Breaking: Butler ‘planning leadership challenge’ if Labour loses Batley and Spen

Starmer’s disastrous tenure may end soon

Left MP Dawn Butler is planning a leadership challenge if Keir Starmer loses next week’s Batley and Spen by-election, according to reports emerging this afternoon.

Butler could well be one of the best-positioned MPs to make a challenge, as she might attract support across the broader left of MPs to reach the required nominations threshold. As one of only two candidates in last year’s deputy leader contest to refuse to sign up to demands by the right-wing Board of Deputies, she would also be well received by members on the left of the party and would be a massive improvement on the dire Starmer.

Angela Rayner, who won the deputy election, is thought to still harbour ambitions for the leadership but has alienated large parts of the membership with threats to kick out thousands to please the Labour right.

Ms Butler has been contacted for comment.

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  1. We need anyone who is prepared to stand up to the Right Wing firmly. Tell them to go join their chums in their own party.

    1. The BOD are UNELECTED. They do NOT represent anyone other than their politicised clique. No human belongs to some homogenised group. There are no such communities as a Black, Asian, Russian, Jewish, White British, Zoroastrian, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu etc etc etc “community”. Those labels are nothing but a neat and effective tool to divide and rule. Those labels serve vested one percent interests.
      Therefor anyone signed up to unrepresentative demands of ANY lobby group, is TOTALLY UNFIT to lead ANY political party. And definitely unfit to be part of a TRUE Labour Party, let alone lead it.

      We do NOT need the Right Wing to govern. They need us to parasitise.

    2. Would this be the same Dawn Butler who came last in the Deputy Leadership Election a year ago.

      1. goldbach – I agree, just another boring kite flying exercise.

      2. goldbach – I’m not the one flying kites in the vain hope that one might catch the wind.

  2. I have my reservations about Dawn, in my view she is little better than Raynor maybe a little stronger on race etc., but we need a radical like Richard Burgon, John Trickett or one or two others like that.

    1. Would this be the same Richard Burgon that came third behind Rosena Allin-Khan in last year’s Deputy Leadership election.

      1. Don’t matter, he’s pissed off enough people for them to vote for her as a stalking horse

      2. sonofcy – Please feel free to clutch at your straw of choice.

      3. SteveH you are switched on enough to know that Starmer and Evans are gradually and purposely destroying Labour as a democratic Socialist Party. do you want the LP to be a democratic Socialist Party and if so, who would you like to see as Leader?

    2. rotzeichen, i need to hear Butler again. She lost me some time ago. Rayner lost me b4 that… exactly when she got an over slapped mask. Seemed then to have jumped into the Right Wing muck for her “political career” as SteveH davidH and other SHs regard what the rest of us believe should be serving the electorate.

  3. Not my choice, but if Trickett isn’t going to stand (and if so, why not?!) then at least she’ll be better than Keith. Can’t see her winning a GE though – I get the impression she cares more about identity politics than economic policy.

    1. That is an accusation that could be equally made about most of the PLP sadly.

  4. Hmm. Burnham’s favourite with the bookies at 11/4 which is strange given he’s not an MP and has a job that he can’t just up and leave let alone he’s imo, totally unsuitable. To tell you the truth no one’s suitable, the only MP who speaks anything I want to hear is Zara Sultana.

    1. lundiel, i’ve long said that Burnham is on manoeuvres. It is very possible for rules to be bent as they ALWAYS have to suit the careerists. They will not stop to install him as leader. Then give him the ‘safe’ seat of another self-server who will be rewarded with a seat in The Lords.
      Remember u read it here first.

  5. Let’s face it, MPs aren’t by and large, anything like us so how can they represent us? We need a citizen’s assembly to decide the future of democratic representation because the one thing the current system isn’t, is democratic.
    Get rid of briefcase Labour.
    Hancock’s gone.

    1. Wa-hey! That should be in capitals, HANCOCK’S GONE!

      Tory minister in resignation shocker! Makes a nice change, but who’s Boris going to use for a human shield now?

      1. goldbach – All this repeated kite flying from ‘the left’ as they desperately search for a credible leader to coalesce behind is looking increasingly desperate and getting a bit boring. 🥱🥱🥱

  6. Butler /Burgeon / McDonald/Tricket/ RLB/ and the rest of these so called socialists where the fuck were they when JC needed them to stand along side him when he got the whip taken from him i didn’t see no fucking outcrry from any of these why did’t they stand by him because they are just part of the fucking establishment if they were true to what they believe in they would of stood by him instead of thinking about the ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££

      1. sorry but not one of these MP’S have stood along side JC if they were true in what they belive in they would have stood by him

      2. Richard Burgon has been the most outspoken supporter and doesn’t shirk from taking on the establishment.

    1. Brian61, no one can contradict u. i had hoped in Burgon. But these people do what ever they do, in backrooms. They feel they are oh so clever. Having said so, they could argue that it was not worth sticking their head up, because so many were abandoned Chris Williamson, Jackie Walker, Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, Marc, thousands of members, hundreds of those who out their names to open letters to support Jeremy. I have not heard a single public expression of gratitude or even acknowledgement re the open letters. Those letters were penned and signed DESPITE attacks.

      That distasteful failure to show public gratitude and use the support was and remains poor form. It is not due to Jeremy and his team being bad people. I believe it is due to chronic timidity. Perpetual fear of the MSM etc… always trying to hide from “confrontation”. U can see it even here on There is a weird culture policed by some that everyone must agree to say we are nice, and we must be afraid of attacks or causing MSM attacks. Even though the MSM r exercising their right to pursue their aims. Of course they are wrong. But it’s a non starter to maintain those pathetic habits.

      I’ve not encountered those habits as rampant anywhere else in work or leisure pursuits. Until we make it clear that we will note behaviours and draw redlines, we will continue to be plagued by quitters, hiders, appeasers, weird immature whining about “bringing people together” as if one is some Buddha, Moses, Abraham, Jesus??? … None of those achieved that. What’s worse is the creation of laughable fog around which people are asked to unify. Why bother?

      It is sooo ridiculous. The only way such embarrassing meaningless drivel could be repeated is because it has never been called out in the necessary sustained frequency. The result is the weakness and defeats are taken as a given, inevitable, the way things are etc. It is akin to a “beauty queen contestant” saying she wants world peace and to be kind to animals. Who doesn’t???
      It pains to type it. Excruciatingly puzzling and embarrassing in equal measure. Concentrated drivel spun as decency. It is nothing of the sort.

      1. These Twats Dont Stand up for anyone why didn’t they stand up for the Many parents sons who stuck their heads up in In trenchens in illegal wars to come home to have a decent life instead of being called a baby killer some av committed suiside some are in jail a lot are living on the streets a lot of them with mental health issues why have these so called socialists not done anything to help them come over to southport soup kitchen see for yourself /DRIVEL SPUN AS DECENCY IT IS NOTHING AS SORT/BOLLOCKS

      2. Brian61, u are correctly speaking up for those neglected now. I’ve not heard one word to highlight their SPECIFIC plight and the many words and actions necessary to PERSUE help for them. Have u? That is why occasional visitations from foggy mountains to spout drivel about “bringing people together” etc is just that – DRIVEL. If it had any use, the people living on the streets and other neglected people, as you correctly highlight, may not be in the situation they are.

        More over if after FIFTY years experience someone occasionally pumps out DRIVEL to people who already agree with them, how has that helped the audience, those at the sharp end of the system, the drivel pumper or the “Left”???

      3. windchime – “ due to chronic timidity”???
        Or maybe he and his team just weren’t up-to the job.

      4. people like you SteveH we have a slang word we created in the 80s it’s called a GLOYT here in YORKSHIRE your the type of person who trolls on hear 16 hours a day then watches repeats of JS will fix ix it whilst listening to G/GLITTER do you want to be in my gang

      5. I was born and bred in god’s own county and this is the first time I’ve come across this expression.

      6. Gods own county is being brought up in on a coucil estate called buttershaw watch this film rita sue and bob too BY ANDREA DUNBAR a very close friend of mine learn what it is like to live in poverty nothing has changed

      7. Brian61 – That’s a rather narrow minded perspective, poverty isn’t exclusive to your area. In a few more years you’ll get your Metro Bus Pass and then you’ll be able to broaden your horizons beyond BD6 for free. There’s a whole new world out there for you to explore, both rich and poor.

      8. I broadened my horizons when i joined the army at 16 after that i run a pub in kings cross road in London called the northumbriam arms then volunteered to work for ex soldiers and the homeless in Liverpool and Manchester I volunteered for 3 years for a soup kitchen in southport i dont need a fucking bus pass ive what god gave me 2 fucking legs thats just a small part of my life what do you have to OFFER APART FROM A FUCKING COMPUTER

      9. Brian61 – Which makes your earlier rather insular response all the more surprising, or was that just for effect.

        ps:- Many of us do what we can to help support those in need without feeling the need to shout about it.

  7. The Telegraph has called Butler “hard left”. That’s how narrative control starts with an outright lie that is repeated over and over.

    1. The proper response is to counter the lie over and over. Not hide and whine. If one refuses to make time and get a team to counter lies, what else will one refuse to do?
      It is not impossible. The facts prove that to be one of many myths.

  8. I just had visions of stammer dressed up like ‘Blakey’ from ‘On the buses groaning and saying: Cor, I aitchoo, butler

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