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Video: Rees-Mogg dismisses poverty as ‘balderdash’ – so the BBC decides to cover… Weetabix and beans

Rees-Mogg’s contempt for the grinding poverty of millions, or his distaste for Weetabix with beans? Guess which the BBC chose to cover

The SKWAWKBOX has covered Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg’s disgraceful dismissal of working-class hardship and poverty as ‘balderdash‘ today, when he was challenged by Labour MP Jon Trickett to debate the grinding poverty and shortening life expectancy of poor people in the north.

But the BBC’s response was no less disgraceful. As Boris Johnson’s front-bencher arrogantly poured scorn on the plight of poor people – including more than four million children, the broadcaster chose instead to tweet about Rees-Mogg’s comments on… eating Weetabix with baked beans:

An object lesson in the incessant and inbuilt bias of the BBC and other so-called ‘mainstream’ media.

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  1. There you have it, straight from a horse’s ass and multi-millionaire. Yet another disabled politician with two anal sphincters. The continuing silence and debasement of society from the BBC is just as criminal and heart felt as the Conservative Party dogma. Boycott the BBC!

    1. Boycott all who feel keeping their heads down and hiding cuts it. They are part of the problem. Boycott all who are determined to continue as they have for decades with pitiable empty virtuous noises on a hundred different things they have had ZERO influence re change. How can we change anything anywhere if we cannot even claim our party as our own and drive out parasites. How can we claim to care of the over ONE MILLION DEAD after Blair the liar and war criminal supported Bush to invade Iraq, yet when there is a chance to prosecute the creature, we absent ourselves⁉️⁉️⁉️

      We have been hoodwinked and betrayed. The words don’t match the actions. Many beliefs we have fail to survive scrutiny. There must be consistency in words and actions. EG what sort of person walks away from an elderly man beaten by thugs in a pub toilet, finishes a drink with company fails to report to pub staff, then boasts that “no one has ever escaped from the headlock”⁉️⁉️⁉️

      1. if we cannot rid ourselves of Starmer and the other careerist parasite who ANNOUNCED their intent, then no wonder the Palestinians, and Chagos Islanders eg STILL suffer gross injustices. Instead of meaningful support they have had worst than nothing. Their hopes have been raised only to be dashed. Hopes raised and dashed are more crushing than never having had hope at all. The Palestinian and CRIMINALLY displaced Chagos Islanders have had pathetic deceitful self serving virtue signalling unsupported breathy wind pretending to be support.

        How long does it take to learn⁉️⁉️⁉️

  2. The shithouse toerags only recently backtracked on their murmuring about decriminalising licence fee non-payers after all their blustering about ‘unfairness and The criminalisation of the poorest and least able to pay.

    Plus, you only need look at who’s got – and who’s in the frame for – high profile positions in mainstream communications…

    So why would anyone be remotely surprised about this? If the poor don’t pay their Tv licence tax, and don’t contribute to the profligacy and avarice of those why should the toffs at the beeb (99% of whom are privately educated failures who have been shoehorned into their privleged positions as recompense for their inabilities and inadequacies) give a shite about the plight of the poor?

    Simple solution is don’t pay them.

  3. This is a Class War and our lot are playing the game and still doffing their caps
    One of the Socialist MP’s should take one for the team
    Stand and say ‘I care not a jot if this is Parliamentary language or not
    The RHG is a posh privileged pratt
    Speaker will ask them to withdraw the word Pratt
    Reply should be
    I know the RHG considers himself a Conservative with a small c
    We consider him a posh privileged something else beginning with a small c

    1. Ummuna through revolving door to Morgan Stanley. The war criminal’s sprog who in just a few years has managed to amass SEVENTY FIVE MILLION GBP £75,000,000.00 aged about thirty something is collaborating with Rishi Sunak. NB not with the toady tool Keith Starmer. Keith will be wrapped in tissue and disposed with the non recyclable trash…. not flushed down the toilet or he will clog the plumbing and uniquely contaminate the sewage.

      NB at least one of the relatives of Betty from the big council house at the end of the Mall and several other council houses… NB no bedroom tax… one of her relations by marriage who us worth £15,000,000.00 on it’s own claims to be the sole employee of it’s own company. GUESS what. It furloughed itself. YES scrounging even MORE from the state while many in genuine URGENT need have not got a penny. I’v heard the most distressing victims of Rishi Sunak’s furlough wheeze, on the radio. No help for them because some are £50.00 over a tiny amount of earnings. Interestingly i gathered and posted here a few months ago that Rishi Sunak’s wife, daughter of one of the world’s BILLIONAIRES, and with several million herself, furloughed her staff. Have u heard Starmer comment on that ? ? ?
      No me neither. Sunak himself i think is now parliament’s wealthiest MP so no surprise true to nature the War Criminal’s offspring is desperate to cosy up to millionaires and billionaires. Like father creature, like son creature. That is the EXACT same disgusting nature of the war criminal. It has a great weakness to wealth. Excess wealth is irresistible no matter the source, hence the ease with which it slithered its way from one despicable despot to another with the promise to “IMPROVE THEIR IMAGE” = spin.
      Even such realised the WMD liar was a fraud who was only after filthy millions. When those sources dried up, the creature slithered back here desperate to get attention.

      If despots in the back waters sussed the war criminal creature and thought it useless, then why can’t experienced people LONG in the Labour Party❓❓❓ I believe it’s because, knowingly OR unknowingly, the purpose of being and MP has dimmed. The electorate is almost invisible… an inconvenience and/or an irrelevance. HENCE the backroom deals with openly wicked people and creatures.

      THINK of it. A backroom deal, meant to remain secret, in essence EXCLUDES the many. Nothing to do with democracy. No meaningful regard for the general public. It is a cosy setup. A setup GUARANTEED to corrupt the best of us. Gradually the best of us are compromised. Secrets bind the best of us. We are as good as a moral useless desert. The clear assertive and DETERMINED element in the BACKROOM transaction gets a controlling hold on the naive fodder. The naive fodder then itself does anything. A slippery slope down to the cesspit of the controlling elements, where deceit is the norm.

      Those are just my musings. Trying to make sense of surprising actions and inaction. Inexplicable behaviour that allows the status quo to prevail. Other may have other explanations re actions and inaction
      on the “Left”.

      1. Now that journalists are being beaten by jackboots in the street or having their homes invaded, equipment confiscated, memory cards destroyed democracy is a term I can no longer relate to being a British subject anymore, never mind the wholesale murder of citizens through Austerity and the Pandemic; totaling some 200 000 plus. During 2019, DWP staff were paid out bonuses totaling £43million…rewarded for having the disabled taken off of benefits, of claimants committing suicide, being left to starve, made homeless. Democracy withered away in silence and has now died to be replaced by a Chumocracy.

  4. He’s always on about “Nanny this and Nanny that” – posturing like some kind of supertoff.
    As far as I’m aware his family were never more than upper middle class yet he prances about like a posh Kenneth Williams convinced he’s related to royalty.
    I think it stems from being overawed by the real scions of wealth at Eton – same source as Johnson’s fucked up psyche.

    1. I believe that the elites look down on the royals as arrivistes and Rees Mogg as trade. At least they treat us as pets.

  5. Why does rich scumbag tory like this fool feels like they can lecture us plebs on how everything is our fault regarding poverty not right people exploiting the system, Not rich Tory scum making policies that only make the poor pay NEVER the rich like him?

    So I will take a lecture from Lord snooty once he pays his tax and admits it’s luck if you’re born to a rich or poor parent. Bugger all to do with his warped view of the world.

    1. What does it say for a society that vote for a caricature of Tory life and follow up by worshiping a German fascist import by the alias of Windsor..Maybe we should ask the two knights of the Opposition Labour and libdem.A very British slapstick comedy with the laughs on the working-class.

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