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Beckett surges from halfway point to two thirds of nomination threshold in a day

The Beckett surge gathers even more pace

Howard Beckett’s campaign to become the next general secretary of Unite the Union continues to gather pace.

Beckett passed the halfway mark yesterday – ahead of time – to the 174 nominations he needs to secure his place on the ballot of members. But less than twenty-four hours later, reached the two-thirds point of 116 nominations, with more expected this evening:

Those nominations have included big wins in the heartlands of his rivals – and a demonstration that he is the one candidate in the contest best placed to ensure right-winger Gerard Coyne does not get close to control of one of the most vital unions to the future of the Labour movement.

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    1. Perverting justice – Hillsborough, Tom Watson and Carl Beech, Post Office Scandal, Carillon and SERCO even before their latest banditry on an industrial scale, Ranox, Julian Assange, BBC Jimmy Saville scandal and now revealed in detail after TWENTY FIVE YEARS the BBC’s WILFUL WICKED scummy manipulation of a wronged woman… a vulnerable woman… manipulation with lies and forgeries … STARMER must have had sight of ALL the above. Starmer must have considered ALL of the above.

      QUESTION – How could anyone on the “Left” believe that Starmer with such an openly despicable record, fit to represent them? HOW? What is the quality of conviction, imagination, focus, AMBITION which leads one to sit back and think “give Starmer a go”… “it might work”.

      When do many say “work” what exactly do they mean and expect? “Work” for whom? “Work” at whose expense?

      WHERE’s the ex DPP and permanent Dip Stick SIR Starmer who oversaw ALL Status Quo criminality? For that is what it is heartless wickedness, brazen banditry ie CRIMINALITY.

      Anyone heard Starmer tweeting today about the latest Establishment mouthpiece the BBC?

      Where’s Keith? Nothing to say? Where are Max Headroom’s clique? Still celebrating the orgy of wanton destruction and deaths of over two hundred defenceless Palestinians?

      That is the story of Keith and his controllers, a never ending cycle of plunder and murder. Until ALL on the “Left” realise that it’s a symptom of low expectations to support the likes of Keith & co, we are well and truly doomed. Nothing good has EVER come from Starmer. Nothing ever will. But our “big wigs” it appears stopped believing we can do better, decades ago! We do not have to be at the mercy of the Right Wing or MSM. But it is clear our seniors are convinced that we are. That’s why they allowed Starmer to get this far. SIR Keith, the MissDirector of Public Prosecutions, the Protector of Establishment Crimes, ex DPP but current chronic Dull Phallus headed Plank – SIR Keith Starmer.

      1. Put a sock in it ffs signpost!

        ‘Where’s Keith? Nothing to say’. Funny how you didn’t bother to check first! Or perhaps you DID!! He tweeted the following:

        “The situation in Jerusalem, Gaza and Israel is shocking.

        Labour is calling for the immediate end to air strikes and rocket attacks.

        Britain must act to de-escalate tensions and kick-start efforts for a sustainable peace – through a two-state solution.”

        And ALSO this:

        “The violence against worshippers during Ramadan at the al-Aqsa mosque was shocking.

        Israel must respect international law, and must take steps, immediately, to work with Palestinian leaders to de-escalate tensions.”

        And Lisa Nandy said the following:

        “Once this terrible violence has ended, we must ensure that the root causes of the conflict are recognised and addressed. International law must be adhered to. The eviction of Palestinians from their homes in occupied East Jerusalem has got to stop and all religious sites must be respected. At the same time, Britain and the international community must reinforce our commitment to a two-state solution.”

        Stop lying you fascist arsehole!

      2. Piss off Weirdo White Flag Man. Are u deputising for SH? Weird tosser! Do up your trousers, take your meds and go back under your bed. The doctors can’t spend all their time on you selfish twat.

      3. ps and Opposition is as eg Bernie Sanders making PLAIN objection to Biden’s $750 MILLION ARMS funding to the occupiers who just murdered over two hundred effectively DEFENCELESS Palestinians. Their country Palestine was WIPED off the map because the Establishment here, Europe and USA etc believed then and maintain now that Palestine “does not have a right to exist.”

        That Three Quarter MILLION dollar arms donation was made just before this latest campaign of bloodshed on men women and children on Eid. It was timed DELIBERATELY to provoke and humiliate… to gloat … to show off who has money, power and shiny weapons against those who have nothing.

        True opposition is not a tweet but a sustained argument for what is correct. True opposition is maintaining VISIBLE and SUSTAINED opposition to the gross injustice towards a disposed and abused people. NOT a tweet. True opposition is not sabotaging the election of a TRUE Labour government, thus enabling a Tory one, then issuing an isolated tweet you twat Allan Howard.

        But I hope all readers see you reveal your true purpose even more clearly ie to defend treacherous Starmer who collaborated with coups and invented the laughed at insult to the likes of Hartlepool, with “Constructive Ambiguity”.

        The reason for your White Flaggery is now more obvious to all. Keep Jeremy and the “Left” appeasing Max Headroom and gang to result in the lamentable and utter debasement of the office of Opposition.

      4. Oh, right, signpost just HAPPENED to see my response to his B/S lies shortly after I posted it (AND respond in his usual Nazi fashion!)! Well if anyone thinks it was just coincidence you are living in Cloud Cukooland. He’s a full-time paid black propagandist shill monitoring and posting on the site seven days a week!

        And his agenda is to discredit and denigrate Jeremy Corbyn and socialist MPs and the left in general every-which-way he can think of. And REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT!!!

        He is a Nazi piece of shit, just like the black propagandists at the SUN and the Mail and the Express etc!

      5. And as PER USUAL – being the black propagandist shill that he is – he posts a reply to the first comment, just as he has done on hundreds of occasions – so that HIS ‘comment’ will be at the top of the comments section! And in case anyone is not aware of it, he has ALSO posted the FIRST comment on hundreds of occasions!

        Anyway, I was looking for a particular article last night that Counterpunch posted last year, but I couldn’t remember the exact headline EXCEPT that it had the word ‘Nazi’ in it (or so I thought), so I just typed ‘Nazi’ into their search engine and, as such, was somewhat amazed at how many articles came up in the results! Anyhow, this is the one I was looking for, and WHO but Nazis recruit Nazis to come and work for them (just after the end of World War 11)! The point being that they – the ‘recruiters’ – didn’t give a flying fuch that they murdered millions of Jews, along with gypsies and gays and disabled people etc. AND you can be 1,000% certain that they – the Nazi scum – have ‘contaminated’ hundreds of thousands of others with their Nazi mindset over the years, and ‘handed’ their Nazi mindset on to new generations, and THAT includes lying little pieces of shit like signpost:

        ‘The US Did Not Defeat Fascism In World War 11, It Discretely Internationalised It’

        PS Yes, the word ‘Nazi’ WASN’T in the title of the piece as it turned out, but that’s why it only appeared on the third page of the results no doubt.

      6. Needless to say, signpost KNOWS damn well that I don’t in any way what-so-ever support Starmer, and was of course just exposing his Big Lie about Starmer having said nothing regarding the conflict. Anyway, I just did a search to see if I could find anything else that Starmer has said regarding the conflict, and the following article just happened to be at the top of the list of results, and if you have someone such as Ian Austin attacking you, then you are probably doing/saying something right!:

        ‘Starmer under fire over ‘one-sided’ response to Israeli-Palestinian violence’

        Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s response to escalating violence between Iseral and militant groups in Gaza has been attacked as “one sided” and doing nothing to “reduce tensions” in the region.

        Former Labour MP and peer Lord Austin said Mr Starmer’s “one sided” response to escalating tensions should have been to “urge for calm and restraint on all sides.”

      7. And I should add that I completely agree with Jonathan Cook about Starmer and, as such, he was just saying/tweeting what a Labour leader would – at the very least – be expected to say in respect of the Israel/Gaza conflict, and if signpost had said THAT (in respect of what he tweeted), I would have agreed with him (and not needed to post a response), but he DIDN’T, and he lied as such:

        ‘Ignore Starmer’s moral posturing. He’s the one we should blame for stoking antisemitism’

    2. Sharon Graham is the first to have secured a place on the ballot in the race to succeed Len McCluskey as the general secretary of Unite the Union after receiving nominations from 176 local branches.

  1. To say you are in the heartland of another candidate can be misleading when all voting is by secret ballot no one really knows. Beckett will go down well with the politically conscious branch members still looking for the new Venezuela who can’t quite believe people could be so ungrateful as to not enjoy living in the Soviet Union but the real world is somewhat different. A clever move by Len to require so many nominations to stand, it may cripple weaker candidates.

    1. ‘Beckett will go down well with the politically conscious branch members still looking for the new Venezuela who can’t quite believe people could be so ungrateful as to not enjoy living in the Soviet Union but the real world is somewhat different.’

      Such a comment hardly takes the debate forward, for the both critics of Beckett as well as his supporters.

      1. My implication was that Buckett appears to cling to Corbynite policies which as well as being unpopular at the ballot box judging by the last GE do not appear pragmatically designed to increase the prosperity of the British people. Nice and woke though, which amongst the wine bar socialists of the metropolitan elite is possibly all that counts.

      2. I have a feeling that “Corbynite policies which as well as being unpopular at the ballot box judging by the last GE” had more to do with 24/7 MSM and Neolabour Tory Party Internal Smear, Lies, Undermining, Sabotage, Conniving, etc, UK, USA and Israeli Government Operating to Prevent a 20% PLP Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party Government, when there are an 80% Parasite PLP Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Tory Party [who has done nothing but fail to date] already in the know of the ‘Machine’, Masses of International Agencies and Troll Armies out to attack 24/7 based on algorithms, A Home Office Minister who hates Socialists and Socialism and went out of his way to harm The Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party, only to come out months After GE2019 to declare that ‘actually yes Israel does interfere in British Politics’ I am surprised he is not done for withholding that information he already knew about since ‘The Lobby’! And then of course with all those High Profile Military and Government Intelligence finding 80 or so Electorate Commission Returning Officers who hate Socialism and Corbyn would be a Piece of Cake, and with with Civica being the Sole owner of All things GE, Cloning a few boxes and a quick switch on the way to the counting centre would really be no job at all!
        “do not appear pragmatically designed to increase the prosperity of the British people” I do believe I see a lot more crying Rivers of Tears than thank Goodnesses, because now the Comfy 2 Job £80K Fluff Bubble families are dropping down the Breadline like Flies! They Busted their Cards their Capitalist “Friends” are circling their homes like Bull Sharks, and suddenly they find themselves facing ‘our’ reality of Austerity without a Pot to Piss in! To say something so stupid as “do not appear pragmatically designed to increase the prosperity of the British people” you either have to put your Sun/Sun in Lambskin down and read it again or Actually Read It or Ask a friend to help you understand it!
        You appear to have a misunderstanding of Socialists, Yes here are Wealthy Socialists, Socialists who Enjoy Wine Bars and Even Champaign, There are Socialists who are Paupers, Socialists who work in Politics, and Socialists who work the Pits, that has nothing to do with Socialism. Democratic Socialism is not Fundamentalist Marxism, but your image of the Wine Bar Socialist, Metropolitan Elite is more descriptive of Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Tory Party “Socialists”, “Soft Left”, “Left Leaning” ie Starmer/Blair/Campbell/Mandelson/Reeves/Cooper/Et Al, however they are not “Socialists”, “Soft Left”, “Left Leaning” The are Tories, Neoliberalism is Conservativism with a huge scoop of Neoconservativism, Biden, Macron and The EU clearly demonstrated over the past 2 weeks!
        There really are only 2 Kinds of People:
        THE PEOPLE who work FOR the Common Good of ALL THE PEOPLE.
        THE PEOPLE who work FOR the Benefit of THEMSELVES & The ELITES/MACHINE/ESTABLISHMENT! They too Enjoy Wine Bars, Champaign, are Paupers, work in Politics and down the Pits.
        For me out of the Four there is only One GS for UNITE, who can and will Stand Up against The Toryism that is Occupying and Destroying The UK Labour Party and bring back the Enthusiasm we have lost along the way! It’s not the one who wants the Neoliberal Neolabour Tory Party to get on with it and with his full cooperation!
        About Corbynism, the work is done 2015 to 2020, Corbynism was just the Seed, The Red Roses are Blooming, Its not a thing that can or will be revived, it is already in those who heard it and accepted it, those who didn’t, well you didn’t no big deal, lets get on with life.

      3. Plain Citizen: in case you were in a coma on 6th-8th May, the results then proved that moving sharply to the right of Corbyn isn’t something that’s gaining Labour support- as the losses of over 320 council seats and the even-worse third-place finish in Scotland proved. the 13%-15% Tory leads shown in the polls after 6th May are further proof the voters don’t want Blairism back.

        Also, you know perfectly well that Corbyn isn’t a Communist, so you had no reason to equate any of his policies with the way things were done in the USSR.

      4. and besids, we don’t need a ‘new’ Venezuela, just the American deepstate (and it’s CEOs, presidents Trump and Biden) to get off Venezuela’s back, unfree its funds and remove sanctions on it –

        but now the aforementioned CIA-driven US ‘deepstate’ is blotting its copybook with a global health ‘pandemic’ that fails to protect the vulnerable or achieve its own political objectives (new WES normal)., I think America’s power in the world is measurably decreasing day on day.

      5. What corbynite policies were unpopular at the last election?

        Renationalisation(state control) of rail/power/post office?

        The rags are partially implementing the first one; all three were used and abused by stammer to get the lying fucker elected….Along with nine other promises the slimy bastard binned one by one within months of hoodwinking his way to the leadership.

        Free broadband?

        Making companies pay their taxes?

        They were unpopular, were they?

        No. The single unpopular policy was the one stammer shithoused through, knowing full well it’d lose socialism the 2019 GE.

        Now, have another go….

    2. You’re actually accusing people of Stalinism, in a century where Stalinism no longer exists? BTW, it’s not as if the people who want Venezuela to get more capitalism have anything better to offer- nobody but the rich in that country would benefit from food and fuel prices being raised, wages frozen or cut, and the family silver sold off Thatcher style.

    3. Plain Citizen, Steve Turner also supports Corbynite policies. In fact Steve Turner personally contributed to Labour’s Manifestos on 2017 and 2019 General Elections. See link of Steve’s interview with Owen Jones below.


      1. Thankyou Maria for reminding people that Steve Turner is the “real deal with years of shopfloor experience and years more of working for the union..Steve Turner has earned the right to represent the union at the highest level.

      2. #VoteHowardBeckett4Unite He comes out fighting our corner, which is precisely what is needed. He is the left Candidate.. (in spite of rumours to the contrary. We urgently need Opposition to the iGvoernemtn and to the right wing, currently running Labour. We need someone who will come out totally in favour of the working class! That’s Beckett!

  2. Plain Citizen @ 8:23pm :

    Corbyn’s policies seemed to be popular in Wales, a couple of weeks ago.

    Mark Drakeford campaigned on the GE17 and GE19 Manifestos.

    There were no others.

    Drakeford put 10,000 on his own personal majority and Welsh Labour got a working majority. Something they weren’t supposed to do.

    Since then, he has announced plans to introduce UBI to Wales.

    Another socialist policy.

    Now, tell us again – what are Starmer’s policies?

    1. Corbyns Labour party never stood a chance of the policys getting through.with a coordinated attack on him personally from inside and outside the Labour party.,The establishment were challenged head on by a socialist leader and that would never be allowed.The winners of that quickly installed a knight of the realm and the majority that voted followed and voted for a Plant of the establishment and a clearly defined pawn by the knight nailed to his head.Plain citizen is a good example of the comrades you have in the Labour party and thats why many like me have decided that funding such a burden to the working-class movement cannot be sustained by helping them..Simple common sense just look at the socialist group to get the idea of the futility of going forward with that group of shy socialist mps.

      1. Were Putney and the Metropolitan areas immune from the “coordinated attack on him”? Look at the GE19 results map. Were it the attacks that did it, then why did Williams lose in 2019 and LOSE AGAIN in Hartlepool?

        We must dump the obsession with the idea that MSM support is vital to win. Were that true, Jeremy would not have won the Leadership, defeated the disgusting coup plotters TWICE by increasing margins.

        ALSO if money and MSM support were keys then Ummuma, Berger, Swinson, Soubrey, Ellman etc would not have all LOST their seats. No?… in fact Swinson would be PM now and Starmer’s Dr Williams would be Hartlepool MP now.

        UNTIL we free ourselves from all myths we are doomed. The facts are plain. Study them. Learn from them do not return to myths of vomit.

        Was Canterbury immune from the media attacks? Are Jeremy’s constituents deaf to the attacks throughout several elections?

        We cannot move forward if we misdirect and infect potential new “Left” with a defeatist victim mantra. We need only look at the results to find the cause of GE19 results and Hartlepool especially today…. held TWICE under Jeremy BTW because Tice split the vote.

        I’m begging, we must dump the crutch … the myth that the MSM is omnipotent. 2019 especially was ours for the taking it was handed away MAINLY on a platters of appeasements to our open saboteurs where a lifetime EU Sceptic ended up voicing Starmer’s Script, ie approx. “We will renegotiate a new Withdrawal Agreement with the EU then bring it back to Parliament and campaign against it”. I heard a Question Time audience LAUGH at that bizarre contortion to appease Starmer’s gang of Barry Gardner, Thornberry, Mandelson etc. They laughed at the ridiculousness of it. Ridiculousness that we would expect from some off the wall comedy.

        Worse of all it showed a disdain for the general public, ie they are so stupid that they would swallow “Constructive Ambiguity” from their betters. SO , Look at the results map then drop the myths.

      2. Dissembling your fucking lies YET AGAIN I see! So the 2019 GE ‘was ours for the taking’ was it! Thrown away ‘MAINLY on a platter of appeasements to our open saboteurs’, yeah! There was NO appeasement, and signpost is lying through his nasty little fascist black propagandist for the Establishment teeth!

        As a black propagandist who conveniently started posting on this site a couple of months or so before the 2019 GE, his MAIN objective is to blame the victims for being the victims AND to discredit and denigrate the left every-which-way he can think of. First he tries to convince readers that the MSM *ISN’T* all-powerful, when he knows damn well that it IS and, as such, has absolute and total control over the narrative. And he knows damn well that after the 2017 GE when Jeremy came so close to winning, the PTB and their propaganda machine trebled down on their smearing and character assassination, which included the ‘Mural’ episode and the ‘English Irony’ episode and the ‘Anti-semitic Book’ episode amongst others, and they REALLY upped the anti on the ‘friend of terrorists’ line and the ‘unpatriotic’ line etc, etc, etc. Oh, right, and in the couple of weeks or so before the 2019 GE the Chief rabbi condemns him yet again and calls for people not to vote for the LP, as did Joanna Lumley et al including John le Carré, Fay Weldon,Janina Ramirez, Trevor Phillips, Frederick Forsyth and Dan Snow in the WIDELY publicised letter, and then there was the oh-so conveniently ‘leaked’ final submission to the EHRC by the Jewish Labour Movement that hit the headlines just ONE week before polling day.

        In YOUR totally phony ‘reality’ Jeremy DIDN’T appease one of his main smearers – ie the Chief rabbi – and capitulate when Andrew Neil was bullying him to apologise to him – the Chief rabbi – and the Jewish community in the GE interview, right, but WHAT happened as a consequence of Jeremy NOT apologising (and I,m not for one moment suggesting he should have done, because he had NOTHING to apologise for)? YES!, he got vilified and demonised by all the usual groups and individuals for not doing so AND by the MSM who gave them ALL a platform to dissemble their false and phony outrage and condemnation.

        As signpost knows full well, Jeremy was ALWAYS in a no-win situation AND whatever he said or did would be twisted against him.

        So anyway, perhaps you could remind me what happened when Jeremy/the LP condemned the Panorama hatchet job, or what happened when Jeremy defended his record on combating A/S in the party on the day the EHRC published its totally fraudulent report – ie when he said in a statement that the ‘scale of the problem has been dramatically over-stated by political opponents inside and outside the party and the media’?

        Oh, right, he was suspended, and then had the whip withdrawn and in effect thrown out of the party three weeks later.

        Anyway, I’m sure that by now just about everyone who follows skwawkbox is aware of the Big Nazi-type Lie that signpost dissembled so that he could discredit Jeremy (for the umpteenth time!), but here it is again just in case you missed it:

    2. Well said George Peel!! totally agree with your statement. Steve Turner supports too Corbynite policies and helped with the development of both Labour’s Manifestos for the 2017 and 2019 General Elections.

  3. I’d be delighted if Howard Beckett became Unite GS – at least he’d criticise the person currently acting as Leader of Labour who abuses the membership the way a wife-beater ‘loves’ his wife.

    The pychology of a wife beater and the behaviour of a capitalsim-loving ‘member’ of the most odious billionaires’ pressure group the neoliberal world could produce, are remarkably similar – and more than a little nonsensical!

    After four marvelous years of Labour being “For the Many, not the Few”, Trilateral Starmer becomes elected it’s leader in a free and open election? Really?

    1. qwertboi, I disagree with you on this. A trade Union General Secretary is about defending, protecting and improving the working conditions of British workers.
      Steve Turner is better at this that Beckett is. Turner was instrumental to Corbyn’s 2015 victory as leader of the Labour Party it was Turner silent work that was instrumental in the launching of the People’s Assembly Antiausterity in 2013. Without the challenging to the idea that Austerity is nothing but a political choice Corbyn would most likely no win the leadership of the Party in 2015 and 2016.
      Turner might no give the passionate speeches that Beckett does, might no promises the moon as Beckett does. But Turner is able to formulate policy, to see a clear way forward in ways that Beckett isn’t.
      Let’s no forget that no so long ago many Corbynistas were persuaded to vote for Starmer as leader of the Labour Party only to be left disappointed.
      Just to be clear I don’t believe that Beckett is dishonest and I believe that he is a socialist through and through unlike Starmer that is a charlatan and a dishonest politician . But in the present time, we need someone with a steady hand at the helm rather than someone with the best of intentions but that isn’t going to be able to deliver on his promises. I fear that Beckett as General Secretary would only lead to disappointment when he cannot deliver on all his grandiose promises.

      1. Noted – I trust Unite members to make a sound choice.

        Not so many ‘cobynistas vited for Sir Keir of the billionaires. He wa elected on 50-somethin percent of the vote, which in itself was only cast by 60ish percent of members and spporters. More people did not vote for Starmer than voted for him. Beckett is giving both groups a clear ‘our leader is a bad leader’ focus – and that is appreciated by tme and large parts of the entire Labour Movement.

        I will not be argrieved or disappointed if Turner wins, just annoyed that the enemy within (for what else are neoliberal capitalists (‘centrists’ as they call themselves) are to democratic socialists) is – once again – not being actively resisted by a major trade union.

      2. qwertboi – It would be a shock to all concerned if Unite’s turnout for their leadership election was even ½ the one you quote above.(last time it was 12.2%, Len was elected by <6% of Unite's members).
        It would be big improvement if Unite had a GenSec with a meaningful mandate.

      3. Qwertboi, I believe that Steve Turner would offer by far more effective resistance to the neoliberal’s agenda that Beckett would every do.
        Beckett is a firebrand, full of good intentions but what we need now more than ever with the Tories in power with a huge majority is a calm and steady hand at the helm. This is what Steve Turner is, a steady hand that will not abandon the fight but keep at it.
        Beckett, would be easily dismissed by the capitalist class ” isn’t he the one that was suspended/expelled from the Labour Party?
        Heart and courage are good, but without the cold brains to encompass it they could be the seeds of our downfall. Incidentally, have you listen to Turner’s opinions on Starmer on the video I posted in this chat already. It is at the end of the video Steve is very critical of Starmer and I believe he is more effective that Beckett in the way he frames his criticism.

  4. New Labour lost 5 million votes and almost bankrupted the party
    Temporary Embarrassment is intent on finishing the job
    What the the Dianne Abbott interview tells us is the PLP needs 27 years of direct discrimination in favour of working class candidates

    1. Off topic, apologies but Biden has vows to REPLENISH the occupier’s means of committing horrific crimes against humanity on the defenceless people they humiliate daily.

      Until the Left realise that we MUST not settle for the likes of Biden, Clintons, Obama, Hodge, War Criminal, Bliar, deceitful treacherous turd Burnman who implies Jeremy is to blame for Hartlepool instead of Starmer. Burnham conveniently forgets that Jeremy won Hartlepool TWICE. Dianne Abbott is WRONG to suggest that Burnham anything but a self-serving careerist. He’s the type who would accept a bauble from Johnson.

      If Burnham is the answer, the questioner is deaf, confused, has low standards, has cult tendencies and has ZERO idea as to why Drakesford won in Wales or why 2017 had the biggest vote share since 1945.

      When an inteligent and knowledgable woman as Dianne makes such a CRASS endorsement, she confirms that the disease of low expectations, poverty of imagination and barren confidence of convictions. The same disease curdles the minds of McDonnell and Gardner they are pillars of our problems. Being around for a long time is of no value when all three have recently expressed their gross political ineptitude.

      The “Left” is their hapless victim. They are with Mandelson & cabal are THE incubi who COLLECTIVELY keep the Left sick with loss and deranged in believing we must settle for infinitely less than a repeatedly battered victim.

      1. of course has VOWED not vows. And other errorrs💐💐💐

      2. Signpost windchimes Andy Burnham as managed to get himself a safe cushy number in his home of Lancashire(gt Manchester).Why would a man who nearly ruined his political career in Westminster politics wish to jump into the sinking PLP?.Andys cannot trust himself in Westminster and is not a leader,more of a follower.Weve really a small group of people in the parliamentary Labour party who might be leadership material being strong and not easily intimidated as Corbyn was.None of those I am thinking of would get the required nominations from the PLP…so its back to up the creek without a paddle..

      3. ps Joseph, look at Burnham’s latest noise. They are unsurprising to me as they confirm what i posted months ago. The membership rejected him for good reason. He is a careerist opportunist. He IS hoping to stand to use the party again. He is using Manchester now.

    1. The media make or break a Star “Just look at the BBC a clear message of a establishment Monster of their own making starts to consume itself..The idea of a hero arising from the middle class or upper class is nonsense.The only way the mess in Britain will be sorted out is by a leader from the working-class ,and not some fake via the usual route to parliament Private education,university, and working for free for one of “Daddys fwends” .Pathetic lies from the BBC news and msm are part and parcel of making choices that are way off course and damaging to even a pretend kingdom of the establishment The United kingdom of great Britain and Ocuppied NIreland.

    2. Not blaming stating the blatantly obvious, unless you had your head wrapped in The Sun/Mail or Guardian from 2015 to 2020 and MSM TV and Radio blaring a Cacophony of State Propaganda in your ears. But Hey! On the bright side, blame or no blame, you’ve got EXACTLY what you wanted, how’s that going for you!? Swell!?

      1. Skellyknelly, by taking on Patel I am willing to agree with you that Beckett isn’t afraid. However, smart? He god suspended for the LP while a member of the NEC. I am at lost to see you describing it as smart, If anything it is an absurde gesture since I don’t see what that he expects to achieve from it.
        Can you please explain why getting suspended from LP’s membership in proof that Beckett is smart? I don’t get it.

      2. 1. Priti Patel by her OWN book would have deported herself for Treason, not just got the sack from May!
        2. Let Howard tell you himself, if you don’t get it you have your head in a Mainstream Fluff Bubble.
        He is exposing the entire functions of the Machine that Plagued us 2015 to 2020! He knows he stubs his toe they are on him, like a pack of rabid strays, but he also sees/saw who else bumped their toes much harder without so much as a conversation or a ‘growl’!
        He is not Jeremy/Chris (much as I love them) who will say okay see you then, If they are not very well prepared they will get hurt.

    3. His hamster isn’t missing: it died of COVID1984 – the hamster varient, which, as we all know, is the virus world’s MRSA – it’s ging to kill Millions of us, so put on your mask, keep socially distanced obey the blessed-oligarchsf and pray that one of the altruistic pharmaceutical corporations devise an effective virus (which they haven’t yet with their highly experimental mRNA drug therapy jabs).

      And let’s all pray to the godsof SAGE and its behavioural control team that they succeed before the apocalyptical Israel Variant surfaces.

      1. Is that the one that blows human beings into thousands of bloody, body, innards and unbelievable agony. Those Palestinians had better mask up if they want to do the best for themselves. Wanting clean water, power, health and education. Ask yourselves this. Do they believe honestly that they deserve to be in the group of nations that respect human rights? Don’t make me laugh. Just give the Americans and Russians their own houses and land back. Atheists know that it’s true and all written down in the Tora. Regards.

  5. Cast your eye around the political situation in the western world and it seems for a Socialist it really is a jungle out there and no relief in sight..?God its hot here but the rains keep tumbling down….So the lodjic of every cloud has a silver lining.But I don’t see much for the future under a knight led Labour party or any other loosers from the PLP with just 2exceptions…!

    1. Norway? Finland? Iceland? Seems they’ve been doing spectacularly well for decades. How come? It is belief…. conviction. I detect ZERO belief amongst ENOUGH of the “Left” ESPECIALLY amongst those who climbed the “political CAREER ladder”. They are comfortable and DETACHED from any belief that they can achieve our purpose. Listen to them. It is all in the language, action, inactions to appease… UNFORCED appeasement.

      Think of it. You would expect the triumph of Socialism in Wales would be broadcast night and day by the SCG. No? Not a peep. As good as invisible and silent as far as the general public is concerned. Why? How? Think of it. The silence tells you all you need to know.

      Wales proves that the 2017 policies ARE WINNING POLICIES!!! Yet silence… think about that.

  6. I hope people who vote for Beckett or supported him don’t have too high hopes of what he’s going to deliver.

    His pitiful apology for a perfectly reasonable comment about Priti Patel and deportation tells you that he’ll cave under the slightest pressure from the establishment media.

    If you’ve got a very well paid job under capitalism you don’t rock the boat too much.

      1. Officialaccountability, I agree with your assement of Beckett. But, why make the comment in the first place? Didn’t he realised in advance that the MSM will go for him?
        Do we need Unite General Secretary that needs to re-think? One that is addicted to the MSM’s spectacle of generating negative headlines?
        Or one that think things through before he opens his mouth and avoid scoring and open goal? One that work steadily to change the Capitalist narrative, that challenge their economic dogmas?
        Listen to the video of Steve Turner interview with Owen Jones, Turner is making the statement that in the fifth economy of the world their is not need for homelessness or unemployment or bad public services. He is arguing in favour of high value employment and a decent life style for workers free of casual and zero hours employment.

      2. The massed right wing idiots
        If your not prepared to take them on, then you have already lost
        Your narrative needs to be repeated ad nauseum from this day to polling day
        Then when you win, kneecap the fuckers, that’s after you have milked them dry and created something resembling a Free Press and media

      3. Could it possibly be that taking on the Patel, then would’ve had severe consequences and an apology at this stage of the GS Election Campaign, that kind of wave could turn into a Tsunami very fast and in the hands of the Zionist Starmerists, oh dear! does it bear thinking of?
        They are probably trawling every bit of online communication he ever made and he knows, as I am sure we all do, that the REAL battle is yet to come.
        Surely we’ve seen enough evidence from Beckett to indicate 2 things ‘He is Not Afraid’ and ‘He is Smart’.
        I am not phased by that apology, I think he did the right thing, at that time. Even if I reacted immediately myself, with ‘he said nothing wrong’, especially as Patel is a First Generation Brit of Ugandan Refugee Parents, And She is brazenly sending 2nd/3rd Generation Windrush, invited to Britain, to Jamaica and making life Hell for other Asylum Seekers/Refugees!
        By her OWN BOOK/”STANDARDS”, she should’ve been deported back to Uganda for Committing Treason with the Israelis! Imagine if that was Sri Lanka, India, Kashmir, well ANYWHERE other than Israel, she would have had more than the sack from May, There is plenty of time to feed her as much rope as he will need, ready for when the time comes.

    1. Doug, on that i agree with you. A good rule is, if one is not prepared to defend what one’s words then don’t say them.

      It is indeed a bad sign that the meaning of his words wore obvious as could be applied to Theresa May or others in and outside their “Nasty Party” as May herself described it

      It goes back to what i’ve posted before ie “attitude”, “culture”. It does not inspire confidence if someone says something then backs down when it could be easily defended. The same trait is seen in Jeremy re the EU and A-S. Same re: Chris Williamson. They display a bunker mentality / timid / a refusal to defend your views etc. It can be spun as “bringing people together”. It does nothing of the sort. We are living through the evidence of that.

      Which party is mote together? Moreover which party is in power again? What dross is in the office of Opposition Leader now?

      With such “results”, how many more years before we learn and change?

      You are right too Doug as one wonders on what other matters will he cave in?

      The behaviour of our leaders resembles primary school children who say certain things at a safe distance from the big bully girl, but if caught, beg for mercy. PATHETIC.

      We must observe, gather evidence, develop our arguments and say what we are prepared to defend lest we demonstrate to the Right Wing AGAIN that we are pushovers.

  7. The members come first thats the politics of Steve Turner ex militant and a left wing working-class person of real integrity and honesty.What more could any union member need.

  8. The government has used an accounting trick for a stealth cut to school funding
    Amid an endless stream of stories around Conservative cronyism and a dodgy Downing Street refurb, a stealth cut to school funding went largely unnoticed in the lead up to the local elections. A fortnight on from polling day, there is now, belatedly, increasing awareness of an issue that undermines any warm words the government may offer on ‘levelling up’ or ‘education recovery’.

    1. Ah, accounting tricks are like heoin drugs; once you start using them, you can do anything with them. Thanks steveh, good link – but sadly, tory sleeze and corruption has moved on a bit recently (thanks to the covd pandemic) and they can spiv £billions into their pockets and those of the friends…

  9. Breaking News

    Sharon Graham is the first to have secured a place on the ballot in the race to succeed Len McCluskey as the general secretary of Unite the Union after receiving nominations from 176 local branches.

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