Mogg: “deny abortion to rape victims”. Phillips: “let’s do Cheltenham!”

Recently, ‘moderate’ Labour MP Jess Phillips wrote an article responding to Laura Pidcock’s comment to the SKWAWKBOX that she had no interest in being friends with Tory MPs who are damaging communities and hurting people.

Ms Phillips told the Guardian that Ms Pidcock was wrong – because her grandma was a Thatcherite and Labour voters aren’t perfect. She was also seen recently in a Channel 4 TV programme getting along very well with Tory leadership prospect Jacob Rees-Mogg:

jp jrm.png

Jess Phillips is not new to Rees-Mogg fandom. In December 2015 she told the Conservative-supporting Spectator magazine:

I was raised to hate Tories; in our house Tory was a swear word. But since I got into the Commons I’ve met so many nice ones, who care about their communities, who care about women’s rights. Some of their feminists are very “strident”! she laughs. ‘Jacob Rees-Mogg, for instance, is great – very funny and kind. The first time he opened a car door for me, I just stood there, shocked. He  said: “Doesn’t your husband do that?” I said: “It would be a ruddy long school run if he did!”

That she considered Rees-Mogg an example of a Tory ‘strident feminist” because he opened a car door for her is probably not insignificant. In any event, Ms Phillips’ cosy relationship with Rees-Mogg is well and severally attested, including in tweets by Jess Phillips dating even further back than her December 2015 comment above and another Guardian article last year.

Apparently unsatisfied with tweets, articles and Channel 4 appearances, the pair decided to appear together at the Cheltenham Festival next month:


‘Odd’ indeed. Especially when you consider the man’s voting record and previous association with a racist event:

jrm voterec


But if many Labour supporters find Ms Phillips’ enthusiasm for Rees-Mogg’s distasteful, that distaste will have deepened into shock after his comments to ITV’s Good Morning Britain. Rees-Mogg told viewers that he is opposed not only to gay marriage in all circumstance – but also to abortion even in cases of incest-rape:

The fact that the Tory MP is more than willing to force even victims of rape by a family member to go through with a pregnancy says rather more about his ‘feminism’ than opening a car door.

Surely Jess Phillips will not go through with the Cheltenham appearance? We simply do not know, as she has not so far responded to the SKWAWKBOX’s repeated requests for comment.

Laura Pidcock’s determination not to befriend MPs of the party that has blighted the UK for twenty-five or so of the last forty years always looked morally right to those attuned to the suffering the Tories have caused – but in the light of Rees-Mogg’s ‘wolf in toff’s clothing’ act it looks ever more like a moral necessity.

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  1. What strange company Phillips keeps , on the one hand she is a outspoken advocate of woman’s rights and party to the Women and Equalities Committee etc but is happy to be big mates with a Tory who seeks to destroy a fundamental right over their own bodies JRM who advocates no abortion even after rape ? ODD very ODD indeed.
    Still I suppose it confirms that her judgement is questionable at best and more often than not lacks any pertinent in depth analysis nuance or fore thought.Just a brainless big ( mostly foul ) mouth that opens and closes and rubbish pours out .
    Her lack of suitability to be a Labour MP must now be beyond any doubt , time for her CLP to take appropriate action IMHO.
    Christ when I think of Barbara Castle and the likes this petulant child is not even fit to clean her shoes .


  3. Nowadays Jess has to get her comfort from where available. But I must say a Brummie I’m disgusted her and have been for some time. She’s a self-serving, self-supporting hypocrite. She does not represent Birmingham, the Labour party or I suspect women.

  4. I simply don’t understand how Jess Phillips could possibly share a platform of any kind with Jacob Rees-Mogg, a man who thinks women should be treated like cattle.

    Jess Phillips should publicly condemn the disgusting and anti-women views held by Mr Rees-Mogg and refuse to attend the event in Cheltenham.

    She has made a plethora of public comments recently about the treatment of women in the Labour Party. Her decision whether to appear alongside this offensive individual at Cheltenham will be a true test of whether those comments were made simply to score cheap political points or are in fact deeply held convictions.

    We shall find out soon enough.

  5. There are reputed to be 100 billion solar systems within our galaxy the Milky Way alone.

    What chance of there being another Jacob Rees Mogg or Jess Phillips in ANY of them?

  6. No doubt should there be another election in the near future, and Rees-Mogg is Tory leader Jess Phiilips will be telling people to vote Mogg not Corbyn.. Another worm in the labour barrel of apples .

  7. One of each is FAR too many, so perish the thought.

    Now, if it was an ordinary joe holding a car door open (Or any door, come to think of it) for the mouthpiece, she’d probably start harping on about the fella being a ‘penis-wielding oppressor of wimmin’ and how ‘sickening’ it is not to be allowed to do it for herself, in solidarity wity ‘oppressed wimmin, globally’.

    But no, it was some ultra-privileged tory – exactly what the mouthpiece aspires to be, so that makes it worthy of sycophantic compliment.

    Remain wilfully ignorant that his inherited wealth has come at the exploitation of the poorest, or that his avarice knows no limit, or that he’s never changed a shitty nappy in his life…and he’s on his sixthus spawn.

    Or that he’d strip you of the right to exist – unless it was to be eternally beholden to his service.

    No… He’s well spoken, and he holds car doors open for ‘wimmin’. So don’t you dare express your enmity of him – political or otherwise.

  8. I really do not know why some people campaigned for her at the last general election.

  9. I know that feminists screeching at men for holding doors open for them is a bit of a stereotypical cliche, but self-proclaimed feminists getting all splooshy at an anti-gay anti-abortion anti-poor anti-state far-right creep because he opened a door for her isn’t much better.

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