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Labour again refuses to name any policies – so here’s what they won’t talk about (video)

Small wonder Labour doesn’t want to be filmed discussing what little it has said it supports

Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy has followed in her health colleague Jon Ashworth’s footsteps – by again declining to name a single policy Labour stands for, despite being pressed by an ITV interviewer.

Although the question was repeated during the interview, Nandy refused to be diverted from talking about not opposing the Tories during the pandemic except where Labour felt it absolutely couldn’t be avoided:

Video: ITV’s Good Morning Britain (fair use)

Of course, many people would consider Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock’s role in the needless deaths of more than 150,000 people constituted a ‘must oppose’ situation, but Nandy left this out.

But since Labour won’t say what it’s policies are – they’re ‘confidential’, according to Ashworth – here’s a list of what little Keir Starmer and his underlings have supported:

• a paltry 2.1% pay rise for NHS staff, which amounts to a real-terms pay cut after tax and inflation, after a decade of real pay going backwards
10-year prison sentences for defacing monuments to slavers
• a contributory principle for welfare
opposing a corporation tax rise (note, IMPRESS decided that Starmer opposing wealth taxes wasn’t enough evidence to say he opposed wealth taxes)
• the low 15% global corporation tax proposed by US president Joe Biden (Germany and France want at least 21% – Labour simply says it would ‘push for’ a higher rate)
• Boris Johnson’s blighted version of Brexit (after opposing Jeremy Corbyn’s commitment to a Labour Brexit)
• the Tories’ opposition to face masks in classroom
calling BLM protests ‘completely wrong’ for toppling a slaver statue
• a £20 uplift in Universal Credit (even a stopped clock etc)

One decent policy and a lot of dross. It’s not hard to see why Labour’s current front-bench drones don’t want to be drawn out and have to admit this is what they’re selling.

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  1. They are NOT opposing toerag policies, and are defrauding the general public – for which there really should be a lawful obligation.

    This is far worse than de piffle lying to liz about proroguing parliament.

    1. for which there really should be a lawful obligation.

      *To provide an effective, visible opposition – Not to defraud the public (Although it appears that that’s a prerequisite to that shower o’shite)

  2. Never ever forget this observation from the Cummings hearing
    My translation
    ‘Is it fair to say my 13 year old wains had more sense than all of you fuckers ‘
    Cummings – Yes

  3. Yes, when even six months into Sir Keir’s leadership, the independent IMPRESS press regulator had to concede that caling a tory “a tory” when supported with evidence was not impartial – then 13 months into said knight’s leadership. the evidence is even more damning and electorily damaging!

    It probably makes perfect sense to Sir Keir to keep his policies and values ‘under wraps’ – because he knows even a slightly more moderate neoliberal lke Nody Burnham would look ferociously left wing in comparison to him.

    Bottom line? Sir Keir Rodney Starmer is politically autistic, and shouldn’t be in the Parliamentary Labour Party, nevermind its leader

  4. Strange times indeed. We have a government that Cummings has confirmed, was/is totally fucking useless and is genuinely culpable for at least 50000 deaths. An opposition that, by it’s silence, gives the government respectability, a media who won’t hold the government to account and a general public who think the government’s done a great job.

    1. You could put a ‘1’ in front of that 50000 and be nearer the actual figure…Despite it being very close to the ‘official’ total.

      1. Probably right. The PM of Singapore, asked by a reporter why they had so few deaths replied, “we followed the British pandemic guidelines, you didn’t”.

    2. One of the many problems with Lawyers is that they worry more about charging fees than dealing with the issues.ITs the way Lawyers think.Dont expect the knight to concentrate on policys when theres no money involved.ITs just one of the nasty traits of the bottom feeders profession.

  5. Every bastard answer cummings have given has began with: ‘So….’

    Every. Last. One.

    Boils my piss, SO it does.

    1. Never allow anyone to boil your piss, it’s bad for your bladder!
      Piss on their battery, before they get a chance to make your piss boil! :):):)

  6. If you want to know where all of this shite will end up at the end of the day
    See collapsed Hillsborough case
    For the last time ‘they all piss in the same pot

    1. and then bottle it for public consumption as”pure, natural spring water”

      1. Judging by the number of people who are taken in by Bozo the Dangerous clown, it would probably sell out!

    2. Further proof that shit rolls downhill when plod walk and the only person convicted is a Sheff. Wednesday official.

      Had the Sheff Wednesday charlady been had up for it, she’d have been jailed.

      As I’ve said before. The rodents will try to put Grenfell on the toes of the labourers what fitted the cladding.

  7. Oh boy, the cult of new Labour 2.0 and the continuing media roadshow of their dazzling no policies! Just agree with everything the Tory scum say, it’s just a sad sick joke. This is what this cult has done to the once great Labour party that stood for a real ideology and would never just mindlessly agree with the Torys

    FFS. I am so glad I quit this joke well these fools will ride the party down in flames it seems… We can only hope that out of the burning wreckage a real socialist only party will emerge again…

  8. Snapshot
    Cummings chosen ones are clearly Sunak and Raab, compare these two to those in Labour who are currently on manoeuvres, Burnham and Khan
    The choice going forward is Tory ‘Mr Potato Head’

  9. Absolute, sh*tshow, from Nandy.

    She shouldn’t be a politician, let alone a Labour politician.

    I wonder who chose to stand beside one of the busiest roads In Salford, at that time of the morning. Media City is just over the road(over her right shoulder). Weird – or another one taking the Michael, out of us all.

  10. Point of Order
    IHRA definition being used to close down debate and suspend members
    The counter balance to this needs to be ‘Vexatious claims of anti semitism are hate crimes and should be prosecuted ‘

  11. Living just outside Liverpool & having attended the game in 1989, may I make a recommendation to Lisa Nandy & other North West politicians to create a ‘Hillsborough’ Law making it illegal for policemen to lie to ‘official’ gov’t investigations. It seems that the Taylor Report into Hillsborough was not a court of law & therefore changing the written testimony of police officers was not perverting the course of justice. Another cover up; another perversion.

    1. Just heard Prof Phil Scraton letting fly, on BBC North West. Good man, through thick and thin.

    2. Perhaps a charge of ‘malfeasance in a public office’ is appropriate?

  12. Want to see The Neolabour Tory Party Policies:, it’s right there!
    Slogan in ‘Progress’ Purple on Conservative Tory Blue with a tiny red dot somewhere: We’re Working Together, because we are One! [Big Tory Party]
    For the Establishment NOT For THE PEOPLE!

  13. Nandy stating that in the middle of a pandemic you can’t have politicians tearing chunks out of each other. Then goes on to say the only people playing politics at the moment are people in the Tory party who are playing politics with each.
    Re Dominic Cummings.
    Is this the same person who went on LBC regurgitating the comment that Corbyn shouldn’t be allowed back in the party till he apologises. And she’s not on her own there complaining about Corbyn recently.
    If that’s not politicians tearing chunks out of each other I don’t know what is.

  14. Plague Island is an open prison where the elected politicians an their unelected mates, reap the benefit of access to The Treasury and their multitudinal private business contracts. We the citizens are treated with less dignity than that of a worker drone. Threatened at all levels in society by fines; £60 for parking outside of white lines in a free car park etc. Our freedom of expression threatened. Our right to assemble and demonstrate under attack. I am drowning on dry land under their slurry.

  15. I see that, after the testimony of Dominic Cummins, Jonathan Ashworth has been commenting.
    “Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth says the claims are “grave and serious” and people “deserve full answers”.
    Couldn’t Hancock argue that the answers are confidential?

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