Galloway accuses Labour of criminal falsehood about his conduct during Leadbeater haranguing – and video evidence seems to support him

Batley and Spen by-election candidate George Galloway has accused the Labour party of a criminal offence of making a false statement about him after the party’s candidate Kim Leadbeater was harangued by an anti-LGBTQ+ activist during campaigning yesterday.

Leadbeater had claimed that Galloway was nearby – ‘at the other side of the street’ – laughing while the verbal assault took place – and party leader Keir Starmer amplified her claim, attacking Galloway’s ‘poisonous politics’. But Galloway responded on Twitter that the ‘false statement’ about him was a criminal offence and indicated that he would be referring it to local police:

And video evidence seems to support Galloway. head of news and politics Oli Dugmore was on the spot and filming during the incident – and he both noted that Galloway was 100m away down the road as it took place and seemed to confirm that the claims about Galloway during it were false, concluding his video published after the incident by saying ‘a falsehood can travel all the way around the world before the truth has got its trousers on‘:

Labour is expected – even by the party itself – to lose the by-election next week, despite bypassing its own membership rules to make Leadbeater, the sister of the constituency’s murdered former MP Jo Cox, its candidate.

Watch the full video here.

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      1. lundiel, same re unsubstantiated a-S lies. The guilty were and remain Tories Blue & Red. But nasty creatures made allegations which were never clearly rebutted from the get go as George just did.
        He did not get into a timorous panic.

        Instead George did the obviously sensible from the get go:

        “They do not speak for me”
        “”They would say that wouldn’t they?”
        “Did u expect them to throw me flowers?”
        “Get off this bus.”

        People can say what they want about George Galloway, but he did EXACTLY as was necessary. THAT should be learnt.

        Funny how some are ready to find fault with George yet refuse to see that we did not stand up for ourselves or rather the high command FAILED to stand up for us as they should. It was their DUTY.

        I wish George Galloway well and hope he wins. If he doesn’t he won’t wilt. It is called life. He will not sit and whine about the media and everyone else. He certainly needs to learn and change, but if our high command had learnt from his forthright approach, our past could have been favourably different.

        Forthright. Clarity. Taking on his opponents. Even the USA Senate. He was and is mercilessly attacked, even on He still stands up. He still speaks up. He has learnt as all should have since their teens. We can NEVER please everyone. People are as they are in infinite variety. Our survival depends on; not being all exactly alike, playing to our strengths, prioritising, sequencing, and using our own minds rather than swallowing the propaganda pumped out by the same media we correctly detest or even respect.

        Even while away last week, someone wrote that a noise and a whisperer were good choices for leader because “they are not TOO Left”.

        The facts of Jeremy’s three victories, holding Hartlepool twice while Sir Keith lost it escapes such sincere people.

        Eleven thousand plus votes and second place, under “Left” Jeremy compared to six hundred and twenty two FOURTH PLACE in Amersham and Chesham “Left” hating and purging Sir Keith, escapes sincere members of thirty, forty, fifty years. HOW?

        Starmer’s choice NON Left LOST the deposit… Is that not evidence enough COMBINED with the other Keith defeats?

        GE2017 despite all attacks and deficiencies STILL came within a whisker of government. The largest vote-share amongst under thirty fives, yet STILL inteligent people regurgitate the MSM propaganda that we are “too far left”.

        EVEN in GE2019 DESPITE all we still got the largest vote-share amongst those in work. HOW could well read people STILL be in awe of the MSM tosh and regurgitate the exact tosh word for word?

        Is it be cause only a few are brave enough to highlight the incoherent habits? Are people afraid of being shouted down? A chronic crisis of confidence? The extraordinary determination that we must only repeat nice lies about ourselves? What is the cause?

        Distinctly, if despite the above vivid facts, the well meaning still say we need leaders who are not “too left”, then the weakness is have attitudinal. So ingrained the nature and nurture to be obsessed with appeasing the MSM, that the most experienced people are BLIND to election numbers.

        Appeasement is undermined by the repayment of Watson & Starmer et al. Enduring lame arguments to design our manifesto and choose our leaders to please the BBC, Jones & Toynbee et al., is OUR weakness and THE reason for two or three generations of the Status Quo Tories A&B deceiving and abusing the “Left”

  1. Starmer and Leadbeater scraping the barrel going after GG isn’t going to work and playing on the sympathy vote over the death of her sister is a fucking DISGRACE new Labour has destroyed the party to an extent that it will never get back into power again thanks to all those parasites MP’S who do nothing but to look after themselves instead of representing the people that put them where they are now, Vote anybody but labour

  2. I saw a video by an independent journalist who was unsuccessfully trying to get an interview at with Leadbeater. The anti LGBT guy was a pain in the neck, Galloway was about 30 yards away conducting his own interviews. Leadbeater was feeding on her own indignation, she kept shouting “why are you shouting at me, a woman”. She handled it very badly but it was one of those moments where editing can and will present an entirely different story.

  3. Is this the same Galloway who publicly branded any member of the public questioning government / mainstream failure to debate COVID19 as “flatearthers”? For me, he is now embargoed, and any contribution he made after this was pretty much worthless.

    1. Galloway isn’t part of the story here, he just happened to be in the vicinity. Starmer has tried to make it about Galloway to deflect from Leadbeater letting the situation get out of control.

      1. Thanks for pointing that our lundiel. Yup, I think the news is being played in how it is being presented to us.

      2. So very 2015 to 2020! The Media taking a minor incident and reporting it as a serious incident followed by the world of MSM and the Mainstreamers with “this is so shocking”, “how frightening” blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc and all the Keywords and there you have a major incident from nothing and then slap it on ‘the hunted’ and et voila you have a major smear!
        Even the little sidekick who was in that car even before leadbeater had the door open made his own little Panorama like video about those “nasty people” wanting answers! From their Labour Community Candidate, if the woman can’t deal with a heated debate, wtf is she doing in politics!

  4. Would love to see GG in Parliament and watch him excoriate Starmer and Johnson but after him siding with Farage I could never support him.

  5. I dislike George Galloway’s ego-maniacal plitics. It reminds me of Tom Watson. Whereas I broadly approve of Galloway’s politics, his massive, self-righteous Tom Watson-like Ego makes me pull-back from supporting him (and his wonderful brand f socialism) enthusiastically.

    Keir Starmer should be damned for making me cheer-on the awful George Galloway against a Labour party parliamentary candidate*. G*d damn Sir Keir Rodney Starmer.

    *and for his intentional Pasokifying of Labour to rid it of Jeremy Corbyn’s wonderful rejuvenation.

  6. Starmer.. ‘George Galloway’s poisonous politics have no place in our country’. Just like he told us Jeremy Corbyn’s anti Semitism has no place in the Labour party, these accusations by Starmer, just as those against Corbyn are lies, Starmer is a known liar who is clutching at straws, nothing irritates me more than to hear this apology of a human being pontificating about anti Semitism whilst he conflates criticism of Israel with anti Semitism which in itself is anti Semitic..[last example in the IHRA] and which Steve Walker has made an official complaint to the Labour party [probably ignored]. I can only hope the electorate have as much contempt for Starmer than I do, this liar/fool has to go.

  7. Gallway… Just NO.

    Leadbeater… Just NO..

    Which leaves the ‘choice’…?


    1. Hold nose and choose Galloway for the LOLs Toffee

      As much as it’ll annoy you, think of the piss boiling in Westminster!

      1. Fair enough, if he wins it’s another nail in the coffin.

        But I’d be no less indifferent if the toerag or libdim candidate won. And as said, gallway’s right up himself. Also, his voting record doesn’t back his rhetoric.

        For me he’s just another bluffer.

  8. Just seen the video of Leadbeater being “verbally assaulted”, Leadbeater refuses interviews with the Press, then she is asked some questions from a person in the crowd, the questions were certainly not a verbal assault, just questions firmly put as any politician has to face he said vote for anybody but Labour, now who could disagree with that? the questions were definitely not personal or demeaning. Leadbeater lost her cool, and stormed off.

    1. People are so angry right now and she expected to be invited in for a cups of tea and especially baked cookies/cakes! Tory Delusions can’t be hidden in person, The Neolabour Party Tories have completely lost all Trust!
      On a more serious note with so may angry people, on all sides, I don’t think doorstepping is the most sensible thing to do anymore!

    2. I agree. However, it’s all Starmer and NuLabour’s fault for trying to exploit the memory of Jo Cox, parachuting a novice in, allowing someone who’d only just joined the party to stand and not giving her the required backing or training to cope with difficult members of the public.

  9. I am no fan of Galloway, but to lie about such a serious incident, when he had a near death attack, her sister killed, so very Zionist in Nature!!! I am curious about what Starmer considers Toxic about Galloway’s Politics!? It would be interesting to see a little list of that toxicity!
    The venom and and anger is starting to show in Apartheid Keith’s tweets he reduced that Party to a cesspit of bottom dwellers’ faeces munching amoeba! Leadbeater allowed her fishwife/Karen to slip in that argument clip! She is clearly one of those women you can hear coming two blocks away as she screeches at her children, why can’t they fucking speak to their children!? All Credibility Lost! Why did she not post a video of the incident, her entourage must have been massive surely not even Apartheid Keith would be so stupid as to expect a happy and warmly welcome from that community for a Labour Rep, several of her entourage would have had GoPros/Phones rolling! With such an Important seat where was Starmer and The Shadow Cabinet’s support!?
    One thing is for sure Chain someone to EACH Ballot Box, ALL DAY & ALL THE WAY TO THE COUNTING TABLE!!

  10. The video does, indeed, prove nothing.
    However, it appears that Ms Leadbeater claimed that Mr Galloway was laughing at whatever it was that went on.
    If she can’t furnish evidence to back up the accusation then she’ll be in a bit of a bind. Galloway can be like a dog with a rabbit when he decides to go for someone.
    A more experienced politician would have let the confrontation (?) pass without comment. Where were the party’s communications people? Why did Starmer ramp it up? Amateurs all.

    1. With that mouth on it, she would have shouted something at him, there was not even any point where she looked to any particular side of her to spot such behaviour from Galloway! Even if he did laugh, is a heated debate with a politician from a party that has let their community down in so many racist ways not permitted!?
      They wanted answers not fucking blood! And ALL those with their “ooh so frightening”/”how scary”/etc comments are PURE XENOPHOBES, because a Muslim man raises his voice demanding answers he causes a frightening serious incident!
      Welcome to Great White Britain and the Neolabour Apartheid Tory Party!

  11. So much antipathy for Gorgeous George!

    So what if he’s got an ego (he needs one to be such an orator) or has stood on a stage with Farage or called sane people “flatearthers”? We all know in our hearts he’s the ONLY politician remaining who reflects anything LIKE our brand if socialism. Plus he is a fearless, unbowed, takes no shit, even from a Senate Committee (or whatever it was), veteran inspirational genius and I’m joining his party tout-suite!

    Let’s see how long it takes the scum at Labour HQ to twig and sling me out…

    1. timfrom – The voters of Bradford West quickly realised they had made a mistake electing a self-serving windbag like Galloway and got rid of him as soon as they could. How long will it take for the penny to drop with you.

    2. He’s more than worked his ticket on stumping them gormless divs in the US senate. Although anyone with an arsenal of more than a dozen six-letter-or-more words in their lexicon would be capable of that. (Even though it was terrific viewing).

      But in the same way stammer makes everything about what zionists want, or want to hear, gallway does the same with muslims.

      Bradford West, with its sizeable muslim populace saw through him after the one term. Why was that?

      The odd cursory nod to poverty and inequality doesn’t really cut it with that particular section (the poor and disenfranchised) of the electorate, and I’m to be convinced that despite his rhetoric on the matter, they are really within his target demographic.

      That’s not to say he doesn’t give a toss about it; but targetting the muslim vote is his priority.

      His voting record doesn’t stand up to scrutiny neither. Too many absences.

      Tim Fenton made some good points about gallway last week… Certainly explains him better than I could.

      1. Toffee – It is the first time in a long time that I have been able to wholeheartedly agree with one of your comments.

      2. The blog amounts to nothing substantive. It is just a mishmash of scurrilous nods and winks. My god, John Sweeny!

      3. Rita – The people of Bradford West soon saw Galloway for the self promoting windbag he’s become, why would you want to inflict that on the people of Batley & Spen.

  12. Kim Leadbeater’s sister was knifed to death by a ‘white supremecist’ according to MSM; a man who had recently been seeking psychiatric help! ‘Jo Cox killed by man with mental health problems’ Not quite the same dramatic story with 2 victims.

  13. And the Owen Jones-style faux left TyskySour gleefully repeated and added to the smear in Friday’s YouTube broadcast. Hasty apologies all-round Arron and Michael?

    1. I’m afraid that little crew at Novara are becoming impossible to watch. I used to think it was a mistake to have the wretched Walker as anchor, now I realise he faithfully reflects the outfit.

  14. Batley & Spen – The Labour, Conservative, LibDems & The Yorkshire Party candidates were on BBC1 Politics North for 30 minutes this lunchtime,
    Where was Galloway???

    1. I hope you put that to the TV station and post their reply – I could do with a good laugh. Never forget the Angela Eagle brick through her window that never happened. So many.

      1. Rita – I had been expecting a reply from those on here who have said they are part of Galloway’s campaign team. For some reason they seem to have come over all shy.

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