Watch: today’s emergency summit on govt’s insane and deadly virus relaxations

Deadly virus, deadly government

Scientists are holding an emergency summit this morning to call on the government to pause its reckless strategy that will endanger our young and our NHS. Speakers include Richard Horton, Dr Kailash Chand, Prof Trish Greenhalgh, Sir David King, epidemiologist Deepti Gurdasani and many more.

What they are saying is terrifying but unmissable. Watch and share:

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  1. I read that the BMA is against this.

    Now, tell me, who is more likely to be correct?

  2. It would be interesting to know what the government’s private polling, (assuming they have done any), on what their voting base thinks. All over 50s have been vaccinated as I understand it. Perhaps they feel there will be no political price to pay for their planned actions. On the other hand, it might just be another example of the government’s bone headed incompetence.

    1. John Thatcher’s point “All over 50s have been vaccinated as I understand it….”

      No John – THIS over 50 year old person will never take the current anti-covid jab and many others who are not ‘anti-vaxxers’ per se, share this opinion.

      The supposed vaccines’ are – unlike coronavirus itself- new and untested and could be exctptionaly dangerous (unlke SAS-CoV-2 for the vast majority of us/ 99+ survival rate and asmptomic with between 60 and 80% of us).

      I’m not here to comment on experimental mNRA drug therapies dressed-up as vaccines per se – just to point out that the covid narratives’ hard push of vaccination is conentious. A SIGNIFICANT body of people who are scientifically knowledgable are NOT getting vaccinated.

      1. and I suspect that HMQ Brenda (or any of the billionaires, Bill Gates included) has not had the experimental mRNA ‘vaccine’ despite claiming the opposite – it’s just too dangerous for them; they sholud just be taking the 2 water-based vitamins every day and extra-large 50mg (still small) amounts of supplemental zinc and, of course, at least 4,000IU Vit D3, daily. Do I really need to say this is a class issue?

      2. @qwertboi

        The footage of the Australian foreign secretary (or whatever her title is) faking her injection (needle still had plastic cover on it) was the final proof I needed of the widescale fraud. (See also American surgeons faking injection).

        Whilst everyday folks shit themselves due to fear, uncertainty and doubt, financial capitalism is on a leveraged buying spree (lots of bargains due to lockdown).

        Remember, within 9 years, you will have nothing and you will be happy…

        Stay safe all, and be mindful of the voices.

      3. OK, if you wish to be pedantic, all over fifties who wanted it have had the vaccine. The point I was making is that the majority of Tory voters are in that age group, and the vast majority of them have had the vaccine, and it is entirely possible that being the most selfish generation to have been inflicted on England, they may not give a damn now they feel safe. They aren’t safe, but that is another dicussion.

      4. “OK, if you wish to be pedantic, all over fifties who wanted it have had the vaccine….”

        Thanks John, appreciated.

        Sadly, being pedantic is necessary because of the establishment’s mis- and dis-information.

      5. There are victims whatever action is taken. I find it interesting to note that no one seems to have modelled the likely death rates caused by the economic fallout and the withholding of medical treatment. I think the results might be shocking and yet again the poorest would suffer the most

      6. I, like the majority in the UK I think, had the astrazennica vaccine which is an adenovirus-based vaccine.

      7. I’m surprised at you, Lundiel. If I have the jab at all, it’ll be the non-mRNA, protein-adjuvant Novavax, which will arrive later in the year. That buys extra time to observe the fallout from the barely-tested, rushed-out stuff they’re pushing on people with frankly indecent haste.

      8. True, I’m just surprised you didn’t wait to see what happened to the guinea pigs first before jumping in.

      9. Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) has been linked to Pfizer and Moderna mNRA drug therapies. Young men in particular are more likely to be affected after the 2nd dose. Symptoms: chest pain, shortness of breath (dyspnea) and having feelings of: fast beating, (tachycardia) fluttering or pounding heart (palpitations). Those who do should naturally seek medical advice. I am a former ITU nurse and worked with a copy of the BNF to hand. The mRNA’s are not included as they have not yet manifested all of their charms onto human physiology. I too have not succumbed to being a guinea pig.

      10. My thinking was, they’re never going to let us out of this unless we get vaccinated and now I have, they’re looking for excuses to carry on with the new order. I thought that as I’ve been having the flue jab for several years, I might as well have the astrazennica vaccine as it’s not too different from the flu jab. I had mild flu like symptoms after the second jab, but touch wood that’s all and I don’t see why I should have to wear a mask anywhere but on public transport when rich people flout breaking the rules at places like the G7 and royal Ascot.

      11. As Mr Rotten told the San Fransisco crowd at the end of the Sex Pistols’ final gig, “Ever get the feeling you been cheated, ha ha haaa!”

    2. It would indeed be interesting to know. I believe both; that they feel there will no political price to pay for their planned actions AND it is another example of the government’s bone headed incompetence.
      By the way, I’ve tried to ‘like’ your comment but for some reason unknown to me, I can’t.

  3. Extract from Greenwich House speech Feb 2020

    ‘And in that context, we are starting to hear some bizarre autarkic rhetoric, when barriers are going up, and when there is a risk that new diseases such as coronavirus will trigger a panic and a desire for market segregation that go beyond what is medically rational to the point of doing real and unnecessary economic damage, then at that moment humanity needs some government somewhere that is willing at least to make the case powerfully for freedom of exchange, some country ready to take off its Clark Kent spectacles and leap into the phone booth and emerge with its cloak flowing as the supercharged champion, of the right of the populations of the earth to buy and sell freely among each other.’

    Look up in the sky….. Is it an oven ready ‘Turkey’ ?….
    Is the King of the World in his castle ?
    ……no it’s Pandemic man on on a zipwire.

  4. IF we can use the virus to eliminate the conservative and unionist party then all the good 👍…but theres no way jose any chance of me taking the vaccine lottery just to fund the torys mates,themselves and big pharma with no indemnity from the manufacturer….I don’t want to encourage the parasites..

  5. We will each come to our own view about the information we receive about Covid/vaccines/etc. and we will each have decided whether to take up the offer of vaccination. Good luck to all those who have had a vaccine and to all those who have decided not to.
    Two small points, though – Covid is actually pretty new to medical science and there is still a great deal to be learned about it. And it is not correct to say that vaccines are untested. Hundreds of millions of people around the world have accepted vaccination and a lot is being/has been learned about efficacy and potential problems from such a huge sample.

    1. …Covid is actually pretty new to medical science…

      Earliest reports of a coronavirus was in 1920. That’s 101 years ago. Arthur Schalk and M.C. Hawn in 1931 made the first detailed report which described a new respiratory virus in North Dakota (Spanish flu should be named American flu, only war time censorship meant Spain was the only country to talk about it (my money is on Fort Detrick as the place of origin. Vaping disease that swept America in 2019 shows x-rays that are the same as covid 19).

      The poultry virus was isolated 2 years later.

      1. Yes, you’re right about coronaviruses. That’s why I was careful to say “Covid” rather than coronaviruses.

      2. I have read reports indicating that “Spanish Flu” came to Spain via US soldiers returning from fighting on the front after WW1 and being sent to Spain prior to returning to the US.

    2. Thanks for the information and comment goldbach.
      If I may, 2 points that possibly lay bare how the ‘Covid Narrative’ is not serving us well, but seems to onbfuscate and disinform for political or economic or social reasons, and doesn’t illumnate the health issues we are supposedly eager to understand.

      1 – SARS-CoV-2 is allegedly a ‘novel’ virus (and produces an illness called covid19) but, surprisingly, displays exactly the same structure as the two earlier isolated (MERSand SARS) coronaviruses, so the “novelness” is claimed and also contested (“Novel” viruses can result in a “pandemic” (new WHO definition, 2017), which is the key factor needed to justify restricted economic activity and on-going intermitent lockdowns etc.

      2 – Covid19 is very poorly documented and (so far) is resulting in very little open bio-chemical research across universities and hospitals. (Why’s that I wonder). Related, but v distinct, is the fact that SAGE/HMG/NHS/CDC, etc are going to extraordinary lengths to hide and disguise infection/fatality data about covid (again, Why?)

      I wish more people were wiling to ask the obvious questions instead of simply buying bad-science and lies

  6. Infections ‘Quadrupled’

    Latest PCR test preprint data from Imperial College London and Ipsos MORI’s REACT-1 study show infections in England have quadrupled since May/June.
    One 1 in 170 people were infected and there’s a recent doubling time of 6 days.
    “Our results indicate that England is now experiencing a substantial third wave of infections, reinforcing other data streams which have been showing a similar signal,” the authors wrote.
    Prevalence has increased from 0.06% to 0.24% in fully vaccinated 65s and over, but overall vaccinations are reducing prevalence, which was 0.35% in fully vaccinated under 65s compared with 1.15% among those who had received no vaccine.
    Imperial’s Professor Paul Elliott said: “In spite of the successful rollout of the vaccination programme, we are still seeing rapid growth in infections, especially among younger people.
    “However, it is encouraging to see lower infection prevalence in people who have had both doses of a vaccine.”
    Infection risk for men was around 30% higher than for women. That could be partly due to the Euros, said report co-author Prof Steven Riley: “It could be that watching football is resulting in men having more social activity than usual.”
    UK daily reported positive cases passed 30,000 yesterday for the first time since February.
    The global COVID-19 death toll has now passed four million, according to Johns Hopkins University tracking.

    1. Thanks v much steveh. The 2020 Study that the article quotes identies that SARS-CoV-2 and the earlier c’viruses (MERS and SARS) have exactly the same infection profiles. (The table on your link summarises it v well) Other studies show they all share the same nucleic infrastructure and that the configaration of their common 5 proteins seems to be identicle too. (So, where’s the “novel”ness?)

      The claimed difference that you highlight is infection – which is ENTIRELY down to the (mis)use of PCR testing. When amplified above 30, a PCR test will produce upwards of 50% false positives. If the increased infection figures is a consequence of PCR technology, then two things (which seem to apply to SARS-CoV-2) will apply:

      i)Asymptomatic ‘infection’ will increase beyond a usual 3 – 15% to upwards of 60% (Is hapenning).

      ii) Covid19 will eventually become so ‘misdiagnosed’ that it wil effectively become indistinguishable fom any of the known 13,000 ‘flu viruses that circulate in every 10 year period.

      I’d argue that the covidians are making their own misuse of science the reason that their diagnosis and prognosis will very quickly be recognised as wrong – but, of course, the WEF/Blionaires et al, have a lot of benefit to extract from the pandemic before then.

      1. “The major difference appears to be in the ‘spikes’.”

        Every distinct virus has to have differencs in their ‘spikes’ or they’d be the same virus. The claimed differencs are quantifiable, yes, but not causing very different infection and fatality results.

        This is where the interesting virological discussions start, yes, but medically when we judge a tree by its fruits, the SARS-CoV-2 / Covid19 Narrative is either a sham or a lie.

        At a personal and non-biochemical/virological level, me and my 87 year old dad would rather be infected by SARS-CoV-2 than risk taking a possible dangerous experimental cocktail of mRNA drug therapy which is highly experimental and not yet proven.

      2. qwertboi – That is entirely yours and your dad’s choice. I hope you don’t come to regret your misunderstanding of the science.

      3. “I hope you don’t come to regret your misunderstanding of the science.”

        Sweet. Thanks steveh, but I’m certainly not misunderstanding the science. It’s been too big a part of my life to do that – but bad science bites you on the bum and can even be a cause of death . You be careful.

      4. qwertboi
        I’m in the process of falling out with family members who I care about a lot
        They are both double jabbed, I’m not jabbed at all, I want my jabs to go to someone who needs them, not in this country
        What threat am I to them, my thoughts are they are a bigger danger to me, now they think their bomb proof
        I work with schools and care homes so practice safe Covid19
        Any thoughts

      5. Doug – I think you are being grossly irresponsible towards those you care for and work with. I sincerely hope you don’t come to regret your selfish attitude.

      6. @Doug

        Ignore the troll. You’re clearly working to the best you can given the circumstances. You have no obligation to take the jabs offered. Guardian reader trolls are going to do their utmost to make you feel bad because you’re going your own way. Take a gander at the comments of politics live/Andrew Sparrow for a taste of their zealousness.

        You do what you feel is right.

        Fingers crossed for your family, you and your relationship with them.

        Stay safe.

      7. NVLA – Or he could listen to the wisdom of his Mum & Dad and have the vaccine. The efficacy of the vaccines is not 100%

      8. Steve H your smug, patronising ignorance is what makes you such a hit round here.

        Coercing/emotionally blackmailing people into having ANYTHING injected into their bodies without their free, informed consent is about as antithetical to science as you can get. Not to mention unethical, too!

      9. The sheer arrogance of centrist dad is breathtaking.Telling qwertboi, who he knows nothing about, that “he’s misunderstood the science”. No wonder everyone here dislikes him.

      10. SteveH
        You sound like my family members, so can you please clarify what it is you think is going to happen if i dont get vacvinated
        I dont want it because i dont need it
        My vulnerable family members are double jabbed so they are protected
        What is the problem, genuinely confused.com
        For the record have offered to be tested before i visit them

      11. Doug,
        I’d not push the dangers of covid vaccination with any loved-one or to anyone that has already taken a jab (or two). Be aware of the reported adverse reactions/yellow card reports (completed by NHS GPs) and do not hesitate to alert any as-yet unvaccinated person of them.

        Re whether your refusal to be ‘vaccinated’ increases any infection or fatality risk to a properly vaccinated person, it doesn’t. The key word here is ‘properly’. SAGE/NHS and Co. Representatives from AZ make contradictory claims on both. In one convesation/report they claim a vaccine reduces infection and in nother (or n a footnote to the PIF) they claim it does ot. Similarly, they sometimes report that the seriousness of any infection will/should be reduced, but their own non-existent testing cannot verify this and covid deaths amongst mostly Pfizer-vaccinated Americans is higher in three states than amongst the unvaccinated. In truth, until four years after the manatory test phase finishes (Nov 31 2022 for AZ), nobody can know how “safe” the vaccine is and whether, as militant covidians claim, a single unvaccinated persn threatens the efficacy of the virus for the vaccinated.

        I wish I could say something more hopeful and reassuring, but it’s too soon to know.

  7. In a matter of clarity I and my family were amongst the first people in Cambodia to bring the virus to here via London Paris,China and Bangkok to Phnom Penh.We are aware of our decission may prevent us flying back to Europe and the UK,but the way things are going its not a great loss to not be trapped in France or England at the mercy of Neo liberal government against basic freedoms.for the great unwashed masses such as myself and my family…Being old looks like a dangerous occupation in the UK.

  8. risk taking a possible dangerous experimental cocktail of mRNA drug therapy which is highly experimental and not yet proven.

    Entirely your choice, of course. Would you (God forbid) accept an experimental cancer drug if you were eligible? Alzheimer’s/dementia? HIV/AIDS drug?

    Look. there’s gonna be a lot of pissed off people around the capitalist globe if these vaccines are found to be some sort of experiment, and there are ‘complications’ from getting them, further down the line.

    Those who have een innoculated aren’t all gonna drop at the push of a button, so I wouldn’t fancy being a bilderberger type if it’s the case. I’d hasten to add it’d be the end of the bastards as the pitchforks’d be out all over the shop, and I doubt plod and the military’d back those what poisoned them and their families.

    1. Accepting an experimental drug.

      Not before I spent a considerable amount of time researching. My dad died of MND. It was during my teens. Dads fight against the inevitable taught me not to be frightened of death. Sure, there’s a few ways I’d rather not go (drowning, incineration etc), but no one gets out alive when it comes to life. Embrace it or fear it, your choice.

      What if the pissed are dead? Gates has a zero carbon solution, and has form for it with the Tetanus shots in Africa that were designed to sterilise (The Sovereign Independent June 2011 (search out an image)).

      Some cops/military will buckle, but most have been brainwashed/reprogrammed. History shows they will protect the elites. It’s what they are paid for.

      1. Nearly drowned once. Didn’t find it frightening. Lots of beautiful colours and very peaceful. Frightening when I came to and saw the surrounding panic.

      2. but underneath all the hysteria and sometimes outright lies, there is a pandemic

        Yep. No doubt about it.

  9. Meanwhile, in Amerikkka

    PSAKI: “Our work doesn’t stop there and we are going to continue to press to get 12-18-year olds vaccinated… that’s one of the reasons why we initiated these strike forces”

    These so called strike forces will be calling at people’s homes…This is _not_ ethical standards

  10. These scientists are either hoodwinked or have some other unspoken agenda. Time will tell. The scam goes on. And because it’s a scam, I believe absolutely nothing will happen. Everything is on track. If you’ve spent the last 18 months not questioning Bill Gates, the WHO accepting that there’s been zero debate of the pros and cons in the mainstream media, and supporting the UK government’s mask policy, vaccines and lockdowns, you’ve been led up the garden path and need a wake up call soonest.

    1. I suggest you, and the other sceptics here check out what is happening in Vietnam where I am. Only a very small percentage of the population have been vaccinated, chiefly those in the front line for prevention of the spreading of the virus and those treating the infected. the government is struggling to contain the infections since and we are having an increasingly restrictive regime of control of movement. From today, we are only supposed to go out for essential matters, because the new variant Delta, is indeed much infectious than previous variants. There has been much information around coming out of the West, but underneath all the hysteria and sometimes outright lies, there is a pandemic.

      1. Sceptic? Me? Not for one moment.
        “Case” numbers are fraudulently arrived at globally. Vietnam is not coping as well with the deception as us. I deal in the facts. Do catch up. There’s still time and opportunity for all.
        Sceptic? You? Yes.

    2. If you live in the UK and don’t know someone who had been killed by Covid, then you are lucky. I know (or should I say knew) two, and I don’t know thousands of people.

      1. I only know one person who’s even HAD it and he’s suffered from Crohn’s Disease for years…

      2. Death certificates, at least the ones I’ve seen, log a cause of death plus other, possibly contributory, factors.
        Both were registered as Covid for cause. One had a contributory (?) – Alzheimers – at an early stage. The other was a relatively young woman with no identified other conditions.

      3. timfrom: FWIW people with Crohn’s Disease are believed to ave higher levels of h. pylori bacteria (Helicobacter Pylori, aka Campylobacter pylori) in the stomach and wrong parts of their intestines. Such people nearly always have ‘calcium metabolism’ issues (thay don’t absorb and use magnesium so well), and several doctors in Germany, UK and USA are correlating h pylori levels with autoimmune conditions and covid.

        In Germany at least Crohn’s Disease-type ilnesses automaticall earn a person a recommendation that theyn do not take any type of covid vaccine. Similarly, in both France and German citizens over 60 years of age are recoomended not to take a vaccine. In UK this age group is prioritised.

      4. I live in the UK and know of 2 people who it is said (on their Death Certificate) that they died ‘with’ or ‘of’ Covid. Until early July 2021, it was not possible to differenciate a ‘with’ death differently than a ‘of’ death. Moreover, the medic who offciated the DC recived an extra £54.73 on top of his/her usual fee (£87) if he/she ticked the covid box on the DC Disgusting.

        I’m not sure how a detailed post mortem even could identify that a specific feature of a death was caused by any virus that does not have symptoms which could occur without the virus. This is obviously a much bigger question than covid. The propositin that AIDS is only caused by a different virus (HIV) is being challenged in the courts – and the implication to the medical world, and politically, to covidians, is causing them both extensive consternation.

      5. qwertboi – Oh dear, have you been on conspiracy sites again?

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