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Exclusive: ‘Mandela would have been unable to voice his support for Palestinian people in a CLP meeting’ – just one of the explosive claims former ANC MP makes in new video calling on Starmer to stop helping Johnson destroy country

Feinstein will also accuse Starmer of track record of factionalism in his local party being played out at national level – and says he should step down if he can’t stop enabling the Tories’ destruction of UK politics – in new Red Labour video

Author, activist and former ANC MP Andrew Feinstein says Keir Starmer needs to question whether he’s in the right party, if he’s unable to lead Labour for all its members, in a new series of short videos to be released today by Red Labour.

But that’s far from the most explosive comment that Feinstein, who is a Labour member in Starmer’s Holborn and St Pancras constituency, will make about his MP. Feinstein will also say:

  • that iconic political leader Nelson Mandela, whom Feinstein knew and served under, would be unable to voice his own unequivocal solidarity with the people of Palestine in today’s Labour party
  • that Starmer has made the party an unwelcoming place for left-wing Jews like Feinstein himself
  • that the MP’s track record of factionalism in his local party is now being played out nationally and, worst of all;
  • that Starmer is ‘enabling and facilitating’ the Tories’ attack, not just on the people that Labour was formed to serve and protect, but on the whole fabric of the UK’s democracy

The videos will be released on Red Labour‘s Facebook and Twitter, at 1.45pm and 2.45pm today and culminating in a longer video tomorrow at 7am.

Update: the first of the videos has now been released:

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  1. The Guardian usually regards Starmer as its boy. Articles are not usually opened to comment if they are about Starmer, however, this morning they were opened on a Starmer article, and the idea that the majority of left-leaning commentators are for Keith was blown clean out of the water! This is not now just a phenomenon that can be attributed to a few crazed left-wingers … it is now main stream left and centre left, and being openly expressed in the general public as well as CLPs and in the Labour Party.

    Starmer is failing. Everyone knows he is failing. He is no leader. It is beyond his competence. Time for him to recognise that, and go.

    1. Hmm, just looked at it and all the picks, high scorers and most recent comments are solid Starmer. I had to come away, it was sickening drivel.

      1. I have two posts currently closing in on 100 recommends, a third on over 50, and several others in the 20s. For the Guardian as anti-Starmer posts that is unprecedented. Others are gaining similar or more.

        Of course the pro-Starmer posts get more votes. Experience gained before the last election tells us that someone somewhere in the world see an advantage in promoting the right wing …. can’t think who – can you?

    2. Yes joe I read that article in the guardian and wondered if it was a sign that not only the knight is loosing followers.Unlike the Guardian the knight feels secure with subs being paid in and taking it for granted that the footslogers will be out in May proclaiming the “good news” of the saviour of the Labour party.Sir Leif Starmer leader of the Tory tribute act…!

    3. By making it appear that there is an appreciable level of antiSemitism in the Labour Party, Starmer is fixated in righting a wrong which does not exist. We know from study after study that any a/s in the Party is minisule and is probably less than that in the general population. Why is he doing it? It’s to placate the Zionist BOD, JLM and others and also to justify his spiteful treatment of Jeremy Corbyn.

      Whilst trying to please the racist Zionists, by pandering to their manufactured smears, Starmer is completely ignoring their real and actual racism against the Palestinians. By disregarding Zionist racism, he is doing great harm to the LP and its reputation for fighting for equal human rights for all.

      1. Quote from recent article see final link.
        “Incredibly, after images of George Floyd being fatally choked were published, Starmer’s first instinct was to use the African American’s death to propagandize for an apartheid country—where many non-tourist areas would likely have been dangerous for Floyd and his family, and entire towns in which the Floyd family would have struggled to so much as rent a decent room. Perhaps part of Starmer’s motivation was the $62,000 donation he received from a pro-Israel lobbyist, revealed by the Electronic Intifada this year. Significantly, during the leadership election, Starmer refused to come clean about his campaign funding. In 2016, the UK government and corporate media warned the LGBTQ+ community about potential dangers of visiting North Carolina. Indicative of the second-class racial status of Black Britons, neither Starmer nor other members of the elite professional political and media class have warned them of the potential worst-case scenarios of visiting non-tourist areas of Israel.”

  2. Starmer has made the party a hostile environment for all socialist members regardless of any other defining traits.

  3. What would have Mandela known about supporting oppressed people? We have a fully qualified Human Rights lawyer in charge of the Labour Party. He’s been called to the Bar and and he knows about autocratic rule and freedom of speech and everything.

    1. To people like Starmer the ANC were just a bunch of Commie barstewards including Mandela…ITs a shame that that he never met Winnie Mandela who would have liberated him with the necklace.?grim and cruel,just like the knight.

    2. The thing is there are so many fronts on which ‘they’ are trying to restrict the publishing of simple fact, never mind opinion. In one constituency publicly available factual reportage is deemed “bullying” whereas actual bullying and racism by the right is ignored. The G behaves as it does and Twitter is no better. Shocked to come across this by Mike Sivier – surely a person like L4J group in need of support and publicising of this really worrying behaviour:
      There’s so many battle grounds where free speech to even just set the record straight are being fought by people who need support:


  4. The cult leader of new Labour 2.0 see the reality of their actions?

    This idiotic crusade against socialism in Labour and the blatant lies and deceptions demonstrate there is nothing left of old Labour ideology compassion or fair play all you have left is this seating mass of hatred and right-wing grab hold of any tiny bit of power…

    Where no lie is too big or vile to utter to get your way. So why are socialists still wasting their time trying to change direction?

    When this cult is determined to seek it’s own destruction because they don’t trust each other…

  5. “Keir Starmer needs to question whether he’s in the right party” – of course he is. How could he carry out his mission of completing the destruction of Corbyn and Corbynism, and the wider causes those words symbolise, in any other party? To be fair, if he were in the Conservatives he could insist on them adopting IHRA, but that would be to embarrass the right and he wouldn’t do that. He could go left-hunting in,say, the Greens but they aren’t worrying any powerful forces here or abroad. Maybe he was at one time genuinely concerned with human rights, justice, against the Iraqi war and so on. But those days have long gone. Wikipedia has a quote from Starmer, talking about Northern Ireland: “I came better to understand how you can change by being inside and getting the trust of people”, which sounds like a sleeper’s manifesto! The odd thing, for such an articulate person in the past, is how inarticulate he is on other key issues of the day.

    1. Agree with your sentiments, only a sleeper in the party would conduct themselves the way Starmer has.

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