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Another one bites the dust: Chapman removed as ‘closest aide’ by Starmer

But who’s left to sack after Batley and Spen?

Keir Starmer has removed his ‘closest aide’ from her role, as panic continues to spread through his theoretically-named ‘LOTO’ [leader of the opposition] office, following Labour’s disastrous loss in the Hartlepool by-election and the party’s worst ever by-election result last week in Chesham and Amersham.

Labour peer Jenny Chapman, previously described as Starmer’s most important adviser, has been shunted off to the face-saving position of Brexit spokesperson.

Starmer has already removed his chief of staff Morgan McSweeney and communications director (and private health lobbyist) Benn Nunn, whom Starmer scandalously replaced with one of the former Labour staff implicated in the ‘Ergon House’ diversion of campaign funds to protect right-wing MPs. Ironically, only four days ago Chapman tweeted that Nunn would ‘always be part of the team’, yet now finds herself on the relative outside too.

But who’s now left for Starmer to sack as scapegoats when, as even Labour now openly anticipates, the Batley and Spen by-election next week is another disaster?

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  1. I hear that Starmer’s next financial appeal is going to be for all the leaving cards and gift collections.

  2. Well, hi wife will be delighted. However, according to twitter, Labour first are in full control of the party now and Starmer’s only mission is to change the rules for electing a leader. Winning elections has been dropped for the greater good of the few not the many.

      1. Thanks Lundiel, some of the replies are priceless.

  3. Theoretically named?

    Should be charged with fraud under the trade descriptions act.

    1. I think it’s wider, deeper if you will, than that. Supporters of Labour’s right wing, both its traditional and New Labour versions, now almost merged, are fighting strongly for their politics, with the support of the national media, but it’s not working. They are perplexed and hence turning in on themselves. They have no answer, because they are responsible for the long-term degeneration of the Labour Party’s organization. Indeed they are now turning back the gains of the Corbyn years which hardly had the time to consolidate. But enough of us are still members.

      We have to continually remind them, and ourselves, of the near success of the 2017 general election. Roll on the Forde report!

      1. Meanwhile in the absence of the opposition, a cross party group of MPs and peers and a campaign group called the Citizens have been in court this afternoon trying to get a judicial review to force Johnson to investigate Russian interference in UK elections. From what I have heard, it’s not going well.

        We need an effective opposition, not this shambles Starmer is presiding over.

      2. @Paul

        Great post. The image of them attacking each other fits nicely with what we are seeing.


        Do you believe that the Russians have meddled with elections? Russia has a similar GDP to Italy and I can’t help but think that considering the money they have to play with, and managing to create weaponry that neuters American aggression and manages to meddle with foreign elections whilst dragging their own population higher is incredibly impressive and maybe we should be copying them on account of us having an even bigger budget.

        Putin’s Christmas gift of 5000 rubles to every child in Russia springs to mind. Alongside Kalibre and spy activity.

        Yeah, I like Putin. Seems to be one of the few grown ups in the global political world.

        (Gotta have a bogeyman to flog weapons)

      3. Paul Smith
        Do you not think this has all the signs of a scorched earth policy, to eviscerate any chance of a future socialist Labour government
        Our lot need to stand up and tell the world Red Tories are in the wrong party and off they must fuck

      4. NVLA

        It doesn’t really matter what I think, but there appears to be evidence that there has been political meddling in UK democracy from the Russian government and at least one other. If there is evidence then it needs investigating, if only to dismiss it.

        That Putin is your hero is frankly irrelevant.

        There is evidence that our democracy is being gamed (I’m thinking the C4 News documentary and the Al Jazeera videos as examples). You may not put any store on democracy, but others do.

        But the fact remains, while Starmer is destroying the opposition, Johnson is running rough shod over the county.

      5. There was no Russian interference in our or America’s elections. Bad faith actors were busy claiming ‘bots’ were coming out of the woodwork. Anyone who questioned them was labelled ‘bot’.

      6. Many of the claims relied on intelligence cut-out Bellingcat to feed them to the MSM. Eliot Higgins (Bellingcat) is a computer gamer with Asperger’s who used to write comments in the Guardian under the name Brown Moses. He used to write long rambling comments about the war against Libya. He is obsessive about weapons and he wrote his nonsense as if he was on the ground. He then transferred his attention to Syria and began to receive ‘evidence’ from the security services. The whole thing is a very British farce.

      7. We need to be clear about what constitutes ‘meddling’. Full blown James Bond type spying, strategically placed advertising, paid media influencers etc. It would be extremely naive to think that ANY of the world powers did NOT meddle in some way in ALL of the other power’s elections and I would put Britain the USA and Israel at the top of the list. It’s one of the reasons that Julian Assange is being tortured by being locked up in jail for no good reason and it shames us all that he is still there.

  4. Keir Starmer once again shows why his forensic personality is irreconcilable and incompatible with the role of leadeship.

    Not only is he a bad leader with inconsistent values with much of the party, Sir Keir Rodney Starmer lacks a close gang of MPs to defend him – just like Theresa May

  5. Chapman’s been sacked but moved sideways, several steps, to Shadow Frost and his Brexit quest.

    However, Frost reports direct to Johnson.

    Chapman will report to Rayner.

    Could be a case of Starmer keeping Brexit, and Chapman, at several arms length. Had enough of all that nonsense.

    1. Not at all centrist dad. It may surprise you to learn that hard working, non corporate long standing MPs have huge kudos from their electorate and none more so than Jeremy Corbyn whose majority was around 26000 over the libdem in second place in 2019.

  6. Starmer turned on Corbyn and his supporters expelling many,then he turned on his own staff, then his officials turned on the electorate by claiming antisemitism amongst Muslims was responsible for the party’s bad polling. The obnoxious Starmer is a disaster for the Likud sorry the Labour party. The only hope the Labour party have in the future is to get zero votes at Batley and Spen, even then I suspect the absolute gob shite will have to be carried out kicking and screaming.

  7. The left-wing journalist Aaron Bastani also seized upon leaks to the media from Labour HQ that Corbyn would remain suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party indefinitely, despite being reinstated as a party member by the NEC last November. That would likely end the MP’s 38-year career as Labour MP for Islington North at the next general election, as his local party would be forced to select another candidate.
    Speaking on BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show on Tuesday morning, Starmer contradicted his public statements last October that Labour General Secretary David Evans had taken the decision after “consulting” the parliamentary leader.
    “I’ve said that I am going to tackle anti-Semitism and root it out in my party, and that’s what I’ve been doing, taking necessary action”, Starmer said. “And it was Jeremy’s response to a report that we had into the Labour Party on anti-Semitism that caused me to take that action”.

    Left-wing website Novara Media founder Aaron Bastani seized on Starmer’s comments, accusing him of a “profound inability to be honest”. Starmer is a disgusting liar who should receive no votes in Batley and Spen.

    1. It’s been suggested that Jeremy Corbyn should leave the Labour Party, force a by election and stand for his own seat as ‘The Peace and Justice Party’.

      1. Or a rousing rendition of ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn ‘ at conference surrounded by a sea of Palestinian flags would suffice, for now
        A by election is one to keep in your back pocket for now and cash it in when you need it

      2. Not at all centrist dad. It may surprise you to learn that hard working, non corporate long standing MPs have huge kudos from their electorate and none more so than Jeremy Corbyn whose majority was around 26000 over the libdem in second place in 2019.

      3. I’d like to see him reinstated just so the dreadful Margaret Hodge would storm off in disgust.

      4. Doug, that’s an excellent suggestion. Just imagine the look on the faces of Starmer, Rayner, Hodge et al if that happened! There should be a concerted effort to bring it about.

      5. JackT
        All about the timing, not beyond a bit of coordination, every time the words ‘anti semitism’ are mentioned, followed by a round of boos
        Need a consistent message for media and toilet papers
        Vexatious claims of anti semitism are hate crimes and should be prosecuted, d9nt you agree, oh and what was your part in the AS Scam

  8. The res of the shadow cabinet is ready and available for sacking. Why does Kier need a team? Surely he can do all that is necessary himself. If that des not work he can sack himself.

  9. In 1972 Werner Herzog made a film called Aguirre, Wrath of God. An incompetent leader takes his troops on an impossible quest. One by one they perish and Aguirre goes mad before succumbing. Current events brought it to mind.

    1. Although i prefer the Vietnam solution where the grunts turn on their officers and tell them in no uncertain terms
      ‘Your in the wrong party ‘

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