Huge hole widening in Labour finances after Unite stops donations and member numbers plummet

Analysis by former treasurer candidate shows cost of lurch to right and uninspiring leadership

Analysis of the Labour party’s income since Keir Starmer took over as leader, carried out by a recent candidate for the position of party treasurer, has revealed a gaping – and widening – hole in its finances.

A summary of donations to the Labour party shows – apart from a blip caused by donations for Labour’s 2019 general election campaign under Corbyn that were not registered until January last year – a sharp decline from 2020 onwards:

The fall becomes even clearer when a summary is added to the information compiled by Esther Giles:

The party has lost many tens of thousands of members – and accordingly their subscription fees and donations – since Keir Starmer became leader, with that number reportedly accelerating as Starmer’s assault on free speech has intensified.

And the Unite union, the party’s biggest donor under Corbyn, stopped its donations entirely in early 2020 and had not resumed them up to the most recent report:

By Giles’s calculations, there was a £2.5m deficit in the party’s finances in 2020 – and she expects this to worsen in 2021 – by another £1m or more and around £2m in membership subs – with lower ‘Short money’ from parliament also reducing Labour’s income. Excluding the peak in funding due to election contributions recorded in January 2020, the average donations in 2020 (adjusted to four quarters) are the equivalent of £3.7m lower than the mean funding in 2018 and 2019.

Giles estimated that the ongoing deterioration of member donations will lead to a further fall of as much as £3 million this year:

Giles’s figures do not include the payout of around £600,000 to right-wing ‘whistleblowers’ made by Starmer to settle a legal case the party was set to win. She told the SKWAWKBOX:

On the current trajectory, they have 3-5 years before they have to start selling assets or taking on loans.

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  1. A few breakfasts with Property Developers and arms dealers should plug the gap – at a price of course.

    1. The property developers will probably demand a row-back on his position supporting tenants in homes clad with inflammable material though!

    2. Dirty desmond got a huge housing development for the price of a small hatchback car off jenrick…The odds are that Keith would’ve given him East Sussex for a favourable headline.

  2. Flaccid monotonal delivery of a boringly beige political broadcast today won’t have won him any converts.

    1. And the set looks like a 1970s broadcast by the BNP. Never did the Union Flag look so limp.
      Remember – It’s only the Union Jack if flown from a Royal Navy vessel, at the pointed end, I think.

  3. Quite remarkable really that our knight and head of the Dpp made large donations to the “save the lawyer fund” I think this forensic lawyer of ours has been strident in ensuring the revival of the bottom feeders profession Lawyers.Members money thrown around like confetti to the Hq staff as a reward for taking apart the Labour party and supporting the AS scam.Now other former socialist members will be looking for a genuine settlement for some of the scandals sorounding our kangaroo court the notorious NEC..Maybe our shining knight needs to share out a bit of that Israeli government money with his new Likud Labour party.The snap General election campaign by the Torys will make big inroads again with the Labour vote when the torys blast the foreign funded black ops specialist funded by a “foreign government for the benefit of undermining the country.The Labour party will not recover from a charge of treason.Welcome to the real world were no cash business.Because that is basically what the Labour party is and who they identify with.The whole stinking swamp culture of the Labour party needs to go down and rebuilt by the working-class movement for the working-class people who have not been represented for more than half a century.

    1. This is probably what Max is after, just not so quickly. If he is capable of doing such a thing, he should be weeping into his beluga and shuddering over his cornflakes. Sew up your pockets comrades. People need somewhere to go and I feel that all the well intended options won’t cut it. Good things might arise from the Derby actions later in the year. Cheers.

    2. Actions against them by members will bankrupt them in 3 – 5 months
      Then our party falls back into our hands
      Could be 3 – 5 weeks if unions give us the nod and we all vote with our feet and sponduliks

      1. Doug, do you promise the US won’t declare Kuenssberg interim president “to save Britain from communism?”
        If every union shifted its support from Labour to a Corbyn-led PPJ – and if there was a favourable poll or two – even that might trigger them.
        If Corbyn had won in 2017 or 19 neoliberalism wouldn’t have just said “Oh, well, never mind” and given up.
        If the PPJ becomes a party watch the attacks double up. If it wins an election expect sanctions.

        If he was jammed up Starmer wouldn’t surrender, he’d offer small concessions first, try to bring Jeremy back in, if not paint him as as intransigent, rinse and repeat – all with the 24/7 help of the MSM.
        Unions would be painted as Marxists, trying to gain unfair advantage for their members during a pandemic, spreading the pandemic at picket lines – anything they can think of.

  4. The problem is UNITE’s money is not going to registered socialist parties, to run in the local elections, and in the much rumoured early general elections in 2022 or 2023.

    BFAWU could have stopped paying Labour, as could the left leaning RMT / ASLEF railway trade union and Fire Brigade Union, as UNITE has done.

    That UNISON is paying subs to Labour that is abandoning NHS staff to not being vaccinated by the 2 jabs being beyond the vaccine firm’s own science of 21 or 28 days, which is Tory Boris, and UK sole country doing that mistake that threatens Covid19 mutating beyond vaccines.

    We have a new socialist party, the Breakthrough party, that is registered to run in elections, so why are the trade unions who are affiliated to Labour, not stopping payment, as UNITE has done, and pay the Breakthrough party, so it can run in this year’s local elections, and get started in time to run in next year’s early general election.

    The Breakthrough party is the sole socialist party that can win big, as it is the sole party that has agreed with Grey Swans’ pension demands, as a total package, so would gain the state pension experts of the 1950s (and 1960s born) ladies, who alone can canvass on the party’s behalf to the vital Grey Vote from age 50 to 100, in key marginals seats, especially against Labour.

    Labour that betrayed the working class pensioners, and in particular the 1950s ladies, all the way back to 1978.

    1. I have contacted them greyswans and will wait to hear from them.Thanks for the info…because I cannot support any party that doesn’t recognise the working-class people first and foremost.No more broad church brigade.

      1. I agree whole heartedly. People are worried about media reactions when such actions are done but I would expect dishonesty and vilification from the media. It’s a rite of passage and a badge of honour. Remember that we have a world to win. ☮️

    2. RMT were expelled from Labour a long time ago when they supported the Scottish Socialist Party. RMT support individual MP’s as part of a Parliamentary Group. FBU were similar but I think they are back supporting Labour during Corbyn’s time.

    3. Thanks for the heads up, Grey Swans. Have also contacted them.

      Just watched a minute or so of Starmer’s PP Broadcast on Vox Political but couldn’t take any more — what a load of boring tosh! Even the background music sounds like a funeral dirge.

      How on Earth is that kind of presentation likely to inspire anyone? People need something to give them hope instead of more doom and gloom, especially at this moment in time.

    1. David Evans is apparently writing to all members to advise that this video is not “competent business” and they risk suspension if they watch as their “Social media monitor” is already hard at work.

  5. You just need to rough your hair up a bit Keith, and leave off the Brylcream.

  6. Presumably Unite is still affiliating its members who have agreed to pay the political levy to the LP but has stopped additional donations.

  7. The balance sheet simply doesn’t matter to the right, the same as “allowing” the torys to remain in power. It’s not about winning it’s about keeping the left out of power. FACT!

    1. The balance sheet is always rosy for those who choose to listen to the hundreds of lobbyists clamouring at Westminster.

  8. Yep. Dead popular is keith and his trainset.

    I suppose it’ll be on soon to enlighten us as to how ‘less is more’ or other such delusional gawpistry. Makes Comical Ali look professional.

    I digress. Well in unite. Individuals – especially those from CLPs that voted no confidence and were censured, should also withhold payment.

    In fact, anyone who disagrees or dissents should. Keith thinks he can scrounge enough outta the wealthy; members should incentivise him to do so in the same way people who have their dole stopped for piss-all wre incentivised to work for their benefits; something I’ve no doubt stammer will agree with Coffey’s reintroduction of it soon enough.

  9. Worth keeping in mind that the deficit over the last year may be getting amplified by the economic realities of a lockdown-recession.

    1. Another thing worth keeping in mind…the deficit, which is used by all politicians as the reason the poor must tighten their belts, hasn’t meant Jack shit this last year and could have encompassed three or four of Corbyn’s ‘wildly unaffordable’ budgets.
      Maybe the pandemic will enlighten people to the fact that the economy isn’t anything like a household budget, but I doubt it. The lessons of the pandemic seem obvious to me: Poverty helps the virus spread, the internal market effects the NHS’s ability to cope with the pandemic and we’ve spent the last 40 years dicking around selling each other unneeded services.

  10. I am hoping for a snap election as soon as possible so this cuckoo’s waltz is stopped once and for all.The redundancy amongst the PLP will give them a dose of reality.ITs probably too late to reform the unreformable,but even a handful of socialist MPs (if we can find any)would be the start of a working-class movement with a strong fearsome leader who leads by example and expects only the highest standards of behaviour and culture.from the mps and the membership.Flogging a dead horse is not a trait of a vibrant working class party.No broad church brigade need apply.Find your fees for little johnys private education and health somwhere else.We have been out in the wilderness for over fifty years with the establishment parasites and our time as come.

    1. It’s funny, I read an article by Polly Toynbee recently, predicting that Boris would call a snap election soon, before his bizarre popularity bubble bursts and the public start getting the pitchforks out.

      Be careful what you wish for, Joseph!

    2. ‘Our time has come’ says Joseph! Could you elaborate as to how you arrived at such a conclusion?

      Don’t hold you’re breath folks!! Needless to say it’s complete and utter B/S, and Joe is just having a laugh by attempting to manipulate readers emotionally.. Tens of thousands of left-wing members have been ‘coerced’ into leaving the LP since Starmer became leader, and Jeremy Corbyn is as good as expelled from the party, but everything is just dandy and ‘our time has come’!

      Yur such a joker Joe (the shills just lurve to amuse their fellow shills, and the right-wingers who come on to the site to get a laugh at what they’re saying AND how they’re duping the readership of skwawkbox….. or trying to). Shills are black propagandists, and their ‘narrative’ is practically ALWAYS directed at the emotions – ie to evoke this or that emotion. THAT, plus endless repetition of their falsehoods is the name of the game!

      ‘A lie told often enough becomes the truth.’

      Vladimir Lenin

  11. Joseph is absolutely right. The Labour Party is dead as a vehicle for socialism. Anybody who is a socialist still in the Labour Party has either got a well paid job or has been instituitionalised. If you campaign for a right winger in future elections you are my enemy.
    The Labour right, Tories, Liberal Democrats and Greens couldn’t even allow some mild social democracy without getting hysterics. They are all our class enemy.
    We have to have a new party that doesn’t keep apologising for stuff we don’t have to apologise for, like the weak and ineffective Corbyn and McDonnell did. Never apologise to the class enemy. We don’t give a shit what they think of us, only what the working class think of us.
    A new party should be properly democratic, with the ability to remove all our elected representatives if we’re not happy with them. They do a job at our bidding, not as a cushy career.
    A new party should not allow long time Labour lefts from holding posts – they have shit politics ingrained in their heads. Likewise, people from existing Far Left organisations, whose loyalty is mainly to building their own organisations, not to the advancing the cause of the working class. Quite apart from them attracting cranks and social misfits.

    1. Oh I see Joe and Doug are off again doing their daily dose of bashing LP socialist MPs AND – in this instance – Jeremy Corbyn himself (which the shills on here have done literally hundreds of times during the past couple of years or so). Yep, so the SCG are all useless, but the likes of Joe and Doug want them to leave the LP and form a new socialist party!

      Funny, isn’t it, how if Jeremy is so weak etc and throws good ‘socialist comrades’ under the bus (which the shills have repeated literally scores of times during the past couple of years, and despite the fact that they know damn well that he had no say in the disciplinary process as leader), in the days after he said he would be standing down (as of when a new leader is elected), Okeefe was insisting repeatedly that he MUST stay on as leader:

      ‘….. and I now believe that Corbyn has a duty to stay on as leader.Too many rash off the cuff decisions on the future of the Labour party made after no sleep and a campaign.We deserve better.’

      Yep, so the guy who ‘threw good comrades under the bus’ and was ‘weak’ and ‘appeased his enemies’ etc, etc, etc…… ‘has a duty to stay on as leader’

      If you can’t see through these shills then you are totally blind!

      And in the very next thread Okeefe says the following:

      ‘And what about Corbyn? We loose every way if he goes.His instinct was correct. ..’

      And in a post a couple of days later referring to Jeremy, Okeefe says the following:

      ‘… Best leader we have ever had…’

      1. And can you give a few examples of what these ‘rash off the cuff decisions on the future of the Labour Party’ were Joe?

        As I recall it, Jeremy made his announcement that he would be standing down at 3.00am in the morning (on December 13th), which is hardly the same as making a decision after being up all night, and yet AGAIN, Okeefe was lying through his teeth! But THAT’s what fascist shills DO – ie concoct and contrive things!

        Needless to say, Jeremy knew at that stage that HE – the LP – were going to be heavily defeated, and given that it was the SECOND defeat under his leadership, made the decision to stand down once a new leader was elected. Most leaders of a political party that’s defeated stand down after losing ONE general election, and you can be sure that Jeremy felt dreadful about the number of MPs who were losing their seats, and all the party activists who had spent so many hours canvassing.

      2. Alan Howard states:

        ‘…but the likes of Joe and Doug want them to leave the LP and form a new socialist party!’

        If you bothered to read what I said, I said no such thing. In any case, Left Labour MPs will never leave the LP. As for Corbyn, anyone criticising him is a shill apparently. So, I apologise if it was another Jeremy Corbyn who cravenly kept apologising for virtually non-existent anti-Semitism, made no attempt to neutralise the Right by instigating mandatory re-selection and, yes, throwing good socialists under the bus to appease the Zionists. As for McDonnell, his great intervention in Scotland was coming up here and use the pathetic ‘SNP are Tartan Tories’ accusation. Brilliant.

        I guess Howard is one of the useful idiots who’s stayed in the LP.

      3. In his response to me, Doug gets in yet ANOTHER falsehood that the shills have repeated on this blog over and over again – ie that Jeremy ‘kept’ apologising etc. He didn’t KEEP apologising, and did so just a handfull of times during his tenure as leader. In 2018, for example, he apologised TWICE! The following clip is from a BBC News article:

        Jeremy Corbyn has apologised again for incidents of anti-Semitism in Labour.

        The party leader said sorry twice in 2018, but was criticised for refusing to do so four times in a recent interview with the BBC’s Andrew Neil.

        Yep, he can’t win, can he! If he apologises (as he did regarding the mural) he gets trashed by shills posing as supporters of his AND if he DOESN’T apologise, he gets trashed by the Blairites and the BoD and the JLM and CAA and MSM and Jewish newspapers etc!

        But perhaps you could remind me Doug what happened when Jeremy refuted the claims of anti-semitism being endemic in the party the day the EHRC published its fraudulent report – ie when he said in a statement that ‘the scale of the problem has been dramatically overstated by political opponents and the media’. Yes, he got suspended! AND condemned and vilified courtesy of the MSM by all the usual suspects – ie the very forces who dramatically – and grossly – overstated and exaggerated the scale of the problem. In the following Sun article – as no doubt was the case with the rest of the MSM – there are a whole bunch of quotes from the likes of Margaret Hodge and Joan Ryan and Marie van der Zyl who all piled in to condemn him for saying what he said, and did so knowing of course that what he said was the actuality. The funny thing is (NOT haha) – given your falsehood about him always apologising – that the article starts by saying the following:

        JEREMY Corbyn has been suspended by Labour after his shameless response to a damning report which found the party broke the law over anti-Semitism.

        This morning under-fire Mr Corbyn refused to apologise…..

      4. There are meds you can get from your GP.
        Delusion can be scary, and you may hurt yourself, or others.

      5. PS Having now done a search and found TWO other occasions in 2018 when Jeremy apologised (for A/S), I’ve concluded that the BBC News article WASN’T referring to – or including – Jeremy’s apology in respect of the mural. So, in March 2018 he apologised about A/S in the party, and then in the August – when it magically came to light – he apologised about the meeting in 2010 where Israel was compared to the Nazis (by Hajo Meyer, a Jewish survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp).

        Given that most people draw their perception of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict from the MSM where reality is turned on its head, Jeremy obviously concluded that the best course of action was to distance himself from the Nazi comparison and apologise. Here’s a link to the Guardian’s coverage of his apology, and a clip from from the article which exemplifies just how totally evil the forces ranged against Jeremy and the left ARE. And WERE:

        Gideon Falter, the chair of the CAA, said: “The evidence shows beyond all doubt that Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite and the Labour party has become institutionally antisemitic. The problem is not one man but an entire movement which has hijacked the anti-racist Labour party of old and corrupted it with a racist rot.”

      6. I meant to post the following PRIOR to my previous comment, which I wrote prior to doing the search I refered to:

        Afterthought: One of the two apologies Jeremy made in 2018 was regarding the mural (I don’t recall what the other apology was for), and what he apologised for is for not looking at the picture properly (on his mobile presumably). In OTHER words, it was NOT an apology in respect of anti-semitism.

      1. Permanent embarrassment….pissing outside the tent,or inside the tent and now the tents gone..who can we piss on but ourselves?Different Doug Well its “good to talk” even if semi embarrassment ready to jump?How about different Howard on full dose and medicated .?

    2. Good stuff. Why people fail to spot class enemies wherever they are has always baffled me. As for the trots, lots of mysoginistic stuff bubbling away all over. I remember the terrifying RCP, the scabs friend, holding a conference called “Preparing for power”. That got Spiked. We know who the enemy is so shall we begin again, properly?

  12. So, Keith did the right wing investors bidding to get rid of Jeremy, they paid a pittance for this to be carried out. Keith asks said investors for more money. Investors say “we’re good thanks, we got what we wanted.’ Keith open mouthed as he realises he been screwed!

    Keith then goes on all out war with the membership and the members say ‘screw you Keith.’ Membership leaves and Keith open mouthed as he realises he has been screwed!

    Unite says ‘screw you Keith.’ Keith open mouthed as he realises he’s been screwed!

    Keith isn’t that bright as he obviously doesn’t recognise his pattern of behaviour ends up being Labour is screwed!

  13. ‘Labour should not be taking Unite’s money for granted’, Len McCluskey, but has he (and one day soon a successor) any ideas about directing Unite’s money to support pro-working class politics within Labour?

    Clearly, a process has evolved whereby Union money gets delivered to the Party’s finance function, but could (say) Unite and Labour members by-pass this process to make funds available directly to specific CLPs they endorse?

    Just asking.

    1. Yes and you’re only the third person to post a link to it. Do pay attention at the back!

  14. Joseph, an election would do no good that I can see.
    Not without a real socialist party on the ticket.
    Even if the whistle were blown on every bit of Tory incompetence, lies and corruption – all we’d get is Starmorrhoids.
    Followed by assurances and inquiries, followed by “unavoidable” austerity under another name.
    They’ll probably call it “inflation” – the “no fault, no blame, no claim” austerity.

    Direct action on a far bigger scale even than the gilets jaunes actions might just get things moving in the right direction – short of that I don’t see any worthwhile permanent change coming.
    The riots would have to spread throughout the EU and beyond too – governments would have to fall and every part of the infrastructure including markets, banks & everything else financial would have to be nationalised.
    The 1% have to be made to understand once and for all that their privilege is over.

    Anyone else wonder why Google Translate works so badly?
    The tech exists to make it better than it is I’m certain – Google Maps & Search certainly used to be better.
    They & probably everything else seem to have been ‘optimised’ for speed over detail since the early days.
    Revolution would be a lot easier to organise without language barriers – is it possible the 1% might have figured that out?

    1. To expose the establishment Labour party for what it is asap…then at least the garbage can be cleared away and the unions and the homeless membership will seek and find a real alternative in a coming together of the working-class in a real Opposition party.Bring on the election because people need to realise that the establishment Labour party only muddy the waters and make the possibility of a working-class movement even further away.I see decent people on here struggling daily with the hope of a working-class Labour party and its just not possible,with the institutionalized corruption of the mind and the body of the Labour party.thats been that way for more than half a century .

      1. An election could see the end of Starmer if he does badly enough. That’s a start.

      2. Paul, not much of a [new] start if Keith ‘Interesting’ Starmer’s successor is Moose Rayner.
        If there were a challenge (and assuming Jeremy didn’t stand) she’d have to be something of a favourite as deputy wouldn’t she?
        Even if not her, who is there – really?

      3. I would happily vote Tory if I lived in a marginal, something I’ve never considered. I feel very vengeful towards Starmer’s bogus Labour party.

  15. Maybe Starmer could invite £700,000 Jewish doner Michael Foster back into the party after he accused Corbyn supporters of behaving like “Nazi stormtroopers.” Corbyn suspended him to save the reputation of the party. Another option for Starmer is Sir David Garrard another Jewish doner who has contributed £1.5 million since 2003 and may rejoin Labour if Starmers reforms match Garrards expectations. Could renaming the Labour party the Likud party do the trick?

  16. Boohoo maybe this new Labour 2.0 cult can pay for itself because sure as hell can ask the right-wing scum they think loves this Tory-lite policies BS to pay for it

    You walked away from us the members don’t expect us to pay for your right-wing ideology in a supposedly socialist party FFS!!

    You cosying up the rich twits lets see them coff up the extra dosh? We will be waiting for a socialist party to support, vote for and believe in! Oh with our money remaining firmly in our pockets thanks!

    1. Fake news – that picture’s been photoshopped.
      In the original both those puppets have Netanyahu’s arms up their arses working their lips.

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