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Breaking: Hancock admits breaking social distancing rules with aide

Health Secretary’s position surely untenable – but he has done enough to be sacked for a thousands times over

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has admitted this morning that he broke social distancing rules with one of his aides, following lurid stories in the press and despite attempts by Tory MPs to dismiss the issue as a merely personal matter. Hancock apologised for ‘letting people down’.

After Hancock said months ago that it was inevitable for a government scientist to step down for a similar breach, his position is surely untenable. But many would argue that the needless deaths of around 150,000 people should have seen the end of him long before now – even more so as Boris Johnson admitted to an adviser that Hancock was ‘totally f***ing hopeless’.

Johnson’s guilt is no less and both should be in the dock, not just in disgrace.

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  1. et al Blunkett Bliar’s ex flatmate Appointed Atorney General. Just think the SH lot of Captain Hindsight. No good will ever come from them.

    1. Cumming’s Johnson’s Hancock made and enabled by the saboteurs and coup plotters SIR Starmer being a KEY part.

      1. apologies – my posts above in wrong order. brings to mind though david blunket’s extracurricular activities with petronella wyatt.
        be not mistaken all named above are of the same lot. titled and titled incestuously corrupt lot. that’s why they undermined a true labour victory to enable cummings’ johnson’s hancock & nest of vultures. the ****fest we r living through is the direct “worked for” result of the tories who infest labour. the likes of sir rodney keith starmer bliar harman hodge have never shared our aims. they don’t. they never will.

  2. He should be put up against a wall and executed by firing squad, along with all other tories

  3. Breaking: Hancock admits breaking social distancing rules with aide.

    The sooner people (especially democratic socialist people) realise that ‘social distancing’ is not medically (or infectiously) necessary (and possibly never was for most people, most of the time), and recognise that it nothing more than a control mechanism’ used by the powers that be (TPTB) to endorse a covid narrative that is based on bad science and seems to serve a non-medical purpose, the better.

    Why have more than 45% of all claimed global deaths from or with covid happened in only two countries which together make up 5% of global population?

    Please, please, please start questioning the covid narrative and question the assumptions.

    1. That’s one way of describing a snog.. .. Again another example of one law for us and no law for them. Both Johnson and Hancock need sacking as does Rod the enabler.

    2. Me, qwertboi, above “Why have more than 45% of all claimed global deaths from or with covid happened in only two countries which together make up 5% of global population?”

      And all (except c. 1.5%) of the other 55% ‘covid deaths’ being reported by contries which are either negotiating or in receipt of IMF/WB “loans”(and the alleged death rate being in direct proportion to the loan-mount being provided/requested)?

      Could the American deep state and its llegitimate neoliberal off-spring, global financial capitalsim (well, principally the IMF), be playing a more-than-observing role in the globally misrepresented not very virulent health “pandemic”?

      Questions, questions, questions…

      1. @qwertboi

        Belarus told the IMF to fuck off after they gave covid related demands/conditions for money. They have a very low rate of covid, but have had a lot of trouble since.

        EU nhas sanctioned them after the bomb threat/plane landing. Dunno why. Back in the 80s, the Yanks intercepted a passenger jet in international airspace and forced it to land in Italy.

        US deltra forces then surrounded the plane. Understandably, the Italians didn’t like this and surrounded the Yanks with their MPs (that would be cops, not a Bunga Bunga party).

        No sanctions, no mentions, no single standards.

      2. @NVLA
        “Belarus told the IMF to fuck off after they gave covid related demands/conditions for money. They have a very low rate of covid, but have had a lot of trouble since…..”

        Yes, Imran Khan has as much as admitted the same pressure being applied to him (he’s PM of Pakistan) by the US President and IMF .
        Joe Biden gave all $300.000,000 US-bought AZ ‘vaccines’ to third-world countries because they are so f***king dangerous (VAERS and ‘Yellow Card’) that no US President is willing to give them the green-light for use by Americans (93% of UK jabbed people, are jabbed with AZ ‘vaccine’, or.rather, the experimental mRNA drug therapy has does not yet completed its mandatory “test phase” (current ETA = Nov 31 2022)).

        India, and its hard-right President, though, intrigues me. Obviously the sudden increase in claimed “covid deaths” are possibly cholera deaths which are usually 4-8% of population figure per year, but miraculously (like ‘flu in 2020 UK) disappeared in the current year.

  4. Hardly shocking is it? They’re all at it, none more so than Johnson. Even Starmer’s at it, if we believe the rumours. Funny that Murdoch has turned on him over this rather than Covid deaths. Probably members his own experience with a politician and his wife.

  5. He will get away with it. Johnson has accepted his apology and says the matter is closed. Part of me suspected that it could have possibly been an escape route for Hancock (sacked for sex is better than sacked for failure at your job).

    It does however add that bit more weight that the entire covid narrative is suspect (I’m not saying covid doesn’t exist). G7 went everywhere without masks, Johnson spoke to the queen a few days ago without masks and well, Hancock clearly hasn’t followed the rules either. The fact his squeeze easily got a job working for Hancock is not exactly inspiring either.

    Something stinks, and it’s not Hancock’s easy evasion of punishment or responsibility.

    1. He will get away with it. Johnson has accepted his apology and says the matter is closed.

      Too right. Tory ministers don’t do resignations these days. And Boris needs his human shield!

  6. Yes, masks and social distancing are only for the little people. Thousands were mingling at Royal Ascot the other day.

    1. … and taxes… and prison… and 24/7 media condemnation…
      “only for the little people”.

  7. Hopeless, Hardfaced, Hancock will try to tuff it out. He should have resigned months ago but he is typical of a shamless, arrogant, sleazy Tory who sticks two fingers up to the public.

  8. I’m hearing Gove is behind the CCTV leak. Ironic coming from the one man no one would have an affair with…..ever!

  9. News item on the radio, 25/06/21 at 14:00 hrs states: ” No 10 reports that the matter has been dealt with and no further action is required.” This from a serial cheat and father of numerous bastards. ⛽🔥

  10. Gross misconduct = sackable offence.

    …But even if he IS finally binned, he’ll still cop for his cabinet pension.

    What a racket to be a part of.


    1. The Toffee – “a racket” 🔵🔵🔵 “racket”. the racketeers know it.

    1. It’s a simple Branding strategy.

      They are in such deep shit there is only one way to go – forward. By being Britains Biggest Bad Boys they can deflect any criticism as being politcal/ trivial while they are Doing Important Work For the Country.

      Look at what Trump did – he got 6 x the column inches Hilary did by being totally OTT – and people with low information horizons voted fo the devil they knew.

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