Javid accused by disease genetics expert of creating perfect conditions for immunity-bypassing variant

Banker running Dept of Health is effectively experimenting on population to create supervariant, says genetics professor

Professor Steve Paterson is an expert in genetics and infectious diseases at the University of Liverpool – and he has described new Health Secretary Sajid Javid’s plans to ‘let the virus rip’ through the population of England as the perfect way to create a COVID-19 supervariant capable of evading any immunity.

In fact, he says that if he was trying to design an experiment for that purpose, it’s exactly what he would do:

Javid’s determination to lift restrictions even though he knows it will quickly result in 100,000 or more infections a day – and a surging death toll – is worse than madness. It is cold-blooded murder.

Murder by design – and with the nation’s children in the front of the firing line.

Yet despite this, London’s ‘Labour’ mayor Sadiq Khan was happy to be snapped smiling with Javid at Wednesday’s football match, dripping with Establishment privilege and fraternity:

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  1. That is also less than a metre apart with no masks. Is that allowed yet? Looks like a superspreader event, too, as does Wimbledon.

    1. yes looks as if the delta bojo variant is going to have a ball over the next week.

  2. The only time I would be smiling in the presence of a tory cunt is when that tory cunt is in a coffin!

    1. Why do you feel the need to use an obscenity that is so insulting to women and those who identify as such?

      1. The joke of it is that ‘Richard’ – who is undoubtedly a rebellious soul, or r-soul for short – would have us believe he’s a Jeremy Corbyn supporter. Yeah, sure, you sound like it!

        Wouldn’t be trying to help SB get a bad name by any chance would you?!! Or are you one of these infantile moron types who thinks it’s BIG to eff n’ blind every time they say something! Grow up ffs!

      2. @Allan

        …are you one of these infantile moron types who thinks it’s BIG to eff n’ blind every time they say something!..

        …Grow up ffs!…

        Delicious irony is delicious!

        Swearing makes you unable to support Corbyn?!🤔🤦🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

      3. I’m sure that Jeremy has a sense of humour NVLA, unlike yourself it would appear!

        PS So who do you vote for now – since you stopped voting for the LP when Jeremy was leader – just out of interest?

      4. And I meant to say earlier – regarding Richard’s 12.53am post – that who on Earth gives such language a Like (which there are four of so far)?! Oh, I know, right-wingers, who want to give skwawkbox and the people who post comments a bad name! The left, that is!!!

      5. @allan

        I don’t bother anymore. Recent events have shown me that partisan politics is a charade. Any time anyone looks like threatening the status quo (Foot or Corbyn for example) is rapidly set upon en masse.

        Left and right are yet another construct to keep us at each others throats instead of looking at what is going on behind the curtain.

        The joke was extremely weak.

        Am.going to guess that Richard is from Ireland. You know it was the Irish that made the name Tory? Toiraidh. Means men on the run I believe. Also means brigands. I think that any Irish person is entitled to have a strong unfavourable opinion of the bastards.

        P.S. Swearing is far better than words such as innit and mush.

    2. As a very good lady friend of mine used to say, those bits of anatomy are useful. Certainly can’t say the same about Tories. Quite the opposite.

    3. Have to say Richard, that I also object.

      But that’s because they lack both the depth and desirability

  3. I find my animosity to Johnson is increasing exponentially. But then I’m a 73 year old make with underlying health issues including COPD. It’s strange being on a Hit List and wondering how to get out of it. Any suggestions gratefully received.

    1. @Paul

      As much sunlight as possible (vitamin D). If you feel unwell or out of the ordinary, take large amounts of vitamin C and some zinc to boost your immune system.

      Vitamin D has been shown to reduce the chance of admission to hospital to 2%.

      Stay safe

      1. Thanks! It’s clear the vaccines have less and less effect the older you are (over 60) and many in that age group WILL die. There’s not much fuss about it; old people are economically unproductive and enormously expensive to keep healthy. It’s back to early March 2020, denial of herd immunity and lack of interest in terrible death rate in old people’s homes. The Govt must have already saved billions in pensions given up and NHS costs lessened. Last year Macron got the UK to lock down but this time they won’t give way they say – unless maybe old people make trouble? We’ll probably see the Tory thugs like those attacking Whitty ripping people’s masks off, the Culture Wars will get worse. Old people are best advised to self isolate and avoid public settings. It’s creepy reading stuff from virus deniers and those against vaccines – few are over 60 and think they’ll be spared. If only we had a chance to VOTE on the subject but that pleasure won’t happen until 2023. Two more years of Personal Rule by the nastiest politician ever to become PM. I always figured Johnson was a Pol Pot figure. If a powerful figure says he’s going to kill you what do you do?

      2. I have to thanks to one of my health conditions the standard treatment is to take a large dose of Vit D daily over double RDA and zink. If what I keep on seeing being preached works that effectively. You have to ask why this condition is listed as one of the best ways of suffering serious complications with Covid-19 infections?

        The only way to stay safe currently is using a mask as far as I can find any reputable medical authority and tested.

        Yes Vit D may help some but to relied on just this is a dangerous one and yes I have seen the claims online. I only trust properly conducted double blind medical proven experiment results not anecdotal evidence.

        But it’s your neck on the line as they say stay safe Paul.

      3. Ambush the bastard and take him with you.

        Slightly more serious, trust your instincts. If you brain says get out of Dodge as fast as you can, do so.

        Do you have relatives local to you?

        My mother is 76. She has avoided the jabs, is working part time (self employed) and is going out/stopping over with us regularly. Spends most of her free time gardening. So far, so good.

        Stay safe

  4. Julian Assange

    The High Court of Justice in the United Kingdom agreed to hear the United States government’s appeal in the extradition case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange but on limited grounds.
    According to Stella Moris, who is Assange’s partner, the High Court rejected the efforts of the U.S. government to “second guess the magistrates’ conclusions on medical and expert evidence.” It allowed the U.S. to challenge the court’s findings on prison conditions.

    The full report contains a lot more explanatory detail

  5. – no results found for ‘supervariant’ or ‘super-variant’. It seems to be a recent neologism coined by some hack with precious little else to offer.

    Sounds scary though.

    1. With three (Or is it four?) Mutant strains already out there in the space of 20 months, you are – to all intents & purposes – telling people not to worry because the dictionary doesn’t include the word/concept, so it’s a fabrication?

      Oh, ok chief… I guess that’s why ‘flu has been around so long then, eh?

  6. Three mutations in COVID-19 Epsilon variants lead to immune evasion; dampens action of antibodies.

    The other issue not mentioned in the diatribe by government and MSM is that we still do not know how long acquired and passive immunity lasts -it is believed to be around 8 months.The first vaccine was administered in December 2020. If my maths are correct then then immunity should start to diminish in August 2021.

  7. It’s very difficult to have a grown-up conversation about Corona virus, even here without someone like Wolfie screaming ‘covid denier’ and erupting in insults. However, from what I can ascertain, Corona viruses mutate, producing new strains all the time, sometimes several different ones geographically. Covid is fairly slow in mutating in comparison to flu. Some variants spread faster and there is preliminary evidence from Britain that some variants could be associated with more severe disease. However, it maybe be more advantageous for a respiratory virus to evolve so that it spreads more easily. On the other hand, mutations that make a virus more deadly may not give the virus an opportunity to spread efficiently. “If we get too sick or die quickly from a particular virus, the virus has less opportunity to infect others. However, more infections from a faster-spreading variant will lead to more deaths. That’s why scientists refrain from using words like ‘supervariant’ and the media and behavioural psychologists don’t.

    1. Thanks. I read it, but it rang so many alarm bells I had to stop. Gates has been funding the BBC, along with the WHO for quite some time, the latter of whom dictates global governmental health policies with little resistance from the ‘representational’ democracies at his behest. This reeks of media quackery and his corrosive influence. It even has a pop at anti-vaxxers or people who reasonably question authority as malign and standing in the way of progress. But cheers again.

    2. Numbers give us a better understanding of stuff
      There is no variation that even remotely threatens to beat the vaccine
      The efficacy drop is statistically insignificant
      Vaccines vary too to meet any variant of concern
      Can we agree on this one

  8. On an earlier discussion, I referred to a study of prophylactic effects of VitD and the possibility of prophylactic effects of Ivermectin. I am told that, though there is considerable data that could indicate that Ivermectin is a reasonably effective prophylactic, there is, as yet, no study written up and peer reviewed for publication. The VitD study and, if it gets written up, an Ivermectin study, would both be retrospective studies (retrospective studies are considered to be not as conclusive as well-designed control studies). The VitD study was conducted and written up by a group of clinicians in their spare time and it would need a similar commitment to produce a study of Ivermectin efficacy, so it isn’t surprising that it hasn’t yet been done. Not surprisingly, pharmaceutical companies and governments seem not to be prepared to fund such studies.
    Any updates and I’ll comment again.

    1. Plenty of superior, peer-reviewd control studies have been completed for cloth and paper facemasks. All done before anyone had heard of SARS-COV-2, and all finding to varying degrees that cloth and paper facemasks did not stop microscopic viruses from infecting the wearer or the wearer infecting others. ALL carefully ignored by those who seek to spread fear, then step in and divide, control and oppress.

      1. Always happy to see any new evidence. Please post a link to one of them.

      2. @goldbach

        I’d post one, but they always disappear into the ether if I post a link.

        Fauci did a study on masks during the Spanish flu some time ago. His conclusion was more died from the masks than the flu…

        Some simple search terms (not using Google) involving fauci mask study spanish flu should bring up plenty of results

      3. HIya Goldbach,

        I spent ages finding three quality control studies for you, posted the links but it’s disappeared, along with two other detailed posts I’ve made today addressing people’s points. One referred to the inability of any existing SARS-2 variant or any alleged SUPERVARIANT to escape immunity. I can’t remember off the top of my head what the details were now but there ya go.

        The hovering axe of censorship strikes and moves on.

        So it’s not a case of me not responding, but the “freedom to speak” style of Silicon Valley infecting the hearts and minds of much smaller outlets. Cheers!

  9. Yes the TORY Neo-Liberal Barbarians allowing a laissez faire individualism which will let Covid rip with the danger as said of a more lethal variant emerging. And one political bonehead here pictured with one of his lightweight Labour mates. Diverse working people deserve so much better. So it seems if they don’t get the poor by ending the £20 extra UC then this strategy should do it? The fanatical Neo-Liberal Tories some suggest are pure evil. And some suggest what the Tories did to care homes during Covid was criminal and they should be prosecuted! Meanwhile Right Wing Labour sleeps!

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