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Hancock’s alleged lover is shareholder in firm whose clients were awarded millions in government contracts

“Before Matt does anything big, he’ll speak to Gina. She knows everything.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s position is hanging by a thread after newspapers published an image of him allegedly kissing an aide. Media attention has largely focused on the lurid details of the alleged affair and the fact that he breached – and has now admitted doing so – social distancing restrictions in place at the time about interactions with non-household members.

However, Hancock was already facing questions about his relationship with Gina Colangelo months ago, after appointing her to a non-executive director post at the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) – because she is a shareholder of Luther Pendragon, a PR firm whose clients have been awarded government contracts worth millions of pounds, with at least one contract worth £46 million from the public purse.

Last autumn, the Sunday Times quoted one source describing Colangelo’s central role in Hancock’s decision-making:

Before Matt does anything big, he’ll speak to Gina. She knows everything.

Boris Johnson has now said that he has accepted Hancock’s apology and considers the matter closed – the standard, brazen response to the exposure of gross misdeeds by those close to him.

But the allegations that the two are lovers do more than expose the hypocrisy of the Tories and – again – their contempt for the rules they were prepared to prosecute others for breaking during a national emergency. It raises even starker questions about the way in which the Tories – already judged to have done so unlawfully – handed out contracts to their mates, cronies and backers while 150,000 and more people died needlessly.

Hancock has to be forced out for the sake of the country – but the investigation into the Tories’ whole handling of this pandemic must not be allowed to end with his departure, let alone with Johnson’s attempt to once again make himself judge and jury on the conduct of his ministers and even of himself.

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  1. Alleged?!?!

    “Yeah, I was simply walking along when I tripped over and my tongue slipped into this passing lady by sheer accident”

    “It was also a surprise to find out she works for me”

    Good old British corruption! No crass brown envelopes like those less developed such as America or Australia. Just a pleasant sinecure between blowjobs. Sorry, I meant Jobs. Dunno how that popped in…

    1. Funny isn’t it? Just when politics has decided to revisit nationalism with children singing patriotic songs, portraits of the German royal family big in every home (allegedly) and the butcher’s apron flanking politicians, we’ve also decided to revisit sleaze, corruption, hypocrisy, farce and innuendo. Funny old world isn’t it.

      1. spot on lundiel. well remembered. was thinking of blair & deng. imagine, after all rupert murdoch did to enable blair to screw the country and the world, with the iraqis, lybians and palestinians paying the high price of catastrophes grief and millions of deaths…

        despite murdoch helping bliar to commit all those crimes against humanity the embodiment of treacherous anthony blair wrecked murdochs marriage with wendy deng.

        where do that lot get the time? they make time. they know they have zero opposition. blue tories control the show. their understudies deposited by margaret thatcher in the form of blair carried thatcher’s aims when the blue tories needed a rest.

        too many myths r un questioned. e.g. that blue and red tories are very clever and work hard for us. were it true, they would not be caught so often. sir starmer’s choices would not have lost so many councils and hartlepool which jeremy led labour held twice. mandelson blair controlled brown etc would not have lost scotland. mandelson blair starmer would not have been fourth place in amersham and chesham… the worst by-election result in labour’s over one hundred year history.

        but how do the find hectares of hours to do endless other ‘jobs’? because that is their priority. grubby snouts in moneyed troughs. their ‘jobs’ r not to serve the many. they pass easily to and fro the revolving doors of a few merchant banks – deutsch bank, goldman sachs, morgan stanley, deloitte, and a claw full of accounting ‘consultancy’ outfits like pwc, the big seven legal operators, vulture capitalist hedge funds which r nothing but asset stripping and plundering gangsters.
        g a n g s t e r s that’s what they are. made to measure besuited gangsters.

        that’s why their collaborators – the main stream media pump out ceaselessly the doings of bottom of the food chain gangsters. e.g. those who supply the city with a and b-class drugs and the linked horrific turf wars. distraction and displacement. soaks up all the time, attention… bandwidth.

        dame cressida dick told nicky ferrari “i looked into it personally, and found he had no case to answer”. dick was responding to ferrari’s questions re: michael gove’s public admission to regularly committing an imprisonable crime. seven years plus a fine for possession / using / supplying an a-class drug cocaine. even ferrari was incredulous at dick’s statement. i think he pursued dick re why did she “personally” look into gove’s cocaine use? since he admitted the criminality, how could any police officer, let alone a senior one… even more staggering, the metropolitan commissioner, find that gove had “no case to answer”?

        gove admitted that his cocaine use was on several occasions and with others at his dinner parties. did they bring their own cocaine? did they supply their own cocaine or was gove the procurer and supplier?
        is the present dpp carrying on in the same way as sir starmer did? one rule for the rich another for the poor?

        “institutionally sexist”. “institutionally racists”. “institutionally corrupt”. not just the police. the entire establishment from top to top, head to head. be it air-miles andy, grenfell counsellors, phillip greens, johnson fired twice for dishonesty, peter mandelson fired twice or three times for dishonesty and or dodgy dealings. tony blair being the first british prime-minister to be interviewed under caution by the police while in office. the church of england child sex scandals. almost every single ‘elite’ public school – harrow, fettes, gordonstoun, charterhouse, saint pauls, rugby, eaton, downside…

        the status quo is sick, corrupt, inbred, self-serving vultures. they know it. i’ve been away in deepest toryland. a self confessed committed tory… won’t even vote for the ref ones… fully paid up establishment person told two days ago “queen mary, she was a kleptomaniac”. that is true but all of that is said as a given. the poor should be imprisoned for infinitely less. that is drummed into the many.

        the petty suppliers of a-class drugs to the likes of michael gove are stopped and searched and locked up. the ‘elite’ criminals are unhindered. those who grow and import cannabis have almost always been free to carry on. now it is a ‘respectable’ business. the importers of cocaine and heroin etc import tons of it via yachts, helicopters landing at stately homes built on the profits of slavery. it is a long history of inbred corrupt insatiable greed.

        surely, when you suspect a leak from upstairs, do not run about with several buckets collecting drips and plugging several tiny holes? or do the logical solution. go switch off the flood from the source. dame cressida dick may probably say she “looked into it personally and found there was no case” for such a logical solution.

        the problem of the status quo is not incompetence. they establishment has always been competent. they are totally competent at preserving their disproportionate wealth and control to the detriment of the many. things will remain as they have always been, until all we who speak of change face the facts above.

        we must deal with people and creatures as they are rather than hoping they change their nature. they are adults. they’ve made their choice. they’ve made it clear. why is that so difficult for adults to accept?

        is it because they do not pay the price? after one hundred years must “the many” continue to pay the price because they put their hope and trust in us which we in turn squander hoping and trusting sir starmer & chums?


    1. SteveH davidH SH – Sir Starmer enabled “PM’s & Hancock’s negligence killed people.

      1. What did the astute Jeremy do in those critical early months.

      2. “them” for whom john mc’donnel whined “we did everything THEY asked”. dianne abbott said jeremy did “everything to make THEM love him”. “THEY” predicted jeremy would do “everything they asked” “to make them love him”. his team, including those he called “friends” like mcdonnell, mccluskey, thornberry, meadway, rayner, rbl, possibly turner and the other union bigwigs… collectively and individually wittingly and / or unwittingly badgered jeremy to do as above. they intensified his worst instincts and weakest aspects of his personality. they badgered him to hide from the media in keeping with a perpetually timorous nature.

        also they brought out one particular nonsensical saying of tony benn. benn always said “policies not personality”. the logical thing is this. how can u refuse to look at the public record of sir rodney starmer and the current suffering the gross injustice being endured by julian assange, YET expect the same starmer to pursue enough urgently needed decent policies? same re tom watson and carl beech naming people in parliament based on the claims of a pedophile and fantasist? yet recommend him for a peerage?

        the list is long but jeremy let himself down. his team let themselves and jeremy down. they collectively let all the membership down including u steveh davidh sh. why u too? because their failure helps u to remain in your filth, hence your slimy post above.

        u see, the best hope of “converting” your lot, if at all possible, is to assess u for what u r by your long trail of nasty acts. then prioritise serving “the many” rather than appeasing the few like steveh davidh u sh chumocracy.

      3. Well Einstein, he reminded people how his “unaffordable” public spending was dwarfed by the government’s spending on Covid. “They’ve now suddenly realised that they have to spend money to invest in the state, as we have always said as a party, and they have come around to a lot of that position.”
        He also said:
        Mr Corbyn also said it was “ludicrous” that nearly 500,000 NHS staff and care workers have not been tested for coronavirus, urging ministers to “get on top of testing”.
        “I distinctly remember Jon Ashworth and I going to a meeting at the Cabinet Office where we got a lecture about herd immunity… the last time I discussed herd immunity had been when I worked on a pig farm 40 years ago.

        “It was absurd, that you’d build up herd immunity by allowing people to die.

        “And so, while the government was going into eugenic formulas of discussing all this stuff, they were not making adequate preparations.”
        One thing you can be sure of, there would have been no cronyism and the NHS would have been in charge of test and trace.
        Up yours dad.

      4. steveh:“What did the astute Jeremy do in those critical early months.”

        He did what most democratic socialists with immense integrity did: he believed that the apparent health ’emergency and questionable* pandemic was a danger to the working class and humanity; not the fallacious covid scam by the billionaires (or, if you prefer, the deep american state).

        Wake up steveh and smell the synthetic coffee.

        * the defintion of ‘pandemic’ was changed by the WHO in Nov 2019, arguably to enable the description to apply to a not-very-virulent “novel” virus, which is probably what SARS-CoV-2 is (Coronavirus (the CoV-2 bit) has been in circulation sinc 1928, when it surfaced on a US Chicken farm.

      5. And just what has the forensic axle-greased polygonal headed one done in the critical 16months he’s been in situ?

        Oh that’s right… We unequivocally support the government’s latest measure(s)**


        **Not restricted to covid, neither.

      6. SteveH
        JC looks like Nostradamus
        Just wish he could tell me what’s going win the Pitmens Derby
        Temporary Embarrassment on the other hand could not predict last Tuesdays England result

      7. Shove your pages 1-5 sideways, as far as they’ll go.

        The next time the ‘rags implement another fuck-up plan it’s a nigh-on certainty stammer will go along with it.

        Until, of course, the flaws in said plan become all to evident (after a cursory glance)

        Stammer has irreconcilably and repeatedly demonstrated his pitiful lack of ability to act proactively to anything else other than his knee-jerk responses to matters he mistakenly and automatically deems, are antisemitic.

      8. Toffee – So you keep claiming, but is anyone apart from me listening and I think you’re an idiot.

      9. And that’s the reason you wear your arse for a hat, and get derided on every thread with just about each and every post you make.

        Making posts just to provoke a rise out of people – something you freely admit to find ‘exhilarating’ in my case, but complain incessantly when I give you what you deserve – isn’t cultured or sagacious; rather it shows you for the infantile imbecile you can only aspire to be.

        So carry on thinking I’m an idiot. The amount of likes our respective posts on any given thread we receive tells a different story to the one you delude your miserable existence with about nobody listening….

      10. Toffee – Apart from you of course who continues to follow me around like a needy stray.

        ps:- You obviously place great store in the number of ‘likes’ that you get so I’ve given you a ‘sympathy like’ to help boost your fragile ego. I hope it helps.

      11. Oh thanks for your ‘sympathy’ like. I guess a lot of people ‘sympathise’ with my position of calling out turd-polishing, stammer worshipping vermin like you, eh, genius?

        More, it seems, than ‘sympathise’ with a shit-chatting, self-confessed wum like yourself.

        Epic fail.


      12. Seems that SteveH is suffering from long Corbyn. Why this perpetual obsession? Bizarre.

  2. Well poor Gina had to have some serious perks to engage in anything more than a very quick sweaty handshake with that! I get that from most Conservative Tories imagine it with Hancock, Johnson, Gove, Bloody Mogg! Mogg I reckon would be extremely Clinical/Serial Killer with waterproofed White Linen sheets and only the utmost necessary physical contact and delivered by glory holes!
    OH DEAR GODS! Get me the FFFF OUT of this thought! AAAAAARGGGHH! 🤮

  3. Moral high-ground, at least we(according to BJ) showed the Russians the British values(sic).

    1. Britain and Russia share many values.

      Take a look at the George Cross and the Russian Federation coat of arms.

  4. Aren’t the Tories supposed to represent family values?
    It seems some Tory supporters can stomach corruption involving money transactions and so on. Yet if a Tory MP are caught having extra-marital affair it used to be a resigning issue.
    For inexplicable reason Johnson has initially escaped this scrutiny. Perhaps if it carries on it’ll be curtains for them all. Especially with Tory voters.

    1. Aren’t the Tories supposed to represent family values?

      Yes… If it’s the royal family. Where sexual deviancy, inbreeding parasitisism and a hatred of the poor are the norm.

    2. I think goof Christian Family Values include Corruption, Extra-Marital Affairs, Racism and Homophobia. Never! Never! Trust Conservative/Fundamentalist Christians they are as wicked as their religion!
      Especially with Tory voters, both Neolabour Party Tory and Conservative Party Tory, evil bastards the lot of them!

  5. Should be fun at Chez Hancock tonight. A full and frank discussion with the Mrs might mean he’s visiting A&E as a patient. Sex and greed, always good for a spanner in the works. Might be interesting in Batley and Spen after all.

    1. Her face looked like a slapped arse. But that could be from the publicity, not the act. How do you know she will act in the way you describe? According to the media, Mistress and Missus are friends…

      Mistresses hubby looks cuckold, but £50+ million in contracts may have something to do with it (“We need that money!”)

  6. I thought somebody had to have a pop at Corbyn….And hey presto, it’s all the astute Jeremy’s fault.


  7. Yeah, baz… But reality has kicked in and wee Stevie’s buggered off again, waiting for the blowback from his latest nugget to die down before he thinks it’s safe to return.

    The toerag enabling and apologist gobshite.

    1. Toffee, he dips in throws down a comment, tries to wind everybody up and departs. I reckon he’s Mandelson incognito…ha ha ha.

  8. The Wretched Elite. The Tories greatest skill is perhaps to CON a significant number of the masses into thinking that they rule for all (with the help of the Right Wing media) when they rule for the rich and stuff their and their own mouths with gold. And of course Right Wing Labour has never tried to politicise the masses cos Right Wing Labour MPs, councillors and Right Wing members want the power for themselves and just enough votes to achieve this. Of course left wing democratic socialists like me want to politicise the masses cos we want to empower citizens to transform society which Corbyn was all about.
    At least we now know the rich and powerful, and Tory, Right Wing Labour, Lib Dem MPs etc are the TRUE LITTLE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET!

  9. SteveH my darling one. WTF is your obsession with Mr Corbyn about eh? He doesn’t give a fig for you despite your ongoing and relentless obsession with him. For your own sake let it go man. He is not interested in you now or never has been. Please don’t take it personally and I am more than aware this is going to hurt you mortally but you have to realise you are flogging a dead un. My heart bleeds for you as there is seldom a day that you fail to mention that blaggard Corbyn. Let it go SteveH. He isn’t worthy of your continual preoccupation with him. Just be assured your comrades here are always willing to support you and your preoccupation with Mr Corbyn because we also admire a man with principles to die for, in fact I would go so far as to say he continually intrudes on our minds also. So in closing go jump off the nearest cliff you pathetic penis.

      1. The absolute, utter tragedy about centrist new Labour is that when MPs turn on Starmer it won’t be over a red line or a principle, it will be because they don’t want to lose their place on the gravy train. Briefcase Labour, no soul, no values, no policies. And everybody knows it

      2. And no doubt stammer thinks the same as spiderider said Corbyn does.

        In fact, stammer proved his utter disdain of your unwavering (bordering on mentally unstable) fanaticism when he voted for toerag brexit and shat on your reason for electing him (After reneging on almost all his other pledges – as predicted – that is)

        Except it’s all corbyn’s fault for being shat on by you, fatberg, Hodge, and the axle-greased barnet, et al, in the first place.

        But hey? It’s all about YOU and your comment, isn’t it?

        Self-absorbed, stammerite onanist.

      3. Toffee – “But hey? It’s all about YOU and your comment, isn’t it?”

        You are the one making it so.

      4. So YOU kid yerself.

        Nope. Have another go. We know how you love to insist on having the last word…

      5. Toffee – …..and yet here you are again, like a needy stray.

      6. and here we go again – DAME Cressida Dick led Metropolitan Police will not bother investigating Matt Hancock despite conclusive evidence of his flagrant breaking of Covid rules.

        Like so many people, who suffered bereavements neither of nor with Covid-19, even at max number for the funeral last year, hundreds were left out. The mixed messages re future rules mean internment again was scaled down according to govt diktats. I’m not unsurprised by the Cummings Johnson Hancock Tory outfit, but the emotional distress their regime has burdened people with is incalculable. I try not to focus on our own bereavement as hundreds of thousands or more are enduring similar. But it is a sharp kick delivered by Hancock & chumocracy. The multimillion contracts to friends and family seems like nothing before in my lifetime. The brazen arrogance also seems to be at new depths. The entitlement, double standards, the extent of their heartlessness seems to be at a new level. How much worse for those whose loved ones lost their lives unnecessarily due to the mismanaged Covid-19…. just think, from August to now and STILL due to the Hancock Johnson chaos of ever changing nonsensical rules, we still had to have a less than desired ceremony.

        All of this could have been avoided if Mandelson Blair Hodge Harman Cooper Khan Phillips numbers one and two, all the other really awful people did not collaborate with SIR Starmer to wreck a true Labour victory. No wonder Starmer has not once named SERCO and the other bandits.

      7. SteveH davidH etc i’m not in the mood 4 your SH. It is not the time. Matters not a jot to u of course

      8. windchimes – If your time is at such a premium surely it would have been quicker and more truthful for you to just say “Sorry, I was wrong” instead of making up silly excuses.

      9. SteveH davidH SH it is significant that to date, your Sir Rodney Starmer has FAILED to name SERCO, Ranox, G4S and other bandits. U know that full well yet unconvertible u as all u Tories are, shamelessly attempt to deceive.

        Anyone can speak about corruption. True opposition would be – name the bandits in parliament. U know that SteveH davidH, unconvertible SH it’s what u will ALWAYS be.

      10. ps “it is not the time” obviously refers to “mood”, circumstances. U know that, u evil twister SteveH davidH. Unconvertible nasty little SH.

    1. Doug – “Gina Colangelo
What first attracted you to the VIP Lane”?

      Insatiable greed typical of the one percent. Colangelo is already married to the multimillionaire sock seller Bonas. ¿related to Henry aka Harry’s ex)
      Gina Colangelo a la ravenous vultures and pigs, was already had more than enough money b4 Cummings’ Johnson’s Hancock chumocracy. Their kleptomaniac chumocracy has been exploiting the pandemic for all they can snout. A Covid-19 oligarchy has been enabled by SIR Starmer’s sabotage and coups against Jeremy led TRUE Labour.

      This new Covid-19 oligarchy suits SIR Starmer. That’s why Rodney Keith REFUSES to name SERCO, Ranox, G4S, Deloite and the rest of their lot. Not to mention the vulture hedge funds feasting ob the deliberately squeezed businesses. SIR Rodney DARES not upset them. He will remain vague… non specific. Starmer is an ACTIVE cog in this utterly current establishment. Unfathomable loss and grieving … a tragedy for “the many”, is nothing but a troughing bonanza for the few 🦠🐽💰

      A tiny few (one percent) WORLDWIDE have made hundreds of BILLIONS ££€ since Covid-19 started. They r still raking it in. Luxury cars, villas, mansions and private jets are flying off the shelves as never before in the last sixty years🦠🐽💰
      Evil greed.
      That is all.

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