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Chief Medical Officer says there are advantages to letting people die sooner from COVID (video)

Die now, it’s more convenient?

Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty has told a Downing Street press briefing that there are advantages to people dying of coronavirus sooner rather than later. If only it was astonishing:

Leading public health expert Dr Gabriel Scally said of Whitty’s comment that his own job is all about making sure death is delayed as long as possible – and pointed out that the longer widespread infection is held off, the more people will be vaccinated and the fewer will die of the virus at all:

Regardless, Sajid Javid – the banker now running the health department – is determined to lift restrictions even though he knows it will quickly lead to 100,000 infections per day or more, causing yet more needless deaths on top of the 150,000 and more that have been inflicted by the Tories during this pandemic as well as creating the perfect environment for vaccine-resistant new strains and putting our children in the front line of the disaster.

Murder by design – and the victims are meant to die as early as possible because it’s more convenient, apparently.

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    1. Vile. What Witty is saying is casting doubt on vaccine effectiveness: He implicitly thinks it’s better to end almost all restrictions now, in Summer, with many still unvaccinated, than to wait until most if not all are vaccinated. Then why vaccinate?

      1. Re Brian “What Witty is saying is casting doubt on vaccine effectiveness”

        The vaccinated are not less likely to die of/or with covid19 as the unvaccnated.

        UK fatality figures identifying this at ONS are being disguised and hidden (altough as of 23-Jun-2021 1403 people have been reported to have died in UK within 25 day of receiving a vaccine – but not necessarily of either the vaccine or of covid, source, Yellow Card Reports) Indeed, in three US States the death rate iof the vaccinated is higher than that of the unvaccinated.

        I do not think Whittey is intentionally casting doubt on the efficacy of vaccines – but neither is he being open and honest about the adverse reactions that vaccine use is producing. Why, Brian, are you proclaiming that vaccines save lives, they have not yet completed the mandatory testing that would/could/might affirm this.

  1. You’re correct about the cull. From elsewhere on the web:

    …my daughter, who was home from university, was complaining of bad period cramps. In the middle of the night she started vomiting and I suspected appendicitis. At five in the morning, the hospital that we rushed to tried to turn us away not believing it to be anything serious. We stood our ground and a surgical consult was called in. He instantly diagnosed acute appendicitis and admitted her. Make of that shit what you will! What is scary, not unreasonably, my daughter said that had she been at Uni, she would have taken the ‘expert’s’ word for it and gone home. Anyway,at the eleventh hour, just as she was going down to surgery, she tested positive for Coronavirus and the operation was cancelled. (Ten days before she had had the mildest of mild sore throat and a slight headache.) They needed, they said, a Covid secure ward and a Covid secure theatre. The operation was postponed until that evening. At the eleventh hour again, the operation was cancelled as preference had to be given to a pregnant woman who had come in and who had also tested positive. As a consequence, she didn’t get the operation for a full twenty four hours after we had walked into the hospital. By then her appendix had deteriorated so much, it fell apart on removal, flooding her with infection. Much pain, five days of intravenous antibiotics and a week of oral ones later, she was fine, but, but…You know, Covid was never, ever going to kill her, but policy towards it could have, as, I suspect, it has many others. To say we were angry would be an understatement. Oh, and whilst it is perfectly fine to fuck your assistant, we of course, weren’t allowed to be with her. Thank God for WhatsApp!…

    Something stinks, and it’s not rotten appendix

    1. Covid was never, ever going to kill her,

      Oh really? Perhaps, perhaps not. The REAL problem is she was misdiagnosed on the first place

      No thoughts for the safety of the surgical/hospital staff who were at risk of contracting it from her, during her operation and subsequent treatment.

      No. That’s why she had to go to a covid secure ward…because it never, ever killed anyone else..

  2. Hippocratic Oath? Collateral Damage. Financial expediency.Greater good.Not quite involuntary euthanasia.Informed consent?
    Take it on the chin.

  3. Im a little confused, they always said ‘get your flu vaccine because thousands die every winter from flu’. Last winter no one died from flu🤔🤔

  4. I’m shocked at Chris Whittey’s words too, but suggest that they have a ‘marketing’ purpose and were not meant literally. Remember, SAGE is manned by academics, doctors and scientists who, reportedly, have investments in excess of £30,000,000 directly in the very pharmaceutical corporations that are selling us vaccines, and in track and trace contractors, etc., etc.

    Scientific advisoriness is not something I’d turn to a single one of them for.

    The marketing message? “Not being vaccinated is a death sentence” – pure and simple..

    They take us for gullible fools – and, sadly, too many of us actually are. The BBC and Dept for Transport Message Boards are telling us that “85% Adult are vaccinated”, but that’s impossible and unlikely. If nearer 45% are vaccinated (which I think entirely possible) then Whittey, Simon Stevens, and the rest of the SAGE experts are shitting their pants in panic. We’re the one’s who are supposed to be up to our belts in excretia – scared shitless and returning daily for top-up vaccines queing round the block 24/7 for our completely untested (and on the basis of covid19infection/fatality rates – IFR – unnecessary) emergency vaccines..

    But we’re not. Covid19 currently has a 99.92% survival rate, a fatality rate of 0.08% and is asymptomatic in between 80 to 87% of all PCR-created ‘cases’.

      1. “Long Flu” as a clinical concept has never featuered in diagnostic medicine or in any biochemical research. Long Covid, on the other hand, does – which is pretty amazing considering that covid 19 has only existed since November (or Dec 1st) 2019. The origin of long-covid as a concept is a single National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded research programme.

        It created the concept and provided a symptomology.

        Whether the 20 months lifespan of covid19 yet affords us any or sufficient knowledge about the possibility of long-covid is contentious to say the least. Moreover, it certainly wasn’t possible when, five months into covid19’s existence the NIHR study originated the entire phenomenon.

        To date, there is no clinical classification on NHS systems for long-covid. This will certainly be remedied by the zealous covidians on SAGE

        Not sure yet, but that funny odour that accompanies so much of the Covid Narrative is probably a dead decaying rat. Yes. I smell a rat.

      2. I have heard of yuppie flu aka ME or chronic fatigue syndrome.

      3. @NVLA – “I have heard of yuppie flu aka ME or chronic fatigue syndrome..”

        Good point – if you’re interested in the larger dynamics nvla- ME, Chronic Fatigue and many health conditions resulting from mineral imbalances (e.g. Wilsons Disease with coper) and several dis-ease conditions like adrenal fatigue, are not recognised by allopathic medicine’s key stakeholder, big pharm, which, directly funds medicine schools, universities, extensive biochemical research, etc.. through curriculum control, research funding and distribtion

        So, if the allopathic doctor, say a NHS GP has a properly commodified parmaceutical ‘product’ to treat a particula rhealth condition, said health condition is characterised as a “disease” and is a proper illness. If it doesn’t, it isn’t and you’re not properly ill, so go and buy some smarties or vitamins, or minerals, or amino-acids or anti-oxidans.

        It’s not just ‘history’ that gets written by winners. Medicine incurs the same relation.

        Sorry to have hijacked your excellent point, but I thout you might be interested… as you were!

  5. I have always held a place in my heart for bankers and lawyers.The destruction of the cotton industry across Lancashire whilst I was a child meant the banks and their lawyers threatening my parents all hours of the morning and evening whilst my parents struggled to keep our shops and cafe alive.The mills closed down and those that were on what we called “tick” mill workers paid weekly basis after getting paid or somtimes two weekly were unable to pay us and survive unemployment.Unfortunately my parents struggled to pay after having a three thousand pound refit by Lancashire shopfitters the previous year and urged by the bank to invest in our “little gold mine” .I always thought that the banks were short term thinkers and long term pannickers.We survived the attack by the banks who bled my parents dry and allowed all ten of our family to go south for a secure job and housing on Dorking and horley rural district council.I think that the last persons you want in a position of trust is a banker or lawyer as in my eyes they are all gutless parasites..All the misery these establishment figures cause needs to be acounted for just like early in the virus bunging sick and vulnerable elderly people together like sardines in a can in the care homes.Torys dont want to learn and more helpless people with any type of flu will be condemed and no one ever pays for the destruction of families and family life in the UK.

    1. And that was in the good old days when banking was a conservative business, and restrained by rules about speculative actions away from their core business. The shysters and gombeens in banking now make those days seem like a golden age!.

  6. IT looks like we are premature in worrying about the virus.Telly tubbies are now entering the fight for vaccination,with La La taking over from the clown .to re,assure us that its good to die…RT with the exclusive on the conservatives way of government.

    1. Dont know about you John but its raining cats and dogs here in Koh tonsay island.I can see Phu quock island Vietnam from here and even see with my binoculars that the ferrys bringing in tourists has disappeared along with the tourists and its the same here The tropical island here used to hold khmer rouge prisoners much like phu quock which housed US captured prisoners in Dog cages on stilts.What nobody mentions is that the same cages housed veit cong prisoners captured previously by the french and then the US who stepped in to bolster the fight against Communist government across Vietnam.Still nice swimming here despite the monsoon season and we still see more sunshine than the UK..We have intermittent electric in our bungalows but bring our own mobile internet.which I connect to a power bank..Flushing toilets,(with a bucket)shower intermittently working and a bucket for handwashing….Paradise and a Gecko for company and the occasional theiving monkey…..we call it Boris but its a lot less hostile than him especially has we feed him.Solidarity comrades and remember its always darkest before the dawn..!

  7. Nothing is new…Here on Plague Island, SS Totenkopfverbande has been replaced with SAGE and Aktion T4 replaced with Aktion C301 where Heinrich Himmler’s replacement Herr Whitty is to be found in Room 301, Clinical Research Dept at LSHTM. Seig heil!

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