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Poll shows most of UK public support the wealth tax Labour is running away from

Corbyn’s policy set still popular with public despite Starmer’s eagerness to get away from it

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An Opinium poll suggests that Jeremy Corbyn’s policies remain as popular with the public as they have always been.

The poll (Opinium, 1-3 July) found that those in favour of a wealth tax as a means of funding public spending (56%) outnumber those against it (13%) by more than four to one.

In spite of such ‘no-brainer’ status – and the fact that retaining such policies would fulfil Starmer’s leadership election campaign promise – Labour is frantically rowing away from a wealth tax. So dire, so ‘un-Labour’ was this reaction that Unite leadership favourite Howard Beckett was forced to publicly warn Starmer and Johnson together that the movement will not sit back and allow them to dump the burden of the pandemic onto the backs of the working class.

And it’s not just the wealth tax. During an interview yesterday a Labour front-bencher was unwilling to commit to a single policy (video).

It seems Starmer and his so-called ‘moderates’ are so desperate to distance themselves from the Corbyn era they sabotaged that they are prepared to throw out policies that would improve their status with the public – and are trying to un-win an argument Labour already won in the public mind long ago.

As the Johnson government continues to try to fake its way out of its disastrous handling of the coronavirus crisis, it’s unforgivable to dive back into the beige blancmange that has sickened the public instead of actually standing for something and standing up for something.

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  1. I think we can safely forget about Starmer. He has taken Labour back into the wilderness.

  2. I don’t know about social distancing, but by Christ stammer’s socially distant.

  3. I think I preferred the official toerag one – The one where they had him looking stumped on GMB.

    Tbh, I think the toerags may well have a point. That video they made (Ok, fabricated) shows just how effective stammer’s been since becoming an MP, nevermind leader of the opposition.

    Neither use nor ornament. Same as when he was DPP. How, in God’s name, do people like that achieve such status?

    FML where’s mine? I can be (nearly, but not quite) as useless as him for half the money ffs.

    1. He’s the establishment’s choice mate. Bland, right wing, devoid of any conviction or principle.
      The most important thing to them was “operation, get rid of Corbyn”
      I don’t think Starmer cares if Labour win or lose, as long as the status quo stays intact.

      1. ”I don’t think Starmer cares if Labour win or lose,”

        Well, that’s already been proved.

    2. They achieve such status by being what is required for those who exercise power and patronage.That Starmer became head honcho at the state’s prosecuting authority should tell anyone with an interest in him what he is and has been throughout his career,a conformist establishment man.He has been lavishly rewarded for his service to power,and is far too limited to realise that will not do for a leader of the Labour party,though New Labour is a workable model for someone of his limited ability.Thus he will both consciously and unconsciously steer the party on to ground where he is comfortable,where he knows the rules of the game.

    3. …How, in God’s name, do people like that achieve such status?…

      Precisely due to their neither use nor ornament.

      They maintain the status quo, they keep the boat steady. Like it or not, the system works well for the chosen few. They need people like Stoma to keep it going.

      This is why Corbyn and others were so villified…They meant change. It’s also why the drums of war are starting to pound against China (what happened to Russia?!?!), so be prepared for lots of Elgar, Spitfires and bloody (pun intended) Churchill.

      (£5 say Stoma backs aggression against China. The jobs won’t be coming back to the west either. They are off to Vietnam…)

  4. Until we have Conference, the 2019 Manifesto stands. No matter what Starmer and his Starmeriters think, it’s Conference that make policy (except in an emergency situation such as an early GE) not the Leader.

    1. Well,that’s the theory anyway triciamac,but the Labour right have been giving lie to that as long as I can remember,but especially after Blair became leader.

      1. Yeah, ‘take back control’ seems to be less popular than it used to be, now we see what our fat controllers do with it.

  5. To put current situation into perspective
    How long ago was it when cheap and nasties had less seats than Labour have now
    FPTP giveth and FPTP taketh away
    What we have is clear red water and No Deal, Financial pandemic and second wave to come
    Now back to the day job, how do we get control of NEC and who do we trust to negotiate with Cockwombles to get them to leave the party and form this mythical centrist party

  6. The members, the public and the party are not his toys to mess around with. The Policies He Is rejecting, are sound, budgeted for, realistic and liked by people and members. They are what we need. Any changes to them due to covid-19 would need to be put in.
    Please correct me if I am wrong: I always believed that policies are made (wanting for a better word) at conference, in consultation of members by the policy forum and NEC.
    Would it not be a breach of Lab rules if he just abandoned them and replaced them with tory placation crap?

    1. Agreed (upon) is the word (or words) I think you’re looking for.

      That, however, didn’t stop him abandoning the agreement made at conference iirc to respect the referendum result* and instead campaign for a second one. So who’s to say he won’t do more of the same in future.

      *I voted to Remain on the basis that no credible plan to leave was forthcoming, so better the devil you know, and as we now are finding out we are clearly heading for a shit storm.

      Unfortunately, even though there is no doubt in my mind that the Leave campaigns were seriously corrupted and they got away with it, nevertheless I also believe that without legally establishing that fact there was no other choice than to accept the result for better or worse.

      On the other hand, had Labour won in 2017 instead of being undermined, I also have no doubt things would now be looking decidedly different even if we were still in the process of leaving the EU. Those Judases have a lot more to answer for than just undermining Labour and Corbyn, they effectively undermined the whole of the UK.

      1. I couldn’t give a fig! (fig – date – gerrit?)…Oh, suit yer soddin’ selves then.

        Can anyone remind me what is it he’s actually done, of any note or benefit?

    1. That is great news, all 3 major unions up for grabs, Unite, GMB and Unison
      How many NEC seats is that

  7. If you believe that winning elections is the be all and end all of politics in order to put your steadying hand on the tiller of the capitalist state (and get your snout back in the trough while at it), the strategy of The Wicker Man and his Stepford Wives (Powell, Reeves, Phillipson, Dodds & co) probably makes sense. If on the other hand you believe that Britain is in urgent need of a revolutionary socialist transformation, it not only doesn’t make sense, it makes these Blair Babes and Sir Steer Calmer the number one obstacle to achieving that transformation. The virus has presented Sir Donotalot with perfect cover, no conference, no accountability to the party (which McSweeney doesn’t believe in anyway), no need to face the anger of crowds of working class people at Durham last Saturday. It should be the sworn aim of all socialists to do away with the Silent Knight as soon as possible, if there are still enough socialists left in the party to achieve that.

  8. People will be the good sheeple that the establishment want them to be.
    They will vote who they are told to vote for.
    Hate who they are told to hate.
    Fear who they are told to fear.
    Devoid of all independent thought.
    Forever sleeping.
    Always conforming.
    Always consuming.

    1. Until they decide they’ve had enough, then look out.
      Brits have always been a bit warlike – a bit ‘up for it’, even on holiday.
      First the troops would have to shoot their officers – goes without saying, innit?
      They’ll need to hear that from Mum and Dad though. And don’t use the phone…

    1. If they didn’t legally cheat on their taxes and squirrel it away in tax havens there’d be no need for higher taxes. For anyone.
      All this theoretical ‘debt’ we’re accruing – as a whole generation – is nonsense.
      Just write it off – it’s only owed by poor people to rich people and by rich people to richer people anyway. Private pension funds you say? Fuck’em, the overprivileged bastards.
      Why should the richest get to decide everyone but them can go broke and the grandkids of the broke have to pay back the grandkids of the “lenders” forever?
      Fuck ’em all.
      I don’t say we need to kill the rich – but if you say so, I’ll drive the steamroller.

  9. Just which of the British obscenely wealthy would actually pay a ‘wealth tax?

    Peeps need to watch The Spiders Web ‘Britain’s second empire’ documentary. here’s a link to it.

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