Starmer finally comments on George Floyd’s death – five days after his murder

Labour leader speaks out – but only after days of riots

Labour leader Keir Starmer has commented on the death of George Floyd, the African-American man murdered by police – calling for Floyd’s death to be a ‘catalyst for change’. Finally.

But Starmer’s comment comes fully five days after Floyd’s murder – and after days of rioting. A search of his Twitter feed reveals that today’s tweet is the first and only mention of Mr Floyd on Starmer’s account:

His comment didn’t cut much ice with many BAME activists, especially given Starmer’s track record over right-wing abuse of black Labour MPs and members and his opaque handling of the leaked internal report into the conduct of right-wing HQ staff:

Compare former US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders’s words in the latest of several posts on Floyd’s death:

Starmer was slow to challenge Boris Johnson’s coronavirus disasters and delays for weeks while they killed thousands, failed to call for the sacking of Dominic Cummings until it was clear that Johnson had no intention of doing so – and had clearly ordered his front bench to avoid doing so, judging by the rote responses of those asked about it on TV and radio.

It seems weak and too late is the new style of opposition.

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    1. Perhaps you could quote some of these more ‘colourful’ comments that you comparing Keir’s tweet to.

    2. If Starmer were a colour he’d be colourless 30 shades of whatever hue the third-way Trilateral billionaires want him to be.

    3. If Labour is the light and Tories are the dark, I’d say he’s an insipid middling grey with a yellow streak.
      Magnolia does have yellow in it and I expect that’s what fooled you 🙂

  1. Starmer is a weather vein. He’s another like Johnson, who will wait to see which way the crow is going then run to the front and shout Follow me.

    1. Medusa – I recall that Jeremy was also reluctant to pass judgement before he had given situations careful consideration. Their were many RW critics of JC for doing this but many of his supporters, like myself, saw this as a welcome sign of political maturity which was in direct contrast to the knee jerk jingoistic nonsense that JC’s opponents wanted to pursue.

      1. Steve H…Claiming that it requires intellect and composure to work out what the end result of pushing a knee into the throat of a man held to the floor would be asphyxiated and die an horrible death..We realise you are consistent in your right wing propaganda,but dont insult the intelligence of anyone who has eyes to see Minnesota “nice in action.from the police.Payday soon Steve?

  2. And thats why the Labour party is hobbled by the comments from the enemy within.

    1. Joseph – The enemy within self evidently being those who seek to undermine Labour’s GE prospects by selfishly sabotaging Labour’s local election and by-election prospects to serve their own minority factional interests.

  3. Perhaps it would have made all the difference if he had followed Jeremy’s example and retweeted Claudia Webb’s tweet 2 days ago.

    I wonder if George Floyd’s family will appreciate the murder of their loved one being hijacked for the purposes of petty political factionalism. Does anyone really think they will welcome their tragic loss and grief being used in this way.

    This whole article has gone way past verging on the ridiculous.

  4. There is nothing artificial about the rage that people feel about this racial behaviour of the police who appear to be instutionLy racist,

    1. Derek – “There is nothing artificial about the rage that people feel about this racial behaviour of the police”

      I wholeheartedly agree, as will most other people. This is why it is right for RH to make his point about the hypocrisy.

      Don’t you also think it is reprehensible to use George’s tragic murder for pathetic political faction point scoring.

      1. Sabine – There is no evidence of racism in this case. Perhaps you should read the statement made by her grieving husband regarding this and also read the full statement from BTP that after examining the CCTV and reinterviewing key witnesses there wasn’t any evidence to support a prosecution.

        I have already posted links to both below.

      2. Steve H, I meant the US police plus the utterances of the tangoed one.

  5. Starmer is a bought and paid for lackey of the establishment. Witness his refusal to prosecute the police who killed an innocent man, his refusal to prosecute the security services for their misdemeanors, his refusal to take action against the paedophile Jimmy Savile friend of Thatcher plus members of the establishment, pursuit of persecuting a political prisoner all whilst he was head of the DPP. Besides of course being a servant to oligarchs in the USA.

  6. As the format chief of the crown prosecution, I wonder if he has an opinion on the Met decision not to refer the attack on Belly Mujinga to prosecution? Why to look far away to the US of A?

      1. If the comments were made without the actions of spitting/or coughing but a threat then: Malicious Communications is where someone sends a letter or any other form of communication that is indecent or grossly offensive, threatening, or contains information which is false or believed to be false. The purpose for sending it is to cause distress or anxiety to the person.

        Other questions not answered Did the incident happen? If it did then did the gentleman have Covid 19? if so this is clearly classes as a battery under Common Assault under the criminal Justice Act 1988.

        What was the evidence?

        The report is inconclusive….

      2. SM – My apologies, I replied to you comment earlier on my tablet which for reasons best known to itself has decided to ignore where the comments should be placed. I have repeated my reply below.

        I don’t know, the only concrete information I have to go on is that published in the two links I have posted above.

        As I’ve said elsewhere my central point is that it is reprehensible for anyone to try and hijack the tragedy of either of these premature deaths for the purpose petty political point scoring.

    Rosie Duffield has resigned from her post as a Labour whip after being caught breaking lockdown restrictions by travelling to meet up with her adulterous lover.

    Apparently her lover has now left his wife and he and Rosie are now happily shacked up together.

  8. Looks like bad eyesight is spreading from the knights Labour party to what Steve H describes as Rosie Duffield”Adulterous lover “who has shacked up together.Rush to judgment Steve H?Moralising?Typical moderate.

      1. Too right.
        Male? Suspected of something/ anything? Arrogant uniformed men with knee (US)/ gun (IDF), knowing they are acting for the system and therefore can act with impunity because the victim is not an equal not least in humanity, kills him. Yesterday:


        PM Netanyahu, ignored the killing like the BBC has on its ME page. There seems to be a hierarchy of rights and respect in the Establishment and the Palestinian is not even equal to a black person ( including in the Labour Party – else why did it take 5 days for Starmer to decide which way to jump – was it touch so and go?). Yet still not a response to requests that he oppose Israel annexation plans snd apartheid, speak with JVL and stand up for the end to racism in Israel).
        It’s no wonder my friend says Starmer is in charge of LikudLabour-UK.

  9. “Starmer finally comments on George Floyd’s death – five days after his murder”

    Probably his “moral compass”. Trilateral sponsorship seems to affect it that way. Something to do with autonomy and independence.

  10. He had to run his response past his pay masters representatives first and get their approval.

  11. Reality check time for new readers, here ! The full-time paid Troll, posting (constantly) as ‘Steve H’, was never EVER a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn or any of his socialist policies – not ever, not once in all the years of his Leadership. . Paid Trolls like Steve H, and RH, and Jack T, depend upon readers of blogs like this having the memory recall of goldfish – so they can constantly reinvent their projected bogus personnas. Steve H is in fact just a cynical right wing total supporter of the Trilateral Commission’s Kier Starmer, and all his totally tory-lite Blairite policies . Don’t be fooled by anything serial liars like Steve H says on this blog, His entire, paid, purpose is to confuse and divert genuine Left Wing participants posting and/or reading here, and to swamp genuine Left comment with his nonsense.

    Steve’s latest outrageous lying recent claims to be ‘a socialist’ and a ‘former Corbyn supporter’ is very amusing for those of us paying attention over the last four years. That , across the global internet blog space, the billionaire class are willing to fund tens of thousands of paid trolls like Steve H, should reinforce the understanding of socialists that the capitalist class will spend whatever is necessary to dominate the ideological ‘mindspace’ that supports their rule – just as much as their gun-toting cops and their armies and secret police. .

    1. ‘Liked’, but object to use of the word “paid” – there’ll be no way to prove who’s been paid until we’ve taken parliament and the inquiry into subversion of democracy has investigated all their bank accounts.
      Paid trolls, whoever paid them, should be sentenced as severely as any lying MSM ‘journalist’.
      I don’t see any harm in telling them now about the inquiry – I believe I may even have mentioned it before in respect of the MSM.

    2. What has poor Jack T one to incur your wrath? He was a bit over the top with his pro EU comments,which he is entitled to be if he wants,but that does not put him in the same company as “Stupid Boy” and the ego.

  12. SteveH, until we have a government that acts DIRECTLY for the poor instead of delegating our survival to the rich, EVERYTHING is political.
    Starmer and every other so-called “centrist” support the same “trickle-down theory” that the rich claim is the best way to raise the poor out of poverty.
    Growing and accelerating wealth inequality conclusively disproves that self-serving, faked-up “theory.”
    They do this while raping the planet for its natural reources and turning them into waste that’s choking the oceans and poisoning the earth, all to fund another superyacht or another private island.
    They pissed away our futures in ’08 on a bet and they’re gambling the survival of life itself on science finding a way to fix their fuck ups.
    The profit motive is a disease that kills, and the rich are plague rats.

  13. Joseph – Are you sure it isn’t you that is passing moral judgement by intimating that I should have hidden away these facts.

  14. jpenney – That’s a bit rich coming from someone who on this and other forums has openly expressed contempt for Jeremy and his policies. As well as also passing disparaging remarks about fellow party members.
    Could you provide some direct quotes to support your assertions because I don’t recall ever claiming to be a ‘socialist’.

      1. Ok dickhead, I’ll play…

        Lets see undeniable proof that I have confessed to being a tory and/or have actually voted tory.

        Nothing else that may infer it. Not anything that said I’d rather vote tory that starmer – because there’s no difference…That’s acknowledged by just about everyone…except you – who can’t even tell the difference between MY arse and YOUR elbow; even when explained to you.

        I want proof that I said ,”I am tory.”

        Off you pop moron. Don’t come back until you find what we’re all after. See ya.

      2. Toffee – Seeking to minimise what you very clearly stated below doesn’t enhance your now non existent credibility.

        The Toffee (597)
        23/05/2020 at 4:31 pm

        Where’s the defender of the indefensible?

        We’ve had a most idiotic comment already courtesy of peter berry, but I’m waiting for the usual candidate to trump it.

        There IS, however, a simple solution to prevent starmer from getting his own fiefdom, and that is to withdraw finances from the party by leaving altogether. Let the 70% fight their battles and cover their own arses and form their own cliques without YOUR fianancial ammunition. Don’t pay them for the privilege of ostracizing you.

        And yes, I’d rather vote toerag than that shower of shit. At least I’d have an idea of where I stood under the toerag

        For those who wish to be able to put your comment in context they can see your original comment here

        ps: I haven’t claimed you have voted Tory, I’ve just reported your own declared intention to vote Tory and your desire to undermine the election prospects of Labour.

        If declaring that you’d rather vote Tory than Labour doesn’t qualify you as a ‘Tory Boy’, then what does.

    1. Could you provide some direct quotes to support your assertions because I don’t recall ever claiming to be a ‘socialist’.

      What’s the point? When you’re called out and the evidence is provided of your lying and duplicity, you pathetically attempt to weasel your way out of it and hope everyone else wasn’t paying attention.

      Well people have been paying attention, and it’s no coincidence that now the groans of reading your continuous bliarite bullshit are getting louder and more and more people are calling you on it you bad joke.

      And still you maintain you only voted starmer ‘because he was best of a bad bunch.’ Do you honestly think nobody was paying attention to your barely concealed starmerist fantasies and ambitions when Corbyn was being plotted against by your type? It’s no wonder whatsoever that you’re roundly dismissed as a fraud.

      You’re lower than a rat’s balls. You’re more than welcome to your beloved knight that you’ve modelled yourself on. He’s as easy to see through as you are. The country deserved better than what you and your 70% lumbered us with. You have dragged this nation back 40 years, politically. Back to a time where ‘hope’ was just a four-letter word.

      May you (and starmer) burn in hell for an eternity for that.

      1. Toffee – Why you think that I, or anyone else, should take any notice of the inaccurate and distorted ramblings of a self confessed Tory Boy like yourself is perplexing.

  15. Sabine – Sorry, now that I’ve looked at it again it is, as you have pointed out, obvious what you were referring to. I’d just finished reading someone claiming that the lack of a prosecution regarding the death of Belly Mujinga was racist and I mistakenly conflated their comments with yours. Please accept my apologies.

    1. Accepted. Sometimes the replies end up elsewhere and then do not seem related. Would be great if the oh do clever website people could sort it so that answers to comments appear next to the comment they relate to. Enjoy the rest of the day. The weather is beautiful.

  16. What do you expect Starmer is a TORY TW@T! His advisors will that far Right and probably entangled in Breitbart that they would never even have heard the name George Floyd!
    NeoLiberal is TORY, we know that much, what is still frightening is just how Far Right Blair/Brown dragged Centre Left I am just going to sit back and watch Britain Burn! What a Spectacle! I can not get March of the Gladiators out of my head!
    Is anyone else loving the ‘told you sos’ SO MUCH MORE that the Suffering the stnuc brought on us!?
    Anyone fooled by Starmer’s gentle and peace loving demeanour look at the man’s actions! Red the book not the cover! Do NOT Judge OR Trust a book by it’s cover! Hitler loved Children and Animals!

  17. SM – I don’t know, the only concrete information I have to go on is that published in the two links I have posted above.

    As I’ve said elsewhere my central point is that it is reprehensible for anyone to try and hijack the tragedy of either of these premature deaths for the purpose petty political point scoring.

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