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Clean sweep – by massive majorities – for left in elections to Labour’s new national women’s committee

Margins of over 100,000 see left women elected – with black woman socialist in first place – despite Momentum’s failure to promote all six candidates

Six left women have been elected – by massive margins – to Labour’s new National Women’s Committee at the party’s women’s conference today, with the Labour Black Socialists group’s Ekua Bayunu topping the ballot. Each of the six won by a margin of around 100,000 votes, or still more:

Earlier in the day, Momentum had attracted criticism after its social media name-checked only four of the six during a call-out for votes, making the clean sweep an even bigger grassroots victory:

Congratulations to the six. The result has obvious relevance to the potential outcome of any leadership contest – at least until the right rigs the election rules in their favour – but the group will need your full support, as the Labour machine will no doubt do its best to sideline and neutralise them, now that its preferred right-wing candidates have been trounced.

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  1. Welcome excellent news!!! Now use it🌹🌞🌹🌞🌹🌞

  2. So much for Starmer and Mandy’s delusion that only people outside Labour want socialism.

    1. Yet despite this, some will STILL drip the MSM propaganda that we should choose leaders and policies that are “not too far left”. So obsessed with the MSM, they r blind to evidence in front of their eyes. THAT is our main problem. NOT external forces🌞🌱🌞🌱🌞🌱

  3. Another one to stick up Starmer’s nose.
    Congrats to the socialist winners.
    Starmer out !

  4. Skwawky
    Again as with Unison breakthrough, what do we know about how and who was behind this success
    Whatever is going on, keep up the good work, sooner rather than later we will clean out the stables once and for all
    Keep on keeping on lad’s and lasses

  5. Good for the comrades but to be honest so what?

    Oh, they can have some meetings pass some worthless recommendations and even more pointless Motions…

    In the end, the right-wing cult of new Labour 2.0 has the old Labour party completely under control and nothing will be allowed to change! You will never see another left leader, you won’t see right to kick out worthless MP’s the PLP will be in charge and chose what it does and doesn’t do so quite frankly your wasting your time.

    Moving deckchairs on the Titanic getting happy at insignificant gains. They will take your membership as acceptance of this new Tory-lite Labour party that will continue even if we kick out the grand leader it will be another one of the cult in charge. Stop being happy at gains that effect and have no real power that’s how they keep you happy while they destroy what’s left of the once-great labour party…

    Talking shops and meetings won’t get rid of this cancer the only way is split or redo. The quicker the bulk of the comrades stop supporting giving money and tacit support to this cult is the only power you have left. Stop staying and being kept happy at meaningless baubles while the cult continues. There is no way of destroying this cancer it’s too deep in places we will never be allowed to remove.

    So start again and get it right with NO right-wing allowed ever…Any support is instantly sackable no excuses, no briefings no capitulation to the press or TV journalist or BS pressure group ever we have to be united and strong to win this war!

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