  8. Toffee – Oh dearie, dearie me. Yet more bluster and accusations that you can’t substantiate. Is this a sort of therapy session for you?

    Oh dearie, dearie me… Got answers for just a out everything (all taken apart) but none for this.

    And none for the difference between stammerism and conservatism

    And none for any pledges Keith hasn’t binned…

    Substantiation, is it? 🤔

      1. No answers forthcoming. Just more shite.

        The prosecution rests.

      2. Get ready for the “Conference” that isnt a Conference “brought to you automatically by Sir Rodney stammer the switched off Labour party at the press of the off swtch.When are you lowlifes so called Opposition party coming out of hibernation..and not just for the switched off conference season.Rodney has bought a new suit for the big screen,Blue with a yellow stripe down the back..!

      3. About a 100 people waving Madge Flags in honour of the great matriarch of Modern Neoliberalism and singing Rule Britannia after signing dodgy deals with the likes of Murdoch, Tzipi whatever, Martin Taylor, etc, etc, etc under the stage!

      4. I’m not the Neolabour Party Tory coming to a Socialist News Blog, DESPERATELY trying every Tory Trick in the book to convince people to support a Parasite Tory Party Infestation, that devoured The UK Labour Party. YOU ARE! 😉

      5. Cliche! Like all Neoliberal Tory Parrots! Never address the question/comment only dodge out with something Childishly Stupid!

      6. skellyknelly – I answered your 11:14pm & 9:34am comments with the respect they warranted.

      7. Nope you answered nothing! Childish Insults and Sarcasm does not address the issue! You’re a Full of Shit Neoliberal Tory!
        On the other hand, just keep doing as you do, the last thing I want to do is to engage with you more than absolutely necessary!
        Ta Da Tory Boy SreveH! 😉

      8. skellyknelly – Having re-read your comments on this thread I can’t find the question(s) that you’ve asked, can you?

      9. Questions, Comments, Statements, etc, is that not what forums are for? Perhaps if you’d prefer you could stick only to answering questions directed at you?

      10. skellyknelly – So I was right then, you didn’t actually ask me a question.

      11. It is you Tory Boy SteveH who are the Joke! Try refuting people’s comments and answering their questions instead of spewing Unrelated Childish Clichés!

  9. And that’s signifies an INTENT to vote toerag does it?

    No, it says I’d RATHER vote toerag than stammerist labour.

    Now that that one’s been discredited, let’s come back to your other hypocritical claims shall we?

    You’re the one making the accusations that you can’t back up.

    Well, just look at the above example for staters.

    Then, perhaps you’d care to explain why it is – after being asked cunteen times – why you refuse to give a single example of any perceived difference between stammerism and conservatism.

    Or an example of a single pledge stammer has kept to.

    We KNOW why.

    Because you simply cannot.

    I suppose you’ll deny you never said you were a socialist next.

    So, in the inevitable event you do, you can explain what were you doing voting for Corbyn TWICE if you’ve never openly expressed your socialism.

    And maybe you can explain just how Corbyn should be blamed for stammers shithousery blowing up Inn his face in the seventeen months stammers been leader – when Corbyns been suspended for ten of them?

    But you’ll refuse, because you know it’ll merely demonstrate your lies, hypocrisy and moronism.

    You treat everyone as though they landed on earth with the last rain shower.

    And then you call them troll when they inevitably – and all to easily – own you on your idiocy.

    Or accuse them of intending, or actually voting toerag and fail once again when you think you’ve provided ‘evidence’.

    Ordinarily, I’d call you an imbecile, but even imbeciles would feel insulted.

    No wonder you’re just as roundly despised as your party leader.

    Goodnight, retard.

    1. Toffee – You are mistaken if you think I’m under any obligation to pander to your questions about my opinions. Besides why would I would I want to deny everyone the entertainment of watching your increasingly verbose frustrations grow.
      So what now, are you going to treat us all to another long rant or just STFU and go to bed.

    2. The Fuhrer has not only failed at every one of his “10 Pledges” but he has also failed on the LGBTQ+ Pledges that he made! Not to mention BAME! Mind you you have to be one Ultra Nasty Fucker to do what he did when he was Head of CPS! Hopefully with all the Law breaking Assange will be free soon and Starmer in the Docks, wouldn’t it be lovely to see a nasty piece of shit like that go down for a very, very long time! Imagine if enough idiots vote Neolabour Party Tories and Starmer is announced as PM, and the Next Big headline Starmer dragged off by the Law kicking and screaming, just outside Nr10, as his wife instructs the removal men to put everything back in the van! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. skellyknelly – Given that it was the courts who put Julian behind bars what crime do you anticipate that Keir would be charged with.

      2. It was Starmer’s Office who threatened Sweden not to drop the Rape Charges which was dropped by the Plaintive, without that The illegal entry into a foreign embassy to arrest a foreign citizen would not have been possible! Starmer’s Office built the entire arrest of Assange on a lie! I reckon that is pretty serious don’t you? As the Head of CPS and out of his office, a High Profile case like Assange would not have gone without his seal of approval on every single move! Apart from that he has to explain the disappearance of volumes of Assange case papers and why his FOIA request was so heavily redacted compared to the exact same from Sweden!
        If Assange is freed and launches a case against the CPS, Starmer as the Head of the Office that was responsible for his arrest based on a Lie and bending rules and laws to illegally record Assange’s Privacy and so much more, will be first in line! We just have to hope that Assange is freed and gets out of prison alive, there are many Starmers involved in this case that would not want to see him out and alive!

      3. skellyknelly – So are we to take it that what he could actually be charged with is still categorised as work in progress.

      4. Oh dear! Perhaps you need to take a deeper look into the case and Starmer’s part in it, not in the MSM you won’t get facts, if this case falls apart he is fucked! Fingers crossed! I am sure you feel the same way!

  10. Before I pop off for the night I just wanted to thank you for the link to your desperate attempt to *ahem* prove I HAVE voted toerag.

    Because just above the post you refer to is yet another example of the self-confessed TWICE Corbyn voter denying youve ever been a socialist

    So just what were you – a self confessed NON-socialist + doing, voting for Corbyn, TWICE?

    *awaits the foregone,abused-to-death distraction tactic, because retards can’t think of a new one*

    1. Toffee – As I’ve said before, I don’t recall ever claiming to be a ‘socialist’.
      So what, it is not like I’ve ever denied saying this.

      1. That wasn’t the question.

        We KNOW you’re not, and never have been, a socialist. But you claim to have voted for one TWICE. You claim to have supported his tenure.

        And you only voted stammer because you claimed he was best of a bad bunch.

        And since stammer got in, every mishap has been laid squarely at Corbyn’s feet by you… Who allegedly supported Corbyn so much you voted for him TWICE.

        But Corbyn has been suspended for ten of the seventeen months stammers been leader.

        You persistently refuse to give a single example of a time when stammers opposed the government; a single example of a difference between stammerism and conservatism, and a single example of a pledge stammers kept.

        But when I point out there’s no difference it equates to me voting toerag, in your weird little mind.

        And you wonder why you’re ridiculed by just about everyone else on a SOCIALIST website…

  11. Increasingly verbose my replies may be….but not outright fabrications of the type you proffer.

    I CAN explain meself, unlike you, who WON’T.

    And everyone knows why you won’t.

    Sleep on that one as soundly as you sleep soundly knowing you and the rest of you centrist shibags have lumbered this nation with conservatism for the next decade at the very least.

    Nighty night Nobby.

    1. Toffee – Says the f’wit who’d rather vote Tory than Labour. Sweet dreams numpty. 😘

      1. Says the retard that won’t tell anyone a single difference between stammerism and conservatism in case it dawns on him that in reality there isn’t one, and he himself has been advocating the toerags by default.

  12. Yawn all you like, plums – doesn’t alter the fact that what I’ve said is the cold, hard truth.

    And if it isn’t, then you know what to do.

    Your choice. Either be forever considered a toerag, or tell us the difference.

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