Lefties take the **** in fine style after Starmer fans found tweeting identical praise from presumed memo

Tactic reminiscent of Tory ‘bot’ campaigns backfires

Left-wingers have turned their disgust with Keir Starmer’s ‘leadership’ of the Labour party into humour after pro-Starmer accounts – some of questionable authenticity – were caught tweeting identical and poorly-worded tweets praising his supposed electability:

Assuming the phenomenon to have resulted from some ‘Starmer central’ memo to his dwindling band of supporters in an attempt to bolster his credibility after an embarrassing performance on Piers Morgan’s programme, left-wingers immediately had a little fun and started creating their own versions in mimicry – sometimes subtle and sometimes far less so:

Some went to considerable lengths to make it clear what they thought of the script:

Others made their amusement – and their point – by tweeting the words in response to other ‘centrist’ nonsense, especially if it looked like the ‘OP’ might be rewording the presumed ‘LOTO’ memo:

But for some, simply repeating an endorsement of the dire party head was considered satire enough:

Keir Starmer has been compared, even in video games, to a cheap and/or ‘lite’ version of Boris Johnson. If his team has been copying Johnson’s tactics and circulating words to his supporters in a bid to lessen their boss’s embarrassment or create some appeal, it seems to have backfired – and continues to do so.

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  1. 2010 General Election: Labour 8,609,527 votes – 29.0% under Gordon Brown.
    Come 2019 GE, Labour under
    Jeremy Corbyn, DESPITE sabotage from within by Starmer operated by Mandelson & the Bliar creature’s toxicity AND Starmer’s MR REMAIN + 2nd Ref Confirmatory Vote tripe 32.1% vote share with 10,269.051 votes.

    1. SIR RODNEY Keith Starmer Establishment tool with FULL MSM support, FULL support of external forces, ZERO non stop allegations of being a Spy, IRA-sympathiser, appearing 200 years ago at this an that, laughable praised for stamping out what the good people of Finchley and Hendon realised were unsubstantiated grossly dangerous theatrics so they REJECTED one of the arch stirrers… YET STILL sir RODNEY starmer sinks lower and lower against the WORST government and PM possible.

      HOW so? How omnipotent are the external forces??? Yes of course others do have power JUST as we do. But observe and learn Jeremy’s ability to win the leadership and CRUSH two coups, and attract over half million members making it the largest party in Europe is proof that external forces are obviously NOT all powerful. WE are NOT hopeless victims.

      If anyone pretends they need more proof then observe the utterly DISMAL failure of RODNEY by all measures. Rodney Starmer LOST even Hartlepool which Labour under Jeremy held TWICE.

      Sir Rodney Starmer dinks lower and lower while becoming even more of an object of justified ridicule and scorn with full support of those weird screamers consider all powerful. WHY still believe myths despite OVERWHELMING reality❓❓❓

      1. Signpost spouting B/S falsehoods yet again. As I said last week when he posted the same falsehood, people on the left are NOT influenced by the MSMs lies precisely because they know that it’s the Establishment’s propaganda machine. So it isn’t proof at ALL that ‘external forces’ are not powerful and influential, precisely because people on the left see through the lies and falsehoods.

        Oh, but according to signpost, the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and BoD and CAA and JLM et al were all completely wasting their time churning out their A/S falsehoods on an almost daily basis, because 251,000 left-wingers voted for him in 2015, and 313,000 voted for him in 2016 (and Jeremy did NOT ‘attract over half a million members’, and THAT is just ANOTHER falsehood that signpost keeps repeating, and it was more like half that number).

      2. off with you sick White Flag Man Allan Howard the vile fraud who leaves an elderly man at the mercy of thugs in a gents toilet. Why? to finish drinks with a friend. What low life does that? The utterly scummy low life Allan Howard FRAUD🔴🔴🔴

      3. And given that he posted his first comment within two minutes of the notification being emailed to subscribers, obviously signpost didn’t read the article, and just copied a previous comment he’d written and posted it again, and did so so that he would – yet AGAIN – have the first comment. Oh, and then posted a ‘reply’ to himself!

        As for ‘external forces’ and Keir Starmer, he is about as inspiring as block of wood, and it’s not as if he’s been getting POSITIVE coverage by the MSM. It obviously hasn’t been on the scale and level that Jeremy was subjected to, but they’ve been sniping away at him, and especially during the past five or six months or so.

        BUT, during the course of the past two years or more there have been literally hundreds and hundreds of posts (albeit by a small circle of regular all-day every-day posters) criticising and castigating Jeremy on this blog for being ‘weak’ etc for not ‘fighting back’ against the lies and falsehoods, INCLUDING signpost himself on dozens and dozens of occasions, and coming out with his infantile ‘jellied weakness’ line….. Oh, but now he’s telling us in effect that the MSM *isn’t* all that powerful and influential after all, and if THAT’s the case, well no doubt Jeremy obviously realised that that was the case, and so there was no need for him to fight back or refute the lies and falsehoods they were disseminating.

        Yes, and the reason people believed that a third of party members had been reported (to the LP) for A/S was nothing to do with the thousands upon thousands of newspaper articles about A/S and the endless coverage on on TV and radio news bulletins etc! Or so signpost the shill would have people believe! And Bad News For Labour – the book – was just complete fiction!

      1. Doug – Which memo would that be, the only one I’ve recently received is one that I got today from David Evans (copy below) inviting me to sign-up for an online anti-Semitism awareness course run by JLM. Given what happened to Jackie Walker following a previous JLM course on the same subject I suspect the take-up will be low unless Evans can give members a categorical and unambiguous undertaking that the course will be regarded as a ‘safe space’ and that any responses by participants will not be used against them and would be inadmissible in any disciplinary procedures against them.

        cut & paste of email.
        Dear Steve
        When I first became General Secretary of the Labour Party, I made my priorities clear.
        I want to ensure that our Party is a welcoming environment for all our members.
        In order to tackle antisemitism, it is vital to understand it.
        That’s why I’m inviting you to an awareness raising training session for Labour Party members on understanding antisemitism, covering what antisemitic incidents look like in the UK and the world today, identifying different elements of antisemitism and how members of the Labour Party can create a welcoming environment for Jewish members.
        The training will take place online, Monday 14 June from 6:00 – 7:00pm.
        Help tackle the issue – sign up for the session today.
        The session will be introduced by Mike Katz, National Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement, and delivered by Rebecca Filer, National Organiser for the JLM, which has been the Labour Party’s Jewish affiliate for over 100 years.
        The Labour Party is built on the values of solidarity, equality and respect. Our movement thrives when it is together. That’s why I am very grateful for all the invaluable work that has gone into this training session, and would like to stress its importance. I have undertaken the training myself and found it thought provoking and useful
        Once more, I would like to urge all members who are able to attend the session to do so.
        David Evans
        General Secretary

        Joy of joys

      2. i posted about that yesterday. ie it is racist to single out one aspect of bigotry yet ignore institutionalised racism in the royal family and the blue tory party. ⬅️📝⬅️📝⬅️📝

      3. Yup! It is also Profoundly Racist to focus yet again on only Fake Antisemitism, when there is a Major Problem with Anti Islam, Anti Black, Anti Traveller, Anti Arab racism/views and as far as I can remember a lot of that Racism came from the very Far Right accounts who were hysterical about 0.00017% Antisemitism!
        This is not Right! When will Dianne and all the rest of racially abused MPs/Members get their JUSTICE!? Is Labour “the new Israel”!? For Jews Only!? The Forde Inquiry keeps getting swept under the Fake Antisemitism Carpet!
        While Far Right JLM aka LikudHerutUK HQ keeps getting showcased and glorified ready to attack Jews of “the Wrong Sort”, “Fringe Jews”, “Jews who look like Jews” The Far Right Zionists ARE The Extremist Racists crying Eternal Victim wile they batter Jews as Self Hating Jews, Black MPs as Mentally inferior, Muslim MPs as Terrorists, UK Labour Party MPs as Terrorist Sympathisers, Antisemites, etc, etc, etc!

      4. WHAT! You think throwing, an Internationally Already Initiated BLM Initiative, who are outcast by your Racist Fuhrer, at Black, Muslim, Arab, MPs/Members like a Wet Stinking Old Rag is enough to justify the Supremacism of THIS!?

      5. SteveH
        Do us all a favour and attend the course, ask one question
        Are vexatious claims of anti semitism hate crimes and should they be prosecuted

      6. Doug – I intend to, more out of curiosity than anything else.
        A quite legitimate question, but I can’t guarantee anything it depends what the format is and how it turns out.

      7. May you be richly blessed Doug‼️‼️‼️ Well said’ SUPERBLY asked. 🌟🌟🌟

      8. There is no anti-semitism in the Labour Party now that Jeremy has been suspended. Never again to be mentioned on MSM; the BBC & Sky TV can unite to shine their ‘liberal badge’ as bourgeois journalists together can fight the good fight for diversity & social inclusion for everyone (almost), except the white working class that they despise so much. Strange how the media elites sing from exactly the same hymn sheet & agree on everything.

    2. Yes I agree and read every single example. I got it.
      I would like to congratulate Mr Wadsworth for his well spent day in court. These are real victories. So it looks like a lefties is going to be the new top of “The butcher’s of the right”. Should see a lot of changes, member readmission, pro-Palestine, antiwar, coving truth. Wasn’t the last bloke left wing?

  2. You can’t beat honest spontaneous totally uncalled for testimonies from people of the utmost integrity. Not. As soon as you start to see this sort of pathetic attempt at opinion management you know Starmer’s days are numbered. The questions: will he jump or who will push him; who will replace him. Burnham? Burton? Who knows.

    1. Plain Citizen, that is indeed the one million $ question.
      I don’t believe Andrew Burnham is going to sacrifice, his own power base in Manchester. He knows the PLP far to well and knows he cannot trust the right wingers no to sabotage him was he to dare to lean slightly towards the left.
      As for Richard Burgon, I really like him.
      However, would the SCG agree to support him? More to the point unless Keir resign for the leadership position we need 20% nominations from the PLP and we don’t have them.

      1. Maria “ we need 20% nominations from the PLP and we don’t have them.

        Which is more than a little ironic.

      2. SteveH
        Vast majority of CLP are gutless and spineless careerists, so when the time comes, they will vote self preservation

      3. Doug – That may or may not be the case but I was referring to the upward shift in the number of PLP nominations needed for a challenge. This was put in place by the left during JC’s tenure to protect him- from repeated challenges to -his leadership.

    2. The original plan to dump Rodney Keith Starmer in the bin has been paused as the losses he created were much bigger than expected. Thatcher’s orifice drip the warmongering creature Blair will only push out the Temporaries when the clique of controlling parasites feel all is secure. Eg 1997 when Doug’s dog would have defeated the Blue Tories, Bliar pushed out gullible Brown with one of several fishy promises. George Bushe’s anal dweller only gave way to gullible Brown after the anal dweller made Labour unelectable with eroded vote share. It is what parasites do. Temporary Embarrassment is being used as a very used dirty dishcloth to soak up mess. The king parasites think that when the cloth has no more muck to soak up only then they will crawl in.

      Yes Burnham, Cooper and the other dregs all are on manoeuvres as careerist self-serving ambition is indirect proportion to substance.

      They have nothing to offer. They never will. That’s why the membership rejected them first and second and third time around.

      I am hoping that two people in particular from the TRUE “Left” are getting themselves THOROUGHLY PREPARED with substance and COURAGE of convictions.

      I hope they TOTALLY extricate themselves from those dedicated to defeatism, low expectations and satisfaction with crumbs. Some defeatist are sincere but are morale and energy sapping drains. A political party is not a creche to protect sincere defeatism and crumb acceptance. We must truly attend to the needs of the many. It is wrong to allow a few to divert our energies to repeat unnecessary failures. We are not some peculiar charity that pampers our enemies at the expense of at least half a million members and the ENTIRE electorate. That is illogical. AND, if we cannot say challenging truths here, how exactly will we crush the status quo here or help those at the sharp end of injustices elsewhere?

      ALSO. metropolitan priorities are NOT for the many. And we must not indulge for even one half of a second the can’t do screamers. They are obviously frauds or what is their aim. If they say there is nothing we can do then why spend so much of their time telling us that? What exactly is their purpose? Think of it logically. They are frauds.
      F R A U D S.

      1. Good point. They’d have to substitute him with a telegenic, less wooden replacement. David Miliband would always be favourite but I doubt he’ll be available, he’s got such a well paid cushy number. The only alternative I can think of is Yvette Cooper.

      2. No. We want everyone to do all in their power to make the parasites lose their seats. They will do an Ummuna, Berger etc and crawl through the revolving doors to the troughs. We should ALL prepare to take their places at EVERY level. NON APPEASERS ONLY. We do not need “spiritual so called leaders”. THAT is NOT leadership. We need people who know that it is WE who must govern. It is disgraceful to repeat failed cravings to “unify” with liars so vile, that they are willing to exploit anything. The electorate saw through their lies so they all lost their seats.

        At the same time, the electorate was CORRECT not to be taken for granted. They refused to vote for representatives who refused to respect their vote. Worse yet with the insulting twaddle. Think of it, what else would have been compromised to appease infesting parasites???

    3. Gosh, it must be great for a socialist in CLP. All these choices, all of whom are trustworthy and any one of whom can lead us on the golden road to freedom. By the way, we’ll done Mr Wadsworth. Yes someone’s got to post about it. The MSM didn’t report on the march. Quite a big one. In London apparently.

    4. I don’t know how well he’d be as a union leader but be fair anyone who could pull Liz Taylor, twice, must have something about them. Yup, it’s Burton for me.

    5. Covid? I think that it’s his turn. Not nice, I know but on the third day… I’ve had it with courtesy after watching his fellow Zionists venting their opinion about Palestine. What constitutes a hate crime?

  3. Sorry, Steve, you missed one of the best ones – from Kit Hardy – Jeremy Hardy’s wife. Keeping up the family tradition :

    Kit Hardy


    I judge people as I find them,

    I’ve always found @Keir_Starmer sitting on a fence with a fence post stuck up his arse which is why he speaks through his nose. I will hear nothing else’s on the matter.

    Keir would make a superb fence post. #LifeStories

    8:57 AM · Jun 3, 2021·Twitter for iPad

    1. Rodney Keith Starmer would crumble as a fence post. Sir Rodney Keith Starmer is best as a pissoir past the revolving doors, insight of the trough so he could see his chums troughing yet can’t get his own snout in. And even if he could, the fence post to which Kit Harvey refers is shoved up his snout.

      1. ps Loooooooved Jeremy Hardy. How brilliant it would be to have his views on Rodney. Thanks for sharing Kit’s view George 💐💐💐

      2. in sight of the troughs. Not ‘insight’ 💐

      1. true, he is firmly over the fence with the aims of the one percent bandits.

  4. “steely dedication” makes me wonder if he wrote it himself, it’s how a lawyer might wish to describe himself.
    I’m informed that 1.7 million watched the TV advert, less than Coleen Nolan got and about right for the number of Labour + LibDem voters who support him.

  5. This can be seen as a bit of a joke, but don’t lose sight of the fact that Israel and its foot soldiers here put Starmer into position and they will do their damndest to keep him there.

    They are not particularly interested if he becomes PM, which obviously he won’t, as long as they have a party Leader who will not speak out in any meaningful way against Israel the racist apartheid State.

    1. Did you see the Zionists non racist antics at the embassy? Truly vile, yet no show about our demo. Peace.

      1. By the way, where were BLM? That embassy is surrounded by some very tasty, real estate.

  6. This is entirely a coincidence.
    Remember when on the same day, the Jewish Chronicle, the Jewish News and the other one nobody reads all had the same editorial on their front pages saying Jeremy Corbyn was an “existential” threat to the Jewish community? No way was that a “conspiracy”, or anything
    like that sort of thing. It, too, was a coincidence.

    1. And yet Jeremy retained his seat but Luciana Berger lost the one she hoped to parasitise. She was soundly rejected, dumped, thrashed, put out with the other pieces of garbage Umunna, Elman, Soubrey, Swinson, all of them. At least Twatson had the sense to resign knowing he too was going to be dumped by the electorate. How so???

      1. I’m out. Is Berger the one who sleeps in a head vice, the bald one or the tree-trunk legged one in the mini skirt?

    2. do the people in Putney and Canterbury not read the JC, JN? Or Jeremy’s CLP? Dianne’s?

      Hendon and Finchley? Are they blind to the JC and JN ? Look at the evidence … the results. Berger went begging for their votes with the latest of her BRAND NEW SUPER WELL FUNDED + MSM supported party.

      Where’s she? Why were the voters repelled by her? Were they so afraid as she said. She and her despicable gang presented the voters with a problem. The voters demonstrated that she was NOT the answer.

      The reluctance to keep these HARD FACTS alive, allow myths to persist. It just occurred to me that the greatest victims of the myths include us the “Left”. Quite odd the devotion to the myth that we have no choice despite technicolour evidence.

      1. Once Berger had done the damge to Corbyn by using the mural against him, she was expendable.

      2. Only problem with Mural was no one could identify which bankers were Jewish

  7. It seems strange to me that all these messages start with “I’ve always found Kier Starmer ….”.
    Given that he’s been hiding in the vegetable patch for over a year, they did well to find him at all.

  8. I love turnipe …… If it was a choice between a turnip and the Knight (I’m a zionist – without qualification), I’d pick the turnip any day.

    1. Try taking some of these new o-level things. You can qualify on line in any subject. So come on. Stand tall and get those qualifications.

  9. Interesting bit of news they’re doing their best to ignore. Lord Ashcroft’s daughter in law and how she’s likely to get a £7000 fine for shooting a policeman in the head. Ashcroft owns half of Belize, a playground for rich tax avoiders and a permanent British military presence in South America.

    1. SH’s neighbour across the water. i posted that Ashcroft is allegedly penning a book on SIR Rodney Keith Starmer.

      QUESTION – Rodney, did you approach Ashcroft to write about you? Or did he reach out from his tax haven???

    2. Jack T03/06/2021 AT 3:03 PM
      Once Berger had done the damge to Corbyn by using the mural against him, she was expendable.




      A zionist asset that does THAT much damage to Corbyn, and you reckon berger was ‘expendable’?

      Nah lad, she’d have been kept as ‘provenance’ for stammers ridiculous further claim that antisemitism is still ‘rife’ within the party. THE focal point for the A/S hyperbole and the media’s whore sweetheart (for some irrational reason).

      berger jumped ship because she milked the a/s for everything AND more, was a shit, parasitical MP, an overt remainer, shamelessly anti-socialist and took one for the team.

      Even the massive Jewish community of Finchley & Golders Green weren’t kidded into giving her the sympathy vote she’d abused in labour once she done the ‘Frank’ (Bough).

      1. Well said Toffee. I hope u have more success than i in quashing that ridiculous myth

      2. Toffee. She was expendable to those she worked for, they did nothing to support her. But you answered your own question: “Even the massive Jewish community of Finchley & Golders Green weren’t kidded into giving her the sympathy vote”

      1. No i read it yesterday or day b4 on MSM. Not heard it on radio though. Neither The Queen’s late or present PERMANENT LORD IN WAITING’s admission that the Royal Household was effectively institutionally racist and sexist. Actually just remembered i heard one MSM presenter mention it EXACTLY as i posted it ytdy on

        ps never new there were Lords on Waiting Permanent or otherwise. Bet SIR RODNEY Starmer is hoping to be made permanent lord of something in return for incarcerating Julian Assange. How low will Starmer sink? Even lower tomorrow.

    3. It’s about time that the loggers from Belize were given due recognition for their heroic work in our forests during the last war. V popular with the highlanders by the way. Winnie never mentioned it.

  10. but don’t lose sight of the fact that Israel and its foot soldiers here put Starmer into position


    There was me thinking it was 70% of the membership who allowed and enabled stammers brexit shithousery…And the 59% who elected the twat even after that, what put stammer into position.

    But seeing as he shat on that one, and ruined your hopes – because just about NOBODY seen that one coming, did they? – I guess it MUST have been Israel, and Israel alone, eh?

    1. Exactly Toffee. One wonders why despite the 2019 GE results map some STILL persist with attempts to mislead. Is it shame??? Does it help us to believe an obvious lie? Were Putney and Canterbury for eg immune to the MSM super powers?

      It is PURE nonsense. It is more than clear that Rodney Starmer ie Mr Remain pushed Remainiac rubbish UNTIL the election was handed to the most unsuitable Cummings’ Johnson. Promptly after the result, and i posted it, Mr Remain Starmer said the argument is finished. Mandelson and the War Criminal Blair said the same.

      Many including me posted here about that OBVIOUS predicable ploy.

      How could anyone still try to deny the obvious? How does that help the “Left”❓❓❓

      Also note the PREDICTABLE and PREDICTED nastiness of Twatson re Beckett. WHY was he nominated for a peerage❔ Would he not be able to do more treachery with a peerage❔ WHY???

      Hodge, Berger, Ummuna ALL of that lot could have been and should have been expelled. Yet some blame external forces as if the failure to expel them brought us success.

      Our own repeated swings from unforced timidity to some other extreme, guarantees that our declared enemies will never respect us. Who respects adults who are so cravenly pathetic???

      If we spent every single minute from now dumping every failed attitude and myths, then it will be time well spent. We are not children. We must improve📌📈📌📈📌📈

      1. windchimes – “Mr Remain Starmer said the argument is finished.

        He was just acknowledging the reality of the situation, we left the EU a just few weeks later. It would have been a lie to claim otherwise, there was absolutely nothing Labour could have done to stop it.

      2. SH it must be clear to u that he could have acknowledged “the reality of the situation” when the electorate made their “once in a lifetime choice”. Sir Rodney Keith Starmer knew exactly what he was doing, and so did you.

      3. windchimes – Starmer was reflecting the views of the majority of Labour’s members as Jeremy himself acknowledged after spending months hiding behind Constructive Ambiguity

      4. SH it has come to my attention that SIR Rodney Keith Starmer is allegedly being written about by one Lord Ashcroft your tax exile neighbour. Do you know who initiated the project? Did Ashcroft invite your Rodney, OR did your Rodney beg the tax exile to do another hagiography?

        We can know people by the company / associations they keep. Don’t you agree? What say you about a dip stick starmer being involved with someone like Ashcroft? Methinks Starmer stinks more than he did the hour before

      5. Well everybody knows my stance on pederast enabler hodge…

        Should’ve been jailed for a long time many years ago. Every bit as guilty and despicable as the animals who abused those poor kids, and the crimes she wilfully ignored.

        That goes for all her mates who didn’t even tell it to rein in and desist with its false claims and thereby wilfully clog up the complaints procedure, but instead praised her ‘bravery’ and exacerbated the problem rather than resolve it.

        They can all burn slowly. Anyone that considers a nonce enabler a friend is no friend of the people.

      6. What puzzles me Toffee is that the facts in our defence are so abundant yet studiously ignored by OUR SIDE.
        Eg when Amnesty reported that Dianne was abused by mire than all other MPs combined, was it not imperative that when unsubstantiated a-S allegations were made the FACTS of Dianne’s abuse be presented to robustly compare the reckless irresponsible claims? Yes when personally involved it is not easy to prosecute one’s case BUT why did the “Left” high command to date NEGLECT pursuing justice for Dianne?

        There’s tons more to be said but it is over clear that we have been defeated by our attitude. I certainly present things that could be supported by FACTS. I would NEVER make loose and FALSE statements that the party is only now for X or Y race or religion. When people make such statements, it does us no help. Plus it is untrue. All is a case of money and power. ALL races and religions are embraced by the parasites if the seek power and wealth too. Why do perfectly inteligent and decent people make such false statements? I suspect understandable long running frustrations and HABIT… culture. It is clear that ANYONE who is against the status quo is attacked no matter what race or religion. The frustration is understandable yes, but why not analyse the reason and fix it?

        As a rule DON’t say things that cannot be readily defended. DON’t generalise. DON’t swallow the inventions of the Establishment eg X ‘community’ and Y ‘community’ etc.

        Those terms appear to come out of nowhere. The reality is that they are concocted by the Establishment guardians to ‘Divide and Rule’. Long used technique by imperialist. VERY successful. Don’t use terms like ‘centrist’ to describe Right Wing Tory entryist parasites. DON’t dance to the MSM tune. When we feel we’ve heard something too often, many are just beginning to hear it. Our main audience should be the general public for whom life us not some obscure theory. I definitely struggle to be clear but never usually set out to be mysterious on crucial matters. Yes i was “arcane” re explaining Doug’s Mushy Peas reference to the guacamole hunt… but that’s a bit of fun. Life is not an academic theory and throwing about academic terms is certainly worse than unnecessary re political success. Were it otherwise the Tories who have been exploiting the world for ages, would be spouting them out at every opportunity. They would not miss an opportunity to explain the detailed difference between words from a political or sociology lecture.

        And no one can accuse the tories of being complicated or using unnecessarily complicated language. And before you say it Johnson is NOT a Tory. He is an opportunist who saw an opportunity. present himself as wanting to deliver Brexit. He had no such care. His interest was and is being PM. And yes he does use obscure words and references. But only to keep up the persona. Reece Mogg is the only Tory who does. He likes peculiar theatrics. Like Johnson they offer nothing but bluster. In Johnson’s case, he rightly read the runes re the electorates REPEATED and CLEAR “Once in a Lifetime” choice re Cameron’s Referendum.

        Anyway Tempus fugit😂😂😂

      7. Says wee stevie… Who told us brexit wasn’t a foregone conclusion once the vote was counted…

        Who denied the party policy was to respect the referendum result despite it being pointed out to him from the official party website.

        And of course, you only voted for him because he was best of a bad bunch …Absolutely NOWT to do with his previous shithousery for your second referendum, was it?

        Not that YOU got to have a say in the matter, Mr OMOV. Nah, that shithousery was democratically arrived at, wasn’t it?

        stammer had no fucking hope of stopping brexit and less intention of doing so… It’d have meant him having to prove himself as chief negotiator had he respected the result and a labour Govt gained control.

        So he dropped that one and took up fatbergs mantle as champion of the Zionist (having been as good as schtum about it while fatty & co, plus other careerist arch-remainers ploughed on with that one) once he became fuhrer leader

        And he’s not even up to being a worse-than-mediocre MP, nevermind a party leader…. Demonstrated unmistakeably by his utter shiteness over the last 14 months or so, nevermind his previous time as an MP.

        Stop having people down as gullible and idiotic as you are.

        Then get something correct for a change.

      8. Toffee -“BY THE WAY…
        You might want to take a look at your postings on that thread before you make any more smarmy, smug-arsed comments…”

        I have and I haven’t written anything that I wish I hadn’t. Could you explain why you suggested I review my previous comments?

      9. Toffee – “Still peddling that best of a bad bunch whopper like it had a shred of credibility.”
        Not really, but it comes as no surprise that you are still obsessing, it’s what you do.

      10. Oh the rants predictable… But unlike your answer to it, at least it’s forthcoming.

        And not in any way hypocritical, or just plain bollocks.

        Still peddling that best of a bad bunch whopper like it had a shred of credibility. Tsk! 🙄

    2. Toffee. YES REALLY! Who do you think it was who organised the massive smear campaign against Corbyn? You however because of your Brexstremism would never acknowledge this lest it cast doubt on your entrenched and obsessive hatred of the EU. A position which many people are beginning to regret.

  11. Guess who is to teach Labour Members About Anti Semitism ..Yes the Jewish Labour Labour Movement, who just happen to be affiliated to the World Zionist Organisation, who just happen to be involved in financing the settlement enterprise. They are both facilitating Grave war crimes. They should be expelled from the LP.

    Haaretz Editorial
    Editorial |
    The World Zionist Organization’s Land Theft Division
    It’s time to investigate, and then shut down, this quasi-governmental agency, which steals both state and private Palestinian lands to realize its sacred goal of settlement construction

      1. Harry Law, i posted yesterday under the Streatham SB article. Posted just after i got the email. Here it is again:

        URGENT – EVANS is not the Gen Sec to my knowledge as the post needs to be ratified by Conference. Is that correct?
        In the meantime, since we now have proof of institutionalised racism against “COLOURED people” to use the words of the The Queen’s onetime head of finance, surely Evans should be running An Awareness Raising Training Session – UNDERSTANDING RACISM for the party members AND as a kind gesture, to the Royal Family.
        It is clear that by ignoring blatant racism against non white people whose relatives DIED for this country in many wars and invasions especially World War Two, and injustice against Muslims, Evans considers those open examples of racism unworthy of his attention.
🥀⚠️🥀⚠️🥀⚠️ “

    1. Signpost not windchimes, thanks for the link, you spoke of discrimination, while of course this is utterly wrong it is in a different category to Article 6 paragraph 1 of the fourth Geneva Convention which briefly states….
      “The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies”. Also the Rome Statute, incorporated in the ICC Act UK with similar wording. Article 6.1 Are called Grave War Crimes under both the Convention and the Act and are regarded as far worse crimes than discrimination. The Jewish Labour Movement are affiliated with the WZO and are therefore complicit in those grave war crimes.

  12. The right wing filth in the party now panicking and using the last con trick the NHS! used every single time, unfortunately Labour is hated across this Country now and nothing but a purge of the right is going to save. Far too late coming for our liking and not sure if even that will work to be honest.

  13. What are these filthy JLM racists doing in the Labour party?
    Anti-miscegenation talking points
    Still, on the very day he was appointed to the coveted Jewish Agency position, Herzog revealed that his views on inter-marriage are not very different from Netanyahu, Deri, or even, for that matter, Bentzi Gopstein. The latter leads Lehava, an anti-miscegenation gang that patrols Israeli cities and mentally and physically harasses mixed-race couples.
    In an interview with Israeli TV, Herzog adopted anti-miscegenation talking points. Identifying the issues he intends to tackle as incoming Jewish Agency chair, Herzog listed marriages between Jews and non-Jews as his first order of business. “I encountered something that I termed an actual plague. I saw my friends’ children married or coupled with non-Jewish partners,” Herzog said, later adding: “There must be a campaign, a solution. We have to rack our brains to figure out how to solve this great challenge.”
    Jewish Labour Movement
    • Jun 2
    We would like to wish mazal tov to @Isaac_Herzog, a former chairman of our Israeli sister party @HavodaParty, on being elected Israel’s 11th President

  14. Newsnight running a ‘story’ about unite “destabilising” right wing MPs … Same faces.. fatberg saying stammer can take these people down…he’s shown that…

    And the pederast enabler hodge shouting it’s victim shite: “we should’ve been fighting the tories”.

    Here’s Howard Beckett now…

  15. G’wed, H lad!!!

    Showing that horror Siobhan mcdonagh for what it is .. a fucking self-serving careerist with zero idea of what representation of constituents – nevermind members’ – interests.

    As for his ‘watch yer mouth’ part… Class!

    Beckett for PM!!!

  16. Ok he didn’t actually say “watch yer mouth'”… But that was the gist of it.

    My only ‘criticism’ is that Howard didn’t go the whole hog and mention pederast enabler Hodges pederast enabling or the vexatious claims of antisemitism; but he made damned sure the arl bag weren’t going away smelling of roses and called her (once again) complaints (to the old bill) ‘risible’

    Barnett said she hoped to speak to them again… I wonder if the production team will stick to that once Hodges claim is laughed at by the old bill?

    And when (NOT “if” ) it gets laughed at, I hope the arl bastard is prosecuted for wasting police time.

      1. skellyknelly – My own bit of ‘constructive ambiguity’

      2. I am personally very pleased at your open mindedness! That is what makes the world go round I applaud your bravery to voice your positive feelings towards Becket with quite a strong statement! Welcome aboard Comrade!
        PS Meant with Sincerity and not a piss take!

  17. I judge people as I find them. Over a year ago I wrote to Keir Starmer explaining in forensic detail why the IHRA so-called working definition of antisemitism “is so poorly constructed that it is not a definition at all, and so does not provide a viable base on which to rest any party policy or organisational principle”. I sent two reminders. I received automated acknowledgements but no substantive reply. I FIND this to be impolite and inefficient. I like my leaders to lead from the front, not the back.

  18. Well, what a load of boll*cks this thread turned out to be!

    The usual humourless pr*cks using it to promote their own agenda – not to mention, their egos.

    It was a chance for a bit of fun, gone to waste.

    Thank goodness, for Howard Beckett.


    1. George Peel, here’s more than “a bit of fun”.

      SIR RODNEY KEITH starmer 🔵

  19. I judge people as I find them, but I’ve found that Keir Starmer is nowhere to be found when genocide in Gaza is on the news agenda. If you want to see footage of the reality of death & destruction in Palestine Sir Keith, don’t watch BBC nor Sky; not even Fox News; have a look at Aljazeera. Blood in the streets.
    When a state defines itself in terms of the traditional identity of a religion, don’t be surprised, Sir Keir, if you live in London & feel uncomfortable; this is not anti-semitism in action’ it is a human reaction of repulsion to the violent social cleansing of an occupied territory.

  20. ……… is called Zionism, Sir Keith! The acceptable face of colonialism & genocide.

  21. Siobhan McDonagh, oh dear, what an embarrassment she is. Kept having to look at her script.

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